Former ‘Teen Mom 2′ Dad David Eason Allegedly Told His Wife Jenelle Evans’ Friend “I Will Blow Your F**king Brains Out” Before Alleged Pistol-Whipping That Led to His Arrest

“I like them guns…and stuff…”

More details have been released regarding the second of David Eason‘s two arrests last week— and they’re positively frightening!

According to a warrant issued for the former Teen Mom 2 dad’s arrest on Friday (which was obtained on Monday by The Sun), David is being charged with “Assault with a Deadly Weapon” and “Communicating Threats” following him allegedly pistol-whipping a friend of his newly re-estranged wife Jenelle Evans after an argument on The Land.

“[David] unlawfully and willfully did assault [a male friend of Jenelle’s] with a deadly weapon, a Springfield handgun, by hitting [the alleged victim] in the back of the neck and on his back with the handgun,” the warrant alleged.

The warrant also states that David allegedly “unlawfully and willfully did threaten to physically injure the person,” allegedly telling the man, “I will blow your f**king brains out.”

“The threat was made in a manner and under circumstances which would cause a reasonable person to believe that the threat was likely to be carried out and the person threatened believed that the threat would be carried out,” the warrant verbiage continues. 

TMZ outed the victim as James Spivey, a friend of Jenelle’s (and her longtime pal Tori Rhyne). On Monday, James’ partner, Josh Galloway confirmed on Twitter that it was James who was allegedly assaulted by David.

“For everyone that does know James Spivey is my partner, & TMZ leaked his name thru court documents..” Josh tweeted. “He is safe & we are fine. Just sore from the pistol whip incident but he will be more than okay. It will all play out in court.”

Speaking of court, David has a cornucopia of court dates coming up next month in relation to this incident, as well as past incidents.

“I better dig my courtin’ britches out and give ’em a good wershin’!”

David is due to go before a judge in Columbus County, North Carolina, on July 6, to answer to the assault with a deadly weapon and communicating threats charges. (Both are being classified as misdemeanors for now.) He also has a court date scheduled for July 28 in nearby New Hanover County, North Carolina, stemming form an incident that occurred in 2018 in which David “self-towed” a stranger’s truck that he felt had parked too close to his boat. (He did this as Jenelle filmed and cackled through the whole thing.)

That, too, is a misdemeanor charge, as well as an additional charge of “Tampering with a Vehicle.”

And there may be more court dates in the future for David. As The Ashley previously reported, in addition to his arrest on Friday, David was also hauled into jail on Thursday, for failing to show up in court for the self-tow misdemeanor charge against him. He was booked into the Columbus County Jail but was quickly released after securing the $`1,000 bond.

Following David’s double-arrest, Jenelle released a statement informing her fans of what had happened and revealing that she is planning to leave David (again) for good this time. She vowed to get a restraining order against him as well. (At press time, The Ashley could find no restraining order in place against David; however, it may be too early to view it online if it was just filed on Monday.) 

“Just give me my Victoria’s Secret PINK sweatpants and boxes of JE Cosmetics eyebrow kits and I’ll be on my way…”

In an interview with  Celeber NationJenelle gave details of what happened on The Land to lead to David’s second arrest.

“David Eason was arrested after Pistol-Whipping a gentleman,” the site reports, adding that the alleged pistol-whipping occurred when two of Jenelle’s friends went to The Land to fetch her belongings and things escalated into a fight.

“That’s when David got into a heated argument with one of the men over his truck keys and David struck one of the men with a pistol,” the site claims. “David misplaced his keys, neither Jenelle nor any of the men were in possession of the keys. They were found by David later.”

After searching online records, The Ashley has found as assault with a deadly weapon charge for James Spivey, the man who was allegedly pistol-whipped by David. James has a court date on July 6 (just like David).

David and Jenelle had been fighting in the days leading up to the alleged pistol-whip incident.

On Saturday, she posted a statement to her official Facebook page.

“I just want to let the public, tabloids, and my fans know that IM OK, IM SAFE AND SO ARE THE KIDS!” she wrote. “I’m going to take a few days out to myself to gather my thoughts and focus on what’s going on so I won’t be on social media much. I love you all for the support that you all have shown me and I’ll be stronger and better than ever soon!”

Jenelle stated that she took the kids and left The Land, telling CeleberNation, “I’m shaking and saddened by this, it’s time for me to move on from this relationship and find happiness for my kids and myself elsewhere.”

Jenelle left David in October 2019 but went back to him by January.

So far, only one of David’s mugshots has been released publicly, and it’s truly a stunner. (See below!)

It’s suitable for framing if you ask The Ashley!

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(Photos: Instagram, MTV, Twitter, Facebook, Busted)


  1. The mugshot is hilarious. His goofy chewbacca-looking mug Is the laugh we all need right now.

    (No offence to Chewbacca)

  2. From MTV to ID Network. Can someone PLEASE remove the children from the equation. This dude is about to explode and they are innocent and do not deserve this misery in their little lives.

  3. There really is no point in even reporting on all his deviant, violent, abusive, illegal, anti-Christ behavior; this is not news. What would be worth reporting/newsworthy would be when he is actually found guilty and sentenced to prison.

  4. Sadly I see this ending with David killing Jenelle and the children and Barbara and Jace and then turning the gun on himself when the cops close in on him. Not sure why CYS would not step in at this point when the family obviously has a history with them. Its a very sad situation for all involved.

  5. In the second to last picture in this article it looks as if he’s going to start beating Jenelle on camera.

  6. How can you pistol-whip someone and that’s a misdemeanor? Does he need to kill someone to end up in jail?

  7. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    She better have taken her dog to safety too. And ban them from getting anymore animals.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Don’t worry everyone. The judge overseeing this is the one who let them have the kids back and walk away from all previous cases with no consequence

  9. Jenelle publicized all of this for money. She owns CeleberNation (per Grace Report). I think she got her friend hurt on purpose for views ($$) and site traffic. Jenelle didnt consider having the police go with her to pick up her things? That girl will go to any length to not get a real job.

  10. Hey guys, maybe we can all chip in a few coins and buy him a nice Happy Planner so he can schedule and keep track of all his court dates. He will be finally be a very busy man. Will this be considered a FT job minus the check?? 🤔

      1. Too bad all the “tools he uses to make his living” got stolen!
        He probably made $40 selling something to his uncle (or any family feeling obligated to buy something) while working with $2000 worth of tools / supplies!
        Both of them!

        Anyone who treats their friends like JE does deserves as many friends as she has (none)!!

        She posted something a while ago about a daughter being a lifelong friend…will be her only one and can’t imagine conversations being that riveting!🤣😇

  11. This is what happens when actions don’t have any consequences. Behavior escalates because they’ve been shown, they can.

  12. In this case, with the long history of court shenanigans, restraining orders, allegations of abuse, CPS investigations, arrests, etc, can’t the state put a permanent restraining order against David, from Jenelle and the kids? That way Jenelle cannot drop it & endanger the kids even further once she goes crawling back to David? Obviously there is more than enough evidence against David to have this done & approved by a judge. I know someone who physically abused by his mother & the local PD assigned a permanent restraining order without say from either party. Isn’t this a thing where Jenelle and David live??!? Can’t we protect the kids?

    1. That is an incredibly rare restraining order. You need a LEGAL pattern. Dropped restraining orders and police reports don’t count. Usually there also needs to be multiple instances of abuse that the abuser has been convicted of. Jenelle’s dramatics rule that order out because a judge would just think she was lying like she normally does. Welcome to America. We protect the guilty, not the innocent. FYI, when I say innocent I mean the kids and ONLY the kids.

  13. David looks like Edward Gingerich the Amish man with schizophrenia. That story did not end well at all. I truly hope the law locks David up because I doubt anyone will be safe with him roaming the free.

    1. Is this story of the Amish man that beat his wife to death? Then he eventually commited suicide after he was set free?

      1. Yes, THAT Amish man. The story is so gruesome that I really worry for Jenelle, the kids Barbara, the animals and everyone he blames for his problems. Based on how he tormented Nugget I would say David has severe mental illness.

        1. I have seen this same story on TV twice on two different crime shows. How he was shunned by his family.

    1. Some blogs have wrote that she is with her Mom and/or Grandma. That ex-teen mom has no rights to that child. I feel so bad for those kids and the animals. So, July will be very busy for the dog murderer child abuser.

      1. Dog murderer, child abuser, wife beater, racist, homophobe, complete psycho freak, etc. The list goes on and on!

  14. Why the hell would Jenelle send ANYONE to The Land to confront crazy, gun-toting David??? (And why would they agree to do this???). She’s lucky neither of those guys were killed.

    Those kids and Idiot Jenelle need to be in hiding. Praying for those babies.

  15. I’m so pissed that CPS continuously returns innocent children back into this type of abusive environment! Clearly, Jenelle has proven she won’t protect her kids and she doesn’t put her kids before all else including herself and definitely not before Sasquatch. Are these babies going to have to end up in the hospital or worse dead? Im terrified for them! Jenelle and David can go fuck themselves for all I care. Maybe that sounds harsh but Jenelle is just a season negligent, selfish and abusive towards those kids. She’s just as culpable as Uncle Bad Touch who I doubt will get any jail time at all. Probably probation that he won’t follow especially if he and Jenelle have Kesha concert to go to.

    1. Look, I work in child welfare, and I just gotta say – CPS has ZERO control to remove or return kids to/from a home. They submit their findings, but the ultimate decision is up to a judge, and ultimately, lawmakers. They’ve made it EXTREMELY hard to lose custody of your kids, unless the circumstances are very grave.

      And the judge that reviewed this case is the same small-town judge that Jenelle’s been appearing in front of for her shenanigans since she was 16. Notice how they ALWAYS let her off, for everything?! She’s either greased their palm, or they think she’s “just a nice white girl” who needs a 2nd, 3rd, 14th, and 17th chance to “do the right thing”.

      1. When the Eason’s lost custody, the first judge went hard on her “failure to protect her child”. How were they able to get the case in front of a new judge who turned around and just handed them back that afternoon? Didn’t CPS file a counter-motion against the second judge’s reversal? I feel so bad for social workers, overworked, underpaid, and having an entire case reserved by the court system! How terribly disheartening to try and do the right thing for children and having one poor decision-maker in power reverse everything and place the kids right back into the same situation.

    2. CPS didn’t return the children to them. CPS wasn’t exactly pleased with the decision, but had no choice

  16. No one cared that he beat Nugget to near death, then shot him…why should a little pistol whip matter?

    1. I dont think she is going to apply for a restraining order.
      Its all a setup and she is probably on the land right now

  17. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    Feel like I can already see the Murder/Suicide headline 🙁

  18. But he loves her unconditionally and she’s like super happy dude. I really hope Babs and Nathan’s mother step up to save those poor babies.

  19. I know Jenelle has cried wolf before but I totally see David saying that to her. My heart goes out to the kids and especially Marissa! Jenelle I could care less about

    1. The major part that JE left out is how she instigated the entire thing, enraged him (not difficult!) then ran boohooing to her only friend (Tori) then sent Toris male ‘friends’ into the lions den.
      Who does that?!?
      Tori would know how volatile DE is but did the guys who went there??
      They were absolutely set up as martyrs for JEs cause!

      NO CHANCE IN HELL I would let my friends go into a situation like that, especially on my behalf!!
      Not to mention she knows how he feels about the gay community…
      She set those poor guys up and I REALLY hope they recognize that!
      JE uses and abuses anyone within 6-degrees of separation…

      I hope Tori is pissed at her too!

  20. I wonder if the court system actually requires David to kill someone before he’s jailed… He’s been running free for way too long. I lost all sympathy for Jenelle, she brought this on herself. I can only imagine the horror these kids must have been exposed to… Also, was Maryssa present during all this madness? Poor girl, my heart breaks for her.

  21. Where is poor marissa? Does anyone know?? That is one of the CREEPIEST mug shot I’ve ever seen. It’s legitimately sinister looking. Not even in an “I hate David way”, it’s just scary.

    How is CPS not dealing with this?? WHAT WORLD DO I LIVE IN!?!??

    1. One blog said she was with her Mom and Grandma. I hope they are in hiding. That lunatic will take everyone down before anything happens to him.

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