Collin Gosselin Denies Mom Kate’s Claims That He Has “Special Needs”; Says He Wishes Kate & Jon Could’ve “Been Adults” About Their Split

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that writing a juicy tell-all is in Collin’s future…

Now that he’s legally an adult, former Jon & Kate Plus 8 star Collin Gosselin is speaking out about things his mother Kate Gosselin has said about him in the press in recent years.

During his bombshell interview with ET, Collin addressed his mom Kate Gosselin‘s past claims that he has “special needs,” something she stated publicly years ago to justify placing Collin in a residential facility. He denied that he has “special needs” of any kind.

“It’s unfortunate that’s how my mom, you know, phrased me as a person,” Collin said. “I don’t see those things [she claimed I had] and I don’t think anyone else sees those things, but if that’s how she sees me, that’s her point of view.

“I hope that, if we met again one day, she would understand that’s not the case,” Collin said, reiterating that he shouldn’t have been at a facility for kids with special needs.

“That’s what you get when you cross Kate!”

Back in 2016, Kate claimed that she institutionalized Collin due to “behavioral issues.”

“[There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things,” she told People in 2016.

Jon has stated that Collin was placed in the facility without his knowledge or consent, and that Kate had refused to tell Jon where their son was for years. Once Collin was in Jon’s custody, Jon slammed Kate’s claims that Collin has “special needs,” telling fans on social media that Collin had no special needs and was not on any spectrum. 

In his new interview with ET, Collin said that being sent to the residential facility by his mother basically killed any relationship he had with her up until that point.

“Can’t please ’em all!”

“After being there, I didn’t have a relationship with her,” Collin said, adding that things between him and Kate weren’t great prior to her sending him away. “Even before [she sent me] there, I don’t think we had much of a relationship and I think that just kept tearing it even more down.”

Collin has lived with Jon, as well as his sister Hannah, since Jon was granted full custody of him in 2018. Jon and Kate had an incredibly bitter divorce, and do not speak currently, something Collin says he wishes could have been different.

“It would have been nice if they could’ve been adults about [their split], and get along,” Collin said. “Do it for the sake of their kids.”

He stated that he feels the Gosselins doing ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ was the main reason their family was torn apart.

“I think the pressure of being in front of the whole world, every mistake you make is out there, I think that was a big influence of them not being together,” he said. “I definitely think they’d still be together [if we hadn’t done the show].”

“Um, yeah, nooo.”

While Collin has said he’d be open to trying to rebuild his relationship with his mom Kate, he has a lot of plans in the meantime.

“I work just like everybody else,” he said. “I go to school. I hang out with my friends. You know, my life is great and I’m very fortunate for the life I have now.” 

Collin, who turned 18 this summer along with the other Gosselin sextuplets, revealed during the interview that he’s also considering enlisting in the military–- specifically the Marine Corps.-– in May or April of next year, though “college is definitely an option.” 

He stated that he also wants to give acting a try “down the road.”

“I don’t know, I still think starting a dueling DJ’ing biz with your old man is worth considering.”

He also hopes that he will someday be able to reconnect with his five other siblings, whom he says he has not spoken to in years.

“I really hope that, someday, when I have kids, my kids will know their aunts and uncles,” Collin said. 

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11 Responses

  1. It’s so wild that the 2 kids that were CLEARLY Kate’s favorites, Hannah and Collin, are the exact 2 that live with Jon now. I always used to feel bad for the other 4 because of how much she favored those two. I guess you never know how things can turn.

  2. When Jon abused Colin, Colin had issues and had to be controlled. His sibling confirmed Colin has issues.

    When it suits Jon, he tells the kids he has control over something different.

    Perhaps Colin is not on any spectrum when tested cause a. His mom got him treatment b. His dad taught him to hide and deny what was left of his complaints.

  3. Collin’s “special needs” were that he didn’t want to clean the chicken coop, the pool, and the garage twice a day every day.

  4. If he hasn’t any kind of “special needs” he should sue her and the facility for allowing her to commit him there when it wasn’t necessary

    1. The facility may not be liable at all since he was a minor. Parents/guardians are allowed to force their children into treatment programs. It’s different than if he had been legally committed involuntarily as an adult.

  5. KATES always been a horrible mother on and off screen I don’t know how any of her kids talk to her she’s a CRUEL MEAN NARCISSIST

    1. Those kids were never allowed to get dirty, make any mess or have any fun, she was a mean mother and those kids will have a lot to say about her, I read a book about her how she claimed she was not able to have kids and went through fertility treatments and when she wanted more fertility meds than the doctor would give her she changed doctors and also bought things on line to boost her egg production and that’s how she got the 6 kids, she also wanted to marry a doctor and as a nurse she tried to get her claws into them but none would give her the time of day so she then changed her plans and went for a doctors son instead, she’s evil, vile and an abusive mam (imo)who should never of been allowed to have an animal in her care let alone children, and that show she was on should one ashamed of themselves as they would of seen the abuse those kids went through but none of the production could do anything about it because they had to sign a NDA so their hands were tied as they were told they would lose their jobs,homes etc.

      1. ‘Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World’ was one hell of a read. I thought she was bad before reading it but after…I hope Hell exists just because of people like her.

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