RECAP: Jinger & Jeremy Vuolo Give A Tour of Their Hollywood House: ‘MTV: Cribs’: Fundie Edition

“Welcome back to MTV [Grifted] Cribs! We’re the Vuolos! (Peep The Ashley’s sick Microsoft Paint skills, y’all!) 

Former Counting On stars Jinger and Jeremy Vuolos recently welcomed fans into their North Hollywood, California, in a video posted to their YouTube channel. The video— which is basically the first episode of MTV: Cribs (Fundie Edition) takes fans behind the door of the home Jeremy, Jing and their family are living in for free while Jeremy is in God School to become…whatever the hell he’s still in school for. (Hey— if the job gets me a free house in LA, sign me up!) 

The video kicks off in front of a beautiful home in California. Jeremy and Jinger have been “gifted” this house to live in while Jeremy completes his 190th semester of Jesus Learnings. There’s a knock on the heavily secured door (which is most likely to keep out heathens/hillbilly barefooted Duggars looking for a free place to stay).

A rough-looking Jinger opens the door. She welcomes the camera into “their” home, where we see Jeremy. He’s got a shaved head. (Has he joined the Los Angeles chapter of Vatos for Jesus or…did he get caught using the Internet without an accountability partner and now has to be sent to the Alert Camp for Wayward Fundies?)

He proudly shows off their formal dining area (where Jing can present plate upon plate of whatever that disgusting tuna dish Jim Bob likes is called, to her headship and blessings.) 

“Imagine– our chruch— I mean THE LORD— has provided all of this, for free!”

Jeremy brags that they’ve been grifting the house for about three years now. Jinger, meanwhile, attempts to smile but is so thin and jaded with life that she can barely muster up the strength to turn up the corners of her mouth. (All jokes aside…is she OK?)

This Fundie version of ‘MTV Cribs’ continues into the “guest” room. Jeremy tells us this used to be his and Jinger’s bedroom (so we can assume this is where they banged it out to make their two existing “blessings”…ew.) They moved their bedroom upstairs to be closer to the girls, so this room now exists to host stray Fundies. Jinger claims that the room is “filled up” at least once a month, so that bed is getting a lot of action.


Jeremy explains that no one was breaking down the door to stay with them when they lived in hot, dusty, heathen-filled Laredo, Texas, but since they’ve moved to California, they say the Fundies are coming to visit in droves. 

Swimmin’ pools…movie stars…

“Now you understand why we have so many locks on our door! We hear those Arkansas banjos coming down the street and start deadbolting it up!”

Luckily, though, Jeremy’s insufferable, self-righteous personality probably scares visitors off within a couple of days.

They show off the master bedroom, which consists of a white sink, white toilet and white shower curtain and is blander than Jinger’s new “LA Influencer” style. (Does anyone else miss crunchy, Top-Ramen-curls-and-heavy-eyeliner Jinger? I could sure go for one of her signature eye rolls right about now.) 

Next, we move to the dining room again, where Jeremy marvels at the fact that Jinger picked up a used kid’s table on the side of the road and actually saw a purpose for it and brought it home. What they don’t explain, however, is why they have some sort of large, taxidermy wild cat just chilling in the corner of their dining room. It’s absolutely terrifying as it gazes away from the giant wedding portrait.

What is in the ‘Tiger King’ rejected background prop is this?! Like, I have questions…

Jinger walks us into the living room/kitchen (which is huge for this area of Los Angeles. Seriously, this might be the best grift ever pulled off by a Duggar!) 

“This is the kitchen,” Jinger says blandly. “It’s where we do…a lot of…cooking.”


Jeremy is sure to let the fans know that he is the male headship of this Griftery, so he doesn’t do “women’s work” and instead spends his days reading for Jesus.

“This is Jinger’s kitchen!” he proclaims as she sighs loudly. “She’s the master chef!” 

Jinger says she and her oldest blessing, Felicity, frequently cook together in their colorless kitchen. (Hey, I understand, free is free but…why is everything so…manila? It’s like the kitchen is as bland as Jinger’s new FundieBot personality.) 

“I then promptly clean it up while Jeremy watches me. It’s really…fun. Yeah, that’s it. Fun…”

Jeremy shows off “his” kitchen, which is basically just a table with some pour over coffee tools he was gifted grifted from “sweet” friends. 


Sadly, we don’t get to look in the fridge, which is a requirement for any ‘Cribs’ episode. (I’m sure there’s just celery for Jinger, tater tots and items wrapped in aluminum foil so that Jeremy is able to see his reflection no matter what he’s eating.) 

Next, they show off their sunroom-turned-home gym.

Um…I’m all for working on my fitness but why would you want your gym right in the middle of your living room? The smell of sweat and protein powder (with a hint of desperation) would waft through the whole downstairs. I’m sure it’s a special treat for Jing to be frying up the night’s beige-colored “Helper” meal  while smelling the sweet scent of Jerm’s perspirations as he does push-ups for the ‘Gram.


Jeremy says that he and Jinger like to “work out together” in their sweat room.

“That weight bench can be used for more than lifting dumbbells…wink wink!”

They keep talking about their oldest daughter, Felicity, and how much she likes playing in the sweat room. Jinger talks about all of Felicity’s toys being in there. Jeremy seems to suddenly remember they have a second child, Evie, and finally mentions her. 

They show off the bathroom where they hose off after pumping iron and/or each other. 


Next we head upstairs, where all the best stuff is kept. (#CloserToHeaven) We are shown another bathroom (that’s three, in case you’re counting along at home). 

“I think we can all agree that Jerm and I are the Grifting Champs after seeing this place. Eat our shorts, Mom and Dad!” 

We get to see the master bedroom next, which is where most of the blessing-making happens. Jinger tells us that this is not supposed to be the master but they didn’t want to be downstairs and have the kids upstairs in case “the big one” hits. 

OK— so are people from other states really that afraid of earthquakes? Is this a thing? That’s the one way to know that someone living in California is not from California: they constantly mentions earthquakes. I’d seriously be more afraid of Jim Bob coming to visit than an earthquake but that’s me…

Jing says that….the other kid…is still sleeping in their room because she hasn’t been moved into Felicity’s room. They say they’re ready to evict Evie (so they can starting banging away on Blessing No. 3, presumably). We see Felicity’s room (blackout curtain and all of the baby-sized denim skirt hung, ooh, ahh).

Next is Bedroom No. 3, which they stress is Jeremy’s office. (Naturally it’s Jeremy’s; after all, Jinger’s a woman and what could a woman use an office for?!)

If there’s any doubt about whose office it is, the giant portrait of Jeremy’s head (which is the first thing we see as soon as we walk through the door) will clear that right up. This thing is cheesier than a Duggar tater tot casserole after Walmart had a sale on day-old dairy. 

“Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the best-looking righteous Fundie man of them all!? Oh, me? You don’t say!”

As you may remember from the entire episode of ‘Counting On’ that was dedicated to it, Jeremy loves him some Jesus books. He loves them so much, in fact, that he has a wall-to-wall bookshelf to hold all of them.

Also shelved in the office are photos of Jeremy as a child, a painting of a shoe (naturally) and a giant taxidermy fish. (What in the Jesus God Jim Bob are all the dead animals in this house about?) 

“Jinger was my golden ticket to D-level fame, but this here is my golden fish!”

Next, we get to see what qualifies as memorabilia in the Fundie World. Jeremy shows us his framed “Charles Spurgeon” sermon that hangs prominently on his wall. In case you’re wondering why that name sounds familiar, it’s also the name of Jinger’s nephew, Spurgeon, who is the sadly named spawn of Jessa and Ben

“Lord willing, within a year I’ll have a genuine Tammy Fay Bakker eyelash to hang up, too!”

“It’s a pretty fascinating piece,” Jeremy says blandly. 

That ends the house tour. Jeremy– who has obviously seen a few episodes of ‘MTV: Cribs’ in his time– tells us that we “don’t need to go home but you have to get out of here.” Jinger– whose only entertainment growing up was cleaning toilets in a Godly way and taking care of her siblings— has obviously never heard that frequent ‘Cribs’ expression before and thinks it’s hysterical. 

That’s all for this edition of “Cribs: Fundie Edition!” You can watch the full video below! 

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(Photos: YouTube) 


  1. Did anyone else notice the shelves full of Jeremy’s shoes? Just off the kitchen when he is showing the coffee station.

  2. Hilarious post, I needed this today! What a life – coasting by on other people’s money and generosity. I’d be ashamed, but I guess I also have a moral fiber and work ethics.

  3. These comments are just….🤦🏻‍♀️. I think some readers got a little lost while searching for their favorite fundie family but now that they are here, might as well shove their opinions down our throats…wayament, I’ve seen this somewhere before. Idk by this age, Jer should be like working and supporting his family instead of continuing his perpetual schooling. Honestly, this story was not any more “mean” than any other article on this site.
    Also, says a lot about a person when they have THEIR OWN PICTURE (not even a family pic) hung alongside memorabilia of those he admires…
    As usual, the snark was spot on.

  4. OMG, I laughed so hard, this was a great article. All you people freaking out, you all need to stop and think for a moment…Where was God, Jesus or the holy spirit when Josh was abusing all his sisters and helped abused children when he was collecting his massive child porn collection. Nothing wrong in believing but when it protects the predators and the victims the are serious problems that you all seems to wipe it away…Free house house and living expenses are fabulous but maybe start giving back, to those in need..and yes I watched the shows because I love train wrecks…please keep writing these articles, after a long week of working hard, I need the laughs

  5. You clearly dislike these people so why did you go to their house? You present yourself as a cruel person

    1. Are you really so dense that you think the person who owns this website “went to their house”? This is a video that THEY made and uploaded themselves, lmao.

      Although I too dislike people who can’t take care of their families and refuse to work “in the name of jesus”, forcing them to rely 100% on handouts, grace, gifts and assistance, because they’re too lazy to get a job while “studying”(which, ftr, he should actually be done with by now).

      I happen to have, at one time, really liked these two. But he is proving to be no better than most of the others in their cult, which is scary. We can see where life is headed for his wife and daughters, because we see it in every other family in that cult. It’s pretty scary, especially since he is perfectly capable of taking care of his family, keeping his faith strong, sticking by his convictions, raising his family in the church he desires….but is choosing not to. Let that sink in for a minute. His “study of jesus” (again, it’s something he’s actually called it, oddly) is more important than feeding, clothing and housing his children.

    1. Seriously I feel as if I’ve stumbled into Bizzaro land in this comment section. I have never seen fundies undies so twisted on a literal snark page…

  6. The lack of respect for what he is doing is actually sad. You may not want anything to do with Jesus but to this family it’s very important and to make fun of it ….is pretty low. The house belongs to a church member and is letting them use it for free . That’s what faith dies for peoole. They are very genuine in their help. They don’t make fun of others

    1. They do everything in their power to force their draconian viewpoints on people, that’s way worse than “making fun” of others 🙄

    2. To forgo taking care of your family “in the name of jesus” IS a pitiful way of living life, one I believe his wife is getting a wee bit tired of (it’s growing increasingly clear that she wants progress and not the stagnation they are stuck in). You can maintain and practice your faith and convictions, while still taking care of your family. It’s not that difficult to both study (which he has already “studied” longer than is actually necessary for this chosen path, btw). Faith isn’t what provided them the home, clothes, food, other assistance…it is the kindness, grace and taxes paid by others that provide it. Showing a bit more gratitude for what they have received, a bit more humility, and proof that such gifts aren’t being wasted on someone who really doesn’t appreciate their significance, certainly wouldn’t hurt him.

  7. What was the purpose of this article? To just the Voulos? Obviously you don’t know a whole lot about them or you would’ve gotten some of your judgements correct.

    1. The purpose of the article is to make the readers laugh, and the Duggars/Duggar adjacents make us laugh a LOT.

  8. Why are you so mean with your story? I personally like these two. You seem disrespectful. People go to school to study Jesus, as you say, (Theology), just like they do every other subject. If you’re joking, to me, it’s in poor taste.

    1. When someone’s “study of jesus” takes up their entire lives, forces them to not actually provide for their family and rely 100% on the grace and assistance of others in order to FEED THEIR CHILDREN…it becomes ridiculous. He can both study jesus-to become whatever it is he chooses in that field-AND provide for his family at the same time. He is CHOOSING not to, and that is what makes it funny. He has been doing this for years now and there is no end in sight. You see that is the difference between many who also choose this path, and him, they maintain responsibilities while doing so and they don’t do it forever, there is an end goal. He has no end goal in sight, but the moment he gives up his studying, is the moment he will be forced into employment.

      I know many who are following similar paths as him, not a single one of them has shirked responsibility in the name of jesus, they ALL take care of their families while also obtaining the education they need to move forward. It’s not an all or nothing thing. While yes some of them do also need assistance, because it can be difficult to balance, they do not rely 100% on the grace and assistance of others. Self-sufficiency is important, even the bible teaches that!

  9. The way these Duggar articles rollercoaster is ridiculous. If it is about Jim Bob, Michelle, or Josh, the rest of the kids are victims. Yet, the media continually goes after those same Duggar kids when the article is singular to a specific Duggar kid.

  10. I agree with another poster, your remarks are derogatory.I’m not really a Duggar fan but I just find the way you are portraying this family in general, to be in poor taste. I did not enjoy the implications that you tried to interject into this story. Not kind or cool, sorry to say

  11. Wasn’t the biggest fan of how many cheap shots you took at their beliefs in this one. I’m not even remotely a fan of their belief system but this post took the teasing a bit far in my opinion.

  12. Wow, you are so negative. You always complain about how the Duggars lack education and now when one is getting a whole brunch of education that is somehow also bad. You don’t even have to pay for his education or the housing with your tax money like I would have to in my country. What the heck are you complaining about? This was a rather boring video, nothing else.

    1. Jeremy is not a Duggar. The education he receives is a Christian religious education, not even a study of several religions. This diploma does not teach him any useful skills or scientific knowledge.
      Lastly, this is a snark site, so not the best place to find Duggar leghumper friends.

    2. “A whole bunch of education”? Are you sure about that? He’s not actually “getting a whole bunch of education” (and also, he’s not a Duggar, lol) He is shirking his responsibilities as a father and husband “in the name of jesus”, without an end goal in mind. Yes, tax payers do actually pay for his family, they are on assistance, they rely on handouts and use resources that plenty of other families use (and some likely need far more than them) so that he can pretend his education is his entire career. He has no intention of stopping, or doing anything with the religious education (which is not actually a well rounded education at all, he’s not studying jesus along with other subjects). His family is suffering because of his desire to not work. That’s a problem for a lot of people. It’s not a problem that he wants to study, good for him…but PROVIDE FOR YOUR FAMILY while doing it!.

      This is exactly why a lot who go into these kinds of studies do not do so with a family in tow, it’s too hard on them, you cannot provide properly for them and they will be forced to rely 100% on the good grace and handouts from others, along with countless assistance programs. For an able bodied, perfectly capable of working, adult to make that choice for his family is stupid. People say that constantly about others who live on assistance and choose not to work, why is it not okay to say about him too? Is it because religion is involved? Because if so, jesus taught people to be self-sufficient, only relying on the good grace of others when necessary and paying that good grace forward every step of the way.

  13. They don’t live in Hollywood.

    “Hollywood” and “North Hollywood” are two distinctly separate places.

  14. Your idiotic portrayal of this family shows your immaturity and lack of respect for peoples beliefs. If they were Muslim or any other religion, you wouldn’t even think of making your stupid comments!

    1. Um, that’s a lot of assumptions and you’re not the kindest yourself. Be the change you want to see in the world… but also maybe stay off celebrity gossip sites if you’re easily offended.

    2. I think if there had been a reality show about another religion, the snark would have been the same. By the way, The Ashley does the same thing about Sister wives. Although Christians, the Browns and the Duggars are not of the same faith.

      Personally, I think it’s good snark!

        1. You hear that, The Ashley? Renee is leaving, shut the site down! No point in continuing now!


    3. They are such pitiful obvious grifters that it makes ZERO difference whatever religion they would belong to. Their grifterness is beyond religion and just shows how lazy and entitled he is. Disgusting, and sad people like you defending them is just as disgusting.

      The article was hilarious!

    1. Might think about how you talk about these people. Kindness goes along way. Ughly talk is not neccesary. We can form our own thoughts.

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