Scheana Shay’s Attorney Admits Scheana Did “Push” Raquel Leviss; Says It Was “Necessary” After Raquel Allegedly Got Physical First

“See our height difference? I couldn’t have punched her in the eye!” 

The legal battle between Vanderpump Rules stars Raquel Leviss and Scheana Shay may not be over yet, as Scheana may be considering filing charges against Raquel. In a new interview, Scheana’s attorney stated that it was Raquel— not Scheana— who took their infamous fight earlier this month physical first. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Raquel took out a temporary restraining order– and filed for a permanent restraining order– on Scheana after she claimed Scheana punched her in the face, leaving her with blurred version, a permanent scar on her face and a black eye. Raquel said the altercation took place right after Scheana learned of Raquel’s months-long affair with Tom Sandoval, the longtime boyfriend of Scheana’s BFF Ariana Madix.

Though Scheana has always denied the allegations that she punched Raquel and left cuts above her eyebrow, Scheana’s attorney is now giving more insight as to what allegedly happened during the girls’ physical altercation. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Neama Rahmani stated that it was Raquel who was took things physical, not Scheana. 

“Scheana did push Raquel, but it was after Raquel grabbed her wrist. It was a reasonable force,” he told the magazine on Wednesday. “It was necessary. I mean, look, Scheana is at best, maybe 5’5, [and] Raquel, [she’s] 5’10, she’s wearing heels. For Raquel to argue that Scheana could even punch her in the eye or cut her eyebrow, I mean, that’s just absolute inconsistent with the height differential and the size differential of these two women.

“Scheana didn’t punch Rachel. Rachel didn’t get a black eye. Scheana pushed Rachel but only after Rachel grabbed her wrist, and Rachel did not suffer a concussion,” he added.

“I was concussed, I swear!” 

Scheana’s attorney went on to state that Raquel embellished about what happened and then misused the country’s legal system.

“Everything that Raquel said was a gross exaggeration of what happened,” he explained. “And importantly, it’s not a basis for a restraining order. This isn’t a reality TV show. This is real life. [A restraining order] is something for actual victims of violence, domestic violence, workplace violence, elder abuse, child abuse. It’s not because two friends had an argument outside of a New York bar.

“So it’s really was a gross abuse of our system of justice. Raquel filing the police report, getting those medical records, filing the petition. I mean… there’s real victims that need help.”

This echoes what Scheana stated as she was leaving the courthouse after the hearing on Wednesday. In that same interview, Scheana accused Raquel of taking legal action to “deflect the affair” with Sandoval, calling the move a “PR stunt” to “save face.” While the temporary restraining order case has been dismissed, Scheana hinted that she may now be taking legal action against Raquel. 

Raquel, hoping the judge will allow her to bring galaxy lights into the courtroom.

According to her attorney, Scheana has reason to do so. 

Neama told Us Weekly that Scheana could pursue a lawsuit against Raquel for defamation, malicious prosecution or abuse of process.

“Good thing I don’t know what any of those words mean, right?!”

Neama claims Scheana “doesn’t want anything to do with” Raquel at the moment, but he will stick by his client’s side and continue to defend her as he has done for the past several weeks.

Scheana sang her attorney’s praises this week, telling reporters that Neama “and his office worked so hard to make sure that the truth prevailed.” 

“…and by ‘it’ I mean the truth.”

While Scheana has yet to reveal whether or not she intends to pursue a lawsuit against Raquel, she’s made it VERY clear that she isn’t interested in pursuing a friendship with her. Outside of the courthouse on Wednesday, Scheana replied with “Hellll no,” when asked if she would ever consider being friends with Raquel again. 

“That’s a hard no!” she added.

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3 Responses

  1. I love that Schena finally isn’t the bad guy. It’s pretty horrible when your “friend” wants to be relevant so badly she screws her friends husband, tries to start something with the other Tom to have a storyline and when it comes down to it even the classless Charli that thought she was gonna be relevant this season lenched her hopes on Rachel for standing up to Lala when that didn’t work now she had to play the Scandoval card! The thirst is real. And if I gotta watch her flip her bangs one more time we’re cutting her hair off!!!

  2. If it was fake, sue her. There is a huge problem with people filing fake TROs when they have hissy fits. Kail Lowry comes to mind hard with all her do not harress orders. Fake TROs are almost never prosecuted. That needs to change. Those are for REAL VICTIMS ONLY. People that abuse them are taking time away from courts that could go towards real victims. Its disgusting. You are not a victim because confronted you about your bad behavior. And I’ve seen the photos going around. That girl had those marks before all of this. She didn’t show up because she knew that.

    1. Fake TROs shouldn’t be highly prosecuted because that would harm real victims significantly more. Controlling abusers already use the legal system against their victims. It would also discourage victims from seeking TROs. Punishing people for filing TROs would ultimately be used to harm victims. Judges can deny a petition if they think it doesn’t fit the criteria.

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