Roxanne DeJesus Blasts Viacom & Says She’s Done with ‘Teen Mom 2’; Accuses Network of Lying & “Financial Abuse”: “Shove That Money Up Your A**!”

“I don’t play, MTV!”

Roxanne DeJesus is mad— and, according to a rant video she posted on Wednesday, done with Teen Mom 2!

Roxy– who is the mother of Briana and Brittany DeJesus— slammed the network, as well as the show’s producers, after her daughters (along with Jade Cline) were removed from the cast hotel where they are filming a ‘Teen Mom’ spinoff. Roxanne was angry because she felt Jade and her daughters had been treated unfairly because they were asked to leave and Ashley Jones— whom the trio got into an altercation with on Tuesday– was not.

“I’m done! I’m f**king done…I’m f**king over this s**t!” Roxanne stated. “I’m DONE!”

“Um…hello! That’s my line!”

Roxy went on to demand that the show’s camera crew and producers leave her alone.

“Do not show up at my house with your f**king cameras, do not send any COVID tests, I am done with your bulls**t, with your penny-pinching bulls**t! Shove that money up your ass and I’m out!” 

During her 11-minute-plus rant, Roxanne attacked the network for a variety of things, stating that she has let a lot of MTV’s past actions slide because she didn’t want to put them on blast publicly. (She also gave The Ashley a special shout-out!)

“I keep swallowing s**t! I will NOT let you guys continue to do this,” Roxy said to MTV, whom she tagged on a previous Instagram post announcing her Live video.

“I will not tolerate the f**king financial abuse. I will not tolerate your fake security, your fake COVID cleaning…everything about it is fake. 

“The most real thing about Viacom right now is my family. The most-authentic, real thing is my family!” Roxanne added. “I’m done. 

Roxanne then gave a few examples of some of Viacom/the producers’ alleged bad behaviors that she had let slide in the past.

She claimed that “when COVID first broke out,” the network hired a cleaning company to disinfect the brand-new DeJesus house. According to Roxy, the family was forced to live with furniture that was “saturated with chemicals” and everything in the house was destroyed. Roxeanne said, eventually, the network paid them for the damages the cleaning crew caused so she let that incident go. 

Roxanne accused the producers of lying to her daughters about what this ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off would be about, stating that she felt like the girls were purposely provoked into causing drama.

“They provoke you, and when you lash out, you’re the f**king bad guy!” she said, later adding, “I think it’s sad that you put my daughters in that predicament…stop playing with my daughters’ lives!

Never forget what happened to Devoin when he dared to play with Roxy’s daughters’ lives….

“I’m calling them out on their s**t, somebody has to do it,” she continued. “I never believed in putting them on blast on social media. I’ve always held back. For a long time, I didn’t want to do that. But it seems to be the only time that you get a f**king response, is when you put ’em on blast! It’s just wrong…you’re not gonna play with my daughters’ lives. No way…You just get fed up with it, it’s toxic and terrible, terrible…”

Roxanne— who suffers from lupus—went on to blame those behind the show for helping to cause one of her worst lupus flare-ups, which took place during the May 2018 Reunion taping in which the DeJesus sisters got into an altercation with Kail Lowry on-stage.

“You f**king people put that stress on me!” Roxanne stated. “I couldn’t handle the consequences of you putting those girls in that situation.” 

At the end of Roxy’s rant, Briana popped into the comment section to ask her mom to please get off social media and to stop the rant.

Roxy did sign off shortly after, telling the people behind the show that she “hoped they watched…stop provoking, hold yourselves responsible like we all do, and when you f**k up, admit it and apologize. You f**ked up!” 

“Ma, please tell me you didn’t cuss out Viacom on social media…”
“Not gonna lie to you, Bri, that may have happened…but no one uses Instagram anyway…right?”

You can watch a portion of Roxy’s rant via the TeenMomShadeRoom Instagram account:

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

34 Responses

  1. she’s just upset because she didn’t get to drink all the booze out of the mini bar before they threw her and her hood rat family out of the hotel.

    I hear Amber has room. Why don’t you go over there, compare glasses and problems.

  2. why doesn’t she quit living life through her daughters, get her own place and live her own life. Your daughters are what…42 now?

  3. Brianna begged to be on this show. She pulled all kinds of stunts to get put in Teen Mom 3. After Teen Mom 3 was cancelled Brianna buddy buddied up with the Cast of Teen Mom 2 and hooked onto Kail hoping to get a spot on the show. It worked. Lets not pretend like Brianna didnt begg,plead and basically have another with a deadbeat just to get back on this show.

  4. Where does she think Brianna gets the money that supports this bum? MTV! She’s going to regret running her mouth when they are begging like the Easons.

  5. 1. It’s not your house, Rox. It’s your daughter’s home. A home she would have never had to house all of you without the MTV money that your slamming and have readily taken until now.

    2. More importantly, your girls would not have been asked to leave for attacking yet another cast member had you not taught them to attack like a hoodrat instead of cope. Nice job, mom.

    I am praying for your grandchildren to deal with life better than your daughters do.

  6. “Don’t provoke situations that you can’t control” ?
    They did control it by removing them???
    Then she bitches because they were removed??

    They KNOW MTV provokes this stuff and go into it wholeheartedly ready. If they didn’t want something to pop off they wouldn’t have let the sister’s go together. I can’t stand this family.

    And Bri wanted to say her shit is her “true, authentic self” and Kail only films what she wants…then 2 weeks later she announces she has lupus like her Mother and she wanted to keep it from the show. She’s just a jealous person who wishes she could have what Kail has. The proof is how much she trolls everything Kail.

  7. Wow crazy when you signed on you knew it was this way your daughter love to be in drama weve watched it a few times they all put their self in that postion they can all act like adults and im sure they had their reasons for sending your girls to other hotel their no better then anyone eles .

  8. No one made Roxanne throw a potted plant at Devoin’s head, or try to beat him with a flip flop.

    She has clear anger issues and she’s blaming the show for how she reacts to her daughter’s dumb choices in life.

    Also, as someone with lupus you would think that VIACOM caring about COVID and taking all the necessary precautions would be a good thing, then I remember Roxanne is a trump supports, and realize she also probably is a COVID denier.

  9. So she is just pissed MTV filmed their abuse, making them look bad.
    It’s like agreeing to be on a cooking show and complain when they show you can’t cook, the DeJesus family can’t behave.
    MTV hushes other cast members (Devoin, Kail, Ashley) so they don’t press charges. This is the third assault.

    First one table in their new house was damaged, now it’s the whole house.
    MTV took their responsibility, gave their house a free deep clean to make sure everyone was safe, something they gladly agreed to, to get those dollars. Plus MTV paid for all the damages.
    Where is this abuse by MTV?

  10. Imagine being able to collect MTV money for years, just because your daughter got pregnant, and throwing it all away because you can’t control your temper. Why can’t these people just sit down, go to the reunions, don’t hit people, and watch your bank account rise. Sounds easy to me.

    1. It does sound easy enough but it doesn’t sound worth it at all in thr end. Even if most drama is scripted in the end they aren’t actors playing a bad guy. Those are real people’s lives. Most of the girls are made fun of in the worst ways. They all cpuld have just not done teen mom and their personal lives might have turned out better.

  11. Mama Dejesus is the covert hype man for this new trash show. The bigger the drama, the better the ratings at the TM watering hole. Brilliant really.

  12. I feel like the Dejesus Family has done all they came to do. They want out, let them out.

    Brianna has not grown since day one. Still having randoms, having babies, living with her mom and sister, and still throwing hands.

    The person with the most growth in her story….is Devoin.

    Bah Bye.

  13. I can’t stand this family. Listen, Roxanne- MTV owes you nothing. They pay you for letting them film your dumpster-fire family.

    Fire this trash or better yet- cancel the whole show.

  14. Umm…even Helen Keller would have known this spin-off was meant to stir up some drama. The fact that Roxanne is surprised when everyone else immediately knew is beyond me! The OGs were wise and stayed away from it.

  15. Her complaints:
    1) Cleaning company ruined furniture but MTV paid for damages. How’s that MTVs fault and they paid regardless.
    2) MTV provoked and filmed drama. Wake up. That’s been the motto of MTV since the first Real World.

    She said ranting is the only way you get attention but I see this backfiring on her.

  16. why does she think she’s a hero for calling them out when everyone on the franchise been doing that?? ? they’re just mad nobody’s siding with them because everyone knows briana always causes the drama then acts like an innocent victim the next minute

  17. They are the realest thing about Viacom.. by real do they mean messy? Like they seem to pride themselves on being openly messy and it’s not really something to boast about. I really don’t like the family over how they treat devoin who isn’t perfect but absolutely puts in effort and bri basically gets paid to rag on him all while lending Luis money and giving him chance after chance to continuously bail on Stella, devoin does more for Stella too and still gets nothing but shit from them. Brittany is the only one I can stand and that’s bc she backs up her family bc they are her family but aside from that she doesn’t seem to be about drama like her sister and mom who always blow the most random shit out of proportion.

  18. Brittany is 29 years old and Briana is 27 years old, they do not need their mommy fighting their battles on social media. They are grown ass adults, maybe they should act like it & stop blaming everyone else for shit that they cause. I’m so over all of these NOT teen moms and their families constantly bitching about MTV. If you don’t like it, quit! They do have that MTV money, it’s not like they would be destitute.

    1. I really don’t care about any of these players, but I’ve watched the DeJesus Coven the longest and this is their typical behavior.

      Bri is not intelligent, causing drama is her only way to keep her job at this point. And arguably out of the older TMs, she and her family bring most of the drama. I don’t doubt for one minute Bri was stirring the pot, pumping up Jade, then when things popped off… ran to her sister for protection. Like ALWAYS, Brit wants to settle things with her hands. Escalation.

      Dollars to donuts, then Bri calls mommy crying about being picked on by Viacom/the show because NOTHING is ever Bri’s fault. Both these ladies may be in their 20s, but their over protective mother and MTV have stunted them greatly

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