Josh Duggar’s Sentencing Delayed After “19 Kids & Counting” Star Begs Court For More Time; His Cousin Amy Duggar Says Josh Needs to Be Put On a Predator Island

“Let’s celebrate! Score one for Joshy Boy!”

Josh Duggar has just been given a few more months to prepare for federal prison.

The disgraced 19 Kids & Counting star’s request to have his sentencing pushed back by at least 30 days was approved by Judge Timothy Brooks on Thursday. In fact, Judge Brooks agreed to give Josh and his team even more than the requested 30 days. His sentencing– which was originally scheduled for April 5– will now take place on May 25. The Sun was the first to break the news.

In his request, which was filed on March 18, Josh and his legal team blamed COVID-19 precautions as part of the reason they needed the extra time.

“Because of certain reasonable Covid-19 precautions understandably instituted at the jail at which Duggar is being detained, it has been more difficult scheduling meetings with Duggar than during more ordinary times,” the court paperwork reads. 

Josh’s team pointed out that their request for the sentencing delay was not, in any way, “intended to unnecessarily delay or hinder the proceedings.”

“Us? Hinder proceedings? NEVER!”

As The Ashley previously reported, Josh was found guilty of receiving and possessing child sex abuse materials (CSAM) in December. Due to the ‘receiving’ charge, he must serve at least five years in federal prison, but can be given up to 20 years.

Since he was convicted in December, Josh’s legal team has filed a motion to have him be acquitted (claiming Josh’s guilty verdict was “unconstitutional”), or at least be given a new trial. Those motions are pending. 

At the sentencing, Josh will be allowed to speak if he chooses to. He can ask the judge for leniency or make a statement. 

“Everything is fine. Josh will get out. Everything is fine. Just fine…”

Josh will remain behind bars until his sentencing. Since his trial, he’s been housed in the Washington County Jail in Arkansas, which is only about 20 minutes from the massive compound where his parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and their kids reside. (Josh’s wife Anna and their seven children currently live on the Duggar property in a warehouse that’s been converted into a home.) 

During an Instagram Live session on Thursday, Josh’s cousin Amy Duggar was asked for her thoughts on his sentencing being delayed. Amy— who has been outspoken against Josh since he was charged with the crimes– made it clear that her feelings about her cousin have not changed. 

In fact, she suggested that Josh (and all child predators) be sent to a Predator Island.

“Can we have John-David fly him over the island and just drop him out of the bottom of the plane?”

“Predators need to be off the streets and locked up. They need to be on an island all by themselves, far, far away from children and far away from people they can hurt and screw over,” she said. “That is so sickening and so sad.

“I don’t know him,” she said of her cousin. “It has been extremely difficult. Extremely difficult. And I’m not just saying that to get sympathy. No, it’s been hard.”

To read more about the amount of time Josh may get, if he has a chance of early release, click here!

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  1. I’m with you, Snicklefritz…SOMETHING needs to be done to them ALL, reproductively, so they can’t spawn, anymore.

    It’s disgusting!

    I think there should be a law against having THAT MANY children, let alone a pedophile having seven children, to offend against! What the hell is wrong with people, these days?

    The whole thing is abnormal, and REALLY, REALLY GROSS😝, to me.

    IMO, their show should be taken off the air.

    Hopefully🙏, THAT WOULD DO SOMETHING, to discourage these types of wacko, religious cults, like theirs. EW!!! They sicken me! (Gags)

    1. *P.S. I forgot to add that, I, totally, agree with Amy Duggar, and her comments, in the above article…

      IT WOULD BE IDEAL, if ALL pedophiles, rapists, (Child and otherwise,) etc., could ALL just be put on an island, together, for the rest of their lives!

      That’s the whole idea of jail, and prison. These people have lost the privilege, and Right, to hang out with the rest of us.

      So, they MUST BE REMOVED, FOR LIFE, from the rest of us.

      IMHO, If women were in charge of sentencing pedophiles, rapists,, the above would all be done!

      Instead, women and children are demoted to, “Second Class Citizens,” by men in our Society, and have to SUFFER, instead of getting THE JUSTICE ⚖ AND PROTECTION (of the already violated, and the future victims,) that they deserve.

      It is BEYOND upsetting!

  2. This is complete and total bullshit!!! The f*cker has been found guilty. Now he needs to be sentenced. No question about it. There’s no reason for these meetings and these unnecessary delays. They are absolutely obstructing justice!! I’m over this asshole already. Let him rot.

  3. Delaying the inevitable. You’re right where you belong. Someone cut the phone line and get Anna to therapy NOW. She needs to unlearn all the behaviors that have been drilled into her head since childhood. Since she doesn’t recognize predatory behavior, she stands to place her children at continual risk of being exploited by other pedos.


  5. I’m hoping that the judge’s reasoning for the delay is so that he can’t be accused of being unfair to Josh so he can’t ever get a new trial, or have anything overturned.

  6. YAWN.

    So tired of this perv, his country judge hijinx, and his all day phone sex with his ultra devoted wife/worst mother in Arkansas.

    COVID is the reason his sentencing is delayed? With this BS, I think we know how the sentencing is going to go down. I just hope someone kicks him in the balls hard enough in there so he cant come out and make any more M babies.

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