‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans Deletes Twitter, Issues Explanation For Recent 911 Call & Hospital Trip

“I was assaulted by The Land. Honest.”

On Wednesday, The Ashley broke the news that police and an ambulance had been dispatched to the home of Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans after a 911 call was placed from that address following an alleged assault. On Thursday, Jenelle issued a statement regarding the incident.

As The Ashley previously reported, the Chief of the Columbus County 911 Operations confirmed to The Ashley that two officers investigated the assault claims, and that Jenelle was taken to the hospital by private vehicle. 

(The Ashley hears that it was an acquaintance of Jenelle’s who took her to the hospital, by the way. Jenelle’s mother, Barbara, was not called because Barbara was not in town at the time of the incident. )

In the issued statement, Jenelle’s “rep” did not deny that a 911 call was placed. The statement also did not dispute that the officers and ambulance were dispatched. (Public record confirms that both of these events occurred that night, anyway.)

According to a “rep” for Jenelle, the police and ambulance were called to The Land on Saturday night for Jenelle because Jenelle “had friends over Saturday night and they had a bonfire on her property. Jenelle ended up tripping and falling by the fire.”

However, the explanation does not hold up against public records from the incident. The cops responded to a 911 call for an assault, and they are on record that they advised Jenelle of the legal actions she could take against David for what happened.


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Jenelle does not currently have a representative, so it is unknown who responded as her “rep” when People‘s emailed her request for comment.

On Thursday, Jenelle deleted her Facebook and Twitter accounts. David has maintained his Instagram and Facebook accounts, and on Thursday, posted a revealing photo of Jenelle to his Instagram account. He made no mention of the October 13 incident, though.

UPDATE! Jenelle’s frantic 911 call from that night has been released and it tells a very different story than her “bonfire fall” explanation. Click here to listen.

(Photos: MTV, Instagram)

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  1. Yikes! Even though you can’t see his hands, somehow you know he’s holding an axe. Is it just me? Seriously though, I can’t imagine how he could be any creepier!!!

  2. Is Janelle a little slow? There’s a recorded tape of the 911 call but she is trying to say she fell. I guess stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Tmz has the 911 call audio it’s Jenelle saying David broke her collarbone please Jenelle leave him already I don’t even like you but for the sake of your kids do something!

  4. I was just thinking about all the pictures these idiot’s post to show how fun & perfect their life is…and yet you have several friends over with a bonfire etc. but not a single pic to be found?

  5. The Ashley, do you have more info about why Kaiser isn’t at the swamp (if that’s still true)? It’s not officially the weekend yet, so it wouldn’t be Doris/Nathan’s visitation period. Thanks!

  6. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: JE’s story reminds me so much of my aunts, and it’s actually quite scary and sickening to watch her fall down the same path.

    My aunt was a former heroin addict, who married a highly abusive man. She was only 23, with a 5 year old kid, and despite everyone telling her to leave him she refused. He beat her, bullied her, turned her against her friends and family. And she stayed and lied constantly because she didn’t want the world and social services to say “I told you so” and take her kid away from her. After all, she was just a junkie in their eyes, and, admittedly, had cried wolf before, so she stayed with him to prove how much she’d changed and how stable she was.

    The sad thing is, she didn’t realise that we would have been so proud of her for leaving, and would have loved her and supported her and done everything we could to get her back on track. Her husband had her completely wrapped around his finger, and she just wouldn’t listen.

    He ended up murdering her just after her 24th birthday and tried but failed to commit suicide too. Now he’s in prison, her kid’s traumatised beyond belief, and she never got to escape and live a long and happy life.

    I don’t like JE, but I am terrified that this is going to happen to her. I know what this does to a family, and her kids don’t deserve it, her mom doesn’t deserve it, and Jenelle herself doesn’t deserve it. UBT’s recent behaviour is almost identical to my aunt’s murderer’s in the last few months before she died, and I wish she’d just get out and leave. She’s a shitty person, but she doesn’t deserve to die, and I fear that’s how things are going to end up unless action is taken soon.

    Despite all the shit and arguments, Babs would take her home in a heartbeat and help her and the kids keep safe.

  7. That Instagram picture above, is SO fucking creepy. Like just take a minute and look at that man’s scary weathered face. He looks like he’s forcing a character out that he’s not.

    1. And we report an assault…. someone will spill the tea eventually cause Jenelle goes thru friends like underwear. She NEEDS to leave this douche before all her kids get taken away or she ends up dead….

  8. If you look at the outfit Jenelle is wearing in the photo David posted of her its the exact same one from when they took pics for their anniversary. Its an old picture. Probably because he cant post a new one cause of the bruises.

  9. I have a feeling JE did not report this horrible abuse because of. Jenelle’s— (Kai/Nate/Babs/Jace) and David’s–(Kaden/Maryssa) various custody battles. I could see UBT blaming her if it impacts his situation w/Kaden. These 2 idiots know exactly how to navigate around CPS!!! This was too good not to post, I saw this on twitter (& added some) posted by Casandralll

  10. We all know she needs help and they have some BIG issues. But until she seeks it..My main concern is the kids. I hope this is the final straw and someone gets those kids out. (But I won’t hold my breath)
    I’m also Dreading the Fake crying scenes. Blaming Social Media, the “haters” etc. We saw them this past season. ZERO accountability or honesty.
    And what is the story about the fight at Chili’s????

  11. He’s going to end up killing her, or killing one of her kids, as horrible as it is to say. That guy isn’t right in the head, and she just sweeps everything she can under the rug. I don’t see her ever leaving, even as stupid as she is in life with everything else, it’s still sad to see in the long run. Kids shouldn’t have to grow up in an abusive home, or witness it.

    1. He’s going to kill them all. I fear seeing a headline of “murder/suicide” relating to all of them. It’s sad to say, but a very true reality

  12. Such a classic abusive relationship & pathetic attempt at a cover up. This is how you find yourself on Dateline, Jenelle. Get out now before it’s too late.
    You’ll get your friends and family back. You may think the internet will be shouting “Told you so”, but you’re wrong. They’ll be cheering you on for being brave enough to get out.
    Put your pride aside and do what’s right for your kids.

  13. Any “woman” and “mother” who stands back and allows her current significant other to attack, abuse, and terrorize her boys just to prove a point to the world that said significant other is the greatest thing to happen to her deserves to get her ass beat. Sorry, not sorry. Fuck her. I don’t care what happens to her. Not only has she stood back and watched, she has fought tooth and nail to KEEP her children in the same household as that man. She doesn’t care about those boys. She is willing to sacrifice their happiness, safety, and well being to be able to use them in her sick mind-numbing game of happy family portraits and fake-loving voices WITH that monster. Never forget Kaiser’s looks of terror every time David comes at him, or all of Jace’s “jokes” saying he doesn’t want his mom with David. She doesn’t care about ANY of it.

    She deserves to get her ass beat.

    The end.

  14. If she wasn’t assaulted and it was just an accident, she wouldn’t have deleted her social media accounts. Yeah…I call bullshit. She didn’t want to read the “I told you so” tweets about David.

  15. So David’s response to allegedly assaulting Jenelle—is to post revealing pics of her on Instagram?

    But of course, this is also the same nutcase who allegedly choked his son’s mother when she was pregnant, resulting in a restraining order preventing him from coming near either her or his son.

    This monster is sick AF and SOMEBODY needs to get those poor innocent kids the hell out of that North Carolina swampy mud trap before it’s too late.

    Please help these kids.

  16. First of she doesn’t have friends. Second off, let the bull crap excuses roll in and her defending that trash, classic abused women syndrome

  17. Oh Juhnelle, you had just enough time to brew up this b.s. story to cover your abusing, gaslighting husbands butt!! The gun we’ve seen this past year on him 24/7 (in pics. etc) I feel, is his way of intimidation & showing his power & she’d better obey or else.

  18. Calling BS on this one. Jenelle didn’t trip at a bonfire. David beat her. Poor Maryssa was probably the one who made the 911 call. Jenelle will end up on, “I Know Who Killed Me.”

  19. I call BS on this explanation. We all know Janelle doesn’t have any friends to invite over for a bonfire.

  20. She deleted comments on Instagram about it too. Someone mentioned the incident and another person asked about what happened . I responded and when I went back to the post every comment bringing it up was deleted .

  21. Can’t wait for the amount of lackluster excuses she’ll come up with for his defense…..
    How long will it take for CPS to intervene?
    Did Marissa make the phone call?
    Will this air in the next season??
    Will Jenelle bail David outta jail??

    All of this and more in the next episode of Dragonball Z!!

    1. In NC they don’t do anything… lived there been involved with CPS myself they get involved with the petty cases so much that they are overloaded with cases and just ignore the obvious ones! Everyone needs to call or go online and make reports to the county she lives in maybe if we all do it something will change. I doubt it though…..

  22. Ok now try to stay off Twitter you giant moron. You NEVER do yourself any favors on Twitter, I’m sure her lawyers have been trying to get her off it for years.

  23. He is a scary, angry ahole. I hope those poor kids are alright. And, despite my feelings about Jenelle, I hope she is safe too. UBT is probably raging right now.

    1. Can someone tell me what, “UBT,” means? I know it must be something with Nathan, but I don’t get it.

        1. Ok, thanks. I knew he referred to himself as uncle David, but there are so many soulmates. I can’t keep things straight.

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