EXCLUSIVE! Giant Fight at ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Season 2 Taping Gets Briana DeJesus, Ashley Jones (AND Their Moms!) Sent Home! Get Details!

Let’s get ready to ruuuumble…once again…

Yet another Teen Mom show taping has ended in a massive fight!

The Ashley can exclusively confirm that girls from the Teen Mom franchise are currently in Oregon filming for Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2 but after a nasty fight took place earlier this week between cast members, four participants have been sent packing!

The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that Briana DeJesus and her mom Roxanne, as well as Ashley Jones and her mom Tea Chapple, have all been kicked off the show for their behavior. All four women were sent home by the show’s higher-ups, who had made it clear that physical fights were forbidden on this ‘Reunion’ trip.

And The Ashley has all the juicy details…

The massive fight had a few rounds, according to The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources. The first round began at one of the first cast meals, when the conversation turned to the cast supporting each other online.

“Roxanne made a comment about how the grandmas from the show need to be supportive of each other and [Tea] took it as a jab at her. She told Roxanne to say what she wanted to say, so Roxanne started talking about some of the stuff Tea has said about Briana on social media.

“At this point, can there even be a ‘Teen Mom’ show if someone isn’t getting into a fistfight?”

“They started screaming and cussing at each other and tried to get at each other but it was broken up by security,” the source added.

Of course, that was not the end of the brawl…

According to multiple sources, all hell broke lose later that night inside the shared home. (The cast is all staying at a resort, but The Ashley is not naming the resort or its location for safety reasons.) 

“Ashley and Tea walked up on [Roxanne and Briana] in the kitchen and they all started screaming at each other,” a source said. “That’s when it turned physical. Ashley spit on Briana, and then someone started throwing stuff. It got more physical before it was finally broken up. But all four of the women were fighting each other.”

“One thing about me is I’m always gonna come back…and probably with a high heel in my hand.”

Currently, Cheyenne Floyd (and her mom Margaret), Catelynn Lowell (and her mom April), Jade Cline (and her mom Christy), Kayla Sessler (and her mom Jaime), and Kiaya Elliott (and her mom Tiffany) are still there, as are Maci Bookout and Amber Portwood (who did not bring their moms). Some of the guys are due to come up as well.

The Ashley’s sources tell her that the network execs were called and all of the footage taken was examined to determine who should be sent home. In the end, all four were sent packing and the execs are very upset.

“Everyone had to sign documents promising they would not get physical with each other, so now there is a possibility of legal action,” another behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley.

“You guys love it when we fight!”

As fans know, this is hardly the first fight the girls from ‘Teen Mom 2’ have gotten into. Back in 2018, Briana and her sister Brittany got into a fight with Kail Lowry which ended with Brittany pulling Kail’s hair from behind and Briana throwing items around stage and screaming in a rage. 

Soooo…basically…we have this again but add in two moms and a different sparing partner…

Last year, Briana, her sister and Jade got into an altercation with Ashley. Roxanne– who was not present— was angry when she found out her daughters had been moved to another hotel following the fight. Roxy lashed out on social media, saying it was unfair that her daughters were removed and Ashley want not. (Everyone eventually made up, temporarily…)

UPDATE! After The Ashley’s story posted, Ashley, Tea, Briana and Jade all took to Instagram to tell their side of the story…and make some jaw-dropping accusations and statements. 

Click here to read about Briana claiming that she is going to file charges on Ashley, whom she also claimed is currently pregnant

Click here to see what Jade, Ashley and Shen Williams had to say about the incident.

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  1. I use to love the show. Now it’s to much drama. The only mom’s that are not fake (meaning as butt implant, boob implants and what ever else they get done.) Are caitlynn, Maci and Leah. Them three should make their own show.

  2. I used to watch this show simply for it’s trashy drama element– my secret indulgence (if you will). But once Bri & her ‘pick me’ sister & the mom who ALWAYS seemed to try & make EVERYTHING about HERSELF (and cry about it) joined the lineup– I had to give it up! Like never have I seen a couple of fame whores as Brit & Rox. They want to be the center of the scene even if it is stolen from Bri (who I won’t even get started on aside from saying the rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the busted a$$ tree)!

  3. Awww why MTV! You have been supporting the teen moms with bad/criminal behavior and don’t kick them off the show. Hell even moms who no longer have the kids are still on…. Dump the show, none of the moms have grown up. Kudos to the ones who wont come back but even they haven’t grown up and are still making money off of the birth of their kids instead of actually making something out of themselves so their kids can be proud of them! One big reason why many of the kids don’t want the attention from being on teen mom is because their parents haven’t made anything out of their lives and the kids are embarassed!

    1. Yeah Jerry Springer would have made sense too bad he died. He would have just sat that and probably ate popcorn while watching the trashy show probably laughing about it

  4. All TRASH starting from the Mothers. Take them off TV. This is bad behavior and a bad influence on our young viewers. Let them live their lives like all of us do. Nothing but dumb ass drama. They all need to get a life!!!

  5. Before Brianna came back none of this physical fighting ever happened. She is always the aggressor and idk why because without her mom or sister backing her up she’s all TALK. I can’t stand her or her trashy bullying family. I like Ashley but spitting on anyone is beyond disgusting and shouldn’t be overlooked here either. Ofc Jade had to butt in and put her two cents in since “Bri baby” is involved, I swear Jade must be secretly in love with Bri. She’s so far up her ass it’s weirdo behavior.

  6. Briana do too damn much I don’t like her at all the only thing she’s good at is getting Karl’s leftovers, she really needs to leave the show!!!!

  7. This is what happens when you condone shit behavior from these assholes by filming them for years and years with no consequences. They’re all so entitled and full of themselves. GROW THE FUCK UP.

  8. Bitter Bacteria Bri the bully is back at it again always trying to start mess to be noticed. MTV needs to fired bri they should have fired that train wreck yrs ago. I stopped watching when I seen their trashy behavior at the reunion no wonder security let Kail get jumped from behind bri was doing the crew .bri the town 🚲 is going to be a big legal liability .Time to take the trash out …

  9. Is this the same Briana that was just talking about Jenelles “growth” and maturity a week ago? Now Briana’s in another fight (surprise, surprise). I hope MTV files legal action against these people. If a no fighting clause was in the contract then it should be simple.

  10. Let me guess, they were sent home shortly before filming ended. Yeah, I’m sure the execs were steaming mad to get all this publicity.


  12. It’s about time people start respecting other people. He wants to see the fighting we have enough of that in the world.

  13. The DeJesus coven is the common denominator here. Ever since the TM3 reunion, they’ve been the aggressors…throwing shoes at Devoin, fighting with cast members, getting crew fired because briana wants to have a relationship with someone she shouldn’t be…the list is endless. Those women are so gross and immature.

    1. Yep. Proper manners and class aren’t even seen as values anymore. Something has happened to our culture and it’s far from good.

      1. Trash acting like trash. No o e is surprised. Also, how many people is MTV going to allow Bri and her family to get physical with, before they fire her?

  14. Lmao! #TeamAshley & #TeamPastorTea!

    But seriously…I’m glad they all got sent home!! It’s about time MTV doesn’t promote physical violence, bullying, a$$holery.

    I’m sure on some level Ashley is probably relieved to go home to Holly with Bar being arrested.

    I still can’t believe they are going to show Bri’s party and that ridiculousness (& Jenelle). If they are going to insist on keeping the show they should just let Bri go from the TM shows altogether. She’s a huge liability. Dating the crew and fighting costars. MTV is only empowering her bullying narcissistic behavior. Please MTV. You already gave her more than her 15 minutes. She can still go keep getting botched surgeries.

    1. Thank-u!!! The show needs be cancelled or this makes Psycho and her family starting fights and it turns physical (I can’t even keep count on how many times they have started it) so it’s time for the network to hold Psycho and her family accountable for their actions and fire them including Psycho!!!! Ever since we were introduced to Psycho and her family they’ve caused trouble and it gets physical each time!!!!! When is enough going to be enough for the network to do something with Psycho and her family!!!! Psycho and her family are not role models for the girls who watch the show out there along with Psycho’s daughters (I only feel sorry for Psycho’s daughters here) is going to be bullied by their classmates and Psycho along with her sick and sister want to know why and cry about it!!! Clearly Psycho and her family need to fired from the show and be held accountable for their psychotic behavior and antics!!!!

  15. Anddddd the common denominator in all those listed fights……Briana! She lives for the drama and then Jade, or Jenelle, falling all over her. Ugh! Time for MTV to take the trash out!

  16. When is this show gonna be over? Like really over? These people are full of themselves and to turn to violence is pretty immature and disgusting to say the least. Even the grandma’s are physically fighting…like how trashy can MTV get? Stop making more seasons with these losers. They all should be removed permanently from the show if MTV is going to continue with more seasons. Bunch of trashy people. Gross.

  17. This does not surprise me in the least. Both of the families involved are very dysfunctional and highly disrespectful to everyone!

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