Jenelle Evans Slams Husband David Eason For Not Having a Job In Preview For Upcoming Episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’: “I’m So Fed Up!”

“Every time I ask him to get a job, he tells me he can’t work because he’s a trophy husband!”

Jenelle Evans is due to make a cameo appearance on this week’s episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter and, while her appearance is not surprising, the candid way she bashes her husband, David Eason, on-camera is! 

In a preview clip of Tuesday’s episode, Jenelle complains to Briana DeJesusJade Cline and their friends about the fact that David has no job and does nothing to help Jenelle with their daughter. She states that his refusal to contribute to their household has caused some issues between them.

“Life’s been good…well, not really,” Jenelle confesses in the clip. “Me and David, we haven’t been getting along lately. It’s been on and off.”

Jenelle tells the girls that she’s tired of funding the family while Mr. Jenelle Evans has been voluntarily jobless for years.

“Everyone knows he doesn’t have a job,” Jenelle says. “It’s like, I’m sittin’ here providing for everyone, for years, and it’s still the same!”  

“Well Juh-nelle, we see ya on the MTV finally admittin’ that ya husband won’t do anything!”

As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle and David were struggling financially in the time right before this clip was filmed back in May. (Jenelle had just joined OnlyFans and used some of her first earnings to pay for the plane ticket to go to Briana’s party, something David was very against and very upset about, as he did not want her to go without him.)

Jenelle told the girls that she and David were not really communicating.

“It’s hard. I’m so fed up,” Jenelle continues. “I’ve been giving him a cold shoulder, not really talkin’ to him. We, like, text [instead of] talk now, he’ll be on the other side of my land, in his shop.”

“I mean, even LUIS has a job. He DJs at lame parties like this, but at least he makes an income!”

Jenelle went on to say that not only is David sans-employment, but he’s also unwilling to help take care of their daughter, Ensley.

“Ensley’s with me 24/7,” Jenelle complained. “She’s not in daycare so she stays with me all the time. I’ve been tellin’ David, ‘I need a break.'” 

In the past, Jenelle has defended David’s unwillingness to get a job by calling him a “stay-at-home dad” who takes care of the kids. When they got back together after they briefly split up in 2019, Jenelle told the press that one of her conditions for getting back with David was that he had to finally get a job.

“If [David] wants to work things out [he has to] help me with bills, and I have to see that before we even speak about being back together, and you have to show me actions,” Jenelle said in an interview in February 2020. “You can’t just tell me you’re going to do something; I need to see something happen.”

“Well that quote didn’t age very well, did it?”

Although Jenelle was bashing David during the filming in May, the couple seemed to make up soon after Jenelle came home to The Land. In a YouTube video posted after Jenelle’s trip to see Briana, Jenelle told her followers that her fight with David only lasted “for like, a week” and that their marriage “is stronger than ever!” 

“Sure, Juh-nelle!”

David and Jenelle have yet to publicly comment on the clip.

Watch the preview clip of Tuesday’s episode of ‘Teen Mom: The Next Chapter’ below!

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(Photos: MTV) 

26 Responses

  1. She’s already on her social media replying to everyone asking about it with: “That was months ago. He has an income now.” lmao

    Next verse, same as the first. Year 17.

  2. Ensley should be in preschool. Why isn’t she? My guess is because Jenelle is afraid of something Ensley will say that will cause another CPS investigation.

    Jenelle is now bound to Swampman forever. If they divorce, she will get back on tv and her child support/alimony will be based on her income level. David landed a good gig with Jenelle. Literally no matter what scenario, he will never have to work.

    Regardless of his good gig, I wish she would get out because I do think there is a real significant chance of him murdering her.

  3. No surprise. She’ll stick up with it, too used to the company and doesn’t want to be alone. Probably figures since she’s gone down the path with this kind of guy there’s no way up and gives up.

  4. She already posted a gross montage of her OF fans on IG and credited Sasquatch’s photography skills. She’s already trying to show that everything is fine at the swamp. So, business as usual: admit to being unhappy then backtrack.

  5. Everytime they fight,which is frequently, they are fine a week later and it’s always better than ever. Eff off Jenelle. Stay on your land you witch

  6. David is a very obvious cock lodger. Sadly for Janelle they are married so even if she does leave him she will have to pay him half her assets to get rid. Although being on that show is in no way actual work she earned that money and he has done fuck all.

  7. But she still couldn’t teach her daughter things like what her colors are or her alphabet. I must be really old because I find it comical these women got their hair and make up done putting on fancy clothes to party with a handful of girls while clap boy plays DJ.

  8. So all those years Jenelle claimed her worked, she’s finally admitting he doesn’t.

    Why doesn’t she just divorce him, take the kids, and take the land and let him go. She will mostly get back on tv if she’s not with david anymore.

    And then her money won’t get to pay his child support. And get his own job, and stop claiming that his vitiligo prevents him from working. He can’t afford a lawyer anyway.

  9. I was watching teen mom 2 on paramount and the way janelle excused the 911 incident where shes crying about her collarbone was bone chilling.. she straight up excused it as a mistake while talking to her mom. Pure domestic violence

  10. I still think Bri is doing way too much throwing this shindig. And MTV is doing worse for allowing it and letting Jenelle film during it. They are grasping hard for ratings. …but I won’t watch as long as Bri is on.

    All I can think is after all her shady shit…her mean girling, picking several fights on the show, sleeping with a security guy that works for the show and getting that whole crew fired over it (would’ve been a lot easier to fire the 2 of them), for ALL the assholery she did and sleeping with Kail’s exes. She must have something on one of Viacom’s executives or something. She has no redeeming qualities. Devoin should’ve took her botched butt to court years ago and got that 50/50 custody so Bri couldn’t play boss over that poor kid. Yes, he’s made a few mistakes but not anymore than Bri has. And he’s still good to Stella too despite all the shoe throwing and threats from those 3 women.

  11. It wouldn’t surprise me AT ALL if DeluJenelle and Sasquatch came up with this whole narrative before she took the trip to Bri’s party for losers. JE will stop at nothing to try to stay relevant and this story stinks of dookie as much as I imagine The Land does.

    Side note…any news on the latest missing puppy??

    1. Oh,no! I didn’t know there was another missing puppy. I’m not surprised at all though. The only way I keep up with anything is through this site. I don’t watch the shows anymore at all.

  12. Typical Jenelle. She will do a tik tok soon and claim that somehow MTV edited this and made it seem like she was bashing David. She will soon argue with people on Twitter defending him and talking about what a great father he is. Too bad they both lie so much you never know what the truth really is. I wish Easley was in daycare so at least for a small part of the day she may actually be around people that take care of her.

  13. of course ensley wasn’t in daycare at the time, teen mom was funding jenelle to get her kids out of her way for her and u know she was lying hard if she was so comfortable talking to other people about this issue with david then all of a sudden “everything got resolved and was better than ever” when he still hasn’t changed anything

  14. All that’s teenage angst and rebellion really paid off. I see no way around her having an absolutely miserable future.

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