Jaylan Mobley Responds After Leah Messer Accuses Him of Creating Fake Legal Documents for ‘Teen Mom’: “Defamation of Character At Its Finest” (A Recap of Events)

“You’re not foolin’ me none, Jaylan!”

After weeks of relative silence from both Leah Messer and Jaylan Mobley, the formerly engaged Teen Mom couple is going at it on social media—with accusations of lying, creating fake housing documents and more flying everywhere!

As The Ashley previously reported, Leah and Jaylan ended their relationship, just months after getting engaged. The Ashley later revealed more details about the split, including that Jaylan made Leah sign an NDA promising not to speak on what ended their relationship, in exchange for her being allowed to stay in the home they were living in together.

Anyway, after Tuesday’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter aired, which showed Jaylan proposing to Leah, and her later becoming upset when Jaylan informed her that he asked Leah’s stepdad Lee Spears for his blessing to marry Leah. Jaylan was also shown presenting Leah with a document that supposedly showed that Leah’s name had been added to the deed for their home. 

Leah put Jaylan on blast for both things, which later erupted into a full-on social media squabble between the two exes. Later, Jaylan responded and suggested that Leah could be opening herself up for legal action, calling her accusations “defamation of character at its highest.”

“Don’t be goin’ and bringing up no legal stuff now, ya hear?”

Here, The Ashley does her best to recap the back-and-forth online brawl: 

Leah did not break the NDA she signed— as she didn’t call Jaylan out for why they broke up—however, she did accuse him of creating a fake legal document to present her with on the show for publicity.

“This doesn’t have anything to do with WHY we broke up but the deed scene was BS as well,” Leah wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “He made up a fake document to get my real on-camera happy reaction and had me believing I was on the deed until we got home and I learned otherwise. #PublicityStunt #FOH”

Jaylan seemingly responded to Leah’s claims on Twitter, trying to explain what he says happened.

Jaylan trying to figure out if there’s time to do a post-Twitter-fight photo shoot…

“So I have been doing everything I can as I man to move forward and focus on myself so that I can be a better man at the end of the day.. I’m not trying to go after nobody or hurt no one…” he wrote on Thursday. “I did add you to the deed you know that when we got back they called me and told me why you couldn’t be added to the deed. They keep call records.

“We had that conversation together.. and It had not yet been ‘recorded’ for the reason why you couldn’t be added because it would go into a lien.. but they didn’t know that when I initially went there to add you and get a hard copy to show you (because I wanted something else to gift you) that we are going to be on it together. It still had to be recorder and that’s where they see personal.”

(The Ashley reported in October that Leah owes more than $450,000 in state and federal taxes, which affected her ability to be on the house.) 

Anyway, Jaylan continued to insist that he didn’t try to swindle Leah.

“Why don’t we fight about it while we do a photoshoot? This is a Kodak moment!”

“Also she doesn’t have to be present for me to add her to the deed as the primary holder,” he wrote on Twitter on Thursday. “I just want everyone to know that I am in a place where I don’t consider myself a perfect man and I know I got work to do and that’s okay. But I never did that to you. I encourage you to call the attorney and ask them everything Jaylan Mobley tried to do to get you on that deed.”

Jaylan also insisted that he did not ask Lee on-camera for his blessing as a “publicity stunt’ as Leah claimed. 

“Also, me asking Lee for his blessing happened twice.. once in private on a golf course with nobody prior to her telling me she didn’t want his blessing and once pressed by MTV but I didn’t it for a publicity stunt,” he wrote. “They asked me during dinner because they knew the stir it would cause.. also, I apologize about that on-camera and said I was wrong so why the need to try to humiliate someone who said he was wrong and understands his mistakes. And we both agreed that we both overreacted..”

Leah seemingly responded to Jaylan’s tweets with a post to Instagram Stories, calling Jaylan out for pretending that she was already on the house deed so it could be filmed, when in reality it hadn’t happened.

“But why does it say ‘Made with Microsoft Paint’ on the bottom?”
“All legal documents say that, honey…”

“So…yes he said he was trying to get me on the deed AFTER we made it back home from Costa Rica,” she wrote. “BUT while we were there he made it seem ON-CAMERA as though it was already complete and done. I take full responsibility for believing that because I even asked, ‘Don’t I have to be present?’ and he said, ‘No because I’m the sole owner.’ It’s the lying…’

She then called Jaylan out for making sure everything was done on-camera, instead of privately.

“Why even make it part of filming? Why not say, ‘I’m trying to get your name on the Deed’ instead?” she wrote. “Why even film with my dad not once but twice when you asked me prior to doing it a second time? Was the first yes not good enough? Or did you just want to be in another episode? You didn’t care to tell MTV NO on specific scenes you didn’t want to film. So them pressing you is AGAIN, bulls**t.”

Jaylan came back to Twitter on Friday for Round 2, trying to explain why he presented Leah with a deed with her name on it, when it actually did not legally have her name on it yet. 

What I picture the legal document looked like close up…

“Ok.. while on camera I did make it seem like it was final because it was final to me,” Jaylan wrote. “I don’t make the final decision as the attorneys who is responsible for recording the deed.. that’s not my fault.. again, she doesn’t have to be present for me too add her. Am I wrong for trying? If they said ok then she would have been on it.

“They told me they would not add her to the deed due to the liability and risk.. that still didn’t stop me from trying to figure it out but I’m lying about that. I tried to do it and they told me no once we got back. They have proof.”

He also explained his reasoning for asking her stepdad for his blessing twice.

“And I only filmed with her step dad once. No MTV was at the golf course [the first time I asked him].. and I didn’t consider myself right for asking him on-camera but I have said that on-camera as well and definitely not to be in another episode…You even said yourself, that you overreacted but now it’s completely my fault for trying to do something positive. I take full accountability for the [on-]camera scene with him. I’ve said that.

Jaylan then seemed to comment on fans’ theories that he was only with Leah so that he could gain fame from being on the show.

“My vision is so beyond any of this. It’s beyond social media. It’s beyond being on TV. It’s beyond s**t that ain’t promised,” he wrote. “I am focused on my future and how I can show up in my life 100%. I know my worth and sometimes that scares people when they know the potential you have.”

“This man, I swear…. Corey Tyler would NEVER…”

He then suggested that Leah defamed him with her accusations.

“Telling the world I created a fake legal document when it can be proved by the legal system that it wasn’t is defamation of character at its highest,” Jaylan tweeted on Friday. 

After the latest Twitter squabble, Leah’s sister, Victoria Messer, and her friend Kylie jumped into the conversation to defend her sis. Both seemed to be implying that the rumors that circulated earlier about the relationship ending due to Jaylan’s alleged cheating are true.

“Wish he’d just man up and tell everyone what happened,” Kylie wrote to Victoria in the comment section of an Instagram post regarding the Leah/Jaylan situation.

“One thing about us Messer gals is that we is always gonna stick together!”

“First of all, I’m not a critic! I’m a truthful a**hole,” Victoria told one person on the thread who criticized her. “To be honest, I’m sick of my sister getting bashed and s**t-talked…when in reality she had every reason to leave him. She has been honest, he has not!

“He has chosen to play the victim card and trying to manipulate the Internet just as much as he does to the people physically around him! The truth behind the breakup should really be told by Jaylan but considering what lays behind the truth, that probably won’t ever happen and honestly that is so sad.

“In time people WILL learn the real truth behind the Leah & Jaylan breakup!” Victoria continued. “The TRUTH always comes to the surface.”

Stay tuned…

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(Photos: Twitter; MTV; Instagram)

64 Responses

  1. I just want people to use proper grammar is that so hard to ask. I have to constantly reread all of these idiot’s statements over and over to decipher what they are talking about. I wouldn’t mind so much if they didn’t try to sound intelligent. Stay in school children!

  2. These comments are too funny. Being in the banking industry for over 22 years adding someone to the deed varies from state to state. The other party does not have to be present while the document is being prepared only when it is due to be executed and recorded. Based on her owing $450,000, he would not have been able to do so until that was satisfied. Really based on that and as long as she has been on this show shows she has poor money management skills. Not bashing her but she should have learned some money management skills. I don’t know what the big deal is regarding him asking her stepdad for her hand is. I not sure if they did not have a close relationship, but most women would have thought it sweet.

    1. Hello, does anyone know the name of the song and artist that plays at the very end of season one episode 14 teen mom, the next chapter please?? When Jaylen gets up from the dinner table walking away from Leah when they are in Costa Rica?? The only lyrics I can figure out is got a little dark side

  3. He can’t add her to the deed without her signature aw well I live in the state they love in. Leah you owe 450,000 and you are trying to hide money and put real estate in someone elses name. That was stupid you should have had him give you a life estate dumb ass..

  4. She has the right to stay in that house he had no business doing what he did to her that’s wrong it’s her money he just wanted to put on a show and then hurt her feelings that girl is a good person her first husband never did it to her neither did her second husband you were nothing to her but fiance

  5. This was extremely too long to read. You kept saying the same thing over and over about her name not being on the deed! What a waste of my time. Please don’t better next time…SHEESH!!!

  6. Im just baffled at the fact he, this random dude who was with a realityceleb, was the one who had HER sign a NDA.
    If he cheated, he did not cheat with women thats for sure ?

    And her paying for a House she did not get her name on .. Jesus god Leah, thats a different kind of dumb ..

    1. I’ve gathered from all that baffle that he cheated. I’m assuming with a male and it will come out that he’s bi or gay. Just say it already, sheesh!

  7. Leah = greedy af! In the hole for tax fraud & evasion – hope she don’t get a sentence like the Chrisley’s just got!

  8. It took so much for Leah to let her guard down and when she had a talk with therapist B at the family reunion she admitted that she had trust issues because of the relationships in the past and me be said she should let her guard down! You never know what’s going to happen you can try your hardest but not everybody’s been for each other no matter how hard you try and the lion just doesn’t make it any easier once you break a glass it’s never going to be the same even if you try to put it together cuz there’s always going to be some kind of resistance where you feel that is going to leak or cut you compared to what the glass was before it broke!

  9. Maybe the reason the truth isn’t being revealed by him and the purpose of his getting a NDA from Leah is because the service can punish him for the things he is alleged to have done. His service career would be over, he could be court martial end. Maybe if one side has proof of the truth and plays hardball the other side won’t have a choice but to fade away with a tail between the legs! Lol

  10. u can tell leah always tries to be the bigger person so you know she’s FED TF UP if she’s speaking up on social media! i wish one of jaylan’s friends or family could tell a news outlet the truth so he couldn’t be able to pin the blame on leah even if they do it anonymously

    1. i think because it would be obvious that leah told them and they’d have to prove if she told them before or after the nda which he could take her to court for and take away the house so if anything it would have to come from his family or friends

  11. Jaylan, you poor idiot. I JUST went through adding my husband on the deed to my house in November. Guess what? Both of us had to be present and he HAD TO SIGN. So yes- the other party needs to be present.

    This guy needs to have a seat & quit trying to be so slick & manipulative. What’s that saying we had in school? Goes something like- They think they’re hot shit on a silver platter but really just a cold turd on a paper plate.

    1. He’s a raging narcissist. It’s all about him and Leah was the perfect mark to gain some “fame” but not be able to see through him. In the end, he was nothing but a lyin’ hustlah and to quote Babs again, an A-1 @$$hole. Only a narcissist would say this kind of crap:

      “My vision is so beyond any of this. It’s beyond social media. It’s beyond being on TV. It’s beyond s**t that ain’t promised. I am focused on my future and how I can show up in my life 100%. I know my worth and sometimes that scares people when they know the potential you have.”

      So cringey. Almost sounds like a Farrah word salad. But Farrah would not have been a good mark for him since she’s an even bigger narcissist and he probably could have only tolerated her for a few weeks and she would have blasted him all over social media for some made up form of abuse. He would have met his match with Kail. But Kail and Farrah are no longer on the show, so he would not have received the exposure he wanted from TV.

  12. It’s sad to read because they both seemed to be happywith one another.They let the social media get in their way.

  13. I have no doubt any good attorney would advise Jaylan against putting Leah’s name on the house due to her tax problems, but the rest of his rambling makes zero sense. We’re not all stupid. Wasn’t Leah supposed to be getting her real estate license? Shouldn’t a realtor know that you can’t just add someone to a property deed without that person being present (at least not without committing fraud or forgery)?

    Between her tax problem, all the money she’s blown on drugs, sponsoring Victoria’s husband, and bankrolling various other family members, Leah really needs to be making plans for what she is going to do when the MTV gravy train goes off the rails.

  14. For a VA loan, only the service member can be on it. Even if they were married, only service member can be on the mortgage. She can be out on the deed, but she could never get on the loan, unless he passed .

    1. Not true. A spouse can be on a VA loan. It can even help if the spouse has better credit than the service member. It’s tricker when the co-borrower is a non-spouse. There are different provisions. Like, Leah would have been responsible for a down payment on her portion. Her tax lien definitely had an impact on her being on the loan.

      1. What they both did was attempt to defraud the US government. What they did is illegal, and they need to sit in a jail cell for a little while, and learn that they have to pay their fair share like most of the rest of us. In this country, those of us who make money have to foot the bill for those like Leah who have multiple children in their teens before they can actually afford to raise them. Most of these teen moms don’t make six figure salaries just to air their wrecked lives for everyone to see.

        1. I’m confused on how they attempted to defraud the US government? Depending on the state, Leah isn’t required to be on the loan especially if her credit would have affected the interest rate. Though, if she paid it in full, I don’t know why they needed a loan in the first place. And military people can rent out the properties they purchased with the loan. So, I don’t know where you think this is illegal.

    2. I’m on th ed mortgage and my husband is the service member. I have the highest income and better credit…. I HAD to be on the mortgage. Not sure why you think that…..

    3. This is just false. I’m on our VA loan and was never in the military: only my husband was. But here I am on the deed

    4. Realtor here who does many VA Loan deals… a service member & non service member-as long as they are legally married-can both be on the VA loan.
      I agree with the other commenters here. She knew she owed Uncle Sam & they were trying to do some back room deal… using her money & his name. Bad idea!

  15. If you keep doing the same thing, you’ll continue to get the same result. Every time one of these reality show women gets involved with someone, it never works out. She has her camp of supporters, and he has his. They bash one another in the tabloids and all over social media. Same story nearly every time.

    The one thing you will never see no matter how many times these women go through this exact scenario, is her taking responsibility. If you meet, date, screw, introduce him to your children, and get engaged or married all within the first 24 hours, you get what most all of these women have gotten multiple times. For them, this is just Tuesday.

  16. If MTV had real morals they would of given or recommended these girls financial planners or lawyers. A bunch of them are in trouble now for tax evasion. Which to be fair, happens a lot to many people in the industry.

    1. I don’t believe that it is the employers responsibility to provide financial services to them. The guardians/parents are supposed to do that IF they are minors. These people are adults now and have been for sometime. They are in the financial mess their in because of themselves. It’s their own fault.

      1. You say that as an obvious Teen mom fan, otherwise you wouldn’t be here. But as a Teen Mom fan you already know that almost half of all of these girls were raised by people who could barely be called mothers or parents themselves. Kails mom is shit, Leah’s mom is dumb as a box of rocks (I hate to say it), neither had dads, jenelle had no dad,Farrahs parents are both nuts, Mack’s mother thought that she should stay with Josh no matter how much he lied and cheated just bc of “Jesus,” Ashley’s mom is NUTS, Cait and Tylers mothers and fathers were abusive addicts, and then all the young and pregnant girls seem like their mothers are just shit too, from what I’ve seen. MTV chose these girls bc the messier their lives were meant higher entertainment value. And the MAIN reason that MTV actually SHOULD HAVE guided them, legally and financially, is that they were MINORS at the time. The contracts weren’t with the kids parents, it was with 16 and 17 yr olds. They were children, children chosen for their shitty lives just for dramatic tv. Then they were given more money than any of them had ever seen before and thrown in to the deep end with it, sink or swim. MTV has exploited these girls and I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few yrs when the babies are teens if MTV doesnt try and push them to have kids and make a new catch up show with the teen mom kids babies babies!

        1. “Obvious teen mom fan” okay, now was there a need to be passive aggressive? I haven’t watched in years, but do occasionally read here on The Ashley. Obviously I’m commenting on what I just read, & I stand by what I said, it’s not the employers job to take on the roll of financial advisor.
          Besides how do we know that it was not offered, or someone didn’t mention to them to pay their taxes. We don’t know, we are just assuming.

          1. Besides, minors cannot get into legal contracts unless a parent or guardian signs off. So yes, MTV had to have the parents involved.

            (*role, before you call me out for not knowing how to spell the a word accurately for the definition in which it was used.)

        2. They women didn’t pay their taxes because they didn’t want to. Simple as that. Who wants to oay their taxes? Most people don’t have a choice because their employers take the taxes off the top but the TM women are contractors so MTV can’t take taxes out if their 6 figured checks. It’s the contractors responsibility but greed usually steps in and that’s where they choose not to pay their fair share….like alot of rich people. You can give $700k to most people and a great portion would not file their taxes on it It’s not ignorance It’s GREED.

          1. Exactly this!!

            They are no longer teens, they all damn well know they have to pay taxes. Some of them have never had issues with this. Some have gad issues, paid the consequences and never had another one. There is zero excuse for not paying what you are supposed to pay, end of.

            It’s not on MTV to ensure they understand their legal obligations. But, that said, MTV DID actually advise them all of this, and this topic has been discussed ad nauseum since the show started. They have watched others, both in and out of the franchise struggle with tax issues. None of them have an excuse, at all.

            I’ve worked as a contractor before, it is very clear in whatever employment contract you have (whether it is per job/project, or ongoing) that you are going to be responsible for XYZ (taxes, insurance, tools, equipment, transportation, travel expenses, etc.. whatever is involved). It’s not some hidden secret.

  17. Leah got lucky he didn’t knock her up – the situation would be so much worse if he did. This guy is a piece of work and really slimy. He didn’t hide the fame whoring and all along he didn’t pass the sniff test, but Leah either chose to ignore the red flags or she just didn’t connect the dots until it was too late. He sure has something to hide (cheating with a superior’s spouse, someone underage or he was cheating with another guy).

    And to poke fun at his expense, in another recent recap that had a picture of him in swim trunks, his dad bod is rather unimpressive. He needs to start wearing clothes that fit. And his free MTV chompers look ridiculous.

    Maybe this will be the wakeup call Leah needed to wise up and not trust everyone around her.

  18. I just think it’s silly that someone would go to great lengths to get an NDA over a break up. He was so open and happy to be on the show.

  19. This guy is a complete joke. Of course he used her for fame lol. And him subtly threatening her with legal action?? Okay, I guess that’s the real Jaylan. A real loser, that one.

  20. Leah’s dumb ass deserves to be dragged for this. Girl can’t even figure out how to hire an accountant, and she trusted Jaylan with legal stuff regarding home ownership. Pay your taxes, get off Twitter, raise your girlseseses and grow the fuck up. 450k, for Jesus sake.

    1. Gotta agree there. Especially after her she complained about all the money that she had given people like her dad and I guess her family friends and everything. These women are in their 30s or close to it now and they still have mines of teenagers

  21. #1 she should have looked and talked to someone personally about VA home loans cuz they’re tricky and unless the value is more than their max guideline for the area there would be no loan. Also why just toss some guy even if you think he’s honest, a large sum of money without actually putting it in the loan companys name only #2 the cameras are there for her story so they wouldn’t simply randomly tape him unless he was up to some sketchy crap using her as a reason to be filmed. #3 he probably messed around with someone in the military hence NDA to not get the boot.

    She dug herself in to a stupid mess and should just leave the house and charge him with theft if he never gave her money back. I

    1. Leah is not savvy enough to do her homework on how VA loans work. She, on her own wouldn’t even qualify for one since she isn’t a member of the armed services nor is she a dependent. I think they were both being sketchy. She wanted to purchase a home but couldn’t get a loan because of all the taxes she owes, he probably wanted a bigger, better place but didn’t have the income, so she probably used his VA loan and he used her income. They both got what they deserved.

    1. After a decade of these recaps my brain immediately responded with “somewhere the schools is not well”. ?

  22. Jaylan got new teeth. What did Leah get? A house that she paid for and can be kicked out of at any time. SMH

  23. Only Leah signed the NDA.

    I’ll take more “blinds” from Oreo.

    And what she’s saying– it must be really bad

  24. Wait, so he asked for Lee’s blessing even though Leah didn’t it? That’s weird and unnecessary and honestly a little disrespectful to her.

    1. I was wondering the same thing since he went so far with the NDA. But then again he could just be self absorbed.

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