Leah Messer’s Sister Victoria Claims Leah’s Ex-Fiance Jaylan Mobley Has “Hidden Secrets” That Are “Drowning Him”

“I won’t be havin’ no one hollerin’ at you on the Internet, Sis. I got this!”

Teen Mom star Leah Messer may not be able to speak out about what caused her sudden split with her former fiancé Jaylan Mobley, but her sister Victoria, is encouraging Jaylan to be honest and reveal the reason himself.

As The Ashley previously told you, Leah and Jaylan ended their relationship in October, just months after getting engaged. The Ashley later revealed more details about the split, including that Jaylan made Leah sign an NDA promising not to speak on what ended their relationship, in exchange for her being allowed to stay in the home they were living in together. The exes recently went back-and-forth on social media about their former home, and Victoria started to speak out then but stopped.

In a new comment posted to the Teen Mom Fanz Instagram page, Victoria informed fans that Jaylan is allegedly hiding some big secrets. She also urged Jaylan to come clean.

“I’m a’ comin’ for ya, Jaylan!”

“I never signed an NDA, But I do feel to an extent it’s not my place to tell their story!” Victoria wrote a few days ago. “My sister told hers and told the extent of what she is allowed to say, but Jaylan has not and that is the problem, but more so HIS problem and should be his story to tell the TRUTH.”

Victoria then called Jaylan out for being a manipulator (something Leah has also stated online), and told fans that Jaylan’s “secrets” are ruining his life.

“Even though he may not be ready and wants to continue manipulating the WHOLE situation, I will say this, I’m on edge with the bulls**t,” Victoria wrote. “But the TRUTH IS, in reality his hidden secrets of manipulation and etc.. aren’t drowning anyone any more than it is secretly drowning him, which is so sad!”

Last week, Victoria told ‘Teen Mom’ fans that Leah had good reason to break up with Jaylan (although she never actually said what that reason was).

“To be honest, I’m sick of my sister getting bashed and s**t-talked…when in reality she had every reason to leave him. She has been honest, he has not!” Victoria wrote on Instagram. “He has chosen to play the victim card and trying to manipulate the Internet just as much as he does to the people physically around him! The truth behind the breakup should really be told by Jaylan but considering what lays behind the truth, that probably won’t ever happen and honestly that is so sad.”

Rumors have circulated that the relationship ended due to Jaylan’s alleged cheating but the fact that Leah had to sign a non-disclosure agreement and agree not to reveal the true reason for the split indicates that there is definitely more to it than just cheating.

“This is ‘Teen Mom.’ Everyone cheats on everyone. It ain’t no big deal.”

Jaylan has not publicly addressed reports that he cheated on Leah; he has, however, addressed and denied other things that Leah has accused him of following their split. 

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(Photos: Instagram; MTV)


  1. I don’t know what he thinks a NDA is going to do but to me, if I were to, say, date him and I found out his ex girlfriend had to sign a NDA when they split… that would be a HUGE red flag that I would be unable to ignore. I think it’s worse than the truth probably is. It’s also just f**king weird as hell. They were a weird couple anyway. Also, who TF cares if he’s gay?!

  2. The homophobia is absolutely disgusting. He has never said or hinted or did anything gay. For people to just assume is just disgusting.

    1. Actually, what IS homophobic is HIM not admitting the TRUTH and allowing Leah to get dragged for something SHE has no control over. Being gay is a non-issue and he shouldn’t be embarrassed, however, thinking it IS an issue is homophobic!
      The ONLY issue is him LYING which is not even alleged, it’s FACT!
      Unfortunately the TOPIC of his lies just happens to be related to homosexuality

      People like him living on the DL ruins lives exactly like it has for Leah & her girls and that is not fair!
      Homosexual people can be homophobic and this is the perfect example of that!

      Why is he so embarrassed to admit the TRUTH? Because HE has an issue with homosexuality?

    1. No way. All that money they spent on photos and clothes, drug addicts let things like that fall by the wayside. Maybe not initially but eventually. And 9 mos in is def long enough for an addiction to blow up. Plus, he works for nasa, I think, so I’d like to think theres some serious tests and shit involved which would make it really hard…tho not impossible.

  3. Cheating and making Leah sign an NDA definitely screams ‘I cheated with a man and don’t want anyone to know. Or maybe it was multiple men and possibly women’. And if Leah was just a cover for him then why chose her? The only answer here is money and fame. I’m guessing he was probably stealing money from her too. I also don’t think it would be a stretch to guess that the house document wasn’t his first false documentation. He really should have just said he cheated and left it at that, would have saved him a lot of trouble.

  4. Most often things and or people that seem too good to be true are!!! I just pray that the reason for the split is not over him doing something to harm the baby girls!!! Hang in there Leah!

    1. Doubt it had anything to do with the girlses – Corey or Jeremy would have pressed charges if that were the case.

    2. That is a stretch.

      Common things being common, all the evidence leads to him being on the DL.
      Leah would never be this calm and sure as heck wouldn’t let it slide as she has if he had harmed the girls in ANY way.

      This is how rumours start

    1. it’s because he’s a black man in one of the most conservative states and in the army, that should pretty much be explain itself and i can understand why it would be harder for him to come out if he was gay but its not fair either for him to drag down leah and her kids

    2. There has to be more, otherwise you don’t make someone sign an NDA (in 2022).

      When he is gay, he is not just gay, he lead a double life because the relationship with his BF had to stay hidden.
      The BF is army, married, a criminal, something. Something the army would fire J for.
      I don’t think he is just army. Javi got away with having a relationship with his army coworker by pretending they didn’t start dating until they got home.
      When the army fires one of them or both, that would be unwise for multiple reasons. They don’t want that in the press.

      I think he is committing adultry or fraud.
      Leah is very upset about that fake document with her name on it and that the house was not in her name too.
      Why would he let her keep the house however unless she found something out that could cost him a lot of money or jail time?
      He is not just gay, when he even is. There’s something else

      1. What ever it is least she found out before they got married but it’s also sad him keeping secrets and those girls really liked him to. So he not even thinking about wht this is doing to them plus I thought there was something fishy there to begin with,when he didn’t put her name on the house deed to begin with.She can find somebody better that will treat her and her kids better I think he just wanted to be in tv

      1. More than he loves the “fame” of TM apparently…

        No one cares that he is gay, we care that he lied about it and disrupted Leah et als lives to use her as a famous beard.
        There isn’t much lower.

        There’s NO shame in being gay!
        Especially in 2022, nearly 2023
        This *might* be understandable in 1980 (or even 2000 to some degree) but this is the era of RuPauls Drag Race, Queer Eye, Will & Grace, etc.
        Sexual preference is not a big deal anymore…
        What IS a big deal is INTENTIONALLY disrupting the lives of a single mom & her 3 kids based on a KNOWN LIE!
        Did he not know he was gay a year ago? Or even before he let them move?

        He wanted fame and got infamy!
        I hope he gets NO advancement for this stunt. He’s amoral.
        Our disgust with him has nothing to do with his love of the D…good for him! Many of us do!🤣
        Our disgust for him stems from the series of LIES he told to obtain his 3min of ‘fame’ all at the expense of Leah’s & her innocent girls.

  5. Literally every fan following this bs told her he was full of it. She actually went ahead and signed an NDA. After 2 failed marriages. I’m sorry, but Leah has no sense.

  6. My guess is that Jaylan isn’t drowning in his own secrets and lies. You would actually have to have a conscience to feel bad. And because he is such a liar he wouldn’t be honest about anything that puts him in a bad light.

  7. until they both say otherwise, ima continue to believe he cheated on her with a man and that’s why he made her sign an nda. why would he go to the full extent and and make her sign an nda and do all of this over lying about the house and finances

    1. This right here. When i heard he cheated and forced an NDA my first thought was he was closeted and got caught. Now the wording Victoria used about him living a lie and it being “sad” just reinforces that belief. He has made this a million times worse for himself than it had to be.

    2. Cheated with a man or with a military wife and that could also cost him big. But I lean towards the first option. It’s a matter of time for a dude to come forward and say “I had a relationship/hooked up with him” and the cat will be out of the bag

      1. I wouldn’t have dated him simply for the fact that it appears every time he is on camera he misjudges where the chapstick should go on his lips and it’s always l off the sides of his face like he is a 5 year old who got into his mom’s lipstick. Anyone else ever notice this? Is it just me? LOL!!

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