Farrah Abraham Denies That She’s “Unrecognizable”; Claims People Who Criticize Her Altered Appearance Are Committing “Emotional Abuse”

“This is emotional abuse of a Number One Celebrity Of Our Nation!”

Farrah Abraham is tired of people criticizing her ever-changing looks, and she took to Instagram Live recently to tell off her nay-sayers, via one of her signature “Farrah Speak” rants!

The former Teen Mom OG star— who has changed her appearance so drastically in recent months that many fans have claimed online that she’s “unrecognizable”— insisted in her video that she was showing off her “natural” face and that she was free of filters, makeup and injections.

“I want to say to someone that shames someone for taking care of their health, their care; you’re not a fan, you’re not a supporter,” she said.

Farrah— who has had multiple nose jobs, a chin implant, numerous boob jobs and countless filler and Botox injections, among other cosmetic procedures — claimed that she is simply “taking care of her health.” She lashed out at those who say she’s now “unrecognizable.”

A recent photo of Farrah (and her latest face)…and her daughter Sophia…

Farrah then flashed a screenshot of an recent article by The Sun that talked about how different Farrah looks from when she was on 16 & Pregnant. Farrah denied this, stating that she recognizes herself more now than ever…

…or something.

“The news of ‘Oh my God, it’s so sad, Farrah’s not recognizable.’ I recognize myself more than I’ve ever recognized myself,” she said.

“What I want to know is when am I gonna be recognized for the international rap superstar that I am!?”

Farrah then makes a decent point, stating that very few people in their thirties look the same as they did when they were a teenager. However, she insists that the face shown in the video is her real, natural face. 


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And, as always, Farrah continues to be a big fan of Farrah.

“I have to say, I look freaking amazing!” she said. “And this is me natural. So that means injections [have] worn off. That means nothing else. The end.”

All of us looking at this video and listening to Farrah call herself ‘natural”…

Next, Farrah went to her go-to proclamations that abuse has been committed against her.

“If you want to keep shaming, that’s emotional abuse!” Farrah said. “It’s called gas-lighting. It’s not right, it’s not the facts…”

Farrah then encouraged all of the video’s viewers to do as she does.

“I’m not getting butt injections! I don’t care WHAT you say!”

“Take care of your health. Just like I do. I’d want the same for you, because I feel great. I love how I look. I love how I age. And that’s beautiful.” 

You can watch Farrah’s full video– which was screenshot by Teen Mom Shade Room— below. 


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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)


  1. Idk man. My face at 28 is almost identical to my face at 16 🤔 maybe it’s BECAUSE she had that work done that her skin looks so fake. There’s also something weird going on with her cheeks and lips. It’s giving uncanny valley.
    She’s so obsessed with abuse. It’s weird. And “shame” is not gaslighting. Pointing out differences isn’t even shame. I can never tell if she’s being serious or not because everything she says is so messy.

  2. In my opinion I believe that Farrah is suffering from a mental illness and she refuses to take a test to prove it so she’s mixing on prescribed medication with alcohol. Also, she has a extremely aggressive personality disorder plus she has been spoiled by both of her grandparents and her parents, whom are not no better either something must have happened to Farrah whenever she was younger with them “sweeping it up under the rug” judging from her mom’s abusive behavior towards an entitled Farrah remember the time when her mom slapped her daughter whenever Farrah wanted to go look at cars and her mom told her plus that was enough so Farrah kept going at her and her mom had enough so she slapped her with Sophia in the backseat in car seat. Who can forget about the time where her mom got arrested and was charged with assault for throwing something at Farrah when Farrah was holding Sophia!! Mental illness must run in the family bc her mom has had some questionable behavior back then still to this day!!!

    1. Agreed. I think Farrah suffered some sort of trauma as a child, and her parents didn’t bother getting her help. I also completely agree 1,000% that her mother is extremely mentally ill. She’s a total nut bag. I feel really bad for Farrah’s forgotten sister too.

    2. Yeah I agree. Her mom was crazy and controlling. Her mom wanted to control every aspect of her life- having a parent like that already makes you mentally unstable as it is, because you’re always trying to seek approval on top of trying to not be smothered. The dysfunction in that family was so apparent. I mean I personally do not know any one that calls their dad, that they actually live with, by their name. That was always weird to me. She’s just a mess. It’s been sad watching it unravel all these years. Poor Sophia. I can’t imagine how she feels and what she’ll end up like.

  3. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the pain meds from the surgery that’s she’s addicted to more than the surgery (imo).

  4. Before I got to know Farrah and her hateful attitude I thought she was very beautiful on 16 and pregnant. She isn’t recognizable at all, her appearance doesn’t look natural in the slightest. Every time I see her she looks worse. I hope that Sophia realizes her own beauty and self worth and doesn’t fall down this plastic surgery hole that her mother has.

    1. For me it’s the example she’s setting for her teenager. I really hope that Sophia can see she’s naturally pretty & doesn’t need to follow the plastic trend.

  5. Farrah isn’t recognizable, that is a simple fact. I just rewatched her “16 and pregnant” episode recently. She was naturally pretty before she had any procedures done. She could speak clearly and intelligently, and seemed to have her daughter’s best interest in mind. I was interested in what happened to her grandparents, because they seemed like a big source of love and support. Her grandpa passed away I’m 2014.Im not sure about her grandma. But she relies on her dad now, who wasn’t even there for Sophia’s birth and has questionable behaviors in his past. He chose to lie and try to manipulate the polygraph test on “Marriage Boot Camp”. That says a lot about him, even though Farrah and Sophia have stayed at his home before. What happened to Ashley, Farrah’s sister? Was there a falling out after the DUI?

    Her mom, while she seemed to be there for Farrah, has always seemed to do so for the camera and with her own interests in mind, not Farrahs necessarily. Sometimes I think Deb has grown and matured, because she says things that make sense, but then she does questionable things like leave family therapy on “Marriagd Boot Camp” to get married without telling her own family (but told Mike Situations brother, Max). Deb looks dead behind the eyes on “16 and pregnant” and certainly speaks a lot about God and being traditional for someone who posts racy videos and has questionable behavior in recent years.

    Does anyone else think it’s odd Derek, Sophia’s father, isn’t mentioned very much in the episode and never seen. I think the only thing Farrah alludes to is a tumultuous rationship and them breaking up. She’s been big on taking Sophia to his gravesite many times and speaking well of him. I think she’s even referred to him as her only love or something of that sort before he passed away. His family isn’t involved at all, except for a few rare visits where Farrah has appeared to act normal and be nice.

  6. Damn right. And I’ll do it again because you’re trashy and you look as ridiculous as you act.

    She looks more and more like her mother with every passing day

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