Anna Duggar is Reportedly Feuding with Duggar Family & Blaming Others for Husband Josh Duggar’s Arrest

“That’s right, Anna… tell everyone how great I am, just like we rehearsed.”

Anna Duggar is reportedly standing by her man, blaming others for the legal battle going on in their lives, and even feuding with her in-laws following her husband Josh’s April arrest for receiving and possessing child sex abuse materials. 

Anna, who is currently expecting her seventh child with the disgraced Duggar, is still able to see her husband, as he was released on bail earlier this year. Last week, Josh’s July trial was postponed until November, though a source told The Sun Anna is still having a hard time dealing with everything. 

“Anna is really struggling with Josh’s arrest, and she’s still at war with his parents Jim Bob and Michelle,” a source said.

“She still lives in the warehouse on Duggar land but isn’t particularly welcome at the main house at the moment.”

“Welcome to the club, Anna! It’s nice here!”

“She has been pointing the finger at everyone else for what has happened to Josh,” the source added. “She’s falling out with family members and isolating herself.” 

In addition to things being awkward with Anna and her in-laws, the 33-year-old is also reportedly annoyed with Josh’s third-party custodians, LaCount and Maria Reber, who are the friends of Michelle and Jim Bob’s who agreed to let Josh live with them. (Josh is not allowed to live with Anna and their kids, as he can’t reside in a house with minor children.)

According to a source, Anna is unhappy with the Rebers “because Maria said she was uncomfortable being alone with Josh,” while Anna is adamant that her husband is “innocent and not a danger.”

Maria previously revealed she also felt uneasy about Josh being near her 22-year-old daughter.

“[Anna] frequently goes to see Josh at their house and takes the kids, but she doesn’t converse with the Rebers much at all,” the source claimed. “Overall, this is an extremely difficult time for Anna and she is praying Josh gets off. Although she believes [that he is innocent], she is worried about the outcome of the case and their family’s future.” 

“Aside from that, everything is fine!”

If convicted, Josh could receive 20 years in prison with fines up to $250,000 for each count.

As The Ashley told you last week, though Josh never appeared on Counting On, TLC has pulled the plug on the series due to the seriousness of Josh’s charges. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram) 


  1. COUNTING ON LOVE Anna Duggar’s brother ENGAGED to Josh’s guardian’s daughter as disgraced star awaits trial on child pornography charges

  2. So Pest isn’t allowed to reside at a residence with a minor present but can have visitation with his minor children? #makeitmakesense

    Also when I first read LaCount’s name I didn’t see the “O” and was like that unfortunate lol.

    Anna WAKE UP if this lady who is a “family friend” is uncomfortable with Pest around that should tell you something.

  3. She’s deflecting. She was traded to him as part of his redemption when she was very young, and told it was her responsibility to fix him and make him stay right with the lord.

    Lashing out at others is how she is (unconsciously) protecting herself from the knowledge that she is married to a pedophile and a sadist, and that no amount of praying makes this right.

    She doesn’t have the intellect or emotional maturity to deal with the foundation of her world being rocked like that.

  4. Wow, this whole ‘family’ unit really is imploding. I don’t want to say it’s good to see, but it is probably for the best. Under Bill Gothard’s “umbrella”, the Duggars are already part of a cult, but on a smaller scale, they are a cult unto themselves. Breaking away from the family is probably as hard, or harder, than breaking away from the ‘church’.

    Clearly Anna is a lost cause, I think this has been evident for years. But those poor little kids. It may be too late for the older ones – they are already indoctrinated – I truly hope that someone with some common sense takes care of them from here. I doubt it with every fibre of my being though. Sad, disgusting situation all round.

  5. So in their religion would it be easy to find another spouse? Or will she be alone basically for ever?
    Sadly she apparently doesn’t see being alone a good option.

  6. “She’s hoping Josh will get off” Ooh, he’s getting off alright. He’s been getting off for 20 years it seems.

  7. Those kids need to be in someone else’s care until she can face reality and honestly she may not even be what’s best for them when she can. I understand that it’s probably terrifying for her to realize she is going to be a single parent to 7 kids and the life she thought she’d have and pictured is all based on lies and will never happen but being a mother is putting them first and she’s not doing that when she rather lie to herself bc the truth is harder to swallow especially when the truth puts her own children at risk. As a mother even if she didn’t know for certain she should have left at the POTENTIAL risk to her children. she’s not even mad at anyone for the right reasons. Be mad at the parents bc they were just as delusional and enabled him allowing him to become the monster he IS today. DON’T be mad at a woman who is smart enough to know he’s a danger and not want him around. She thought he’d end up gone in July now she’s realizing he will be around until November. Hopefully she’ll throw her hands up and he will have to wait for his court date where he belongs, IN PRISON! Make sure everyone knows in prison why he’s there too. Lightbulb should have gone off for Anna long ago but when it didn’t go off finding out he was watching children the same age as his own.. she will probably never accept the truth.

  8. If I’m thinking as an optimist, this almost makes me think Jim Bob and Michelle are maybe taking a stand against what Josh is doing even if they aren’t publicly. And the fact that a good family friend is creeped out by him speaks volumes.

  9. Being a perverted, disgusting pedo as Josh is, that’s one thing.

    Being a delusional, disgusting, pervert pedo lover is another.

    If you really love your children, you would have been long gone by now.

    “innocent and not a danger” for those older than 12.

  10. How stupid is she going to feel when her kids get old enough to tell her their dad perped on them all too

  11. Anna is delusional and her children need to be protected from HER. If Jim Boob and Michelle were real grandparents, they’d be fighting to get custody of Anna’s kids! I think that the family friends who agreed to mind Josh are in WAY over their heads! They shouldn’t have to do this. Josh should go back to the slammer until it’s time for his trial.

    1. Imagine even having to ask this of your “friends”? To essentially babysit your grown, creeper of a son? They were obv paid handsomely but the fact that they have a child there (even if she is a young adult) & agreed tells me everything I want to know about them too. gross

  12. I mean…married off to a pedo as a teen, followed all the cult indoctrination and is expecting a seventh child. Living on his family’s property…in a eduction, zero income, zero potential to really escape and now the idea that she is going to be alone (she doesn’t realize she (nay, her DAUGHTERS) will be better for it). Of course she is lashing out like a child. Everything she’s ever been groomed into is blowing back. They need to guide her and those children into serious, long-term mental health services.

    1. I agree. I really do feel terribly for Anna. She’s a victim, too. But the children MUST be protected from Josh. Anna is not capable of doing that. It’s such an awful situation.

      1. Anna is not a victim. She knew Josh had molested his sisters before they got married and she still chose to marry him. She knows about the Ashley Maddison accounts and the porn addiction. For her to act like this is insane.

  13. Anna’s is such extreme denial. Even the other fundies are uncomfortable around Josh. In the fundie cult, women should not question males, always be joyfully available, not use birth control, not have their own opinion, and believe everything they are told in the cult. If Anna ever gets out of the cult, she’s going to need a lot of therapy.

    1. So in their religion would it be easy to find another spouse? Or will she be alone basically for ever?
      Sadly she apparently doesn’t see being alone a good option.

  14. That women is highly, highly disturbed. At this point I’m thinking she’s just as sick as her so called husband.

  15. I think he has brainwashed her into being complacent with what he’s doing. She’s an accomplice. Lock her up too. There’s no way she didn’t know what was going on!

  16. Reality will finally set in. She is going through the stages of grief. She has seven kids with him😮 wow. How is she going to manage? I would be scared too

  17. Well she should be mad at his parents for not getting him proper help the first time something happened years ago for them constantly coddling him and choosing him over their daughters…..but I’m sure that’s not why she mad at them. As for Maria I don’t blame her one bit I wouldn’t want him in my home or around my children either no matter how old they are.

    1. She’s delusional. She should be protecting her children from her deranged & dangerous husband.

  18. Of course she is living on the Island of Delusion. The City of Truth is filled with things that she will have to take responsibility for also. This woman has been told what to do, how to dress, and given an allowance her whole life. She is now facing a world where tough decisions are going to have to be made by HER, and “famous” is replaced by “infamous”.

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