Tom Sandoval Reportedly Left Ariana Madix Feeling “Gaslit” After Discussing His Affair With ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Star Raquel Leviss During On-Camera Confrontation

“I don’t know what’s worse, your lame excuses or your cringey ‘stache…”

As predicted by quite a few Vanderpump Rules fans over the weekend, Tom Sandoval is SURving up multiple excuses as to why he cheated on longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix and engaged in a months-long affair with the couple’s mutual friend and co-star, Rachel Raquel Leviss. 

As The Ashley told you last week, once the news of Sandoval and Ariana’s split went public, producers began filming with the cast to capture the drama as it continues to unfold, despite filming for Season 10 wrapping months ago. 

The Twitter account @sur_rules confirmed Friday that production was already outside of Sandoval and Ariana’s Valley Village home and that the exes were inside filming. Days later, fans are learning the details of what went down while cameras were rolling, including what Sandoval had to say about the affair.

PLEASE tell us Ariana dropped her famous “I’m smarter than you, I’m cooler than you, I’m prettier than you” line on this man…

Insiders close to production told Page Six that the conversation between the exes on Friday left Ariana feeling “gaslit” by Sandoval, as he proceeded to make excuses as to why he didn’t confess to the affair sooner. 

“Ariana walked away from the conversation feeling like she was gaslit by Tom,” the source said of the on-camera conversation. “He gave her several excuses as to why he never copped to the cheating. Tom said he didn’t tell her about the affair with Raquel because he was worried about how it would impact her mental health, even claiming that he was especially concerned after her grandma died last year.” 

When you feel bad for bringing up Granny but your desperate

After her grandmother passed away in September, Ariana traveled home to Florida to spend time with family, while Sandoval remained in California. In the wake of the infidelity/breakup news, this detail has begun raising eyebrows, as ‘VPR’ cast member (and Raquel’s former fiancé) James Kennedy all but confirmed that Sandoval and Raquel used opportunities such as this to engage in their affair. 

After it was reported that Raquel “has slept over at Tom and Ariana’s house when Ariana’s been out of town,” James went on to reveal in a DM to @deuxmoi that Sandoval and Raquel have even hooked up in the former couple’s home while “Ariana [was] sleeping.”

Another excuse Sandoval had for not coming clean sooner–– or, like, at all–– was the home he and Ariana share, which the couple purchased in 2019 for $2.075 million.

“The fact that they own a home together was also brought up and how he thought that would make their breakup even more complicated,” another source told Page Six. 

Needless to say, Sandoval’s list of excuses didn’t sit well with Ariana or her ‘VPR’ support system, which includes Katie Maloney, Scheana Shay, Lala Kent and former ‘VPR’ star (and fellow ex of Sandoval’s) Kristen Doute. 

“[Ariana] has recapped what happened with her friends and castmates, the majority of whom are disappointed [Sandoval] seems unable to take accountability for his actions or express substantial remorse,” a source told the outlet. “Of course they’ve been rallying behind her in the passing days.” 

Sandoval’s accountability was also called into question over the weekend after he broke his silence to defend his BFF and business partner Tom Schwartz’s role in the cheating scandal, while also urging fans not to take out their anger on his Schwartz & Sandy’s business partners and employees. Sandoval was called out on social media by James, Katie and Lala for failing to issue an apology to Ariana in his statement.

While Sandoval and Raquel had reportedly planned “for weeks” to confess their affair to Ariana and allegedly want to be together, Raquel may end up telling a different story when she ultimately breaks her silence. 

Over the weekend, @deuxmoi shared a post detailing how Raquel’s PR team would be “crafting a narrative that Raquel is also a victim in all of this.” In response to the post, Lala took to her Instagram Story, encouraging Raquel to save her image by leaning “back into the fact that you’re dumb.” 

“You’re the victim– lean in on that now that it’s convenient,” Lala said on Instagram.

Lala, who has long maintained that Raquel “ain’t got a lot upstairs,” took issue with Raquel playing “dumb” after insisting just the opposite for so long. 

“But now that all hell has broken loose and [Raquel] lit herself on fire, she wants to lean in on, ‘I’m dumb. Everyone else filled my head. I’m the victim.’ It’s not going to work,” Lala said. “It is not going to work.” 

Rachel Raquel, hoping and praying that it DOES work…

Lala went on to joke that if Raquel does, in fact, use this strategy, she owes Lala for being the one who created “that image for her” in the first place. 

“I want a cut of whatever she’s paying her PR team,” Lala said. “I created that image for her. The EXACT IMAGE her crisis PR team is trying to get her back to is the image I created for her! 

“Where’s my cut?” Lala added. “I’m sending you an invoice, Raquel.” 

If Tom and Raquel are indeed planning to cut ties with one another to save their “reputations,” you wouldn’t know it by their post-scandal actions.

On Monday, TMZ posted photos of Sandoval arriving at Raquel’s apartment late Saturday night. While Raquel and Sandoval had been together earlier that day filming for ‘VP,’ TMZ reports that Sandoval’s late-night visit to Raquel’s “wasn’t for cameras,” and that Sandoval wore all black and attempted to keep a “low profile” outside the apartment complex.


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12 Responses

  1. I guess he forgot what it felt like when Kristen cheated with Jax. I guess Ariana was meant to be with a real man, not someone who only cares about his looks. Adriana you will find someone who is deserving of you.

  2. Tom always thought he was better than anyone else and Raquel just a silent sneaky Hoe. She have being with every man on that show. It coming out now. That pretty face is a Hoe in disguise

  3. Lol. Big fucking deal… seriously. I mean no fan of cheating (ended my 1st marriage) but it’s Hollywood, they both said they were on the rocks etc.. like I think we all saw it.. plus Adriana’s legit and Tom is wack af. As far as LaLa live her.. however.. can you really be mad for doing what you bragged about for so long (previous years mentioning you do what it takes to get/keep your man)? She just took a page out of yours, I think you just feel better bc Rando the creep did it to you, but when you found him (if I’m not mustaken) was married so is it kettle back or just wack bc it it’s your people?

    Still love all the cast. Except Katie (too me Mr me) and Kristen (she’s just plain drama)

  4. Hope girls refuse to ever film with racheal again. Drive her off the show. She just after more camera time. Tom pathetic quit with excuses, tom cares bout his money and the house. BOYCOTT BAR. Other tom was trying to cover him with fake ass relationship with her. All three are TRASH

    1. agree ? that all three of them SUCK ?? ~ but a boycott of the restaurants would impact lots of ‘regular’ folks that are just earning a living and have NOTHING to do with any of this. ??‍♀️

  5. Why does Lay Lays name keep coming up in a story that has absolutely nothing to do with her? Does she not remember her past?! Zip it, hoe.

    1. not sure if ‘lay lay’ was autocorrect or on purpose ~ either way, hilarious and fitting! ???️

    2. Lala has to insert herself into all of this because she can’t stand not being the center of attention. What kills me is how she acts all gangster and thug like. Bitch, you’re from Salt Lake and you have a toddler. Nobody believes you’re an actual “badass”. You’re just a bully.

  6. Not surprised Raquel is looking for an excuse for her disgusting choices! first it was Scheana’s fault she went for Schwartz then Lala’s fault she hooked up with (married) Oliver- only a matter of time till she comes out with a ridiculous sob story about how she’s the victim in all this too.. sneaking around for a whole 7 month affair is a cold, calculated, selfish, and vile act- her and Tom both deserve all the heat they’re getting. And bringing up Ariana’s mental health as a reason to continue lying and cheating behind her back? ?SICK!!

  7. This guy is a scumbag and to think people took his side on the Kristen thing and here he is. Disgusting

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