Briana DeJesus Denies Starting Fight With Ashley Jones On ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’ Set; Claims She’s Being Threatened For Trying to Fight a Pregnant Woman

Here we go…again!

The dust has yet to settle from the fight that went down during the filming of Teen Mom Family Reunion Season 2. In a series of new Instagram Stories posted on Thursday, Briana DeJesus claimed she has been getting threatening messages from people who are angry that she fought with her pregnant co-star, Ashley Jones.

The Ashley broke the news earlier this month that an on-set altercation led to Ashley Jones and her mother Tea Chapple, as well as Briana DeJesus and her mother Roxanne being sent home early from the show’s filming location in Oregon. 

In the days after the story broke, Ashley confirmed that she spit at Briana during the ‘TMFR’ fight, but claimed she did so because Roxanne attempted to throw a piece of furniture at Tea. In response, Briana revealed Ashley is currently expecting her second child with husband Bar Smith, despite Ashley having yet to disclose the information herself at the time.


The back and forth allegations, insults, and jabs have continued between the two co-stars via social media posts and podcast episodes, but Briana appeared to have reached her breaking point this week after allegedly receiving threatening messages from viewers who she says were mad because they thought Briana was trying to fight a pregnant woman.  

“Don’t look at me…for once I have nothing to do with this!” 

On Thursday, Briana took to social media in an attempt to clear her name. After allegedly receiving threatening messages on social media for “putting [her] hands on a pregnant person,” Briana warned followers that “spreading lies can really get someone hurt,” before insisting she was not the one who caused “any type of mayhem” on set, despite what some may believe.

“I never assaulted anyone,” Briana stated on her Instagram Story. “I never put my hands on anyone. I never started that fight in Oregon.”

She also denied knowing that Ashley was pregnant during the filming of ‘Teen Mom: Family Reunion.’ 

“I never even got disrespect[ful] til a pregnant woman– who is accusing me [of knowing] about her pregnancy but never told me– asked if I wanted to fight.” 

“But please stop acting like I asked you and your unborn child to join Fight Club.”

Briana went on to call out Ashley– though not by name– for her actions during filming, including trying to engage in a fight while being pregnant.

“A high risk pregnancy at that…Asking to fight and spitting on ppl. It’s disgusting,” Bri wrote.

“You can call me every name in the book but I’m gonna have to draw the line at u accusing me of doing s**t to someone who is pregnant,” she wrote. “I would never ever ever cross that line. I’m going to protect my name at all costs with this one.” 

Briana also posted a screenshot of a message she says was sent to her by a random person. In the disturbing message, the person tells Briana that she should kill herself, and threatens to fight Bri if they ever come in contact with one another. 

Briana also posted screenshot of a text conversation that allegedly took place between Ashley and one of the ‘TMFR’ cast members. In the messages, Ashley admitted it was “very possible” that producers lied to her and didn’t actually inform the other girls about her pregnancy, claiming it “wouldn’t be the first time they straight up lied” to her. 

“Despite what the dwindling ratings in this franchise suggest.”

“To be honest I’m so over this entire situation, I’m over always being blamed or the aggressor for everything,” she wrote in the text. “I won’t be coming to any more cast events or reunions so I hope that will alleviate all this drama.” 

Last week Ashley posted a text exchange between herself and Catelynn Lowell, in which she claimed producers told her that the cast was made aware of her pregnancy during ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion.’  

Ashley said she had individual conversations with all of the moms appearing on ’Teen Mom Family Reunion’ regarding her pregnancy, except for Briana and Jade Cline. She added that production told her that the entire cast–-presumably those she hadn’t already told herself–- was made aware of her pregnancy “for safety reasons.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 


  1. Don’t start no ish wont be no ish Briana! She’s always in the middle of some unnecessary drama. Common sense shows that if you’re consistently in a fight with everyone around you, then YOU are the common denominator and YOU are the problem….but we all know Briana lacks all common sense.

  2. These 2 raggedy females and their mothers are trash. They are from the streets. Spitting on someone is one of the most disrespectful things a person can do. It’s also an assault charge in my state. Ashley probably assumed since she is pregnant that she can act like a disgusting heifer and have no repercussions. She’s lucky that Roxanne didn’t rock her brain with her fake Louie heels .

    Briana always tries that little innocent act. Claims to not want the drama , but somehow ( 🙄🙄🙄) is always right in th middle of it.

    MTV , stop giving these bitches paychecks. Bring back MTV True Life and cancel these 30 year old “teen moms “

    1. I agree with other commenters about the terrible behavior of these girls. My issue though is MTV it promotes trashy behavior just as other networks raking in $ for trainwreck Mama June and Sister Wives. The weird part is you have to ask yourself why MTV continues to promote this when ratings are NOT reflecting that the audience wants this. Im invested because Ive watched since day 1,16 & Pregnant back in 2009 ??others have asked why they dont start 16 & Pregnant over but with a whole new group of girls. Id watch that! Honestly its weird, 30 and pregnant? They already overdid the whole OG thing and these new girls arnte bringing in the views…you cant top Amber, Farrah and Jenelle no matter how you try. So why does MTV keep pushing this show down our throats? Answer is the powers that be behind MTV are corrupt people. The kind of HOLLYWEIRD people who push negative agendas with steriotypes. The we love to see a trainwreck and take joy in it kind of creeps. There is no other explanation. These poor girls on the show now arnte even paid enough to ever dream of living the good life the OG girls are! MTV pays for Starbucks, BBL’s and veneers! Sick.

  3. Bri, at some point, you’ve got to realize the drama isn’t following you. YOU are the drama. What is it going to take for you to stop?

  4. The whole description of this reunion sounds like an episode of Trailer Park Boys except not funny at all because these people really are all trash ass humans. MTV, how far you’ve continued to fall.

  5. Im sorry Ashley but you seem to have alot of problems accepting responsability for your own behavior. Regardless of what Bri knew or didnt know you yourself need to cool off because you know your pregnant. Please seek counseling your raging at those 2 elderly landlords is unforgivable. Stop trying to fix Bar and fix yourself your example to Holly is probsbly lije the example your mother was and it isnt mature. You are out of control, admit it and get some help before you destroy what you got going along with your precious child (ren).

    1. Bri wasn’t threatened at all.

      What was said to her was really disturbing but not a threat.

      Bri made fun of people with mental health issues, severe depression, even suicide. Really weird and insensitive posts.
      Now this sick individual gives her opinion of Bri and all of a sudden she acts like she is an innocent kitten that the dogs want to bite.

      The real question is: who will Viacom choose? Bri and her trash family or Ashley and trash Tea?
      The decision will be made in the board room what happens in the editing room.
      When they want to keep Ashley, they might have a producer say they told Bri that Ashley was pregnant.
      They should have, after things almost got physical during dinner.
      They should have protected the unborn child, should have told Bri and Rox to back off or make sure security was always next to Ashley and Phoney Pastor Tea.
      They failed to protect the child. Farrah was fired cause Viacom claimed to be family oriented.
      Starting shit instead of stopping it between a pregnant cast member and others is not my idea of family oriented.

  6. Ashley is such a bad ass… 70 year olds. Bottom of the shit barrel this one is. Fire her ugly ass and the rest of them too. This show should have been done 12 years ago.

    1. Idk, the way I read things, Ashley and her mom were in the kitchen and Bri and her mom came to them to continue the fight that started during dinner.
      She felt unsafe and threatened perhaps and said and did stupid shit to get them to back off and protect her child.

      Or.. she indeed didn’t think about her child but about her ego etc.

      We don’t know and maybe we never will cause the favorite girl (or the girl that will be best financially) will get help in the editing room.

  7. Of course The Psycho is not going to hold herself accountable and blame someone else for her psychotic behavior and actions!! Ever since she was introduced to us, the Psycho has been doing this psychotic antics. Clearly The Psycho belongs in the psych ward for a LONG period of time!!!! MTV needs to hold The Psycho accountable and fire her!!!

    1. You’re overuse of the words “psycho” and “psychotic ” isn indeed psycho and psychotic. is a great website . Give it a go!

  8. One of these days, Briana’s going to mess with the wrong person. And if her sister’s not there to fend that person off, good luck to her.

    Briana, if you’re old enough to stir up every stupid drama stunt known to man, you’re old enough to own it. Stop crying poor me, I didn’t mean anything by that, I’m just over here innocently oblivious to what the issue is. You’re transparent AF and no one buys that ridiculous act. You’ve got a mean streak a mile long, and your girls are watching you. It’s not funny, it’s sad. There’s nothing funny about being a horrible role model to 2 beautiful young girls.

  9. Please. Bri lives for drama and she loves to start fights ONLY when the DeJesus coven is there and security is ready to intervene so nothing really ever happens. It’s childish and petty. I love how Bri acts like she is classy and wouldn’t stoop to such a level.

    I’m not a fan of Ashley either TBH. Especially after seeing a video of her screaming and cussing at her elderly landlords for coming to collect her past due rent. I’m not sure how spitting on someone can stop furniture throwing magically either. It’s gross.

    They all need to pretend to be adults and stop trying to give ridiculous drama trying to save this show that should have been buried long ago.

    1. I especially don’t understand how spitting on someone is going to stop someone ELSE from throwing furniture. Was Roxanne going to go ‘Oh, I was going to throw this chair at her but she spit on my daugher so I guess I won’t’? It seems like this would be more likely to incite flying furniture than stop it.

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