EXCLUSIVE! ‘Teen Mom 2’ Dad Bar Smith Arrested; Being Held Without Bail in Nevada & Charged With Being a Fugitive

“Back in these black and white stripes…sigh.”

Bar Smith is currently behind, well…bars after being arrested earlier this month. 

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that, while his wife Ashley Jones is away, Bar is sitting behind bars in Nevada. According to the Henderson Police Department, the 25-year-old Teen Mom 2 dad was arrested August 22 in Henderson, Nevada, and has yet to be released.

Bar was arrested and charged with a felony: being a fugitive from justice from another state.

Apparently so, bro…

It does not specifically state which state had a warrant out for Bar’s arrest, but he and Ashley and their daughter recently moved to Nevada from California, so it’s likely California.  

Two days after his arrest, an extradition hearing was held. Bar was present and representing himself legally at the time.

He was denied bond, and is currently an inmate at the Henderson Detention Center in Nevada. It appears that he will remain there at least until September 13, when he has his next hearing. 

Bar, trying to predict the future…

As you may recall, Bar was previously arrested in May 2021 for “willful discharge of firearm in negligent manner,” which is a felony. That case is still pending, with the last hearing on record being held in February of this year. It is unknown if this case is related to Bar’s current incarceration.

Bar’s legal issues may come as a surprise to some ‘Teen Mom’ fans, as he has recently been trying to live a more-positive life. It was recently revealed that he went to rehab before moving to Nevada this summer. His rehab visit will reportedly be covered on the upcoming season of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Bar and Ashley’s move to Nevada will also be covered; however, it’s unlikely that it will be mentioned that Bar was a fugitive with a warrant when he moved to Nevada.

How to put a positive spin on this situation…

Ashley has yet to comment publicly on Bar’s legally challenged situation.

UPDATE! While Ashley has yet to comment, Bar’s mother, Shen Williams, posted a link to this story, accusing the show’s producers of telling The Ashley about this arrest. “Producers hella funny they dropped it quick soon as they were told!” she wrote.

Shen then clarified that this arrest happened because Bar’s lawyer did not inform Bar that he had a warrant.

“So for the record my son had warrant he didn’t know he had. His lawyer did not call him,” Shen wrote.

Shen then posted a photo of a dog in a cage joking, “This my son right now.”

The Ashley will continue to update this post as more information becomes available…

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(Photos: MTV)

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  1. Bar is ratched! He look like a hobbit creature and he think he gangsta. He needs to get rid of them ugly as tats and take care of his family. Cmon Ashley how many chances you give this hanger on?

  2. Mtv should of fired both when he shot off gun. Mtv has low standards for casts members. Amber abuser, bar gun toting ass, cyhenna racist posts. Just cancel teen mom shows,teaches nothing but to pop out kids with multiple men

  3. You know how you prevent being arrested for a warrant you didn’t know you had…don’t do something that would warrant a warrant ?

  4. Bar is the type of guy though that will have a lot of trouble in jail. He’s 130lb with a big mouth. Kinda like a poodle that barks too much. I would of loved to see him “represent himself” in court. lol I doubt Ashley will ever leave him. Love is blind.

    1. He represented himself, lol, a high school drop out that thinks he’s smarter than everyone else! You know what they say about someone who represents themselves in court, they have a fool for a client!

      1. His mom is still messed up though. Doesn’t sound like she’s disappointed and wishing her son had done better. Making jokes? Clearly is fine with having a loser son.

  5. “Bar was arrested and charged with being a felony count of being a fugitive from justice from another state.”

    Bro wtf even is this sentence?? ? y’all aren’t even trying anymore. Proofreading is a second grade skill. This blog has really gone downhill.

  6. Leave it to the teen mom franchise showcasing a lot of people with criminal acts/behavior.
    How many does this make the tally count now.

  7. The Apple ? doesn’t fall to far away from the tree.
    ( I think that’s how the saying goes)
    Bars mom should be proud, ( Bars behind bars)
    How many of her kids have done prison time.
    I actually feel bad for Ashley she is at least trying to better herself and he keeps dragging her down. She shouldn’t have made it legal.

  8. I would never want to hang out with Ashley, she seems like a chore, but she at least is doing good things for herself and her child. She needs to cut this good for nothing loser out of her life.

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