Jim Bob Duggar’s Sister Deanna Comments on the Case Against Josh Duggar; Amy Duggar Says She Regrets Appearing On Family’s Show

Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar, the niece and sister of Jim Bob Duggar, are speaking out following last week’s arrest of Josh Duggar, in which the former 19 Kids and Counting star was charged with possessing and receiving child p0rnography, including images of minors under the age of 12. 

On Wednesday—the same day as Josh’s bond hearing— Deanna took to Instagram to share an image and Bible verse about children that she went on to discuss further with some of her followers in the comment section.

“Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him if a great millstone were put around his neck and he were thrown into the sea,” the image read. 

“God says the ‘Little ones’ are so precious to Him,” Deanna added in the comments. “Amen,” someone replied. “Amy needs to keep [her son] Dax away from them!” 

Deanna went on to provide some clarity to the post, telling followers she didn’t “want anyone to die,” she just wants “the truth to be revealed.” 

Deanna also agreed with one individual who stated she was glad Deanna and Jim Bob’s mom “is not here to see this” – “this” obviously referring to Josh’s arrest and the disturbing details of his case. She also supported a suggestion made in another comment for fans to start a GoFundMe to help Deanna and Amy get out of the alleged non-disclose agreements that prevent them from speaking publicly about the Duggar family. (Amy revealed this NDA exists last year on Instagram Live.)

Amy has distanced herself from the Duggar clan in recent years and has publicly supported Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughter Jill Dillard and Jill’s husband Derick for doing the same. 

Jill – who was revealed back in 2015 to have been a victim of Josh’s – and Amy attended Josh’s bond hearing on Wednesday, during which the disgraced Duggar appeared via zoom from Washington County Jail in Arkansas. As The Ashley told you yesterday, the judge ultimately determined Josh could be released on bail, provided he complies with a series of very strict guidelines. 

After Josh’s arrest last week, Amy told The Sun she was “devastated” and hoping the allegations weren’t true. 

“I spoke with several of my cousins after we heard about the arrest,” she said. “We’re in shock, but we don’t want to think the worst of someone, you want to think the best. If it is true, it would absolutely devastate a lot of people. Everybody that knows Josh would be devastated. Just thinking about it makes me want to have a glass of wine right now.

Amy and Josh, shown at Josh’s 2008 wedding…

“It breaks my heart,” she added. “Family is family and I wish the best for everyone.” 

Now, as more horrific details of the case against Josh have been revealed, Amy claims she regrets appearing on ’19 Kids and Counting.’

“I was blindsided about Josh’s past, completely blindsided,” she said. “I wish I had known that backstory beforehand, that way I probably would have never been on the show.” 

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8 Responses

  1. An NDA does not cover criminality, which you are, at minimum, morally required to report.
    Everything about the Duggars is fraudulent, and their covering for and facilitation of a pedophile is criminal.
    They don’t need a GoFundMe to do the right thing!

  2. I’ve never been a fan of Amy, but that is awful that she was never told about what Josh did to his sisters and the other girl back in his teens. She was around the family often and she was a young girl. And her own aunt and uncle gave her no warning she had to be careful around Josh?!
    I know the immediate family had implemented rules after it happened where the girls couldn’t be alone with the boys during hide & seek, no going into each others’ bedrooms, etc., but they did not feel the need to notify anyone else to be careful?! Not even their own niece?
    Think about how many other church friends came through their home over the years – they were always having other large families with plenty of young girls staying with them, visiting, spending holidays, etc. I’m sure they weren’t warned either.

  3. I just give anyone who has the guts to go against the evil “Duggar Machine”, a LOT of credit. And for a relative to do so, tells me a lot about their character. Not everyone related to Jim Bob is tainted by his poison. Both Amy and her mother Deanna are proof of this. Their nuclear family is the polar opposite of the Duggars, in every way. All that said, this is also a terrible time for their family, my heart goes out to them. I have no doubt that Josh the pedophile will be found guilty, God doesn’t like people who abuse HIS children. The Jim Bob Duggar family offend the Lord! They are phony, sick, twisted “Christians”.

  4. That verse is so upsetting. Those kids didn’t “sin”. They were abused and he consumed that abuse in the form of CP.

    1. I was about to say the same thing. This is the wrong context for that verse. Causing a little one to sin would be teaching them to steal, egging them on in a fight, but ABUSING them??? The only sinner in this situation is Josh! This verse makes it sound as if the children have done something wrong. Horrible reference!

    2. Yes yes yes! Either Deanna is just really dense and didn’t get how this comes off, or she has a really problematic and ignorant way of understanding child sexual abuse. This really shocked me. At least they’re saying eff Josh, and JimBob and Michelle.

    3. She’s using an edited fundie approved Bible. The actual verse I grew up with doesn’t use the word sin at all:

      “If any of you put a stumbling block before one of these little ones who believe in me,[a] it would be better for you if a great millstone were hung around your neck and you were thrown into the sea.”

      And, as someone said below, it actually is talking about elders teaching children right from wrong and being a good example. It in no way applies to her disgusting nephew or his situation. It makes me wonder if she’s ever even read the whole New Testament. It’s not hard to confuse verses when you’ve read more than just that verse. ?

      Also, not preaching or pushing faith of any kind. Just had an overly, almost comically Catholic grandmother and I actually had some useless knowledge that proves how ignorant these people truly are. ?‍♀️

      1. With all due respect, @emmatherevelator, it turns out that information wasn’t useless. It’s an incredibly important distinction, and makes the Duggar’s “religion’s” interpretation all the more startling/concerning.

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