Listen to ‘Teen Mom’ Jenelle Evans’ Horrifying 911 Call Following Alleged Assault By Husband David Eason

The Ashley has obtained the 911 call made by Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans on October 13, begging emergency services to help her.

The Ashley broke the news earlier this week that cops were called to the home Jenelle shares with her husband David Eason following a 911 call for assault. Jenelle was taken to the hospital by a friend after cancelling the ambulance.

While Jenelle tried to spin the story after it broke, stating that she tripped and fell by a bonfire while she and David had friends over, the 911 call tells a very different and very sad story.

“My name is Jenelle Eason,” the call begins. “My husband he just assaulted me. He pinned me down on the ground…in the yard.”

“I think I heard my f**king collarbone crack and I can’t move my arms,” Jenelle tearfully tells the 911 operator, adding that David was still at the house.

“He’s been drinking. I think he got violent because he was drinking,” Jenelle says. “I’m recovering from a surgery. I can’t breathe. I have four kids at the house with me right now and they’re all sleeping… I don’t know what to do right now.”

Jenelle said her collarbone was hurting bad, but not bleeding.

At some point, David comes back into the house and can be heard in the background. Jenelle refers to him as her “ex.”

“He’s trying to convince me to hang up,” Jenelle tells the 911 operator.

“If David comes back and he’s bothering you, you call us back, OK?” the 911 operator tells Jenelle at the end of the call.

On Friday, after the call was released, she posted a photo of herself with David and their daughter Ensley to her Snapchat account.

Jenelle posted this photo to her Snapchat on Friday, after the audio was released…

The Ashley emailed the email address listed on Jenelle’s website for explanation after the call was released.

The emailed response The Ashley received was, “It was a drunk and dramatic misunderstanding.”

E! News received the same statement, as well as an added assurance from Jenelle’s camp that everything between her and David is swell.

“Everything is great…We are totally fine,” Jenelle told E! “We are feeling fine. Just taking time off social media…time to focus on ourselves and our family.”

Jenelle has yet to address her “bonfire fall” excuse from Thursday.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available.

Listen to the call below.

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(Photos: MTV; Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Snapchat)

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  1. My first marriage was very abusive. Both mentally and physically. We had two children that were 1 and 5 during the worst of it. What I’m about to say is hard to beleive and most will not understand, but it wasn’t until several weeks after HE left me, that I started to realize and truly start to accept the fact that I WAS in an abusive relationship! Even though every one told me that I was!! And every time someone tried to tell me, I would always defended him. In my case and most, (not all) the victims are told repeatedly by the abuser that it’s your fault. “You know how to push my don’t know when to shut up…you know this or you know that” forth and so on. “You knew, therefore I hit you. It’s not my fault.” This is what they say over and over again and at some point you start to beleive that it really was your fault. When you are a victim and have been for years…you do NOT think logically! You think “I’m the one that is causing all the problems….its me that he gets angry with not the kids. He would never hurt them. Just me. I just need to be a better wife/husband.” Sadly, the victim truly believes this. Therefore, the people closest to the victim need to step in and do whatever it takes to ensure the welfare and safety for the children. Call and ask police to drop in for a welfare check. Keep communicating and documenting with CPS. Drop by and just try to be a part of the victims life, as much as you can. If there is physical abuse you will see it. You won’t have to ask. If they aren’t ready to admit or accept the fact that they are in a dangerous domestic situation, they will continue to cover for them time and time again. So, drop by unexpectedly just to say hi. Call just to talk. When you sence something is wrong…call 911! Ask them to do a welfare check. They will not tell them who requested it. They will simply stop by and say that they received a call from a concerned citizen and they just need to verify everyone is ok. If everything is good then they are on their way. Trust me, if it’s NOT good but they victim states otherwise,the cops WILL know something isn’t right and respond accordingly. The victim could be a no good worthless pos! Regardless, NO one deserves to be hit, kicked, or knocked around. NO one!! No matter how disliked they are!!

  2. DV is one of the most dangerous types of cases, and frequently ends up escalating to homicide over time.. Imagine how many times Shit like this has happened and she HASN’T called authorities!! She needs to take the kids gtfo before it’s too late

  3. The dispatcher totally dropped the ball…. And she should be reprimanded ..She should have never hung up . Even if she know who it was (And I don’t think she had any idea) Because if she did.. she would known that it would have made it into the media) ..I dislikes Jenelle too but I don’t want to see death come to her or these children and what that dispathcer did was her horrific… Truly imagine.. if it was your mother.. your sister your daughter on that line.. hysterically crying ..seemingly really hurt & terrified. would you have wanted them her talk hang up on your family member?

  4. It’s hard to have sympathy for her when she Cries wolf and is a horrible human being. ( No one deserves Abuse, but I understand why people have no sympathy) Jenelle needs help. A Lot of help. As twisted as it sounds, this is the type of relationship she has always wanted. She has no concept of love or positive (family, Romantic, friends, work) relationships. She needs to leave and seek some intense one on one therapy. But until that happens…My main concern is for those kids. So many adults have let those kids fall through the cracks. Those kids have had their Abuse documented for the world to see. They need to be appointed an advocate. Those kids deserve a chance and put in therapy.

    David, you are a POS. You will always be known as a homophobic, racist, narcissistic Abusive man. That’s your Karma. People cringe when you are in public, people will want to hurt you..but no one will want to stoop to your level. Your not worth it.

  5. This whole thing makes me sick. I just finished dealing with a similar situation personally and the two things that stand out are how she disregards her children’s safety and feelings and she underestimated who will run to her defense if she were to leave. That call sounds legit scary but all her confusion is all based off of protecting him in case things changed. Her claims things are fine is BS. She claims they are taking a break from social media but David is posting non stop on Instagram. They went out with just their kid but where were the other kids, they had a personal dinner where Jenelle looked like she was made to go to act like things were fine but weren’t, im confused how he was able to stand there at jace’s game with Babs after this where everyone is smiling, and even worse is the story there were other people there apparently but nobody helped of backed up this story. I’m hoping kaiser will stay with nathan’s Mother and those pics of Jenelle and Babs is old cause I can’t understand any of this. I feel bad for Jenelle but she should have left the moment he started being so harsh to her kids who aren’t by him. Your kids come first and now they have to live with the same fear she seems to have and yet this show keeps going on. Sickening.

  6. It just baffles me that he was not arrested. Where I live, WA state, you get arrested. You get a TRO. Then the fact finding starts. This makes no sense.

    1. yes. Even if stupid ass Jenelle was too weak to testify against David, police should have sent it to prosecuters and they should have prosecuted on behalf of state. What is wrong with NC ? Are they waiting until he kills a child???

    1. Very good point. He’s been on the verge of posting naked pics for a while. Creepy as hell. I’m sure he has scads of her hitting the pipe too!

  7. I’ve posted this before and I’ll keep posting it until someone (anyone!) does something for those children in that house – all the blustering that MTV does about “no duty to report” is WRONG. All the thoughts of friends that think it’s none of their business and there’s nothing they can do is WRONG.

    In North Carolina, EVERYONE IS A MANDATED REPORTER. All the deputies/LEOs that come to the house. All the CPS workers that come to the house. Anyone that dares set foot on The Land and sees how David treat everyone is a mandated reporter.

    Jenelle will never leave – unfortunately she’s too brainwashed to do anything other than whimper “I’m sorry for calling 911, baby” and “she” (David) probably deleted her Twitter because David took away her phone – the phone she used to call 911.

    I’m positive people connected with the show read this site and our comments – please Please PLEASE do something – get those kids out of there.

    And you might wonder why I’m not advocating one of us do the reporting – well, for the simple fact that we only see an edited view. We suspect that things are happening (and probably are), the fact that we aren’t there live and in person would work in David’s favor. It HAS to be someone that is physically on The Land.

    (emphasis mine)

    North Carolina General Statute § 7B-301. Duty to report abuse, neglect, dependency, or death due to maltreatment.

    (a) Any person or institution who has cause to suspect that any juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent, as defined by G.S. 7B-101, or has died as the result of maltreatment, shall report the case of that juvenile to the director of the department of social services in the county where the juvenile resides or is found. The report may be made orally, by telephone, or in writing. The report shall include information as is known to the person making it including the name and address of the juvenile; the name and address of the juvenile’s parent, guardian, or caretaker; the age of the juvenile; the names and ages of other juveniles in the home; the present whereabouts of the juvenile if not at the home address; the nature and extent of any injury or condition resulting from abuse, neglect, or dependency; and any other information which the person making the report believes might be helpful in establishing the need for protective services or court intervention. If the report is made orally or by telephone, the person making the report shall give the person’s name, address, and telephone number. Refusal of the person making the report to give a name shall not preclude the department’s assessment of the alleged abuse, neglect, dependency, or death as a result of maltreatment.

    (b) Any person or institution who knowingly or wantonly fails to report the case of a juvenile as required by subsection (a) of this section, or who knowingly or wantonly prevents another person from making a report as required by subsection (a) of this section, is guilty of a Class 1 misdemeanor.

    1. While I wholeheartedly agree with you, the police were just there and did nothing, in Colorado someone is almost always arrested for a domestic violence claim, CPS has been out to the land at least 20 times according to Jenelle herself, Nathan’s Mom and I’m sure Nathan, have called CPS about bruising on Kaiser, Jenelle has multiple arrests for assault & Battery, who even knows why David was in jail/prison where he met Jenelle’s ex and found out about the MTV gravy train, I’m almost positive Jace is telling his therapist about the nightmares that go on at the land, so what is it going to take for NC officials to actually do something?

  8. This broke my heart to listen to. I know Jenelle has a history of picking violent men but I truly believe she was absolutely terrified during this call. She sounded like a woman who was just violently assaulted who was genuinely worried about leaving the kids in the house with David. This should be a wake up call to Jenelle that David is NOT SAFE. It doesn’t matter if he was drunk. He hurt you and he’s going to start hurting the kids. Get out now.

    1. so terrified they are one big happy family again rinse repeat with everyone she is with he abused me he forced me moves on to the next she gets what she deserves

  9. These situations are the worst. I’m a male and my wife had mental illness. She was a monster at home. She also abused alcohol. She destroyed my house every week and refused to move out. I had the cops called on me by her and her boyfriend when I had done nothing. The house would be destroyed and she would turn on tears so convincingly that I would be stunned in disbelief. She became the most convincing victim you have ever seen in your life. Thats actually how she hooked me. Told me sib stories and made me feel bad for her.

    So this story could have many sides. I do agree with you though. Every time I saw my ex throw a tv, or a printer and smash it I had to stand there and watch. One time she smashed 30 glasses on a hard wood floor and grinded the shardes into the wood with her foot to make sure and damge rhe floor. I stood there and watched it. I could have left, but honestly if I had she would have only been more enraged that I wasn’t paying attention to her. The only reason I was never arrested is because I never touched her. She never had a mark on her. I was finally able 5o get out of that house and never speak to her again.

    But put yourself in my shoes. Forced to living with a waking nightmare, I cant stop her from destroying my belongings, I can’t kick her out without an eviction, I have a lease and cant afford two rentals, and I’m afraid to call the cops on her because she might lie and the cops with arrest me. I’m not saying David is not guilty. I’m saying you dont know the whole story. Only a couple people do. I had a whole town looking at me as an abuser. I was a great husband. Through it all I still tried to help her because I knew it was mental illness and addiction. No matter what their relationship is toxic just like mine was. No matter who is at fault they need to separate and get into therapy immediately.

  10. I couldn’t listen to it all. I think she is really scared this time. I don’t like her but no way does she deserve that. Her and the kids need out and away from this monster. God I hope Nathan, Doris and barb can get Kaiser and Ensley away from him and also Jenelle if she’s going to protect him.

  11. the childtrn need to be removed from the house .nathan needs,to get an emergency hearing. He probably broke her nose also. I’m appalled the police did not file a report and arrest him. On behalf of the state.seems like her county is ok with woman being abused
    The state needs to bring charges.

  12. since jenelle won’t listen, here is to you NATHAN, DORIS, BABS, NC CPS and MTV: get those kids safe! now!

    four kids in the house “sleeping” (or from behind the curtain witnessing mom get beaten, crying, screaming and then have police cars called). – and witnessing the armed drunk abuser take off in his car? to then having mom taken away to the hospital (by who?) to be left on the crime scene (with who?).

    those kids needs help.

    MTV cameras have on tape – aired – abuse. imagine what they have on tape that has not been aired, and even more: what happens when the cameras are not around.

    oh, and that banana-peeling-post from last week is disturbing to people because of the CONTEXT: david, who on camera refers to kaiser as “a bitch”, clearly use the boy to get to his dad there. it is not innocent. CONTEXT is key: of course he threatens jenelle, he has dirt on her and he reminds her that she will lose all of here kids, including ensley (to him!), if she would ever break free and put charges.

    jenelle really needs help. and it starts by protecting her kids. here is prayers.

  13. That’s very fake”crying” and frankly, she’s made fake calls before. I also think 911 does not sound all that concerned, if they are they stay on the line u til that cops are there.

    1. Really?!?! Does she have to die before you believe she’s terrified? So ignorant. Yeah she sucks and is a pos but she’s scared clearly. If she wasn’t scared she wouldn’t have called 911. I bet she is denying everything so he doesn’t hurt her again. I feel bad for her kids not her but your comment is just wrong.

      1. Actually my first husband hauled off and slugged me during an argument. I grabbed my cat and ran out of house at midnight and walked a mile across the city to get to a friend’s apartment and I divorced him. Jenelle can be quite the actress but she doesn’t sound scared to me and she doesn’t pAnic when he returns, and the 911 operator also doesn’t become more concerned. I figure one them will shoot the other dead but it could be her millennium, then again pretending she’s the victim.

    2. The dispatcher totally dropped the ball…. And she should be reprimanded ..She should have never hung up . Even if she know who it was you have an obligation ..I dislikes Jenelle but I don’t want to see death come to her or these children and what that dispathcer did was her horrific… Truly imagine.. if it was your mother.. your sister your daughter on that line… would you have won her talk hang up?

  14. Jenelle is the co-conspirator in the abuse and coverup of the abuse of her children as well as herself. Imagine each of them fighting their exes and parent just to keep children in that violent, abusive environment! One of them is going to end up in prison for murdering the other. Maybe that’s what it’s going to take to get those kids into stable homes. She and David are such self-serving POS destroying the lives of anyone close to them.

    1. That I can agree with but at the same time I think she’s trapped, scared and insecure. She doesn’t have any idea of what a “ normal” relationship is. She chose to have kids so she needs to protect them and that includes herself. Cps needs to remove every child in this house!

  15. why on earth would 911 hang up before anyone was there? also sorry not sorry she is still with him one of those innocent kids will be dead before her and she makes excuses and goes back

    1. I also wondered why the lady was trying to hang up… but I believe she thought David was gone, and at the end of the tape you hear sirens, so she probably knew that they were there at that point.

  16. When the operator asked about weapons, Jenelle said she didnt know what he had. Jenelle knows they are gun nuts and have an arsenal of weapons in that house. I feel sorry for the police and repsonders that have to make those domestic violence calls. They are very dangerous and she should have told the 911 operator that David has access to weapons just so that the paramedics and police can secure thar scene properly. Ive seen people attack the paramedics during the 911 calls.

  17. Does anyone know what is going on with the kids? Did they leave them in the house with David when she went to the hospital??!?! Did they remove the kids?

  18. I have never…ever….seen jenelle in a turtleneck. Even in cold weather she has her boobs up and out. Those poor kids. Where is the help to be had? This POS is truly dangerous.

  19. I doubt anyone would argue that Jenelle is a horrible mother and an over- all terrible person.
    However, NO ONE “deserves” to be assaulted!
    This is why so many victims don’t report or file charges.
    Because of this shit right here.

  20. We’ve heard Jenelle wail and cry and carry on dramastically in the past, but she sounds genuinely terrified and distraught in this. I don’t know why the hell she keeps defending this motherf*cker!

    He’s got her somehow, no doubt he’s probably threatened her life and probably Ensleys life if she even thinks of leaving him. Master manipulator. I really hope that Barbara pushes for Jenelle to only have supervised visits, especially if David is around. He’s in danger as much as the rest.

    1. I agree. I read the article and stopped the phone call less than halfway through. It didn’t sound like a “misunderstanding”; Jenelle did sound frightened and hurt. These didn’t sound like “feel sorry for me tears” she was crying to the police after she pulled a gun.

  21. WTH is going on in NC? Does someone have to be killed before they take the kids away? Lock David under the jail and let the rats eat his azz. F U David hitting on women and kids. PU::Y!!!!

  22. So how do we know that she wasnt just being an a**hole that night and he had to hold her down? She was probably mixing pain meds with alcohol and was about to flip out on one of her friends when David had to grab her and stop her. You people always assume the worst…

    1. I don’t care what happened-he should never have put his hands on her. Period. Walk away… kids were there. If she was acting crazy walk away. Leave. Calm down etc.

  23. First he’s in the house, then he left in a car, she’s outside, then he’s in the house, then he’s outside talking to her? wtf?

    1. yes… so many untruths in such a short period of time. She calls him the “ex” presumably, and then doesn’t correct the 911 operator when she asks her to call back if David comes back. I was trying to get a mental picture of what was going on in those 4 minutes.

  24. And MTV will continue to put dollars in their pockets keeping him there and her desperately trying to convince everyone how great her marriage is. ??‍♀️

  25. I generally don’t like Jenelle but I am seriously terrified for her. She has an attitude on her too, and I think when they fight it gets explosive which is horrifying for those kids witnessing it. But she is tiny next to him and he could kill her literally. She sounded really scared in that call and we can only hope she leaves but she won’t and I really don’t want to have to read about Jenelle either being hospitalized with bad injuries or about her death, as much as I don’t like her. Please Jenelle, LEAVE

  26. Jenelle usually lies and exaggerates but I have no doubt in my mind that she was telling the truth here. She sounds genuinely terrified. If Jenelle won’t remove herself from this situation, I just hope Barbara and Nathan do something about Jace and Kaiser. David is a monster and should not be anywhere around children.

  27. Girl. Please leave.
    He will do it again.

    I don’t agree with Jenelle and how she keeps the children around this guy.
    Or some decisions that she makes

    But this call was chilling!
    He’s going to kill them all one day.

    Everyone keeps saying she doesn’t want to hear “I told you so”
    But I hope she leaves while she still has a voice ?

  28. Some of these comments are revolting. However you feel about Jenelle you should never be like oh well she deserved. You’re an abuser apologist. How sick are you people. You think you truly know what goes on in her life, in that house just because of a mtv show that gets edited? Oh please F off.

    1. She allows that pos to beat her kids. I don’t care who the fuck you are if u allow a man to do that I have absolutely no respect for you. Nobody deserves to get beat. But when you ALLOW yourself and your kids to get beat over and over and dont accept help. Well then I have no sympathy for her. Put your big girl panties on and be a mother to the liter of children u have. Did y hear the 911 call? Do u watch the show. It’s pretty easy to see wtf is going on there. So take a seat stupid

      1. Allows? I’m sorry I wasn’t aware you lived with them. Reality tv is scripted and edited. Has been for years. This show isn’t anything different. Only stupid one here is you screaming allowed. Since you sat by and let this happen then you’re at fault. Oh wait you don’t live there, you don’t know a damn thing. You just believe some tv show. Take several seats.

  29. Wow. I absolutely hate Jenelle for every fibre of her miserable existence, but I am terrified by this real life document. This sounds like the real Jenelle and for the first time ever, I am scared for her, as well as the many unfortunate children attached to them. When will anybody do anything?!

  30. I really hope that this recording will help Doris get custody of Kaiser, Barbara keep Jace away from David, and David’s son’s mother keep him away. This guy is a monster.

  31. I hope Barbara uses this 911 tape to show a judge the custody order needs to be amended. Jace should no longer be allowed over at Jenelle’s house and she can only see him in a neutral location with Barbara there. I’m going to assume Jace was one of the 4 kids that was there sleeping and the fact that she stayed with David shows she is choosing him over her kids. The fact that she didn’t wake those 4 kids up and get them the hell out of there tells you everything you need to know about Jenelle’s “parenting” skills.

  32. It breaks my heart that the four kids were in the house during that – and we all know this isn’t the first time it has happened.

    I thought that 911 operators always stayed on the line until help arrived. Why would they hang up when they knew that Jenelle was in close proximity to her abuser? Maybe they thought that her “ex” was a different person than David?

  33. Again, I don’t feel bad for Jenelle at all. This is what happens when you refuse to leave someone because you are so desperate to prove to the public that you found your “Cole”, because that’s really all it is. Jenelle is not your typical battered woman who can’t leave because she is economically and socially dependent on her spouse. She has the money, she has MTV, she has her mom. But all she has done is spit in the face of and turned her back on the one person that loves and is genuinely concerned for her: her mother. And for what? THIS fairy tale? Bye, felicia. She had her opportunity to get herself and her kids out of there and what does she do? Turn right back around to him and went right back to perfect family portraits. I am only concerned for her kids. Not her. Those sweet kids do not deserve it. It’s not their fault their mother doesn’t care about them and only cares about appearances and that lunatic.

    1. AMEN sister! She’s ridiculous and more concerned about her life when she needs to worry about the KIDS involved… Sad but its the truth…

    2. EXACTLY!!!!
      You took the words right out of my mouth!!
      I don’t feel sorry for her either, the next beating she gets is just what she asked for because we all know it’s going to happen again and she just can’t leave because she’s as dumb as rocks!
      And Bullshit to whomever says D.V. Victims feel they don’t have a choice, yes, alot of them don’t, but a she does! She has every resource at her finger tips but she won’t leave him because she’s so dependant on him in every other sense. She’s stupid. Can’t feel sorry for someone who chooses this, even if she does leave, she won’t be single for long… She’ll be with the next soulmate before the ink even hits the divorce papers.
      She’s an idiot. How does a phone call like that turn into a “misunderstanding.”

    3. You do understand that it is very hard for a battered woman to leave, because the ex will increase threats and violence towards them. It’s actually more dangerous During the period right after they leave. Yes I think she’s stupid for staying and her kids should never have to witness this BS, but Jenelle is probably deathly afraid of David and she probably believes no one else would ever want her.

      1. How do you think it was that day, when david came back and found out she called the cops on him? How do you think the drive to the hospital went? How do you think it is now that the 911 call is out? Jenelle is going to defend him to the death, literally. I am not worried about jenelle. She did bring this to herself by pushing everyone away in favor of her wonderful husband, and nothing anyone says will change my mind on that. Like I said, she has every resource to leave. You think mtv wouldn’t get her extra security for her, barbara, and nathan/doris? If history has shown us anything, it’s that with Jenelle, everything always goes her way, legally at least.

        The only true victims are those kids. THEY are the ones I’m worried about, not her. She’s a wealthy woman who can leave any time she wants. Those kids are there BECAUSE OF HER. She fought to keep them there. They have no one looking out for them in that house, not even their “mother.”

        1. Agreed!!
          She can leave. She has soooo much support and resources, both financial and in terms of her “employers.” But she won’t leave, it is sad but can’t feel sorry for her, she claimed it was a misunderstanding a day after… Can’t help someone who doesn’t want help themselves. Those poor kids, I’m sure they are scared and feel so uncomfortable in their own home, but also I’m sure it’s normal. So sad for those babies

    4. She is Amber 2.0 with Matt… except that Gary is missing so she has to keep her own kids. She HAS to prove everyone wrong by staying with him and proving what a good guy he is.

      Marriage Bootcamp here they come.

  34. Is this how the law in SC works regarding domestic abuse? Janelle has file charges? In California, and most states someone IS going to jail for domestic violence if there is the slightest mark, bruise, scrape, cut, etc. It is taken very seriously here with zero tolerance. The victim doesn’t have to file any charges, etc., and the police will fill out a form checking boxes for a restraining order right on the spot and it’s good for a few days in order to give the victim time to get another restraining order from the court.

    1. Lived in Charlotte NC and yes sadly it how it works BUT CPS should and would be involved since they were home. Sleeping doesn’t matter I know this for a fact since I’ve been in her shoes

    2. FL is the same way… if a domestic violence is called in, its almost a given that someone is going to jail. Hearing this 911 tape, i’d bet my life David would be arrested in FL.

  35. Juhnelle is one of thr worst people on the planet and this audio had me in tears. He’s gonna kill her one of these days.

  36. We all have seen the signs of abuse all over on the show but hearing that was horrible, I can’t imagine the terror that those kids endure. I hope and pray that Jenelle will get away. She really needs to be single and just focus on her kids and get a ton of counseling.

  37. Jenelle is an excruciatingly pathetic case of a woman who’ll suffer through ANYTHING, including the physical beatings of BOTH herself and her kids — just to keep a man. A man who is one day breaking her collarbone, and the next day prompting her to post goofy pictures of fake happiness on Instagram.

    Does anyone honestly still wonder why Barbara wants to keep Jace as far away from Jenelle and her ratchet “soulmates” as humanly possible?

    That 911 call is just SO beyond sad, and on so many levels.

  38. red flags all over the place. she is a typical abused person, and its going to take a lot for her to leave. but she won’t do anything and he will keep doing it.

  39. I can’t front. As much as I want to sympathize with Jenelle, my vengeful evil side lowkey feels like she deserved to have this happen. Jenelle has been nothing short of abusive to Barbara and Jace for years. The emotional bullying that she has done to Barbara has been so toxic and hurtful, I wouldn’t be surprised if she has taken years off of Barbara’s life due to the stress. And please don’t misunderstand what I am saying. David is a POS sho needs to go back to jail. I realize that feeling this way is wrong and I should never relish a woman being abused by her spouse. But in this case, Jenelle has been such a bully for so long, and there is something perversely satisfying seeing a bully get theirs. I know I will get downvoted, just keeping it 100.

    1. Jenelle didn’t raise herself though. Bans screaming is borderline insane. I’m guessing Jenelle was screamed at and called names by babs her entire childhood. The lady isn’t great with communication.

  40. I actually find it most concerning her cover story is that she fell into a bonfire. Typically, when someone lies about domestic violence they pick something that would explain their injuries (ie walking into a door) did he burn her??

  41. I never knew that Cortland and David were cell mates. And he was just arrested for drug possession not long ago… Maybe they’re still friends and that’s the ex? Especially if they are still dabbling with drugs it would make sense if he was there.. I cannot believe that dispatcher let her off the phone like that.

  42. I forgot she was recovering from surgery on top of it all. David is a monster.
    Her “until the day WE die” tweet or whatever just got even scarier. Jenelle, please go, before it’s too late.

  43. This is absolutely horrifying. I don’t care that it’s Jenelle and David or not. He is going to end up killing her if she stays with him. It’s only a matter of time.

  44. No pity here. She didn’t press charges, defended him by saying it was a misunderstanding, and posted a picture the next day like their one big happy family. Their both sick. It will happen again. This guy is a lunatic.

    1. He probably threatened her not to press charges. I honestly feel like he has threatened to hurt her and her family if she tries to leave.

  45. I can’t stand Jenelle but this phone call is heartbreaking.She sounds terrified and genuinely sounded like she wanted the operator to tell her what to do.Jenelle swallow your pride,admit you made a massive mistake marrying him and get out.MTV will probably help you,your friend Dolph has said you just need to pick up the phone and he’ll be there.Christ,I’m sure Nathan would help you if you asked.Get out before he seriously hurts you or your kids.Its only going to get worse.

  46. A drunk and dramatic misunderstanding?? Hearing body parts crack and calling 911 in hysterics is a misunderstanding?? He could have killed her in his drunken stupor….and what’s even more sick is she’s going to put her safety and even worse, her kids safety at risk and stay with him to keep up the facade that they’re this happy family. If this wasn’t her breaking point for leaving, I’m afraid to find out what is.

  47. If cps doesn’t step in I promise I will call email and harass them daily until something is done about this situation. I lived in NC and cps sucks (Mecklenburg county) it’s ridiculous. Does someone need to die before they step in here?

  48. I’m confused, did she refer to David as her ex? I don’t care who she is or what she’s done this was down right disturbing and I hope she has support to do better for herself and her children.

    1. I feel like she was saying “my ex” to “scare” David into thinking she was leaving him….because at the beginning of the call she said “My husband”, and as soon as David walked trying to reason with and manipulate her, she referred to him as her ex.

      I agree, you hope it’s a wake up call for her to leave, but with her track record Jenelles very dependent on men, she can’t be alone no matter how bad a situation gets, and she’s liable to go out and find someone worse than David. Just a sad situation.

  49. Regardless of how much I dislike Jenelle, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. She is terrified to admit how scared she is of him and to admit that the hatters and Babs were right all along about him. She needs to leave and get a good divorce lawyer and she needs to do it as soon as she feels she is safe to. Right now he is probably keeping a close eye on her and will be harder to escape.

  50. Jennell Evans,This is John Wayne Causey Broken Arrow Oklahoma. You need to leave your Husband David right now. If you don’t leave. He will do this again. So please do the right thing and leave him now!!!, God bless you Jennell

  51. Definitely David in the background I can’t tell exactly what he said but I heard him say something about crying faking and everyone to believe you??? This call was not her faking anything she’s scared and hurt. If CPS doesn’t step in these kids are ruined for life…If they can make it out alive at least…. Like I said I don’t even like her but come on she’s clearly trapped by an abuser. Shes definitely insecure and doesn’t know what a normal relationship is. BUT she chose to have kids which need to be her number one priority and they aren’t! Cps needs to remove them immediately. Dangerous and toxic. I cried listening to this. Those poor kids…

  52. Ya know… IF she wises up and gets her shit together, this could be one of the best storylines on TM2. I don’t like Jenelle one bit, but I’d sure love to see her turn it around.

    Maybe not like Leah motivational speaker turn it around, but just being a decent human and mother. I’d root for that.

    ::grabs popcorn:: t-minus 7 minutes until Kail chimes in.

    1. She was just complaining about how boring her scenes are….if she told the truth about what happens between her and David, she would have one of the most entertaining story lines in the entire franchise. I agree, I would like to see her GENUINELY turn it around, not this I’m “happy” for the gram smoke and mirrors stuff she does…but after all these years, I’m not sure she’s capable of turning it around…although she did have enough sense to leave Gary when he strangled her with that blanket.

  53. Wow. You know how this stuff works, you know the call will be released. Lying isn’t going to help your image. Didn’t she say Babs “liked” David now? Well you can bet that is done with.

    She totally said “I’m talking to my ex.” He was in the house, but then he was gone with a friend, but then “he was saying it was self defense” or something. Who was this ex? Or is it David? That’s a lot of change in 4 minutes.

    I sat there waiting… waiting.. “Is there firearms in the house?” She said it differently, but yes, yes there are a lot of firearms in the house. I have a feeling this has a lot of do with MTV, filming, and the $$$$. Or… is it this mysterious ex in the house?

    Doris, happy Friday. You go rescue that boy from this domestic swamp.

  54. I wonder if it might be a good idea for Amber to reach out because she had to swallow her pride and finally kick out that loser and hear all the I told you so‘s but look she seems to be doing really well and Andrew seems to be a good guy and she seems to be happy

  55. Was she referring to David as her “ex”? Also, she lied when the 911 operator asked if David had any weapons. We know he is always carrying, even at home. That makes me wonder if he is allowed to have weapons (or maybe because he was drinking?). And, it establishes that even though Jenelle was calling 911 on him, she was trying to protect him. Just sad and scary, especially for those kids.

    1. It’s incredibly disregarding to the security of the people who will respond to the 9-1-1 call to say he doesn’t have access to weapon when it’s not true. It’s not surprising from Jenelle, because it’s been established 10 years ago that she is only thinking about herself, but it’s still very not ok.

      1. I absolutely agree…I’ll never forget that police ambush that happened in Pittsburgh a few years ago…Richard Poplawski’s mother didn’t tell the 911 dispatcher there were guns in the house, so those cops went to the house and were all shot dead.

        On Jenelle’s call she 1st says no, then she says she doesn’t know what he has…I understand she was in a very intense situation during that phone call, but a simple YES would have sufficed.

  56. I cannot stand Jenelle, but hearing that is heartbreaking. I’ll never condone someone being in fear of an abuser, whether they put themselves in that situation or not. Especially when the children are directly in David’s path!

    Jenelle- I know you probably don’t want to leave because you don’t want to hear “I told you so.” But, I’d rather you leave now and save the kids and yourself than us hear about all of your deaths/serious injuries on the news later. Domestic violence is no joke! David is a classic narcissist, among other things and a complete sociopath.

    I know you see it. Leave him or at least let someone get the kids. You are a troubled soul with so many issues, but you don’t deserve to potentially be beat/stabbed/shot to death by him. Stop trying to prove a point! There are no points to be proven at this point. Nobody would fault you for leaving.

    1. She’s mad he left with a friend and a fight ensued.
      That whole 911 call was full of lies and conflicting statements. We are trained to hear that and I can’t believe that dispatcher didn’t question her further or keep her on the phone until officers arrived. She gave David time to either hurt Jenelle and time to defently change her story.

  57. How is she going to deny this? Oh wait, the same as usual. A scripted talk with a “friend” before cameras where she tells her that no assault really happened, they just had a fight and they’re just really passionate. I seriously think this dude is by far the most violent. Oh God, those children 🙁

    1. I think MTV filmed the following day with Jenelle and Barbara. Thought they said this was discussed. At that point she was probably still concocting the “I fell” narrative. Whatever that discussion entailed, I’m sure Barbara has now heard the tape and knows Jenelle lied to her. Hope MTV airs that discussion and it doesn’t land on the cutting room floor. They’re pretty good about airing Jenelle’s hypocrisy.

  58. And he’ll apologize, say he’s sorry. “you know how I get when I get angry babe!” She’ll forgive him….and the cycle continues.

    1. An abusive cycle that is. I read about these kind of stories…….it’s hard to leave an abuser because they manipulate you into staying. And some wives end up being dead before anyone believes them. (I think just the other day I read on twitter about a guy who killed his ex, their kids, including the one she was carrying (it was his)….so heartbreaking)

    1. I heard that too. Which ex and why would he want her to hang up and be trying to defend himself? Weird.

      I’m guessing the four kids are Maryssa, Jace, Kaiser, and Ensley. Hopefully they were really sleeping and didn’t hear or see this.

      Jenelle has a tendency to lie and exaggerate to 911/cops, but I believe that David pinned her down and was drunk. Now they’re acting like everything is just fine. I’m guessing they didn’t want to file a police report or press charges because of the custody battle. This would have been really helpful to Nathan and Doris and basically proved their point.

    2. Idk if she meant David was there just referring to him as an ex but I sure wish and hope it was Nathan but I don’t think so. David would have really gotten her good if Nathan showed up right away. If I were Nathan I’d probably kill david. I have my own kids if anyone ever hurt them I would probably go crazy. Those poor kids need to be removed until Jenelle can figure out her life.

    3. I feel like she was saying “my ex” to spite David to his face…it seemed like he came back in the house and was trying to manipulate her and get her off the phone, so she retaliated with “MY EX” to try and “hurt” him.

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