Josh Duggar’s Legal Team Still Pushing for Hand Photos to be Dismissed in Child Sex Abuse Case; Documents Reveal Josh Refused Plea Deal in March

Not this guy again…

Josh Duggar’s legal team continues to push for certain evidence to be dismissed in the 33-year-old’s ongoing child p0rnography case, including photos of Josh’s hands that his attorneys claim were taken without a warrant.

The photos in question were taken in April when Josh was booked into jail and charged with possessing and receiving child p0rnography. According to court docs obtained by The Sun, the photos show a visible scar on Josh’s hand which is allegedly also visible in photos found on one of Josh’s confiscated computers, which is why Josh’s legal team probably wants them omitted. 

The court docs also reveal that the former 19 Kids and Counting star was offered a plea deal back in March, but turned it down.

We’d rather look at photos of his hands than keep seeing this smugshot…

The motion to have the photos of Josh’s hands omitted from evidence was among the five motions filed last month by Josh’s attorneys, who stated in the footnote of the filing they are “in no way suggesting these photographs have any actual evidentiary value to the Government.” In response, The Sun reports the Government is demanding the judge deny the request. 

Here are 5 things we learned from the latest court docs: 

1. The photos of Josh’s hands reveal a scar that is also seen in images found on his electronic devices.  

Court documents obtained by The Sun mention a “scar on the defendant’s hand, which is plainly visible.” Law enforcement reportedly observed the same scar “in images recovered from the defendant’s electronic devices seized pursuant to a search warrant in this cast.” 

It is not known what those images show.

“That’s bad, right?”

2. Josh’s attorneys claim that taking the photos violated Josh’s rights.

According to People, the September 10 motions filed by Josh’s legal team claim that taking the photos of Josh’s hands were a violation of Josh’s 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights. 

“I won’t have any of my kids’ rights being violated… unless we’re talking about my daughters.”

“What is particularly egregious about [Homeland Security’s] conduct in this capacity is that Duggar’s body parts were manipulated and he was required to pose for the photographs,” the motion reads. “By any measure, this constitutes a search and an ‘intrusion on [his] personal rights’– all without his counsel present– in violation of his Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment rights.”

3. Josh didn’t object to having his hands photographed during booking.

While Josh’s legal team argues the photos were taken without a warrant and without Josh’s attorney present, court papers state that Josh “expressly consented to having the photographs taken” and that taking the photos “did not constitute an unreasonable warrantless search of the defendant.”

They also note that Josh’s “hands were in plain view and clearly visible.” 

4. Josh was offered a plea deal in March. 

An email from the prosecutor to Josh’s attorney dated March 12 featured proposed documents from the Government, including a plea agreement, which Josh ultimately did not accept, as he went on to be charged the following month with two counts of child p0rnography. 

That’s right, Michelle… TWO.

5. A court hearing has been set for next month.  

The matter of Josh’s hand photos is set to be settled October 4 at a court hearing.

“Better get my church-goin’ khakis starched, just in case I’m needed!”

Josh’s trial was scheduled to begin in July; however, it was previously delayed at the request of the defense and is now set to begin November 30. 

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16 Responses

  1. Screw this POS. If his scar is visible in any photos of him molesting kids that serves to identify him. How many laws did he break by sexually assaulting his underage victims.

  2. I can’t imagine his lawyers are making such an issue from the hand pictures when it only proofs a picture from his hand was placed on a computer or that he used a computer around a certain date. More people had access, the child porn could have been hidden far away in files he never used. They could argue that.

    So my guess is that his hand is (Im almost throwing up) on an incriminating picture. He had access to multiple children, his own but also kids at his parent’s house or compound. First his siblings, now their kids.

    Why is this guy still a free man with access to his kids, supervised by his enabling wife?

  3. His parents and wife should be in cells right next to him. They’ve served him up victims on silver platters while ignoring the known predator under their noses.

  4. Clearly, even his lawyers know that he is 100% guilty. I hope the prosecution buries him and he spends the next several decades in prison. He is a garbage human being and he deserves everything he has coming.

  5. “I won’t have any of my kids’ rights being violated… unless we’re talking about my daughters.”

    …That caption is on-point. What a stomach-turning reminder of the lives they’ve led even before their son’s horrible crimes became public.

  6. My biggest concern is that these photos they found on his computer where they say his hands are shown means that he didn’t just download child abuse material but that he actually PRODUCED some of his own. In turn, it means his own children are in even greater danger. And yet, he is allowed to still visit with them.

      1. I get the impression from the information coming out that the reason these photos are relevant, and probably the reason they were taken in the first place, is that they corroborate incriminating evidence. I would assume that some of the material they recovered from his computers showed a male’s hands, and that this scar on Josh’s hand basically confirms that he is the person depicted in such material. It is a disgusting and all too likely prospect that he not only viewed but produced this filth.

      2. My thinking is that of some of their evidence includes a photo found on his computer that shows a matching scar on his hand-that may be definitive proof that he, and not his former employee, download child abuse material because they could be linking him to an abuse image he potentially snapped himself (hence the reason his hand would be in the image). It’s the only reason I can think of that they’d be interested in a photo of his hand on his personal computer.

  7. If he’s convicted I believe the turd will kill himself before the other inmates have a change to take care of him themselves. It’s looking really good for the prosecution, I’m just nervous there will be some technicality that gets him off. What a disgusting creep!

    1. If he’s convicted and sent to jail, it is very likely that he’s gonna be in solitary confinement for the majority, if not all of the time. Mostly because they beat up chomos like him the minute they enter the facility. Even tho he would deserve the beating 100% being the disgusting filthy piece of shit he is, most prisons protect chomos from potential abuse. I hope he serves time.

  8. Josh’s attorneys claim that taking the photos violated Josh’s rights. ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️ Smfh, and abused kids were violated for his warped fkn pleasure, shame on his lawyers.
    Hope the filthy bastard gets many many years in prison, and not in isolation either.

  9. What’s that old saying in Josh’s circle of friends?

    Idle Hands are the Devil’s Workshop.

    I think that describes Josh Duggars hands perfectly!!!

    I hope your hands get to enjoy the workshop in the Arkansas Penitentiary for many many years to come!

    I’m glad he didn’t take the plea deal, and I hope this disgusting excuse for a human gets the longest sentence possible.

    And I hope the icing on the cake is that Jim Boob goes broke fighting for him, knowing what a POS his son really is.

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