Kail Lowry Says She & Ex Javi Marroquin Are Feuding Again Because She Won’t Stop Talking About Him On Her Podcasts; Javi Says Kail’s Kids Will Be “Traumatized” By Her Actions

“We’ve got a whole WaWa shopping cart full of that!”

Kail Lowry‘s ex-husband Javi Marroquin is not happy that the former Teen Mom 2 star continues to mention him and his family members on her podcasts— and he recently told Kail off in a nasty text…which she proceeded to read on one of her podcasts.

During the latest episode of Coffee Convos, Kail stated that Javi is livid at her for discussing his mother and sister on the podcast. She also revealed that she and Javi are no longer talking.

“Javi and I’s issues, right now we’re back to [communicating by] email only. He’s a complete dick,” Kail said. “He sent me a really nasty text message while I was on vacation because I spoke highly of his family on the podcast.”

Kail said she had only kind things to say on the podcast about Javi’s family, but that Javi– with whom she shares son Lincoln– was upset anyway.

“He told me ‘don’t ever talk about his family’ and that I’m being fake about how close we are and how good [his family is],” Kail said. “I’m not allowed to talk about his mom and [he told me], ‘don’t ever ask his sister for anything’…I highly, highly, highly doubt that they have any idea that you’re acting like a f**king moron, and they’re able to make their own decision.”

How the next ‘Kavi’ interaction will go…

Kail stated that Javi got “really pissed off” because his family members were talking to Kail and hugging her other kids at Lincoln’s sporting event. 

“They’re saying hi to me at a game, but we don’t sit together,” Kail said. “We’re very, very cordial…You may not like me but they’re nice to me and they’re nice to my kids.”

Kail claims that Javi is concerned that their son Lincoln, as well as Kail’s other three kids, will end up “traumatized” from Kail’s actions on her podcasts.

Kail then read the text she says that Javi recently sent her, which she claimed stated the following:

“For the one millionth time, stop talking about my family. Stop creating this fake narrative that my family is a part of your life. You have a boyfriend. Keep me and my family out of your podcast, out of your life, period. Don’t ask [my sister] Lidia to do you favors. Boundaries! 

Stop living off this narrative that we’re all so close. We are not the same. [Live] your life, figure your s**t out. We are email-only after this message. Never, ever f**king talk about my mom…I’m sick of this f**king narrative you try to portray.

These kids are going to be traumatized and I’m disgusted you think it’s a laughing matter. I will make sure my son comes out on top.”

“Don’t piss off Big Papi!”

Kail claimed that, after Javi sent her the message, their son Lincoln looked at her phone and saw it. 

“I immediately started crying because Javi has this ability to hurt me in other ways that [my other baby daddies] Chris [Lopez] and Jo [Rivera] can’t,” she said. “I do think that part of it is because we were married. So when Javi says things like this, I get emotional and I get really upset and [Lincoln] was like, ‘Why is my dad being mean to you?'”

Kail told Lincoln that it was “adult stuff” and that he didn’t need to worry about it.

“I just blocked [Javi’s] number. I didn’t even respond.” 

Kail said that, despite Javi’s demands that she stop discussing him and his family on her podcasts, she will continue to do so.

“He’ll tell me, ‘For the millionth time, stop talking about me’ and I’m like, ‘For the millionth time, this is my life,'” Kail said. “For the millionth time, this has been my life for the past five years. I’m gonna talk about something as I see fit and as it applies to the conversation. 

“I don’t know how many times I have to say that, and you don’t get to dictate,” she added. “When he sends me s**t like that, it makes me want to be spiteful because now you’ve pissed me off.”

Kail and Javi’s (latest) falling out appears to have happened fairly recently, based on what Kail said.

“We had been getting along great…”

“Literally two weeks ago, Javi was like, ‘I’m always gonna be here for you, if you ever need anything,'” she said. “…I don’t know what to expect, because sometimes he’s like, ‘I’m always gonna be here for you as a friend,’ and we’re cool and we’ll joke around at football and stuff and other times it’s like, ‘I want to be in a relationship and you’re gonna ruin it.'”

The saga of Kail and Javi in a nutshell…

Kail stated that “his parents and sister being friendly to us at games, in no way, shape or form, would us being close…that should never affect any type of relationship [he has], whether it’s with [his other baby mama] Lauren [Comeau] or anybody else…Maybe he is involved with someone and they forced his hand to send that message, I don’t know.”

“Why are we always getting cussed out about Coffee Convos from our ex-husbands,” Lindsie– whose ex Will Campbell recently threatened to sue her if she didn’t stop yapping about him on the podcast— said. 

“Javi and I, we don’t even need to be friends, and that’s sad,” Kail said. “When we’re friends, it’s so good and when we’re not, it’s so bad.”

Javi has yet to respond publicly to Kail’s comments about him.

You can listen to the full podcast episode below!

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19 Responses

  1. The fact that Kail cannot STFU about Javi is ridiculous. He asked you not to, so STOP. And please- Lincoln “saw” the message in his own accord? I’m sure she went out of her way to show him the message and cried to her child that his father was being ‘abusive” to her- further damaging her already damaged children in an attempt to get him to pick sides. She absolutely feels the need to uphold this fake ass image that she peacefully co-exists with his family for whatever reason… she needs to just stop talking about any of them. She’s disgusting. Seriously. Also, who are the morons that are listening to this podcast?!

  2. Both these women are pathetic. Both use their kids for paycheck. How’s kid see phone, bet kail showed the kid that’s just who she is. Javi should get podcast and talk bout how kail mom didn’t want her. Kail pathetic excuse for a mom. Wasnt for mtv she’d be on foodstamp line. Not like she worked for anything.

  3. I mean, has Javi ever lied? He’s totally right saying this.

    First part was total sarcasm ladies and gents

    But he’s right this time lol

  4. c’est idiot de vouloir continuer de parler de votre belle famille, ils ne le veulent PAS !
    respecter ça ! ne les mêler pas à votre bisness ;;; pour le message je ne pense pas que votre fils l’est lus accidentellement , vous voulez simplement culpabilisé javi ! et vous mentez pour alimenter votre podcast ! c’est tellement voyant votre jeux!!!!! nah !
    bonjour à vous toutes et biz de la France !

  5. Where are all the Kail stan’s chanting
    ” its all about love, it doesn’t matter how many baby daddies she has, mind ya business, she got plenty of money!”
    Well this is why. Isaac’s comment about his Mother only needing men to ” make babies ” is so fucking sad.

  6. Kail is the biggest asshole ever. She thinks the world revolves around her big fat ass. News flash, Hulk- what you do and say has consequences. And if Javi doesn’t want you talking about his family, then STOP.
    It’s not rocket science.

    Ugh I hate her.

  7. 1) Javi and Lindsie’s ex are angry because they want privacy, something you really can not understand
    2) talk about Javi? Fair, he was a part of that nonsense TM but his family wasn’t. Don’t talk about them. Period
    3) yes, all your children will be traumatized. You exposed every aspect of their life (and yours) since they were conceived. I can’t imagine the level of bullying they must endure

  8. I am not a fan of Kail or Javi. They both are immature and it’s ridiculous. If Kail didn’t talk shit about her 3 baby daddy’s she would literally have nothing else to talk about. No one cares about her new boyfriend, no one cares about her dumb feuds with ex-costars. There is zero chance that Lincoln just happened to see the message. If she made sure he saw it then she is even shittier than I thought.

    Javi wants to be back with Kail or at the very least still sleep with her. He usually starts this 2 year old tantrum shit when she is in another relationship. My guess is that he is mad that she won’t meet him in the WaWa parking lot. They both need to leave Lincoln out of their adult mess.

  9. Oh Lincoln just happened to look at her phone and see that text message? Yeah, right. Putting your kid in the middle of your ongoing nonsense with his dad is so shitty. And so is refusing to respect your son’s family’s request for privacy. Intentionally talking about someone who asked to stay out of the spotlight is so disrespectful.

    But also, Javi, you knew she was going to tell Lincoln about this and read your text message on her podcast. Stop playing into her hands if you actually want to stay private.

    1. excellent point!! i get javi may not be comfortable being i the spotlight anymore which is fine but she wasn’t saying anything bad about him or his family for him to react that way either. everyone has to remember he acts like he’s the better parent whenever he’s seeing someone new like with briana

      1. Why is that relevant? His family didn’t ask for this, so saying anything about them on a podcast, especially when there has already been a request for privacy, is totally uncalled for. Mentioning them was completely unnecessary and she did it to make it seem like they’re close.

  10. Is there ever a time when she’s not feuding with one of her baby daddies? It’s obvious by now Kail thrives on drama, its literally her trauma response. She’ll just put her business out in public, then cry about not wanting her life exposed, like she did when she refused to film. When the sponsorships and offers go away, she’ll be sorry she acted entitled (but the show will probably be over soon anyways) Happy whining cabbage patch Kail!

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