‘The Challenge’ Star Stephen Bear Found Guilty Of Voyeurism & Releasing Sex Tape With Georgia Harrison; Bear Claims It Was “Never a Fair Trial”


After two days of deliberation, the jury has found Stephen Bear guilty on all counts of voyeurism and releasing images and films of private sexual nature of Georgia Harrison, Essex Live reports. 

On Monday, the trial recommenced and Judge Christopher Morgan gave a summary of the previous court proceedings. He advised the jury to make “sensible conclusions” from the evidence given to them. 

“Please don’t guess or speculate on things not covered,” he stated. 

He also told the jury to disregard how the video was taken, as the sex between Georgia and Bear was consensual. 

“We all make mistakes, OK?”

Judge Morgan then went over Bear’s defense and described his case as a “jigsaw puzzle,” and told the jury to put the pieces together to come up with a verdict.

“It’s only when all the pieces you have painted a picture that you can be sure,” he advised.

The judge pointed out that Bear has lied twice since the video was released when he told people that the last time he saw Georgia was in Thailand two years ago and said that the girl in the video wasn’t her.

“The defendant accepts they are lies but said he was trying to protect Georgia,” Judge Morgan reminded the jury.

As the judge summed up the case, he reiterated how Georgia asked Bear’s brother to “try and talk sense into him” after the video was released and he told her “everything would be ok.” 

The judge then read a message from Bear to Georgia that read “[You] got something in your head and convinced yourself and it’s wound you up so much that people think I’m a c**t.” In a later text, Bear wrote, “I’m a c**t anyway but I don’t do s**t like this.” 

Judge Morgan finished the rest of the summary and the jury left to make their decision. They were unable to reach a verdict on Monday and were sent home by the judge.

On Tuesday, Judge Morgan told the jury he would accept the majority of at least 10 out of their 12 final votes of the verdict. In less than 30 minutes, they found Bear guilty of all counts. It was a unanimous decision on the two charges of disclosing private sexual images and a majority of 10 out of 12 on the voyeurism charge. 

Bear appeared unruffled as the verdict was read, while Georgia sat with her mother, who had previously given her statement to the court. 

Although he was advised by his lawyer not to give a final statement, he told the court, “In my opinion, from the beginning, it was never a fair trial. What the press were saying about me, I was always fighting a losing battle, and it is what it is.”

Georgia issued a statement outside of the court.

“The only way to describe how I am feeling now is relieved. The last two years have been absolute hell and this verdict will allow me to start to put the pain I have suffered in the past and start embracing the future,” she said. “Bear’s behavior was completely unacceptable and those who choose to commit such crimes should and will be prosecuted. 

“We are living in a time where so much of our lives and our children’s lives are spent online and it is so important that individuals are protected in the virtual world just as they are in reality,” Georgia added.

The former ‘Challenge’ star stated that she hopes her case against Bear encourages other victims of revenge p0rn to come forward and “seek justice.”

“I have felt ashamed, hurt, violated, even broken at times but today I stand here feeling empowered, grateful and a huge sense of unity with all of those who have reached out to support me throughout this ordeal,” the statement read. 

As Essex Live reported, Georgia concluded by thanking the Essex police, prosecutor Jacqueline Carey, Judge Morgan, the jury and Chelmsford’s victim support team, as well as her family and friends.

According to Ellis Whitehouse, a reporter who has been covering the trial for Essex Live, Georgia’s final comment was, “[Bear] hung me up on a wall naked for millions of people to see, and I don’t want any other woman to go through the same thing. That’s why I’m on the stand today. He deserves the consequences and that is it.”

Last week, Bear’s girlfriend, Jessica Smith (who has been with him throughout the trial), stated that she felt Bear was receiving unfair press attention during the trial.

“Do you think it’s fair that my boyfriend @stephen__bear is subject to all this negative press whilst the court case is still going on. The press are lying on many of their stories and this creates prejudice regarding the case.. here’s just one I found… @TheSun @TheSunShowbiz,” she tweeted, along with a screenshot of one of The Sun’s stories about the trial. 

Bear was released on bail and will receive his sentence on January 31, 2023. It appears that he plans to do some traveling before his sentencing, though. After receiving the guilty verdict on Tuesday, Bear tweeted out his January 2021 mugshot, along with the message, “This guy needs a holiday . Where should he take his model girlfriend? @Jessica_Smithxo

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: MTV; Twitter)

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