Georgia Harrison Respond After Stephen Bear’s Fiance Continues to Defend Bear’s Crimes On Social Media: “Open Your Eyes”

“Stop embarrassing yourself, girl.”

Georgia Harrison shared a message to Stephen Bear’s fiancé, Jessica Smith, over the weekend, encouraging her to “open [her] eyes” after Jessica continued to show support for Bear, despite the former reality star being sentenced to 21 months in prison on Friday. 

As The Ashley told you last week, after more than a month of delays, Bear–- who was found guilty in December 2022 of voyeurism and for sharing a private sex tape of fellow Challenge star Georgia–- was sentenced Friday to 21-months in prison and has officially begun serving his time. 

For Bear, it’s not. For the rest of the world…it is.

Bear was also ordered to register as a sex offender and was given a retraining order refraining him from contacting Georgia for five years. He must also keep police up-to-date on his address and whereabouts for 10 years following his release. 

Though Bear is currently in the slammer, Jessica has already begun utilizing social media as a way to show support for her future husband and maintain his innocence. 

On the day of Bear’s sentencing, Jessica shared a video of Bear speaking outside of the courthouse about the “situation” in which Bear claimed the only good thing that came out of it was him being diagnosed with ADHD, depression and anxiety. Bear also argued in the video that he had not received a fair trial based on jury selection.

Jessica tweeted the video of Bear, noting that she agreed with his claims.

“I love you. I’ll always be by your side, stay strong babe,” she wrote. “The truth will come out… you never had a fair trial.”

Georgia responded directly to Jessica’s tweet, noting there was “only one side of the story and that side was proven in court.”

“He’s had 2 and a half years to tell his story,” Georgia wrote. “He was questioned for hours by the police, a judge and barristers during which he was given a platform in crown court to explain himself. 

“There is only one side of the story and that side was proven in court,” she continued. “Open your eyes.”

Jessica went on to share another pro-Bear post, this time featuring a photo of her and the disgraced former reality star and a second message of support. 

“Through thick and thin my love,” she captioned the photo. “I’ll see you soon.” 

On Saturday, Jessica seemingly tweeted yet another message related to Bear’s “situation.”

“What’s even the point anymore,” she wrote. “I’ve lost half of my heart, I feel empty.” 

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(Photos: Instagram; Twitter; YouTube)


  1. I don’t…understand women who end up with someone like him. He should have been single for life considering what he did. And he’s not even that good looking, I seriously don’t understand what she sees in him (and Stephen has a big list of fomer girlfriends, Charlotte Crosby from Geordie Shore is one of them, I don’t understand how).

  2. “…I’ve lost half of my heart, I feel empty.”
    Hon you’ve been empty since long before or you wouldn’t need an abusive and sexual predatory man to be cyour fiancé.

  3. She needs to see the light yes but it’s time for Georgia to not be replying to them. He lost the case, is a sex offender, and there’s a restraining order against him. She doesn’t need to be adding fuel to the fire by commenting to or about his Girlfriend. Probably an unpopular opinion but I don’t think that solves anything!

    To me it looks more like a way to get stories wrote about her and not genuine care as that would be done privately, not publicly! She has 21 months of him being gone or whatever with good behavior to decide what her future looks like so quit adding to the drama Georgia!

  4. He may have to sell his house and cars, ahhhhh bless him, NOT.
    And repay the only fans money.

  5. If that loser wasn’t a fraction of a z-list celebrity, Jessica would not be with him. Fame wh0res will never go away and Bear is the worst of them.

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