Judge Denies Josh Duggar’s Motions to Suppress Evidence in Child Sex Abuse Case; Josh & Pregnant Wife Anna Duggar Criticized for Smiling & Smirking After Court

“Drat the luck!”

A judge Monday denied four of five motions to suppress evidence that were filed by Josh Duggar’s legal team as part of the former 19 Kids and Counting star’s ongoing child sex abuse case.

Josh was seen exiting the Fayetteville, Arkansas, courthouse following the hearing, joined by his wife Anna Duggar, who is currently pregnant with the couple’s seventh child. Anna and Josh were seen holding hands and both strangely smiling as they exited the courthouse..

Still “courting” after all this time. See what we did there?

As The Ashley previously told you, Josh’s attorneys filed five motions in August to have certain evidence dismissed from the case, including photos of Josh’s hands which Josh’s legal team allege were taken without a warrant.

(The photos were taken in April when Josh was booked into jail and charged with possessing and receiving child p0rnography Josh willingly submitted to taking the photos at the time.)

According to court documents, the photos reveal a scar on Josh’s hand that is allegedly also visible in photos found on one of the 33-year-old’s confiscated computers, which is likely why Josh’s legal team wanted them omitted from the case. The attorneys also claimed that the photos violated Josh’s 4th, 5th and 6th Amendment rights.

The defense had also filed a motion to suppress statements Josh made to federal agents during the investigation. This motion referred to Josh allegedly asking agents during the search of his car lot back in November 2019 why they were at the car lot and if someone “was downloading child p0rn” before being read his Miranda rights.

(At that time, none of the agents had mentioned “child p0rn” to Josh, so his statement was considered odd.)

The defense also argued that Josh had asked at the time to speak with his attorney, though the judge ruled Monday that Josh was never actually in custody at that time, and he “could’ve remained silent and could have walked away at any time,” 4029 News reports.

“What can I say? Josh has his dad’s gift of gab!”

The judge also denied a motion to dismiss for violation of the Appointments Clause, as well as a motion to dismiss for failure to preserve evidence.

Video taken by 4029 News shows Josh exiting the courthouse hand-in-hand with Anna, who is very pregnant. Both Josh and Anna had smiles on their faces as they left, which many fans deemed “strange” and “inappropriate” in the comments left on the news footage video.

“Does Anna not have a full grasp of what Josh is being charged with?” one person wrote in the video’s comment section. “What the heck does she have to smile about? Even if she thinks he didn’t do it, she could at least take it seriously enough to not smile like she just got out of a restaurant.”

“Cannot believe they have any smiles on their faces?” another wrote. “No matter what, to even be there, should be a shame.”

“Look at the snide smirks on their faces. Josh had the same smirk on his face when he was photographed after his arrest,” another person commented.

Josh’s trial was scheduled to begin in July; however, it was previously delayed at the request of the defense and is now set to begin November 30.

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC)

32 Responses

  1. I wonder how his wife can even possibly justify all of this? She sat in that court room and heard every single vile thing that he has done, yet she chooses to just live in a constant state of denial. I sincerely hope that he hasn’t harmed his children because I don’t think Anna will do anything to protect them.

  2. Wow when is her due date? She’s so swollen, I wonder if she has GD. In all her pregnancies I’ve never seen her look like that. I wouldn’t even recognize her if she wasn’t holding hands with Josh.

  3. So what is the motion to which the judge sided with Josh’s defense team?

    I’m disappointed in Anna. I really felt sorry for her up until today, but to not only stand by Josh, she smirked as she left court. Your husband is going to federal prison for YEARS!!!! How do you not understand that your husband is about to be a convicted sex offender!! You will be a single mom to 7 very young children. You have no education which means no way to provide for these innocent victims (yes, I’m calling your children victims—regardless if Josh molested them). Maybe this realization is what has led you to cling to a microscopic sliver of hope that your husband was set up, because the truth is too scary.

    If that is the case, I hope you will seek therapy and rededicated yourself to being the best parent possible to your children. They are the ones who deserve your love and support—not Josh.

    1. From what I read, the last motion just hasn’t been ruled on yet, it’s not that the judge ruled on it in Josh’s favor. Hopefully that one will get tossed out as well.

    2. Im sorry but I care more about the victims of child porn, second their children because God know what they’ve been trough and Anna and Josh are the last people I care about.
      It’s becoming pretty obvious he did in fact download child porn and she supports him smiling like they just won something in court.

  4. They’re conditioned to always be smiling when seen. It shows a “good countenance and sweet disposition”. It’s part of the brainwashing from the cult they were raised in. I was raised in the same one. There’s severe emotional manipulation and showing ANY kind of negative emotion is like saying god isn’t good. It’s disgusting to say the least.

    1. Yes, I think you are correct. I think I even remember reading Gothard propaganda saying that showing sad/negative emotions draws attention to yourself (which is obviously evil). Maybe Josh and Anna didn’t realize that in this situation, *smiling* was drawing attention to them.

  5. How can Anna, hold this monster’s hand, let alone support him.

    He’s a monster and I pray he can never be around a child alone ever again.

    It makes me sick, just thinking about it

  6. These two pieces of garbage make me sick. I felt for her in the beginning because she was raised in this f/u cult, but not anymore. She is putting her pervert husband before the safety of her children. Josh molested his sisters, I wouldn’t be surprised if he has done the same to one or all of his daughters.

    CPS should step in and get those kids away from all the Duggers. Papa Dugger is probably the same trash as his son.

  7. I feel like they’re going to flee. They’ll leave the kids with Jimbob and leave the country. That’s why they’re smiling

    1. No, they are smiling because the system sets up wealthy are impervious to actually being held accountable for their actions.

  8. There are some situations when your ‘rights’ are no longer considered. This is one of them. He lost any and all credibility and ‘rights’ when he made the decision to have child pornography. And yes, his wife is just as bad.

  9. Anna disgusts me more everyday that goes by. You can justify certain things in your husband but when federal officers find child p0rn in his computer (the one that only he uses and has the same password as the rest of his devices) that’s it, there’s no more justification for his conduct. I don’t think she’ll leave him even if he abuses one of their girls, not even if he admitted to doing it. She’s as disgusting as he is

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