‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Finale Preview: Ariana Madix Says Tom Sandoval Had Sex with Raquel Leviss in a Car While Ariana Was Inside Grieving the Loss of Her Dog

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you a new low.”

If they haven’t already, Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss will solidify their respective roles as the villains of Vanderpump Rules Season 10 in the upcoming Season Finale. 

In a clip from Wednesday’s episode, viewers will get to see the moment Ariana Madix reveals to Scheana Shay and Katie Maloney how she found out Sandoval–- her boyfriend of nearly a decade–- was cheating on her with their friend and co-star Raquel. 

When your divorce and wedding storylines are overshadowed by two cheating clowns.

As viewers learned shortly after news of the Scandoval broke, Ariana found out about Sandoval and Raquel’s affair during an event at which Sandoval’s Mid-Life Crisis Music Ensemble band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras, was performing. Ariana mentions this “party thing” in the finale, as well as the (allegedly NSFW) screen recording that was on Sandoval’s phone. 

“So I went with Tom [Sandoval] to TomTom because he had that party thing,” Ariana tells her friends in the clip. “I found a screen recording of [Sandoval and Raquel] on FaceTime, it was literally from the night before.” 

Ariana goes on to reveal that Sandoval was at Tom Schwartz’s house when the FaceTime convo with Raquel took place-– a detail that Schwartz’s ex-wife Katie appears very disturbed to learn. 

Raise your hand if you’ve never been happier to be the former Mrs. Tom Schwartz…

“That’s when I called Raquel,” Ariana continues. “I like, started making her f**king tell me like, ‘What the f**k, when did this start?’ [and] she said, ‘Right after the girls trip.’ I’m like, ‘You mean right after Charlotte died?’” 

(As fans of the show may remember, Ariana left the girls trip earlier this season after receiving word that her dog Charlotte was not doing well. Ariana’s senior pup sadly passed away soon after her return.)

According to Ariana, when she confronted Raquel on the phone about what happened between her and Sandoval, Raquel claimed she and Sandoval had only kissed “right after the girls trip,” presumably the night Raquel and Charli Burnett crashed “guys night.”

However, Ariana later found out there was much more to the story. 

“Sure, Rachel.”

“ … I pressed Tom [about it] and he said they actually f**ked in [Raquel’s] car that night,” she revealed. “And he didn’t have a key to get in [that night] so he had to ring the doorbell and I had to let him in.” 

As Katie and Scheana try to come to terms with this news, Ariana reveals how Sandoval reacted to her finding out about the affair. 

“This is trashy, even by ‘VPR’ standards.”

“My emotions were clearly all over the place and he was angry at me,” she says. “Angry. At me!”

As The Ashley told you in early March, Sandoval reportedly left Ariana feeling “gaslit” after discussing the affair with her once cameras picked back up and filming for Season 10 continued. Sandoval allegedly proceeded to make excuses as to why he didn’t confess to the affair sooner. 

” … Tom said he didn’t tell [Ariana] about the affair with Raquel because he was worried about how it would impact her mental health, even claiming he was especially concerned after her grandma died last year,” a source close to production told Page Six

The season finale of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ airs Wednesday on Bravo.

Watch the finale preview clip below! 

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6 Responses

  1. they are carrying on as if someone died! it was obvious to most that ariana and tom were more like room mates for a long time–he cheated, you broke up–move on! no one murdered anyone and we all know the heart wants what it wants. they were wrong-no one says differently-but they are all acting like it was a murder! grow up-move along

  2. I’ve never watched an episode a d never read about this show until Scandavol. I’m here for all the articles.

    So I gathered from other people’s comments that Arianna got with Tom while he was in another relationship (or was she?) 10 years ago. He just now cheated on her. Are we sure he hasn’t in the past? He’s total sneeze ball. So is Rachel, but I’m talking about him rn.

    He saw an opportunity to give her “support” over the dead dog but f her in the car instead?

    1. I read title before and commented before I read article.
      So it was Rachel’s dog that died.

      That’s even worse. His girlfriends dog died and instead he bones her bff in the bff car then has to ring a door bell for his GF to let him in after f the girlfriends bff? Oh wow.

      1. It was Ariana’s (gf) dog that passed away.
        Yeah she got with Tom when he was with his last gf, Kristin. Their whole group has incestuously slept with each other & that’s pretty much why they got VPR show spinoff from RHOBH. It’s alleged Tom’s slept with plenty of other women while with Ariana and Ariana’s slept with Lauren who’s on the show too (while with Tom).

        How you get em is how you lose em….
        I can’t stand Tom with his gaslighting ways. He should’ve manned up & ended his relationship before getting with someone else in the friend group (ick!)

  3. WOW. Rachel and Tom are truly the scummiest lowest of lowlife POS snakes!!! I don’t really follow this show but this whole thing really gets me riled up and I feel awful for Ariana. Nobody deserves what happened to her. I hope Ariana is able to find some peace and when she’s ready, a REAL man (not a narcissistic gaslighting creep that looks like a wannabe 70s p0rnstar) that will treat her right and her real friends will be by her side. <3

  4. He is trash. He was put out when she asked him to give Charlotte her pills. I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t bother with that poor dog and that is why she died the minute Ariana left.

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