Farrah Abraham Accuses Texas Med Spa of “Face Robbery” After She Claims They Botched Her Botox Treatment & “Ruined” Her Face

“Um…NOTICE med spa people! It’s illegal— PER LAW— to rob faces from very famous celebrities!”

A Texas, med spa is “facing” the wrath of Farrah Abraham

The Backdoor Teen Mom— who currently lives in Austin—took to Yelp to write one of her infamous one-star reviews this week, accusing the “Saving Face” med spa of committing “facial robbery” against her.

No. Seriously.

Farrah— who has had her face plumped, sucked, cut up, carved out and reworked numerous times over the years— was clearly unhappy with the job the med spa did Botoxing and filling her face. The plastic surgery enthusiast claimed that the spa’s employees refused to listen to her, hit her nerves with needles, and overfilled her face, creating dents.

“Face robbery is real and I wouldn’t trust my face with this company Saving Face as 3 woman on location couldn’t figure out how to listen to the client on filler rather than Botox,” Farrah wrote on Yelp. “Being charged thousands of dollars to ruin my face is bulls**t.”

“To be fair, Farrah, you did that to yourself somewhere around 2014…just sayin!”

Farrah went on to accuse the spa’s technicians of being “idiots” and of “not caring about hitting nerves with needles.” She also insisted that they were unaware of human anatomy. 

“I can’t even smile properly because of these none-skilled injectors,” Farrah wrote. “It’s horrible to be taken for money and your face altered SCAM at it’s finest. Austin tx deserves better 100!”

Farrah uploaded this photo to the Yelp review to show how different her cheeks looked after the Austin med spa supposedly overfilled them with Botox…

And, naturally, Farrah— the self-proclaimed “Number One Celebrity In Our Nation”— had to somehow work in a sentence about how famous she is. 

“I would post a picture but I’m famous and I don’t need their sh**ty work stuck on Google,” she wrote, before adding that she had to go to another spa in New York to “fix” the issues she was left with. Luckily, the New York technician was able to remedy the “facial robbery” Farrah says she experienced in Austin and bring her mug back to  plumped-and-plastic perfection.

Farrah also underwent some “lip blushing” while in NYC (a type of semi-permanent makeup application on the lips). The tech who did the work later shared the results to Instagram.


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On her Facebook page, Farrah shared a Daily Mail article that contained photos of her “new” look (after the “facial robbery” was repaired in NYC). While Farrah was pleased with her “after” look, those who left comments on her post certainly didn’t feel the same way. 

“When did she turn 60?” one person quipped.

“She needs to stop getting work done. #Botched,” another wrote. 

As fans know, Farrah has numerous cosmetic surgeries over the years, including rhinoplasty, multiple boob jobs, fillers, a chin implant (and removal), numerous body procedures and more. Back in 2015, Farrah had a life-threatening reaction to a lip implant procedure, causing her to have to go to the emergency room and later turn to the doctors from the TV show Botched for help. 


At the time, Dr. Paul Nassif and Dr. Terry Dubrow warned Farrah that she could cause permanent damage to her face if she kept having procedures done to her lips; however, Farrah has continued to get fillers and other cosmetic lip procedures.

All of her plastic surgery has caused Farrah to have a dramatically different look from when she first appeared on 16 and Pregnant. However, when Farrah heard back in November that fans were saying she’s now “unrecognizable,” she blasted the online nay-sayers and accused them of committing “emotional abuse” against her.

During the same rant, Farrah also insisted that she is not “unrecognizable” because she recognizes herself. 

“I recognize myself more than I’ve ever recognized myself,” she said.

“CLEARLY you’re not used to being around a CELEBRITY, peasant!”

The Big F insisted that at the time that she was in her “natural state.”

“I have to say, I look freaking amazing!” she said. “And this is me natural. So that means injections [have] worn off. That means nothing else. The end.

“If you want to keep shaming, that’s emotional abuse!” Farrah continued. “It’s called gas-lighting. It’s not right, it’s not the facts…Take care of your health. Just like I do. I’d want the same for you, because I feel great. I love how I look. I love how I age. And that’s beautiful.” 

This is just the latest of Farrah’s signature “one-star” Yelp reviews (which The Ashley has come to look forward to.) Over the years, Farrah has used the review site to blast everything from an apartment complex she lived in (and allegedly caused a fire in); Harvard’s online college; the LA nightclub she was arrested in front of in 2022; her “women-hating” OBGYN; and many more. 

(If you’d like to further fry your brain and read more examples of Farrah’s absolute decimation of the English language, click here!)

(Photos: Instagram; Yelp; MTV) 


  1. I know it’s so easy to hate on Farraj and I do always but something kinda came to me.
    My first thought she’s trying too hard to like a Kardashian.

    Yes we know she’s mentally ill, but what if something very traumatic happened from one of her parents that she felt sp disgusted seeing THEM in her. Which obviously is a mental health issue. That’s probably where this stemmed from with plastic surgery.

    I’m just guessing at the why, not defending her in any way. She looked exactly like Michael. It creeper me out and I found him so oddly creepy, even watching your own daughters porn amd EVEN ADMITTING it

    1. I think the reason people feel comfortable criticizing her is because she is continuously rude, nasty, & cruel to everyone around her. The second someone doesn’t worship every move she makes, she turns and blasts them. She lies over and over and over again about every situation that makes the news.

      There are a lot of traumatized children, teenagers, and adults in this world that went through whatever she went through and worse. But they do not act like her and treat people the way she does. That’s the bigger issue, imo.

      As for her plastic surgery, I think it started because she was 16 when she became famous and people nitpick everything. I believe with her it was her nose. She was very pretty back then, but I think she couldn’t handle the comments about her nose. So she fixed that and I’m sure the surgeon said “You should do this, I can see this looking good on you”, etc. and she fell for it. So she went too far. THEN in the meantime she’s getting more and more messed up and lashing out at everyone around her. Then she goes back for a tweak here and there and got addicted to it. People with all that plastic surgery don’t even know what looks good anymore. Courteney Cox recently said she looks back at her face when she was getting it and can’t even believe she thought that looked good. They all have the same bizarre looking faces and think it looks good, when actually it’s horrifying. You can find thousands of blonde middle-aged women in wealthy California and Texas towns that look like Farrah. It’s really sad. I don’t think they have any perspective anymore to realize what they look like. All to avoid a couple wrinkles. It’s wild. Or with Farrah, to fix a nose.

      Anyway, whatever Farrah’s parents did to her as a child is no excuse for the way she is now. And she has the fame and money for all the resources in the world, but she refuses to listen to any therapist that even suggests that she may have been in the wrong in any situation. I would kill for the resources she has and she just plows through life hurting everyone in her wake. My toddler is more mature than her.

  2. I’d be curious to see what the honest reaction is to any spa, facial, etc. employee who sees “Farrah Abraham” on their schedule.

  3. For multiple reasons I dont understand why people still do cosmetic surgery on Farrah.
    What I also don’t understand is how a post with that lip work is good PR. In what kind of distorted world do both clients as “the proffesional” live?

  4. She looks like a wannabe Kardashian. I’m not sure how symmetrical her face was before she started with all the procedures but in the close up picture you can really see how asymmetrical it is.

  5. Hey dimwit Abraham, you yourself ruined your face, stop blaming others, you face matches your personality ugly af.

  6. To be fair, I never see anything different with Farrah. She always looks fake and like she was stung by a bee.

    It is all very sad, she must hate herself so much in order to mutilate herself like that.

  7. Her face is definitely wonky on the left hand facing side. Her mouth is slanted towards the left. But also whoever made the hack job of her brows isn’t helping the situation!


    1. That pic in the pink. Omg.

      She was looking 40s (like Kylie Jenner), but that pink dress? Easily late 50s.

  9. I actually think Farrah in 16 & Pregnant was pretty. I don’t know why she ever took a scalpel to her face.

    She might win the case since she can easily prove that she is not mentally well enough to sign any legal document.

    Her face has looked this bad for years. But she’s been unwell for many years too.

    1. Farrah was hands down the prettiest on TM, if not the franchise first seasons.

      It was the boobs first, so she could be a model. Bc couture designers love framing large breasts.

      Then it was the nose and chin. And that was it. What made her attractive was gone.

  10. Okay- who wants to be the one to tell her that her face was ruined well before this? She needs to be suing over whoever did those eyebrows, damn 😳

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