The Ashley’s Guide to Watching the Rest of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10: Details on the Finale & 3-Part Reunion, Where to Watch Extended Episodes & More

Prepare to feel each one of these emotions over the next four weeks.

Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules is coming to an end, but before you buckle up to watch the ‘Scandoval’ backlash unfold, The Ashley is SURving ‘VPR’ fans an appetizer of what’s in store for the next four weeks. 

(Spoiler alert: there isn’t a fried goat cheese ball in sight.)

Season 10 Finale/Ariana Madix on ‘Watch What Happens Live’: May 17

“On the other hand, your poor life choices did get us the green light on Season 11…”

Next week, viewers will finally get to see what cameras captured after Ariana Madix discovered that her boyfriend, Tom Sandoval, was having an affair with the couple’s co-star and friend Raquel Leviss.

Raquel, basically describing all of her and Sandoval’s life choices up until this point…

According to TV Deets, the episode–- appropriately titled “Scandoval”–- will also show Sandoval’s BFF and business partner, Tom Schwartz, panicking over the impact his friend’s affair is having on their businesses, namely Schwartz & Sandy’s. As you may recall, Sandoval made the bold decision to issue a statement in March begging fans to stop trashing his businesses online, before he issued a public apology to Ariana. 

“…and pretending to enjoy your singing.”

Viewers will also see Schwartz answer to ex-wife Katie Maloney when Katie accuses him of being complicit in hiding Sandoval and Raquel’s affair, and Raquel will file her infamous–- and ultimately dropped–- restraining order against Scheana Shay.

The Finale will include the return of fired ‘VPR’ star Kristen Doute, as well as “another shocking secret” courtesy of the #1 Trumpet Player in the Group. 

The “supersized” Season 10 Finale of ‘VPR’ airs Wednesday, May 17 on Bravo. Click here to watch a preview of the episode.

Immediately following the finale, Ariana will join Andy Cohen in the Bravo Clubhouse as a guest on Watch What Happens Live. (Other than the statement Ariana posted to social media in March, this will be the first time viewers will get to hear Ariana talk about the Scandoval publicly.) 

Season 10 Reunion Part 1, May 24

I’ll give it to James: at least he thought of an insult that would make it through the censors…

The Season 10 Reunion will kick off with Andy’s one-on-one interviews with Ariana, Sandoval and Raquel. Once the rest of the Season 10 cast takes the stage, James Kennedy, who was previously engaged to Raquel, gets into a heated argument with Sandoval, causing Andy–- and seemingly Lisa Vanderpump–- to step in before things get physical between the former friends. 

“Careful James, if Sandoval is playing by Raquel’s rules, get ready for a restraining order.”

Former spouses Katie and Schwartz discuss their divorce over an insult-throwing session in which Katie calls her ex-husband a “serial killer’s wet dream.”

We need someone to slap this onto a mug, STAT.

Lala Kent defends herself after being questioned about her strong feelings against cheating and Lisa is reportedly left “speechless” after Ariana reveals where she stands with everyone in the group. 

Part 1 of the Season 10 Reunion airs Wednesday, May 24, at 9 p.m./ET on Bravo. 

Season 10 Reunion Part 2, May 31

Diving into Part 2 of the Reunion, Scheana provides more context on the altercation that led to Raquel filing a restraining order against her. (As you may recall, because of the restraining order, Scheana and Raquel were not permitted to appear on stage together during the reunion; Raquel watched from backstage during this time.)

“Damn, what a shame!”

James’ girlfriend (and possible Scandoval whistleblower) Ally Lewber joins the group to discuss her DJ-ing boyfriend’s anger issues and the future of their relationship. Ally will also stick around as the cast debates the rumor that Sandoval and Ariana were in an open relationship. Raquel will join the cast on stage as Part 2 of the Reunion comes to an end.  

Part 2 of the Season 10 Reunion airs Wednesday, May 31, at 9 p.m./ET on Bravo.

Season 10 Reunion Part 3, June 7

This is what happens when you make D-word and S-word choices.

As the Season 10 Reunion comes to a close, Raquel comes face-to-face with her former friends (and the Toms) as the (now Scheana-less) group revisits the girls trip to Las Vegas and Lake Havasu, and Schwartz is put in the hot seat when questioned about his role in covering Sandoval and Raquel’s affair. 

When you and your bestie share a name AND a single brain cell.

Things get emotional for Ariana as she opens up about being betrayed by her close friend and boyfriend of nearly a decade, while Andy questions the new–- and allegedly “toxic”–- couple about the status of their relationship and whether they are in love.  

“With anyone other than yourself, I mean…”

Part 3 of the Season 10 Reunion airs Wednesday, June 7, at 9 p.m./ET on Bravo. (Like the Season 10 Finale, Part 3 of the Reunion will be a “supersized” episode.)  

Extended/Uncensored Episodes: 

“At least not before I’ve re-preened my mustache!” 

For the first time in ‘VPR’ history, the day after each one of the Reunion episodes air on Bravo, an extended version of the episode will stream exclusively on Peacock, Bravo reports. These Vanderpump Rules: Pumped Up Edition episodes will be uncensored, extended, and will feature additional never-before-seen footage. 

Watch a preview of the ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Season 10 Reunion below. 

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(Photos: Bravo; YouTube) 

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  1. Holy Smokes. This Scandoval has breathed life into this crappy show that should be GONE. Don’t get me wrong, cheating is WRONG! But all these folks have cheated in this circle…eeew 6 degrees of separation (??). But SUDDENLY the world is in a dither about these two! Anyone remember Ariana in previous seasons? Not that she deserved to be lied to, but she’s been shady in some ways previously aside from the cheating.

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