Briana DeJesus Confirms That Ashley Jones Is Pregnant; Ashley, Briana, Jade Cline & More Weigh In On Major Fight On ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Set


The Ashley kicked up a hornet’s nest on Friday when she broke the news that a major fight went down on the set of Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 set, resulting in Ashley Jones and her mother Tea, as well as Briana DeJesus and her mother Roxanne being kicked off the show.

The major players in the story— Ashley, Tea and Briana— as well as several other cast members took to Instagram after The Ashley’s story broke to weigh in. Ashley confirmed that she did, indeed, spit at Briana, but claimed Roxanne tried to throw a chair at Tea.

Briana came back, claiming that Ashley is pregnant (something that Ashley had not disclosed and has not yet confirmed or denied.) 

Allow The Ashley to recap the latest events…

Briana took to Instagram Stories to claim that she plans to press charges against Ashley before exposing that Ashley is pregnant.

“I was going to keep this under wraps because that is a part of the NDA we all signed and also bc I am going to press charges. I tried to spare u extra grief knowing that ur pregnant now but I am going to stand by what is right,” Briana wrote. “My mother simply addressed an issue and instead of ‘Pastor’ Tea taking FULL accountability– she couldn’t handle being in the hot sea and projected and tried to step to my mother.

“Everything else doesn’t even matter at this point. Ur true actions shined bright that night and now every cast mate that was there (who also witnessed what happened) will vouch for me. Stop lying. #LetTheClipPlay” 

Briana claimed Ashley brought up the fact that Bri had once threatened to spit on Kail (whom Ashley is friends with). Briana again confirmed that the spitting took place, stating that “bodily fluids went flying all over the place…”

“For once no one can blame me for this!”

“Also, after bodily fluids went flying all over the place…u had the nerve to say something among the lines of ‘who are u gonna spit on now’ which I recall me saying something to [Kail] about that…so were u ‘protecting’ ur mother or was that u still trying to fight that white woman’s battle who used u? Make it make sense…”

Finally, Briana took a zing at the fact that Ashley’s husband Bar Smith is in jail right now, after being captured last month on a warrant. 

“The only person u ever beat up was yourself (on the Internet) so I guess spitting is normal to u…in the state of Oregon it’s considered assault. Enjoy being behind bars just like hubby rn,” Bri wrote.

All of our faces after reading that last comment….

Ashley later confirmed that she is, indeed, pregnant and had some choice words for Briana for exposing her pregnancy prematurely. 

“And as for me being pregnant, yes I am thank you,” Ashley wrote. “But did you not get an STD by the same man [Luis Hernandez] who you asked to sign over parental rights? Loser.”

“You said you could count how many times he’s seen your child on one hand, I hope you counted how many pills you took to clear up that c**chie.” 

All of us right now…

Briana came right back, posting, “Ur still with a man that hits u (allegedly speaking) and now ur having another baby with him? And he’s in jail and CPS came to ur house? And ur fighting, knowing ur pregnant? That’s endangering the welfare of an unborn child. Girl suck my imaginary d**k backwards.” 

Ashley clapped back once more.

“And lastly, you can’t shame me about anything I’ve been open about,” she wrote. “You can’t shame me about something me and my man went through because we still here, 8 years later. Find a man and then you’ll see the trials and tribulations of a real relationship.”

Earlier, Ashley posted a photo of her and her mom with their luggage.

“If you come for my mom and physically try and attack her or push up on her I will always step in,” Ashley wrote on Instagram Stories. “You get what you get cause to me you’ve started a war.” 

She also commented on the Teen Mom Shade Room‘s Instagram post about The Ashley’s article, claiming there is more to the story.

“I love how [Briana and Roxanne] started it and it’s still me and my mom who [being called] the aggressors,” Ashley wrote. “Let me say this, you come for my mom or try to physically attack her and you gone get what the f**k you get. That’s on period. This article has a lot of false statements…

“This isn’t true and when the footage comes out y’all will see how it all went down,” Ashley wrote. “Roxanne tried to throw a chair at my mom and that’s how it started…

“I would have thrown a sofa, but Amber was already sitting on it.”

Someone else brought up the fact that Briana once threatened on-camera to spit on Kail, writing, “threatening and actually [spitting] is two different things. Spitting is the lowest thing you can do.”

Ashley seemed to be confirming that she did, indeed, hock a loogie.

“Just because she threatens and I do means nothing. Attacking someone’s mom is what’s low,” she wrote. 

Tea got on Instagram Stories to say that, “You can only be quiet for so long when folks is pickin’ at you. And you know they pickin’ at you.”

Ashley’s mother-in-law, Shen Williams, also weighed in on the situation, condemning Ashley’s alleged actions. (Shen was not at the Reunion and appears to be at odds with Ashley at the moment.)

“Spitting on someone is not a big fight. It’s disgusting and the worst thing u could do to someone!” she wrote on Instagram Stories. 

Ashley then responded to Shen’s comment on the Teen Mom Shade Room‘s post, insinuating that she previously gotten into a physical fight with Shen, too.


“And as for Shen talking s**t in the comments, the last time she stepped out of line in person she got rocked in the face and been crying about it ever since. Her only relevance is speaking on things pertaining to me, however I was a perfect daughter-in-law when I was paying her rent.”

(Tea later publicly asked Shen not to “do this” so that they could “have peace.”)

Next, Jade Cline entered the chat. She took to Instagram to add her thoughts on the Ashley/Bri/Roxy/Tea brawl. She sided with Briana, calling Ashley and Tea’s behavior “embarrassing” and “disgusting.”

“I seen stories leaked about ‘TMFR’ and a lot of s**t isn’t accurate…me and ALL THE GIRLS SEEN WHAT HAPPENED,” Jade wrote. “I’ve stayed in my lane a lot online but what y’all won’t do is act like Bri was the problem. Ashley and her mother are bullies and don’t know how to act.

“Their behavior was embarrassing. All of us here are DISGUSTED. For Ashley to spit in someone’s face is NASTY. It speaks LEVELS on her character. Her and her mom are not victims they are aggressors.”

Jade claimed that the rest of the cast did not want Ashley and Tea to stay after the incident.

“Us as a whole did not want Ashley or her mother on set after what happened. They only sent Bri home bc MTV didn’t want them to have the “this isn’t fair” narrative. What happened to Bri was wrong and every mother here feels for Bri and hates that this happened. Ashley is the common denominator. Spitting in someone’s face is nasty and p**sy as f**k.” 

Ashley then came back to address the fact that Bri is claiming she plans to press charges against her. She also gave additional details of what went down between her and her mom and the Dejesus women.

“I don’t do that police a** s**t but I’ll see you in court if you wanna go there since you and your mom both threw glass at me and mine,” Ashley wrote.

She also claimed that she was around Roxanne and Briana while staying at the holding hotel. (The cast stayed a different hotel for a few days after arriving in Oregon, before moving to the resort.)

“They didn’t say a word. All of a sudden when we are having a cast dinner and cameras and security are present Roxy decided to address my mom,” Ashley wrote. “Roxy said her [piece] and when my mom offered her, Roxy said, ‘Shut up, I don’t give a f**k what you have to say.'”

Ashley claims that when Tea told her she can’t speak to her like that, Roxanne picked up a chair and acted like she was about to hurl it at Tea.

Ashley confirmed The Ashley’s report that the second round of fighting happened later that night in the kitchen.

“Roxy bumped my mom in the kitchen and then said, ‘I’m not saying excuse me’ [and] that set everything off again,” Ashley wrote. “Bri thought it was a good idea to address my mom instead of getting her own and that’s how her and I got into it.” 

The Ashley will continue to update this story…

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram, WEtv)


  1. I’m sorry to say Bri has been a trouble maker from way back I remember when she started up with Javi knowing it would hurt Kail she tells Karl’s friend Leah how they will be staying at the hotel together knowing damn well Leah will tell her friend about it then pretends she’s shocked that Kail knows then had the balls to go after Leah saying she started trouble..there’s so many times I can mention how Bri started shit I’ve even heard her own sister say to her maybe you shouldn’t do that..just watch Bri she loves to start trouble.she has alot of growing up to do..Congrats Ashley on your pregnancy

  2. I just thinktea as a pastor needs to give good example. Need to take care of her testimony that’s not being a pastor sorry.

  3. This is what happens when you give trash attention and money I understand it’s good TV but MTV is making a huge line of stupidity disgusting entitled garbage that breeds uncontrollably and is polluting the world with their trash. If you think you’re showing people or young girls how they should live or how they should act you’re completely wrong I can’t think of one person on this show with the exception of Chelsea That’s even halfway decent all the rest pornography domestic violence drug attic‘s alcoholics manipulative garbage no matter if they graduated college Kaylan or in a steady relationship Macy they all are trash why we would send these people home while we allow Amber to beat the shit out of everybody is disgusting Andrew should sue MTV for being and playing favorites for her she attacked him with a machete she beat Gary on camera we have video of her being violent to everybody why is she still on the show because she makes good TV because we all like to watch a disgusting train wreck. I mean they know these girls are garbage they fire Jenelle because the boyfriends homophobic and they fired Farrah because she’s in pornography but we’re gonna go ahead and keep people like Ashley Brianna Amber that makes no sense again get a big black trash bag MTV stuff them all in it and put them out on the curb frankly that’s where all of them probably would’ve found themselves without MTV money anyway on a curb somewhere

  4. I just came here to say, the trails & tribulations of a long term relationship doesn’t mean abuse. I personally wouldn’t bring about being with a man 8 years if he was beating me BUT that’s just me.

  5. @theashley “I would have thrown a chair, but Amber was already sitting on it”

    Arguably your most classic line ever!!!!! If this were a poster, I would hang it in my house!!!

  6. Briana wasn’t worried about random bodily fluids when she had sex & got pregnant in a bar bathroom, but suddenly someone spits near her and she’s headed to court? gtfo
    She is getting to be just as bad a role model to her kids as Jenelle and Farrah. Grow up

  7. I’m so over Brianna and her coven acting like the victims every time something goes down. The common dominator here is always Bri. If it’s you that’s seems to always have issues with people then maybe it’s you and not everyone else. Ofc Jade is gonna paint Bri as the victim she’s just as trashy as Brianna and tried to gang up on Ashley with Bri & Brittany last time. Please for the love of God if you’re not gonna end this train wreck of a show then at the very least do us all a favor and fire the Dejesus!

  8. These women are so embarrassing. I’m ready for the show to be DONE – they’re not teens anymore they’re all 30 or pushing 30 years old. Also I’m definitely not surprised Jade added herself to the equation here, she’s always begging for attention. She’s the ultimate PICK ME PICK ME!!!

  9. Nothing but class from these low hangin’fruits….every one of them are disgusting. I would say mtv can do better but I’d be lyin….

  10. Bre, you need to grow up. Ur Always Getting in the middle of mess. You’re such a drama Queen.. You’ve slept with more men that I can count. You sleep with them the minute you meet them and then you want to scream about STD, Pregnancies. The kind of example you’re setting for your children your daughters is beyond me. You and all the other girls need Jesus. Such a sad sad excuse for a female. You think you’re all that and the bag of chips. And I’m here to tell you you’re not. You portrayed yourself as a big hoe Throughout the years you’ve been on the show. You went out during quarantine with a stranger that you never met and had sex with him. Just real disgusting.🙏🙏🙏

    1. Why are you shaming her? What are you, an old man that’s stuck in av50s patriarchy mentality?
      Who cares who she’s slept with? Doesn’t make her less of a person. How she treats other humans and animals determines what kind of person she is. Very backwards on your part.

      Get out of here with the shaming.

      1. No one can accuse those crazy broads of having class. They are D list famous because they as little girls spread their legs and popped out a kid or two.

      2. It does say something about someone’s character if they raw dog it and catch something with the same guy who has no time for your and his child. It does say something about the character of someone when they sleep with their costars ex-husband (not taking for Kail) when there are plenty fish in the sea. It does say something about someone’s character and how they treat people when your engaged and fly three hours to be on a podcast with a girl you don’t likes dead beat baby daddy and then are shown back home in his tshirt and your fiancé dumps you. No one has a problem with hoes it’s petty messy af hoes no one has sympathy for.

  11. I don’t even know y briana is still or has ever been on the show I can’t stand that ugly ass girl that’s all she do is talk talk then play victim when someone about to whoop her ass or goes and get her sister.

    Jade not sure y she even on the show her story line boring it’s a waste of film the whole family dope heads including jade like I fast forward through all jade scenes on the show cause she lame and boring and that body work need some more work I hope both Briana and Jade will see this how I tagged them hoes personally?

    Jade calling Ashley pussy when Jade know dam well she ain’t fina fight a fruit fly spit on her ass too Ashley make the hunk so big it fly in her mouth cause jade ans briana talk to much and know they not fina do shit

    Briana ain’t nothing but a slut her girls gonna grow up and the exact way “whores”
    I said what I said cricket butt that terrible ass surgery u keep having Brianna biggest slut o the show yo ass need to be fired with no return

    14 shows later an u still begging baby daddies to be a daddy girl take them kids an stop sleeping with everybody man catching diseases an shit slut!!!

    I can’t stand Briana nor Jade y’all don’t know my life but the whole world see y’all dumb asses and ion care what nobody say Jade do drugs to how her mama an daddy the biggest dope heads an it skips her ? That’s y jade baby hasn’t grown a height nor any weight she a crack baby just like her mama jade an stupid looking daddy

    Bye Bitches!!!! Somebody had to say it…. Fly to Columbus Ga I’m not gonna spit ima fight u bitches punch some of that air out y’all lips 😂😂😁🤣🥴😮‍💨🖕🏾

  12. Bitter Bacteria bri the town 🚲 is at it again and that Cray Cray mom is where she got her trashy behavior . FIRE THEM … Jello jade needs to work on her own herself and family . Just a thought way was bri saying Ashley is taking up for a WHITE WOMAN this is not the first time bri made a comment about KAIL being WHITE just wondering why she hates whites ??? Team ASHLEY

    1. it’s not that she has a problem with whites, it’s that she thinks kail gets away with everything because she’s white. although i do agree with that statement in real life situations, that isn’t the case here. briana’s just mad that kail wasnt kicked out whenever briana and her sister started that fight back in 2018 and thinks mtv is racist anytime her and her family get in trouble anytime they attack kail

  13. I think they should just end the show because its been in way too long.They are not teens anymore.They are grown women now..they are getting rich being on this show.The drama that is going on between them women is to get more views

  14. “ I don’t do that police a** s**t”

    Classy. You’re gonna tho. Cuz Bri doesn’t play. She walks the walk. Only walk Ashley does is up to the prison on visiting day to see her equally trashy husband.

    1. Bri walks the walk less than anyone else on this show. She stirs up drama from behind her computer and then plays Little Miss Innocent when anyone calls her out. Or she stirs up drama in person when her big sister is there to intimidate her victims for her.

  15. LOL @ Ashley’s “comebacks” that makes her look way worse. She’s a toxic human being and so is her mother. I feel bad for her kid and ugh another kid. She acts like a child herself and she’s having children. You and your felon husband and fake pastor mother are showing the world what trash looks like. And you’re PROUD OF IT. Gross.

    1. Bitter Bacteria bri the town 🚲 is all talk wait until Ashley’s sister gets her hands on her I seen a comment once that said bri and her family are like a family of chihuahuas all bark brave with backup that trash family needs to be fired it’s trouble where ever they go even the DAD ran away

  16. All these girls need to get help! They are sad and great roll models to be influenceing there kids and girls that watch! NOT The Moms should no better. It’s because of all this kind of stuff ratings are dropping because they need to grow up, they are grown ass women not teens anymore!

  17. WoW ! Everyone should take a step back and realize this isn’t high school and all of you have children ! My God are the babies safe ? When will bri and Roxanne get a clue ? They are always starting in with people. Who’s watching the babies ?

  18. Is anyone else not at all shocked Jade stuck her 2 cents in here? 🙄 Get off Bri’s backwards dïçk??? Or whatever that comment was…and don’t speak for all the girls. Everyone on the show is perfectly capable of speaking for themselves.

    I wasn’t really on board with all the just end the show comments BUT this show has turned into a huge train wreck. They might as well. I wasn’t going to watch regardless (just keep up with the Ashley’s recaps).
    I liked the show back when it was about showing how getting pregnant as a teen comes with struggles. At this point it’s not about that anymore. MTV just keeps trying to rebrand the same crap.

  19. Is anyone surprised? Roxy is a shit starter period always has been . It’s time for this show to end n these bitches to get real jobs .

  20. Is anyone even surprised at the pot calling the kettle black? When you have a mother (who is now a grandmother) who acts like this, odds are you will turn into the same type of trashbag as these teen moms have. The sad part is that all of this is playing out on national television for their children to see and potentially emulate in the future, so the cycle continues.

    Bri and her dysfunctional family are hands down one of worst group of people to ever be on reality television, and that’s saying a lot. Not only are they certifiably dumb as shit, but their whole woe-is-me victim clown act is so fucking tired. Always the victim, always willfully ignorant, always the aggressor. They are a lost cause, and I can only pray that those two sweet girls that unfortunately have to call Bri their mom will grow up to become 100x smarter, independent, motivated, and successful in life. It’s families like this that extinguish the light in innocent kids before they can even begin to live. I wish those little girls nothing but the best.

  21. See now, this is why nobody likes Briana. You gotta be a really sick person to think it’s ok to continually reveal someone else’s pregnancy news and personal business.

  22. The thought just occurred to me, and am I alone in this thought: Why are these grown women bringing their MOMMYS with them to the reunions? I’m not talking childcare, I mean the actual reunions?

    So fucking weird. The only place I take my mother is to Home Goods and out to lunch, and after that I need a whole ass bottle of wine and a whole ass week to get over it.

    1. The girls and their moms was the ‘theme’ of this reunion, like they were supposed to do therapy to work on their relationship with their moms.

      1. That’s nuts. I mean, are they running this franchise into the ground on purpose? Watching these girls is one thing, but they are 30 yrs old, do they(or we!) want or need their mother’s there too? I don’t want to watch someone’s mother get drunk or fight on TV. Cringefest ’22. Boring TV if you ask me.

  23. why is briana talking about showing your true self like she didn’t just pull a dick move & tell everyone ashley’s pregnant??? and we all know briana and her mother are the problems because they’re the only ones who are always fighting with people

  24. Grown ass women, mothers, grandmothers getting into physical fights over petty highschool drama. This is the lowest for MTV.

  25. What exactly are these “Reunions” for? Dr Drew to show that he went to Clown College? Briana’s mother to show America how well her shoes move air? If there was a large cash prize given for “trashiest”, then I can see why someone would travel far and wide…

    All of y’all are awful, and I don’t think there is any winners or losers in all that word salad, but I will say that there was NO FUCKING NEED to out Ashleys pregnancy. Served no purpose except to be a Cuntsicle Briana.


  26. If Ashley is really trying to go to school to be a nurse she needs to check herself. No hospital will hire her if this is the way she acts on TV. The mtv gravy train will stop at some point so hopefully these women all have some type of job skill to fall back on

    1. Just ask medical health care expert extraordinaire Juh-nelle!

      Could you imagine how horrified you would be if a Teen Mom walked into the exam room! How will Ashley collect saliva samples? With a swab or just ask them to spit a big wad of phlegm into her face? (I feel icky just typing that!)

  27. My God. Can MTV cancel this entire show already? I stopped watching several seasons ago. How is this show still making it? How does it even stay up with ratings? MTV…stop making dumb, immature, violent, unintelligent people rich!!!!!!!!! So stupid. Spitting in most states is considered assault because human spit can carry all kinds of nasty stuff…throwing chairs is ridiculous as well. That family always getting physical every since the first reunion they were on. My God MTV get rid of dumb shows like this. It’s sad that MTV is giving these unintelligent losers 15 mins of fame. How gross. If I see a petition floating around about this show being canceled I’m signing with all caps and with a smile on my face!!! These immature grown women and granny’s aren’t even close to being teenagers…time to get rid of “teen mom” it’s over ran its course already!!!!!

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