Kate Gosselin Demands Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin Pay $132K in Back Child Support, Weeks After Jon Accuses Kate of Stealing $100K From Their Children

“Your move, Jon!”

The saga of Kate + Jon continues!

Kate Gosselin is demanding that her ex-husband–and former Jon and Kate Plus 8 co-star– Jon Gosselin fork over $132,000 in back child support, just weeks after Jon accused Kate of stealing $100,000 from their children’s trust fund accounts. 

The Sun reports that the mom of eight filed an adverse revival against Jon last week, requesting that Jon be forced to make payments towards an old judgement, which Kate first filed in March 2018. 

Jon–- who reportedly owes $132,875 in back child support–- previously attempted to fight the adjustment, claiming back in 2018 that Kate was asking for “an inappropriate amount” of money.

“Would it have been that hard for you to buy your Ed Hardy tees from the clearance rack for a few months, Jon?”

Jon also stated that Kate’s demand “prejudices the welfare and is against the best interest of the minor children.” 

“You know what else is against the best interest of the minor children? Having parents who publicly feud with each other on a regular basis.”

Kate’s recent filing comes just weeks after Jon accused her of “stealing” more than $100,000 from trust fund accounts belonging to their eight children. (Jon and Kate’s eight children are all over 18 now; however before they turned 18, Jon had custody of Hannah and Collin, while Kate maintained custody of the other sextuplets.)

Kate claimed in 2019 court documents to have “borrowed” the money from the trust accounts to support herself and the six Gosselin children in her custody, though Jon has called her actions “disgusting” and “morally wrong.” It was also reported that Hannah and Collin know about the money situation and “they feel terrible about it.”  

Following Jon’s latest allegations, Kate’s attorney, Richard J. Puleo, told Us Weekly his client’s “integrity is impeccable,” noting he “can’t stay the same for Jon Gosselin.”

“OK, everyone smile and say ‘dad is our favorite parent’ on three…”

He also mentioned that Jon owes Kate the $132,875 in child support, “not counting interest, from the day it was entered.” 

After Kate’s lawyer made those comments to the press in August, a source “close to” Jon fired back, telling Us Weekly that the claims made by Kate and her attorney are “a complete fabrication.”

“Jon owes no money to Kate for child support,” the source told the magazine, claiming that, in reality, Kate was ordered to give Jon money to pay for the final year of Hannah and Collin’s high school.

“There is proof in legal documents from June 2018 that show the Superior Court of PA quashed Kate’s appeal for Jon to pay her $132K. They quashed the whole thing so he never owed her any money.”

Jon has yet to respond to Kate’s latest claims…

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  1. Jon walked away from all responsibilities years ago. Everyone should try to raise a big family by yourself. My congratulations to Kate you did great considering u had such a loser ex husband.

    1. Yes, Jon left after Kate embarrassed, humiliated and emasculated him for years – ON NATIONAL TELEVISION. He deserves a frigging medal for sticking around as long as he did. He didn’t use the kids to get whatever perks he could. All the sponsored trips that Kate got the attention for…
      Jon didn’t choose the lavish lifestyle Kate thinks she deserves, and THAT’S what she wanted more money for. The court tossed her outrageous child support case so she began taking money from her kids trusts. Can you say “narcissistic behavior”?

  2. Integrity probably isn’t ignoring your fertility doc’s advice and try to conceive when you were told not to because you were hyperovulating.
    I say Jon pays 132k split between the kids, they deserve at least that.

  3. AND just because your saying something is true doesn’t make it so…… why in the world would he be excused from paying for his own children?

    1. Ask the court which has ruled against her time and time again. It isn’t a matter of whether or not anyone here says he owes back support, the COURT says he doesn’t, and as now said that multiple times.

  4. These comments crack me up – does everyone know the ins and outs of Jon and Kate’s marriage beyond what is on TV? We only know the persona they present to us.

  5. kate alienated her kids from their Dad!!! I don’t care what he did or didn’t do-he is their father and she kept them away and got them to hate him!!!she deserves nothing!!! she emasculated him at every turn –she is an awful human

  6. She is absolutely desperate for money now isn’t she? Poor little dear will have to get a real paying job soon and really see what it’s like to live within her means.

        1. PA court records state otherwise. Judge ruled in favor of Jon (owing zero to Kate). Kate appealed and lost. Just because her lawyer says something is true, doesn’t make it so.

        2. The court disagrees with your assessment. The court knows exactly what, if anything, either of them owe for things.

  7. YEA. it’s about time. If he had paid his responsibility she would not have had to resort to borrowing the money. What other recourse did she have.

    1. Kate constantly made the decision to live above her means, Jon didn’t force her to. If I was Jon and watching my ex publicly bash me, spend money frivolously on herself I’d be inclined to refuse to pay an outrageous monthly amount too. Not to mention the way she belittled him in every episode of their show together.

    2. Why would you think Jon is not responsible ffor his own children but Kate is totally responsible? How does that make sense?

      1. Jon took care of all their financial needs almost their entire lives. She contributed absolutely nothing to their care, or needs, their entire lives. When she did pretend to take care of them, she used their own money to do so, rather than her own. He may not be a great person, and he may make some horrible decisions, but he did and does make sure they are taken care of. It’s not his job to take care of her too, which is what she wants the money for (to cover her own current debts).

        The case about him owing child support was thrown out for good reason, it was a ridiculous case and he owes her absolutely nothing. All the evidence that was necessary to prove that was presented the first time, and she lost the appeal for the same reason(s).

        1. Jon took care of them financially?
          Maybe when they were together and both worked but he has refused to work after that, claiming that she had plenty of money, why should i work?
          Everyone is so distracted by her being a” monster mom” that Jon gets away with everything.
          He refused to work, abused their son cause he couldn’t handle his mental health issues (hence why Cate got him help), lied an awful lot of times.
          She’s no prize but he sure as hell isn’t either.
          Both are alienators and manipulative a holes. She seems to do better in the past years cause she stopped the public feuding/ power game. That’s hard for someone with narcissistic traits but she grew apparently. Growth I don’t see in the other parent that screwed those kids’ lives up too.

          1. Jon abused Collin? That’s a pretty heavy accusation that isn’t supported by anything else we have ever heard. Jon and Kate are petty and manipulative, but Jon is the one who stepped up for Collin, not Kate.

            I’d also love to hear how Kate has grown. She’s still engaged in this bs with Jon.

          2. Umm, she is the one that hasn’t worked in years, lmao. And what he said was “she has plenty of her own money, why should I work to support HER”, and he’s right. She has no limitations to what she could do for employment, but has CHOSEN to not work and instead steal money from her own children to find the lifestyle she thinks she deserves.

            Jon has all kinds of his own problems, many of them really, and I don’t think he’s the greatest person in the world, generally speaking. Neither one of them are a prize. But he DID make certain the children were taken care of financially, regardless of how shitty their marriage was going. None of the financial support came from Kate. She even tried to state she couldn’t work (with no valid reason) and that’s why she needed Jon’s support to maintain her lifestyle.

            I don’t know who you’ve been watching, or reading about, but she’s definitely not done better in the last few years, at all. She literally stole from her children, told a judge she just can’t work and needs someone else to finance her life, and alienated all of her kids, including the ones that live with her. (they really don’t like her, it’s no secret).

            They both have used the kids as pawns at various times and that is horrible, but she has literally done that since the twins were born. Their entire lives revolved around her and what she wanted her life to be, not the kids or raising them, but her. He’s also just as guilty of making their lives all about them (the parents) once the younger kids were born. She is very much a narcissist, though, certainly enabled by her own upbringing and not made any better being with Jon or having children.

            Jon is an idiot, but he has always seemed to love their kids and desire that they be taken care of, regardless of his idiocies. She’s a horrible parent and really shouldn’t be left alone with children at all. That’s why she wasn’t ever really left alone and literally ALWAYS had help. SHE was verbally abusing them, she even did it live on tv.

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