Raquel Leviss Accuses Her ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Co-Star Scheana Shay of Punching Her In the Face & Giving Her a Black Eye Over “Scandavol”

“I was Bambi-Eyed-Bitch-slapped, your honor!”

Raquel Leviss‘ reputation isn’t the only thing that was blackened by her affair with Tom Sandoval— the Vanderpump Rules star is now claiming that her eye was also blackened after her co-star (and former friend) Scheana Shay punched her in the face after finding out about the affair.

Rumors began flying after the “Scandoval” affair was revealed last week that Scheana had gotten physical with Raquel over it. Raquel mentioned in her apology statement that she had been “physically assaulted,” but new court documents obtained by TMZ on Wednesday confirm that Scheana allegedly punched Raquel in the face, leaving her with a black eye and prompting her to seek a restraining order against Scheana.

“According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Scheana allegedly shoved Raquel against a brick wall and punched her in her left eye,” the site reports. 

In her court filing, Raquel included photos of her black eye and a cut she says was caused by Scheana’s attack. She also claimed that Scheana is threatening to hit her again.

“[Raquel] claims co-workers are telling her Scheana ‘doesn’t regret the physical attack on me and would do it again if she found that further emotional distress was caused to our mutual friend [Ariana],'” TMZ reported. 

As The Ashley previously reported, Ariana found out Tom was having the affair with Raquel by allegedly finding a video of a sexy-time FaceTime call between Tom and Raquel on Tom’s phone. At the time of the discovery, Raquel and Scheana were in NYC together, having just filmed an episode of Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen

According to Page Six, “After taping ‘Watch What Happens Live,’ Scheana and Raquel went out to drinks with friends. At one point in the night, Scheana lost Raquel and then found her outside of the bar on the phone with Ariana, who Scheana could hear was bawling.”

Raquel reportedly confessed to Scheana about her affair with Sandoval and “a heated confrontation ensued.” (This is apparently when Raquel claims Scheana hit her.) 

“I didn’t sign up for VanderPUNCH Rules, guys!”

In Raquel’s court filing, she mentioned one of Scheana’s social media posts last week, which she claims was a reference to Scheana punching her. (Scheana posted a photo of herself and Ariana, along with the caption “Always got your back” and the punching emoji.)


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On Wednesday, an Los Angeles judge granted Raquel’s request for a restraining order against Scheana, meaning Scheana is not allowed to be within 100 yards of Raquel, her home or workplace. 

A court hearing has been set for March 29 to address the restraining order. 

“I’m Scheana ‘Slugger’ Shay, and I’ll see ya in court, biotch!”

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  1. There’s a saying. Fuck around and find out. Apparently Rachel hit all the beats on that life lesson and then some. Walk it the fuck off and be lucky it was Schena.

  2. Everybody forgets but Ariana was a cheater with Sandoval when he lived with Kristin and Lala was a cheater as well! Comes around goes around and Karma will ALWAYS eventually show up even if it takes a while!

    I don’t feel sorry for either Ariana or Lala. Why are you all giving them a pass on their past cheating behavior?

    1. 100% agreed, Bo.

      With this group, someone is always the villain, even if everyone else once behaved the same way.

      They’re all still stuck in middle school, lol.

      1. Oh, I’m sorry. I guess it’s okay to knock the shit out of someone because you didn’t agree with something they said or did. lol.

        I’m not talking self defense or protecting someone from physical harm here- smack away in those cases- but you cannot just throw hands because “that’s my bestie!” is not a defense. Best part is, Scheana Shay was a homewrecker too.

          1. Not saying you were, but I mean.. if someone you worked w/ gave you a black eye and you had to be around them, would you expect a judge not to grant you an order if you applied for it?

            In California, there are numerous times of protective orders ranging from domestic violence, workplace violence, civil harassment orders, etc

            What I’ve found on the issue states the following:

            These orders stop specific acts against you or anybody else named in your restraining order. The person restrained is ordered to stop or refrain from the following:

            Contacting, calling, or sending any type of messages
            Sexually assaulting
            Attacking, striking, or battering
            Destroying personal property
            Disturbing the peace of all protected persons

            My follow up was aimed at those thumbing down what I honestly feel was a common sense comment. We don’t get to just hit someone because they wronged our pal. I know I wouldn’t do so anyways. I also don’t expect my friends to do so in support of me either. Now, when someone is putting their hands on someone, that’s a different story. I’d come to the physical defense of anyone I saw getting attacked in my presence.

            Then again, criminal charges aside, I’ve worked hard for the things I own, and I’d like to keep them by not being sued.

      2. Most judges won’t grant it over one instance of assault where there isn’t an active or ongoing threat. Most judges won’t accept “People told me that [petitionee] will do it again” as adequate evidence that there’s an ongoing present threat. They’re looking for records of direct threats, showing up at the petitioner’s house, etc. I’m guessing the judge erred on the side of caution since they do work together.

        1. Yeah, that’s why I think it was granted as well.

          I think had it been someone she didn’t necessarily have the risk of running into via work or some other regular basis, it would not have been granted.

          I also think Raquel wouldn’t have applied for one if that wasn’t the issue as well, but who really know with her. Playing the victim seems to be her shtick.

  3. Is Scheana in high school?? Girl, grow up! Other peoples relationships are not your business. This is not okay. Let your friend handle things the way she wants to handle them.

    Also, Scheana is on this show because she had a public affair with a married man and there were children involved so…… she definitely shouldn’t be hitting someone for something she herself has done.

  4. Of course violence is never the answer but….

    You go Scheana!!

    Also…Rachel, she hardly grazed you, and it’s not even half what you deserved. Fuck off, you are now the villain, not the victim — and even a punch in the other Bambi eye can’t change that.

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