‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Leah Messer Releases First Podcast Episode, Discusses Why She Was Suicidal Years Ago

“I’ve come a long way, y’all!”

The first episode of Leah Messer‘s Life Reboot podcast has been released and it’s…. well… kind of confusing.

The Teen Mom 2 star has teamed with Lindsay Reilly (who created the “Live Your Standard” life transformation program Leah uses) and Brian Scott (who legit introduced himself as “founder of everything”…um?) to talk about how to “live your standard,” “stand in your truth” and “live from the inside out, not the outside in.”

While the trio mainly talked in sentences that sounded like they were pulled straight from inspirational wall signs, Leah did discuss a few topics of interest. She opened up about a dark time in her life where she was experiencing suicidal thoughts. 

“I had these expectations of who I was supposed to be as a mom, as a wife, as a person. I never reached them,” Leah said. “I truly didn’t love myself. I didn’t care if I was ever here. I was suicidal.”

In a new interview with Us Weekly, Leah revealed that the dark period in her life she’s referring to was in 2015, when she was battling her ex Corey Simms for custody of their twin girls.

“I wasn’t in the greatest place mentally and then it was affecting me physically, like it almost cost me my children. … I became suicidal. It was a struggle,” Leah told the magazine. “I think that would be the lowest point [of my life].”

On her podcast’s first episode, Leah said that the “Live Your Standard” program helped her pull herself out of that dark place.

“[The best part to me was] to be able to come up from that and truly be able to love myself and be able to teach my girls to love themselves and honor their feelings and know who they truly are,” Leah said.

She said she eventually had to learn that “you do have a purpose, and this life is worth living.”

During the podcast, Leah also talked about why she feels she was unsuccessful in her previous relationships with men. (As ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans know, Leah has been married and divorced twice already: once to Corey and once to Jeremy Calvert.)

“In my past relationships… [I] wanted to feel loved, and wanted to feel worthy and I looked for that in other people and expected that from men,” Leah said.

“I was always trying to please them and not being who I truly was. I wanted to be loved and wanted to be accepted,” she said, adding that the program has helped her in her dating life. “Now, dating is just different because I know what I want.”

“I love myself more than I ever have before,” she said. “[I’m] not dependent on anyone else for that… It’s so liberating because I would let everything affect me, or I would play victim. When I finally came to a place where I was like, ‘I’m not going to’ I just felt so free.”

The Ashley broke the news back in July that Leah is now in a relationship, after being single for a long period of time. She is currently dating West Virginia local Jason Jordan.

To listen to Episode 1 of Leah’s Life Reboot click here.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Gotta give it to Leah – She looks the best she’s ever has, and seems to be doing well… Also, Aleeah (sp?) Looks JUST like her!

  2. I have to say I’m proud of her. I just hope that she does something that will help her be happy and successful in life after the show ends. I do feel that the show is on a decline, otherwise, they wouldn’t be scrambling to make TM2 so dramatic and adding new cast members. I worry for them all when the show ends….well except for Chelsea.

  3. You see what happens when you take accountability? She seems to be miles away from the girl that was dozing off, slurring her words talking about putting dye in the baby’s head…Her actually admitting that she use to play victim shows how far she’s come, because she use to be the CEO of the “MTV’s editing me to look bad!” club. Catelynn, Adumb, Rhine, and Mack need to take a page outta Leah’s book.

  4. UHH…She says her marriages failed because she was trying to please her husbands and not herself…but didn’t she cheat on both of them??

  5. She admitted she would play victim?! Color me shocked. She loved painting Corey as the monster, especially to the kids. Glad she is able to see that. She still won’t admit the drug problem, but it’s clear that she is doing 1000x better.

  6. Unpopular opinion, but having a special needs child has such a big impact on your life. She must have felt anxiety, may be even guilt, and the constant worry her daughter might never walk again. All this stress must have taken a toll on her. I can totally understand why she developed a drug problem.
    We dont know how hard it is for a parent to see their child with such needs and cannot do anything to make it better. Whatever she was going through, I’m so happy she got out of it

  7. You can tell when the girls start to get their life together. They fall out of the news, their social media presence isn’t watched intently waiting for the next train wreck. She may never admit her prior substance abuse (Monkey, was it?) but rehab certainly got her back on track and this girl is doing awesome. <3

  8. I am happy for her. As much as she had help with the girls from Corey and that side when she needed it, she still struggled. I think I have more respect knowing that she alone pulled herself out of whatever she was going through, and she brought seeking out help upon her own self. That must have taken quite a lot of balls, to decide she wanted to better herself for herself, and for her kids, nobody else. I will always respect her for that. Good for you Leah, everyone’s rooting for you.

  9. Glad she got her shit together, but Im even happier I dont have to be around her. All that inspirational stuff would probley push ne over the f’ing edge.

  10. Be happy Leah, you and the girls deserve that and so much more. I hope you place your trust and faith in God. He will carry you through the difficult times in life. Blessings to you and your girls.??⛅⭐❤

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