Kate Gosselin Responds After Ex-Husband Jon Gosselin Accuses Her of Taking Money From Their Kids’ Trust Funds

“Don’t you have a DJ gig at a local club you should be preparing for or something?”

Kate Gosselin is firing back after her ex-husband Jon Gosselin recently accused her of withdrawing $100,000 from their children’s trust fund accounts and not paying it back.

As The Ashley told you last week, Kate claimed in 2019 court documents to have “borrowed” the money to support herself and the Gosselin children in her custody, while Jon alleges that his ex-wife stole the money from their children.

In response to Jon’s claims, Kate’s attorney, Richard J. Puleo, told Us Weekly his client’s “integrity is impeccable,” noting he “can’t say the same for Jon Gosselin.”

“Maybe not my integrity, but definitely my graphic tee-shirt collection.”

“[Jon] clearly owes her $132,875 in child support, not counting interest, from the day it was entered,” he added.  

Despite Jon’s recent claims, a source told the outlet the father of eight will not take legal action against Kate regarding his children’s “stolen” money because he legally cannot at this point, as all of the Gosselin children are 18 years of age. 

“But he tried,” the source added. “Jon wants to protect his children, but at this point it’s very difficult for him to do that because they’re now adults.” 

“That gives me a great idea… how do we feel about Kate Plus 8 Adults… “

Jon reportedly did not learn of the missing money himself until 2018 when he gained custody of two of the Gosselin sextuplets, Hannah and Collin, and saw a copy of the children’s bank statement. Hannah and Collin allegedly know about the money situation and “they feel terrible about it.” 

A source claimed Jon’s intention of taking his allegations public was to get his children’s money back for them.

“It’s going to help [Kate] see that these children have had their money taken, and it’s going to show the other children that their money’s been taken,” the source said. “If they didn’t know before, they know now.” 

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  1. When their TV show was in its prime, I was watching it, my husband wandered through the room caught maybe 5 minutes and said, “Is he (Jon) always such a jerk and passive aggressive?” Yep! He was. Somehow, Jon has succeeded in framing his persona as a victim, when he is really a loser. Now, I don’t think that Kate is without faults but someone had to raise those eight kids, that they both brought into this world.

    1. Agreed and why is it you did not raise the alarm in 2018 when it happened and you found out about it ? Because he knew he was so far back in child support he couldn’t say shit.

  2. Simple solution: Jon gives Kate the nearly $133,000 he owes her in back child support and Kate gives it back to the trust fund?

  3. When the kids are so devastated, why doesn’t Jon help the two children in his house to file paperwork when this is real? He can set everything up with a lawyer and they only have to show up and sign.

    IDK but Kate could keep that money safe from Jon until they are 21?
    Maybe something like that is the story.
    They shouldn’t have to use their trust funds now, Jon is financially responsible for their upbringing, education and other costs.
    He is also responsible for their well being. The stories he sells and the parent alienation is not good for their well being.

    1. Not to mention, he allegedly found out about this four years ago in 2018. The “source” claims he’s oh so upset that he can’t do anything since the kids are 18, the kids were not 18 in 2018, so why didn’t he do anything then?

  4. Why doesn’t TLC step up and pay the kids a lump sum, or monthly stipend? These networks use and abuse their stars then kick them to the curb

    1. The money she stole IS the money they were paid by TLC (and other sources as well). Why should TLC have to pay them, again, to cover the money their own mother literally stole from them?
      Why don’t we hold the one responsible for the theft, oh, I don’t know…responsible?

      Nifty concept.

    2. Why should TLC be penalized!? Part of TLC‘s payments were to the children. The law states she does have to set up a trust for her kids but in Pennsylvania the parent does have access to it. ..Most states you can’t have access to it until you’re 18 or 21. But you do have to put money in a trust for your kids if they are child stars”. That law was changed many years ago when parents were a gobbling up their children’s hard-working money. And they would find out about it on the 18th birthday

  5. kate is nasty plain and simple!!! took all the kids money and used it—and why does she need that huge house–they are mostly all grown!!! she has an education and was a nurse–work to earn a living!!!!! always emasculated Jon on EVERY show!!!

  6. The kids are 18 and these two are still publicly bickering and taking cheap shots at each other. Haven’t we all suffered enough?

  7. Again, it’s worth calling out that this is money the children earned by being forced to film for the majority of her life. Jon’s outstanding child support balance is a completely separate matter, and although one could make the argument that if he was caught up on child support payments Kate may not have needed to steal this money from her own children, she also reported her own earning potential at zero prior to relicensing as a registered nurse in North Carolina.

    From a real estate perspective, Kate sold her home in PA for $1.1 million and purchased another in North Carolina for $750k. Without looking at public records, if she did not pay cash for the home, she should still have cash available from her closing on the PA property. Why not start paying that back into the kids accounts?

    Because that would require integrity 😉

  8. That STILL wasn’t HER money, regardless if Jon owes her child support or not. That isn’t how it works. My x-husband didn’t finish paying off child support & interest until our son was 30 years old. You have to go thru the courts. You don’t steal from your children’s trust funds. They are both such train wrecks…

  9. These 2 will forever be begging for attention through the court of public opinion.

  10. So instead of, idk, owning up and explaining where the money went..

    They turned it back on Jon, who has his own issue with the money. Ok.

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