Jon Gosselin Accuses Ex-Wife Kate of Stealing $100k From Trust Accounts Belonging to the Gosselin Kids; Kate Claims She “Borrowed” the Money

“Whatever, at least I didn’t use the cash to stock my closet with bedazzled Ed Hardy shirts.”

Jon and Kate Gosselin ended their marriage nearly 13 years ago, yet the former Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars continue to battle it out in and out of the courtroom, with most of their squabbles surrounding their eight children. 

In the latest edition of Jon vs. Kate, the former has accused the latter of stealing more than $100k from trust fund accounts belonging to the Gosselin kids.

In court documents obtained by The Sun, Kate admitted in 2019 to “borrowing” money from trust accounts belonging to the Gosselin children in order to cover her living costs.

“You can’t just live off your kids’ money,” Jon told The Sun. “It makes me feel disgusted.”

As The Ashley previously told you, two of the 18-year-old Gosselin sextuplets, Hannah and Colin, have been living with their father since 2018, while the rest of the Gosselin sextuplets have remained with their mother. (The exes also share 21-year-old twins, Cara and Mady, who are currently attending colleges away from home.) 

When questioned about the trust accounts in court in 2019, Kate admitted to withdrawing $50,000 from the kids’ trusts on two occasions, noting she would need to withdraw more going forward in order to make ends meet for herself and her children.  

“I will have to keep borrowing from it to survive,” she reportedly said. 

Jon–- who said he became aware of the missing funds after gaining custody of Colin and Hannah in 2018 and seeing their bank statements–- told The Sun Kate has yet to repay any of the allegedly “borrowed” money, calling his ex-wife’s move “disgusting” and “morally wrong.” 

“Who, me?!”

“Parents are not supposed to withdraw any money from these accounts without permission and without drawing up paperwork that they will pay it back–- but she has produced no paperwork and no payments have been made,” Jon told the outlet. 

“She has been on TV telling the world she has saved her children’s money when she’s actually been stealing from them-– she’s a hypocrite.” 

Despite purchasing a $750,000 home in 2019, Kate claimed in court that she had not worked that year and was paying her bills with “a lot of hope and a lot of prayer,” as well as the “borrowed” money from her kids’ trusts.   

Kate also allegedly claimed in her testimony that her children actually owe her money for private school tuition that was paid out of her and Jon’s income over the years instead of the trust. 

All of our faces after reading that last statement…

“So, I mean, I’m not looking to collect that but I borrowed $100,000 from the kids’ trust,” she said. “And it owes me $387,000 technically.” 

Jon alleges there has “been no remorse” from Kate and claims Kate “thinks she can get away scot-free” now that the exes’ sextuplets have all turned 18. 

A judge reportedly ruled that if Kate did, in fact, borrow the money “there should be evidence of repayments sometime in the future.” 

Jon claims the money Kate “borrowed” from Hannah and Collin has not been repaid; it is unknown if Kate has paid back any of the other Gosselin children. 

In more 2019 court documents, a judge responded to Kate’s claims that she had no ability to earn money.

“Would you hire me?”

“The evidence does not support mother’s argument that her earning capacity is zero,” the judge stated, adding that Kate– a former registered nurse— has a “lack of credibility” about her earning potential and claims about her income. She was ordered to pay Jon child support, as well as back child support for their then-minor children.

Kate filed a counter claim later that year, stating that the courts had made a mistake in finding that she hadn’t filed documents to show that she had no income. In November 2019, though, that claim was dismissed.

Kate returned to nursing in 2021, obtaining her RN license for the state of North Carolina after relocating there. 

“Returning to nursing isn’t easy for Kate because of her fame. It really went to her head,” a source told In Touch Weekly in January. “She hadn’t worked as a nurse since she began filming the show 15 years ago! But she has to do what she has to do.” 

At press time, Kate had not responded to Jon’s claims. 

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(Photos: TLC; Instagram; The Ashley) 

23 Responses

  1. It’s giving Amber Heard’s I “donated” the $7 million…Kate’s like I didn’t “steal” the money, I “borrowed” the money.

  2. Sounds like she’s spoiled with her fame and being a nurse again and doing bed pans is degrading and below her. As a parent the kids private schooling which was the mothers decision gets paid by the parents. The trust is for their college and future. Not hers to live on. Get a smaller house and live like normal people Her fame is over because of her attitude and fame that went to her head.

  3. Kate is a whack a do, just a vile woman. I remember her throwing a fit when mass people donated baby gear for the kids because nothing matched. She’s seems the type who would make her kids reimburse her for gas, co payments at the Dr.’s office, school supplies, diapers, etc.

  4. This is what happens when a narcissist completely void of any emotional attachment, takes over anything. Play the victim –> place the blame on the real victims.

  5. Of course the responsibility doesn’t all lie on her and John would be a scum if he didn’t contribute anything, but the line that gets me is,

    “Kate also allegedly claimed in her testimony that her children actually owe her money for private school tuition that was paid out of her and Jon’s income over the years instead of the trust. “So I mean I’m not looking to collect that but I borrowed $100,000 from the kids’ trust,” she said. “And it owes me $387,000 technically.”

    So you mean to tell me you had to use YOUR OWN money (like us common folk) to pay for a private school of YOUR OWN choice? And now you think the kids owe you for that? Disgusting!

    1. My thoughts exactly, the absolute audacity of that statement.. these poor children need to run far away from both Jon and Kate when they get the chance.

    2. Yeah, that’s what got me also! Can’t believe what I just read. Unbelievable egotistical narcissist! Mind blown…

  6. What Kate did is absolutely disgusting, and she needs to repay her children back, but Jon is a disgusting loser. He gave up custody of his children so he didn’t have to pay child support. It is the responsibility of both parents to financially support their children. This guy gave up an IT job to become a DJ. Lmao GTFOH

  7. I’d like proof of any child support Jon provided as well as proof Kate ever actually went back to work. Tbh, if Kate was in any way likeable she could have been successful with social media influencing.

    Kate liked to live beyond her means though, and the money she stole from her kids I doubt she will ever pay back.

  8. Jon literally gave up parental rights so he wouldn’t have to pay child support. Kate never gave up financial responsibility of the children SHE chose to have. I’m not quick to blame a mother who didn’t take the easy way out. ESPECIALLY when the father DID!

    1. Sorry but KATE decided they needed that excessive home and lifestyle, she met on her private security BOYFRIEND and multiple babies long after she left working. She wanted that reality TV check and The people didn’t like her because she’s psycho and evil those poor kids he might be a deadbeat but she’s a personification of an entitled gaslighting demon from hell

    2. Did you ignore the entire part about her not working a day since the kids were born? Yes, she absolutely gave up financial support, she relied on the financial support of others, what they made on the show (the kids, not her), and has been cashing in on the money her kids have earned since the day they were born. She absolutely took the easy way out. She was never even alone with her kids (including the first twins) until all of them were well over 10, because she couldn’t stand being around them. Even when they just had twins, she had a nanny for them, because she couldn’t handle being a mom.

      She is an absolutely horrendous person, and a terrible parent. She may not be the worst, but she’s still horrid. Her kids don’t even like her, and they haven’t since they were tiny, they spent most of their lives afraid of her, likely because she’s a mean and nasty person. You can see it in the way she treats them and talks about them, it’s never loving. You can clearly see it in all of the interviews over the years too, especially the one where the older girls were embarrassing her (by being shy) on live TV and she made it KNOWN right then and there that they were by chastising them (who does that?).

      Jon’s no saint himself, he has plenty of faults too, but she’s still a pos.

  9. I’m wondering if Jon paid any child support because he most certainly should have. As far as I recall Kate wasn’t employed for years. She just started being a nurse again during Covid.

    It was Kate’s choice to put them in private school. The children should not have to “pay” that. That’s ridiculous. I think it’s interesting that when Jon & Kate were still on air her brother and brother’s wife came out publicly accusing Kate of not putting money in the kids trust fund, taking money and being physically and emotionally abusive to the kids.

  10. I’m sure he provided little or no financial support throughout those years. She had the whole burden on her. Shame on him.

    1. The kids have been old enough to watch themselves for 5 years. She’s an RN why not go back to work? She is so entitled. The kids didn’t ask to got to private school, she made them go. She’s trash.

    2. She may have had the whole burden on her, but I would do lots of other things before I would take money meant for my kids’ futures. I mean she could have just gotten a job like the rest of the world does to pay their bills? And her saying the kids “owe” her?? Shame on Kate.

    3. She wouldn’t have gotten the TV shows and specials if she didnt have all 8 kids.

      She also made way more than he did.

      She thought she could make bank and live a Hollywood lifestyle off TLC money. Once they stopped calling..

    4. What burden, she wasn’t working that entire time. The show, their fame and his job were the sources of income they had. She wasn’t bringing anything to the table at all. She even tried to claim, for many years, that she couldn’t work anymore (and when she made a case of it, they were thrown out).

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