David Eason Deletes His Twitter Account After Getting Into a Brutal Twitter Brawl with Bar Smith & Ashley Jones (A Recap of Events)

“Either he deleted his account or the dial-up Internet on The Land stopped working?”

David Eason kicked off his week by randomly taking to his brand-new Twitter account to attack the daughter of Teen Mom stars Bar Smith and Ashley Jones. His comments about Bar and Ashley’s daughter Holly prompted her parents to lash out at Mr. Jenelle Evans, eventually causing him to delete his Twitter account entirely. 

The Ashley is going to attempt to recap the swamp-nanigans, as well as the brutal Twitter back-and-forth between Bar and Ashley and David that included an invitation for an “off Land” brawl, comments from Holly’s grandma Shen Williams, and the posting of some Microsoft-Paint-made rainbow additions to some of David’s terrifying OnlyFans photos.

(And, before anyone asks The Ashley, “Don’t you have anything better to do than write about this garbage?’ allow The Ashley to answer: No. No, I do not.)

This online clown fiesta started over the weekend, when Jenelle gleefully announced that David had started a new Twitter account. 

“So he has a lot of time on his hands.”

As fans may remember, David got himself– and Jenelle– into big trouble after he used his Twitter account to go on a homophobic rant in 2018.

Although Jenelle attempted to save face after the 2018 rant, David was still fired from ‘Teen Mom 2’ for it. Jenelle later told TMZ that the rant happened because David didn’t know how to use Twitter…or something.

“David didn’t understand how offensive people would get or how Twitter even works,” Jenelle told TMZ in 2018. “Now that he realizes his voice is very strong within media/tabloids he has deactivated his account. He agrees he will keep his comments to himself from now on.”

Anyway, David did not “keep his comments to himself” when he got his new Twitter account this weekend.

“I’m fixin’ to fill the Twitter with talkin’ words and uppercuts!”

Just days after starting it, David lashed out at Jenelle’s nemesis, Kail Lowry, making a crack about her litter of kids/baby daddies. Kail didn’t respond, so David then moved on to Ashley, who had recently tweeted about how she hopes her daughter Holly will be better, smarter and more beautiful than she is. (The tweet did not include any mention of David, Jenelle or anyone related to their family.)

David replied to Ashley’s tweet about her daughter by posting a photo of the character Rocky from the 1985 movie “Mask.” (Rocky had craniodiaphyseal dysplasia, which caused facial deformities.) He implied that Holly looked like the character from the movie. 


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Obviously, that didn’t go over well with Holly’s father, Bar, who unleashed a cornucopia of rage at David and Jenelle. 

“You dusty dirty ass STD chewing bitch, yo wife nasty tub of goo ass need to suck yo d**k and maybe you would be happy,” Bar wrote to David. “You prostitute loving p**sy. I can’t wait for the day I catch you outside of “the land” David. You only tough on yo property.  I called yo bitch ass out for I been asking to fight off camera 1 on 1 for years and you always say s**t back to the women.

“Jenelle must be getting ready to leave yo dirty ass again, you ain’t got yo kids and yo wife hate you, I would be mad to[o], all you got is one internet and that f**ked up ass farm.”

Bar continued to challenge David to leave “The Land” so they could have a proper brawl.

Raise your hand if you’d love to watch David and Bar fight it out…

“The fact you think you could say something to my wife, about my kid I will literally meet you wherever David…. Any day…. Any time…. Off of your land so you can’t tell the police I came on your property…… you ain’t cut like that tho p**sy.”

Bar then brought up David’s 2019 slaughtering of the family dog, Nugget, as well as the incident from 2020 when David was arrested for pistol-whipping one of Jenelle’s friends who came to help her move her stuff off The Land during a period where she and David were separated

“You kill dogs but won’t fight a mf who really cut like that,” Bar wrote. “You wanna pick on yo wife friends that come to help her leave you…”

After Bar accused David of “stealing Black culture” for having his weird, Pippi Long-Swamping braids, Bar went on to warn David and others not to insult Ashley or Holly again.

That face you make when no one told you that your braids were purdy…

Ashley also jumped into the act, insinuating that one of David’s kids looks like the character from “Mask.” (She didn’t specify which kid, though.) 

“I would tell you @ravindavidd about to kids but I don’t talk about children understand tho the level of inbreeding there seems high,” Bar added.

Bar continued to unleash on David, accusing him of domestic violence against Jenelle. (This is likely a hat tip to the 911 call Jenelle made in October 2018, in which she accused David of physically assaulting her. She later downplayed the events.)

“That n**ga beat Jenelle up like it’s a weekend sport bruh, ain’t got no right to say s**t about nothing,” he wrote, before taking a swipe at David for not having custody of his son, Kayden.

“I’m going to finish getting MY DAUGHTER READY FOR SCHOOL, and feed her breakfast then drop her off….. something this bum ass n**ga @ravindavidd can’t do CAUSE HE DONT GOT HIS KIDS.”

Bar then challenged David to an off-Land fight again.

“David again, when would you like to meet up and handle it like men? I live in Vegas wya? Or you to much of a bitch to do that?” he wrote. “Lol watch you and your wife fight in the next 36 hours once y’all high wear off and she realize she hates you again.”

In response, David accused Bar of having gay sex and insinuated that he was just joking.

“I just talked about everything you love and told you I would beat your ass and this yo response? Can’t take a joke? Don’t bitch up now,” Bar responded. “And you go straight to the gay jokes just like a man who is uncomfortable with his sexuality, talking about taking d**k.”

Ashley and Bar both changed their profile pictures to unflattering photos of David, with Ashley adding, “Swamp Patrol” to her Instagram bio.


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Bar’s mother, Shen Williams, also hopped onto The Interwebs to give David a piece of her mind for insulting her granddaughter. Shen left her thoughts in the comment section of a post on the @TeenMomFanz Instagram account about Bar and David’s feud.


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“He need to get checked lil dusty b#&_+ how dare u speak on a child like that none of y’all could touch my suga on her worst day,” Shen wrote. “Bet u don’t say it to her daddy face! I double dare u. Get off the internet and have a grown man convo with my son. I can speak for my son he not about to play when it comes to his child. These people r all time lows and I’m surprised his wife didn’t say something any real mother would no matter who child it is.”

Ashley then reposted a fan-made edited photo of David cooking. The original photo— which was posted on David’s Instagram account a while back to promote his OnlyFans account— features David wearing a chef’s hat and tighty whitey underwear. 

The Ashley will give you a moment to upchuck your last meal after seeing that photo…

After that, David deleted his Twitter account.

Jenelle tweeted a response to someone who told her that Bar’s daughter Holly is beautiful. Jenelle tweeted that she didn’t know who Holly was.

“Uhm…who’s Holly? I’m not in the same drama you are,” Jenelle wrote.

Soon after, Jenelle informed her social media followers that she was deleting all of her social media apps for awhile.

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(Photos: MTV; Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Instagram; Twitter) 


  1. Oh, Jace.

    How right you were in that episode where you innocently told Barb after a visit to The Land that Jenelle and David — were pieces of sh*t.

  2. Ya this is a great way to get Jace back and to try to gain any kind of visitation with Kaden ! Jenelle you know who Holly is, you look like a fool when you try to act like you don’t! PS nobody believes you !!!!

  3. First of all Shen,!take several seats. We know David is bottom of the barrel trash but you just stooped below his level. Threatening anyone so publicly is not a good idea to begin with, but advocating for your own son to “beat someone’s ass” is david-level idiocy. I would never defend david and his post was more than inappropriate BUT let’s not forget, david has fewer brain cells than most people and in his twisted inbred mind, if sounds like he thought posting that photo was his way of being funny. I don’t think he said Holly looked like that, I honestly think it was it was just (a horrible attempt at) making a joke. Someone says they want their kid to be more beautiful than them, and he was trying to be funny by posting that. Bar has every right to be offended but his intelligible rant just made him sound like an explosive dumbass with the impulse control of a 4 year old! And was Shen talking about Ashley? “I’m surprised his wife didn’t say something any real mother would no matter who child it is.” Way to just throw her under the bus while you’re at it. If bar really wanted to call someone out, do so with coherent speech. I 100% guarantee all his post did was make David laugh. It’s sad bc bar had some very valid points and excellent comebacks but completely ruined it and dumbed himself down by saying things and speaking in ways that no sane, intelligent person says. Instead of burning David in the best possible way, all he did was show the world what a fucking idiot he is!

  4. I hope this doesn’t sound offensive and if it does im sorry…but does anyone picture a white Snoop Dogg when they see Lurch with those braids?

  5. “Uncomfortable with his sexuality” I have many things to say about Bar, most of them are not good, but that quote right there hits the fucking nail.

    Davids hate for the gay community is so deep that you just have to wonder if it is because he is actually a gay man. Gayphobia is one thing (and its awfull!), but the amount of hate that man has towards gay people seems personal.

    David is a sick dumb fuck and he is going to kill someone one day.

    1. He’s obsessed with the gay community the same way Jenelle is obsessed with Chelsea…both of them want to be the others so bad, that it’s literally all they can talk about.

    2. He’s extremely racist and homophobic because supporting and promoting those systems of inequality is the only thing he has to make him feel like less of a loser.

  6. David really decided to pick on a little girl. He’s such a bitch, and deserved every single bit of that, he deserves more, but he’s too scared to take Bar up on his offer…and in all seriousness, Bar hit the nail on the head when he said David goes straight to the gay jokes just like a man who is uncomfortable with his sexuality. I’ve thought this before, because as fixated as David is on gay people…it’s giving trapped in the closet.

  7. Jenelle claims it was a fake account, not David now.
    She asked people to follow the exact account name. It was David. They’re so incredibly stupid.

    1. It blows my mind that she doesn’t realize that the rest of the world isn’t as dumb and gullible as she is, so she continues to try and gaslight all of us. Like girl, you said to go follow his account, but as soon as he embarrasses you and himself, you’re like that wasn’t him, it was a fake page. They’re such assholes.

  8. They are all a bunch of backwoods hicks. Not once ounce of education between the lot of them. Focus your energy on getting a better command of the English language. They should all be embarrassed as well as MTV for hosting this classless trash!

  9. If MTV wants ratings, they would broadcast this. DraftKings and FanDuel should allow people to place bets.

  10. Oh my, I too would donate to fly Bar or David out to each other so David can get stomped to bits. He deserves it.

    How STUPID and useless is he????? Christ.

    1. Not worth the money, time or CO2. That pussy will not show up or call the cops.
      Jenny will be crying on her social media soon, playing the victim.
      The guy she still chooses as her husband and is the father of her child started this. She’s not the victim, she’s just as guilty. Mrs “who is Holly” dumbass. She seriously thinks others can be so stupid and believe anything as they are.

  11. This moron just got his Twitter back after being pushed off over the last remarks and the first thing he does is go talk shit to two women about their kids and he thinks it’ll go well for him 🤔 I’m really confused about the level of dumbass one person can be, is there just no limit whatsoever?

    1. I’ve finally reached the point I don’t care. Not funny anymore. Not aggravating. Just more deterioration of society.

  12. David, David, David…it is 2023, and it’s not taboo to come out as a homosexual, honey! You’ll be much happier in life when you just admit it lol. PS you’re a loser, going after a child like that. Less than worth the dog shit I just stepped in. Loser. Complete loser.

  13. I recall an episode where Janelle had marks around her neck and MTV’s elite staff asked her about it and Janelle denied it. David is a POS domestic abuser. However, I also suspect Bar emotionally and possibly physically abuses Ashley. I’m hoping TLC’s ‘Unexpected” is rebooted. At least, that show was more honest.

    1. TLC’s “My teen is pregnant and so am I” was always an interesting watch. Some were complete hot messes (the 14-year-old who I think thought the boy just not lasting very long counted as pulling out?) but there were episodes with responsible enough 18/19 year olds that explored the dynamic more than made it into a freak show *every* week.

      1. Loved that show! It was sad how some of the daughters were more mature than the moms, though.

  14. I have never been more Team Ashley in my entire life. You get UBT or anyone who thinks it’s okay to talk about an innocent CHILD like that.

    “Don’t you have anything better to do than write about this garbage?’ The answer: No. No, I do not. — Said EVERYONE who follows TM.

      1. it stands for uncle bad touch.

        Its something Adam (Chelsea’s ex) nicknamed him. So I guess the guys were talking about what their p0rn0 names would be and David said he would want to be called Uncle David. And all the men looked at him grossed out, and Adam went yeah Uncle Bad Touch and they all started laughing. It’s now what we affectionally call him.

        1. Just to add, because it’s such a delightful memory, that was the same special where David thought a “Bucket List” was things that you would put in a bucket

          1. Never forgot. It was beer and ice. That’s on his bucket list.

            I never forget that this is the special they had to be shot twice because apparently, the host asked him what would he do if his kid broke his phone, and his response was something like he would be the sh*t of his kids until they learned his lesson or something. And all his answers were just child abuse. All the dads hated him and thought he was vile.

            So MTV didn’t want him coming off bad so made him refilm it but didn’t ask him any parenting questions. Which is why all the dads look pissed off and already hated him. They had to come back and refilm it. And all his questions were like what’s on your bucket list, what’s your p0rnstar name? What’s your first car?

  15. It really shows how little self esteem she has not to be wholly mortified by the person she’s married to. No marriage is worth the level of embarrassment that comes with being Mrs. Eason. Second worst is being Mr. Jenelle 🤣

  16. Not one pic of her daughter is being photoshopped nor going around… Jenelle please get a life asap!

    1. OMGoodness, just got to ‘pippi long-swamping braids’ ~ you’re on fire 🔥 today, @theashley! 😂🤣

  17. I would pay to watch Bar curbstomp dumbass David. Somebody needs to. That guy has been asking for it for years. Idk how people in his town can resist throat punching him when he and Jenelle are out for their 25th meal of e day of loaded grease and roadkill.

  18. David and Jenelle are both vile. He’s a coward, talking sh*t online to women and kids and then back paddling when a man confronts him. Bar needs to really whip that swampy *ss to the next county

  19. I’d pay for Bar’s plane ticket for him to go throat punch David.

    Watch them turn this into a D-list celebrity boxing match.

  20. Jenelle gonna be big mad that TheAshley is talking about her again bahahahha I can hear her now, “dude, leave me aloneeee!!!!”

  21. He picked the wrong ones to mess with. Go Bar and Ashley. Stalking and commenting on teen mom cast social media about a child. What an idiot.

    1. The worst part is I believe David thought he was really being funny, not offensive. It is astounding the level of ignorance the pair of them possess

  22. David is a disgusting pig always was and always will be how dare you make fun of someone’s child and other having babies when he sleep with someone who has kids with three fathers.

    1. And David has three baby mamas! I’m no Kail supporter, but that’s the pot calling the kettle black (or in Amber’s world, couch calling the recliner comfy).

      David is truly a slow adult. Probably has the lowest IQ of any TM character and that’s a very low bar.

    2. He himself has 3 kids with 3 different mothers. He went looking for a fight & he found one, lol

      1. And only has 1.5 of them because there are no other places for them to go. If they had other options (and didn’t have MTV legal team and $$$ behind him) he would have 0 kids. He tainted the human gene pool far too many times.

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