Chris Lopez Responds After Kail Lowry Posts Lengthy Statement Addressing Their Co-parenting Situation

“Can’t we all just get along?” “Absolutely not.”

In between hosting a handful of podcasts and raising nearly a gaggle of children, Teen Mom 2 star Kail Lowry always makes time to take part in some good old-fashioned social media drama… and this week was no exception. 

In addition to participating in the ongoing feud with her costar Briana DeJesus, Kail addressed her tumultuous co-parenting relationship with Chris Lopez– the father of her two youngest sons– after Chris spoke about the situation himself during this week’s episode of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

Kail released a statement about Chris and his co-parenting (or lack thereof), which Chris promptly responded to on social media.

“You’re this close to another PFA, bro!”

Kail told followers she wanted to address the way her co-parenting situation with Chris was portrayed on the episode, as she doesn’t believe “it paints the full picture.” As with any co-parenting situation, Kail said, there are always two sides, which is why she and Chris– or any two people– will not “experience things the exact same way.” Kail also compared her and Chris’s co-parenting relationship to her co-parenting relationships with Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin

“The choices I’ve had to make have been very challenging for me,” Kail said. “I’ve always wanted the best for my kids and Chris is no exception to that. But there are extenuating circumstances involving Chris that were not present with Javi or Jo. With that being said, just because it wasn’t as easy with Chris doesn’t mean my character and feelings have changed when it comes to my kids’ relationships with their dad.” 

Kail added that while she believes it’s important for kids to spend time with both parents, although she added that “Chris’s capacity to parent these kids is very different than Javi and Jo.”

Kail called navigating the co-parenting restrictions with Chris “super challenging,” claiming the restrictions were not her decision, but rather the decision made by the judge in their custody case. 

“If things were as easy and simple as he thinks they are, he would have gotten more time,” she added.

“The boys only have two parents, and when [Chris] is falling short, I have to pick up the slack and fill in the gaps emotionally, physically and financially,” she wrote. 

Kail went on to accuse Chris of having ulterior motives for wanting to spend time with their sons, noting that he “has gone days and weeks without checking up prior to court involvement.”

She closed her statement by reiterating “the court made this ruling,” not her. 

“I don’t have the power to make the decision that was made,” she added. 

Chris later confirmed on Instagram that he had seen Kail’s statement, claiming it gave him “a lil laugh.” 

” …2 lawyers and close to 100k spent just to fight lil ole me from gaining 50/50 [custody],” he wrote. “That seems to contradict her statement but her team is amazing how they rally around her.”

Before confirming that he had seen his (OG) baby mama’s statement, Chris took to Twitter to accuse “someone” of trying to save face. While he didn’t mention Kail by name, he also tweeted, “Well planned and thought out statement, good job team.” 

Kail later responded the accusation, insisting she wrote the statement on her own. 

“Wrote this during therapy while I was getting my feelings and thoughts together,” she claimed. “No team necessary… .” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram; Twitter)


  1. It was interesting to hear Chris finally say what we all knew on this last week of Teen Mom that he and Kailyn were NEVER in a relationship, they were just sleeping together. LOL but she tries so hard to rewrite history to make is sound like a break up from an actual relationship. They both suck but it was funny to hear him call out her lies …… I wonder what Smirnoff Suzie thinks when she reads this stuff 🙂

  2. Whahhhh whahhh

    You chose to have 4 children with 3 different men. Three of those children were PLANNED and is well documented.

    You make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and live in a giant gaudy mansion.

    I am a single mom of 2 kids in a nice apartment and I do it all myself. I’m happy to. Why? Because my children deserve at least one stable parent showing them what it takes to take care of your responsibilities.

    This little girl will never not be TRASH.

    1. Show sucks without Kail. Who cares about these new girls… there’s no history. Get rid of Brianna, she’s trash. How many of Kail’s loser exes is she going to try to get with?

  3. Bitch please you are the reason why you’re in this position. If you made better life choices and not have kids with someone who’s not that interested in you beyond a booty call then you wouldn’t be in the position to “make hard decisions”. You can have a booty call and not get pregnant FYI. You know she had the second kid thinking that this will trap him since the first one didn’t do the trick. The real problem is she fell in love with Chris and he didn’t reciprocate and now she’s out for blood. She needs to shut her trap and stop spewing garbage her kids will eventually find when they get older. The garbage she’s spewing will damage her kids a lifetime. MTV needs to humble her and drop her from the show.

  4. So he wanted 50/50, but also tried to give up his parental rights to Lux? Right…

    And this is the guy she chose to father two of her kids. What a dumpster fire.

  5. The poor kids being used as pawns by these 2 awful awful ppl…

    And we thought Jace and Sophia were gonna have great tell- all’s..

  6. So he has the least capacity of her 3 (lol) baby daddies to take care of children, yet she chose him to father 2 of her kids 🙄

  7. She slept with him again after he already proved he’s an uninvolved father. They are both terrible.

    If my kids went to school with Isaac or Lincoln, I would never want them going to Kail’s house (or Javi’s for that matter – Jo’s would be fine). I would avoid Kail like the plague at kids’ events. I’m sure parents in that community feel that way and it’s likely impacting friendships for the older kids. Kail’s antics are hurting her children in ways she doesn’t realize.

    As most of the TM women have proved, money can’t buy class.

    1. Watching her sitting alone at Lincoln’s practice TRYING to crack jokes with the other parents like she naturally does this all the time made me CRINGE for her. Those moms want nothing to do with her and it shows.

  8. She is just vile. And so is he. Airing your business out like this is shameful, and harmful to the children. She’s a narcissistic individual, and is constantly me, me, my, my, I, I. She has been spewing out negative airs about Chris since the birth of Lux, yet she went ahead and had a second baby with him.

  9. Even though I don’t like Kail, she is a good mother and always puts her boys first. It wasn’t easy with Jo when they first split or Javi either, but I think they both just gave in and decided to appease her to make it easier for themselves. I do think they’ve both stood up for themselves as they should, and Chris has a right to do that as well. However Chris will not appease Kail and just give in as she expects with the other two. This is why she’s had such a hard time with him. Maybe the 50/50 thing is best, but if Kail wants to grow and take accountability like she says then she needs to let go a little bit and stop trying to micromanage everything. Make peace with how things are and let the court handle it. U have to learn to let go of things u can’t control, that’s how u will grow and mature!

  10. At some point, get together and decide to never ever put another thing “out there”, pertaining to each other or your kids. It’s probably going to be the hardest thing you have to do on a daily basis(shouldn’t be), but just knowing that you don’t have to spend half the day scouring the internet to see what fire you have to put out, what statement you have to make, and what lawyer you have to call….What a fucking relief it would be!

    Seriously, have a fucking sit down, no phones, no podcast, no lawyer. Hammer out a “NO MORE INTERNET” agreement for your fucking children, and then maybe pick a time once a week for a 20 min phone call to talk kid details. When you’re mad at each other, go to a mediator, or just act like adults and talk it out. But STICK TO THE AGREEMENT.

    The rest of us do it. It IS possible, do it for your kids. You’ll be so glad you did.

    1. One of those orders Amber & Andrew have where they can’t discuss the other in any social media platform.

  11. I think they both have a ring of truth to it. Kail is an probably was and is still in love with Chris ..,so her personal feelings definitely played into it. Chris didn’t seem to want anything to do with the children early on but I’m sure his paid gig on TM help pay for those lawyers and is why he is more engaged . And I think it’s good that he has a platform to talk about his side because she certainly bashed him and kept it one-sided for years. Whether it was on TM or her podcast. But let’s keep it really real here.. Kail at one point is/was in constantly is in conflicts w/ All three of her BD’s. Does that mean it’s always her fault, but it does mean she is a common denominator. Her are refusing to film is BS because it was one sided for so long. When you get pregnant by a baby daddy they ALWAYS get a story line on the show I don’t know how or why she’s acting so surprised.

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