Kail Lowry Says It’s “Cringey” That She Was Allowed to Sign An MTV Contract As A Teen; Talks About How Excited She Was To Get Small Payment for “16 and Pregnant”

What Kail wishes her mom would have told MTV…

Kail Lowry may have three podcasts, a giant house and enough money to keep an entire stable of lawyers at her beck and call, but back in 2009, she was just a pregnant teenager with little parent support and even less money.

During an appearance on the ShrinkChicks podcast earlier this week, the Teen Mom 2 star talked about how excited she was to get the money for “16 and Pregnant” and how insane it was that no adult in her life suggested she show the MTV contract to a lawyer before signing away her rights.

“Thanks for nothing, Smirnoff Suzi!”

“It’s so crazy to think about that compared to where I’m at now. I s**t you not, I have five different attorneys on retainer at all times,” Kail—who did the interview alongside her Baby Mamas No Drama co-host Vee Torres—said. “But thinking about my younger self signing this contract without having an attorney even glimpse at it [is crazy].”

As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Kail was living with her then-boyfriend Jo Rivera and his family when she gave birth to her oldest son Isaac in 2010. Her mother, Suzi, was in and out of Kail’s life.

“My mom had just signed over custody [of me] to Jo’s parents at the time. She never was like, ‘We should probably have a lawyer look at this’ because she wouldn’t have had $1500 for them to look [the contract] over.” 

“It’s crazy to think about where I am now. I would never, ever, ever [do that now]. I have my attorneys look over everything.”

Kail confirmed the salary she received for appearing on “16 and Pregnant” was $5000 (as  The Ashley revealed in her 2013 book, Teen Mom Confidential.)

“I got paid $5000 when I first signed the [“16 and Pregnant”] contract, but that was before taxes,” Kail said. “That was the other thing— I’m signing my entire life away: my name, my likeness, everything about me for $5000 before taxes. If I would have had some guidance, I’m sure someone would have said, ‘You know what? That’s probably not enough and we need to do a little better here.'”

“You got a steal of a deal, MTV!”

When the podcast hosts asked Kail if the $5,000 she received seemed like a ton of money to her 16-year-old self, Kail said she was overjoyed to get that much money.

“Uh, yeah! I thought I was gonna f**king conquer the world! I was like, ‘Five grand?!’ And I didn’t know I had to pay taxes on it.”

“It’s so cringey to think about. So f**king cringe,” Vee said. 

“Cringey!” Kail agreed. 

You can watch the full interview below! 

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33 Responses

  1. It’s all about Kail ?
    She got where she is because if MTV selected her. She got 5000 more than any other teen mother that is struggling to try and buy diapers, a crib, high chair, car seat, stroller, formula, clothing and all the things teen single moms need but often don’t have the resources for. She should have been grateful for that. She was homeless at one point in her pregnancy and Joe’s mother was caring enough to allow her to move in. I am so tired of these reality celebrities getting fame and wealth from an opportunity that many others would love a chance at and once they have their big homes and fame they bash the shows that gave them that opportunity. Kail always acts like she is above everyone else and could stay on payroll and refuse to film for this reason or that while the other “teen” moms ( in their 30s now) are required to go deep with their vulnerability. She hadn’t earned her paycheck with MTV for quite awhile. How disrespectful for her to publicly flip off the very people how made her rich and gave her fame and opportunities for a great life. She better watch her cash flow a little more carefully or her attorneys and Brianna will have all her money. The 300k she spent in a baseless lawsuit with Brianna which she lost could have be better spent on college funds for her 4 kids.

  2. I think a woman who can stand on top of her own mountain and went soup to nuts to now fucking filet and built and lives in a castle and is a God dam queen is more attractive to a man’s eye then one who is a grown as adult women who has to be led by the hand and can’t even make God dam change from a dollar and expects the world for free only knows how to lay on her back professionally is a disgusting party favor and is more of a migraine headache then what she is worth you go kali show these men you don’t need them you have your own two feet and don’t need any help standing on them. Proud Queen whoo hoo girl

    1. Kail (not Kali) is damn good at laying on her back, she’s a pro! She just can’t stick with ONE guy…

      1. DeeAnne,
        I, personally, think it’s more like, the men “can’t stick” WITH HER!

        They’ll stick her, because, MOST men will “stick” a mailbox, if you put a skirt on it.

        1. The common denominator in all her failed relationships is HER. None stick with her because of her attitude/personality. Granted, I’m sure her upbringing has a lot to do with how she is, but her exes were sucked in and then spit out.

  3. Kail is not on the current teen mom 2 season at all. Is this going to be addressed by her or by Ashley or anyone? Everyone can bash her all day long (and they do) but TM2 without Kail and her drama is like watching paint dry. The show is horrible.

    In a recent survey, Kail was the 2nd most popular TM2 cast member, just behind Leah.

    Tonight I believe Briana said “Devoin did not take Nova to her first day of school.” no less than 25 times. It was her only line in the whole show.

  4. I can see how, at 16, 5k would look like a lot, especially when pregnant and not working. But had she tried to negotiate, MTV would have let her go. There were tons of girls applying for 16 & pregnant, she was easily replaceable.

  5. I have never disliked anyone that I don’t know as much as I dislike Kail!! Her arrogance knows no bounds. We all know if her mother had said “hey wait, we should have a lawyer Look at this” Kail would have freaked out because her mother was trying to get HER money or something. I finally deleted all Teen Mom stuff from my PVR, it was past time, Ashley’s reviews are better anyway!!

    1. Hi, Cancel Kailyn Lowry PLEASE!!!

      I just wanted to say, I could not agree with YOU more!

      I cannot stand Kailyn Lowry, AT ALL, either.

      I couldn’t stand her, and how SHE USED, ABSOLUTELY, EVERYONE SHE COULD, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING OF the Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant Franchise.

      I don’t blame you, for deleting everything on your DVR. I fast forward through her parts of the show myself.

      She reminds me of a big, fat, slug, leaving a trail behind her.

      Keep your legs closed Kailyn Lowry! You’re a nasty ho!

  6. First, at age 16, how was she allowed to sign a contract without a parent or legal guardian sign too?
    Second, even though she didn’t know about paying taxes back then, as a single parent back then if that was her only income she still wouldn’t owe anything. She files a 1099 for $5000 claiming her son, she would get the Earned Income Tax credit which would have offset any taxes owed.

      1. Im sure not one person watched the content on this comment and how it was said it funny how one may comment on something they did not hear or see

    1. Whats crazy bout her and others they act like their talents got them here. They got here by being pregnant which is no talent. Kids deserve semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for parents. Show was suppose to teach NOT to get pregnant now teaches its ok to have multiple kids with multiple men. Think it’s pathetic need to go back to REAL 16 and pregnant and not make these girls rich by pushing out kids for $$$

  7. “I have five different attorneys on retainer at all times,” <—- THIS is why people don't like you.

    1. If She didn’t have all issues with all the different baby daddy’s, that she brings on herself, she could cut that down to two attorneys. She acts like she is for attorneys because she’s so successful. No, it’s because she assaults people and thinks she should suffer no repercussions for it. Sorry bitch, the laws apply to you too. I hope they give Chris 50-50 child custody and make Cale pay him child support. Oh my god I would pay to be a fly in the wall in that court room. ?

    2. Snicklefritz,
      The lawyer statement, IS JUST ONE, of the many, many, MANY REASONS people CAN’T STAND Kailyn Lowry.

  8. Wow, really she is a total idiot. I have five lawyers on retainer because you are either lying or wasting your money. I have purchased and sold homes without a lawyer. I have went to court and won against a lawyer so let’s be clear just because you have five lawyers on retainer you can still lose, so good luck with that.

  9. Right and lol that she thinks they were gonna negotiate anything with her. She’s delusional.

    And she’s disposable. When MTV is done with her, they will move on. They have 9 other girls competing for the new series and how many others from their other pregnancy shows.

    She’s just not that important. Somebody tell her.

    1. Lol. But don’t confuse her with actual facts! She strikes me as the type who’s ego is just too large to handle it!

  10. Sounds like Kailyn is gearing up to sue MTV. She claims everyone in her life is victimizing her and runs and gets a PFA or sues every single person that crosses her path. Its her M.O.

  11. One thing MTV should do is set these girls up with once off financial advice. The girls can get more advice if they want to spend money wisely (probs not when there’s a new baby daddy to buy tattoos for).

    MTV sets a trust up for the kids I believe, they could pretend they care about the girls & at least tell them to PAY THEIR TAXES!

    Without MTV Kail would be slumming with Smirnoff Suzie and Isaac would be with Jo 100% of the time.

    You’re bitter, Petty Betty?
    Give it all up. Walk the walk that you’re talking….your podcasts will keep you in the $$$ to match MTV, right?

  12. What’s ‘cringy’ is how she demoralizes and tries to ruin everyone in her path. Those poor boys. I cannot imagine having her as a mother.

    1. I cringed pretty hard when she said she has five lawyers on retainer. The only time I had a lawyer on retainer involved the worst experience of my life. And going to court is EXTREMELY stressful and unpleasant. Kail and some of these other TM bishes (Jenelle, Top JD Student Per Law Farrah, Amber) don’t even seem phased by dealing with lawyers and court. Being on the show really warped their sense of reality.

      Kail sure won’t have five lawyers on retainer when the TM money stops rolling in – lawyers aren’t cheap.

      1. Right. That was a flex that means she wastes money and time.

        I can see having one lawyer, bc she does have a lot of businesses solely based on defaming ppl she knows, so, yeah, one lawyer to cover that.

        Shes just corny. She thinks this stuff impresses ppl, like the daily Starbucks trips in her SUV she used to do, the corny friends she used to show off on SM, the surgery..

      2. Kail has had a rough start with life. Her parents have really done her a disservice. For that, I feel deeply for her. But, you cannot go around hurting people on rapid-fire as she does.

        I would think that Kail would be focussing on making sure her boys do not experience the family dysfunction she has had to deal with. The same could be said for most of the TM cast.

      1. Andress, I take back what I said about “agreeing with you.” When you find sympathy for Kailyn Lowry, I think you’re a fool. THAT GIRL (Kailyn Lowry) is the biggest “See You Next Tuesday,” there is!!! She makes me want to vomit.

        She didn’t learn to be a “See You Next Tuesday” from her parents. That is her ESSENCE, HER NATURE. (In the psychological argument of “Nature vs. Nurture.”) The way Kailyn Lowry IS, has NOTHING to do with how she was, or wasn’t, raised. Your Mother doesn’t TEACH YOU to backstab people, use people, take from people, etc. Generally, one learns WHAT NOT TO DO, by having lousy parents. She has NO EXCUSE. She can watch herself on TV. She can watch the backlash from people. She’s gone to therapy, and shit, it’s NOT?Rocket Science!!


  13. I didn’t think a 16 year old could enter into a contract like that without having a parent or legal guardian signing as well. If Joe’s parents had legal custody, did they sign?
    A lot of those girls would be nowhere without this show that literally exploited them. A few were lucky enough to have family that could have supported them without MTV. Some of them were able to take the money they were paid and put it to good use (Kail, Maci, Chelsea). But for MTV to enable addicts (Janelle, Leah) without requiring them to enter rehab in order to continue on the show is incomprehensible to me. Not to mention basically condoning violence by keeping Amber on the show while incarcerated. MTV wanted to use these girls for ratings and money in my opinion, and didn’t care how they got either.

  14. Kailyn isn’t known for telling the truth. Why complain now. You could’ve quit along time ago. Cry a River.

  15. Realistically if she had questioned the amount of money MTV would have just found another pregnant girl to replace her and she never would have ended up with the fame and wealth she has. 5K is ridiculous though and MTV shouldn’t take advantage of kids like that.

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