Hannah & Collin Gosselin Are Reportedly Angry After Finding Out Their Trust Accounts “Had Been Drained” After Their Mom Kate Gosselin “Borrowed” Money From Them

“Thanks a million a hundred thousand, mom!”

Jon Gosselin recently expressed his “disgust” over ex-wife Kate Gosselin allegedly taking $100,000 out of trust fund accounts belonging to the Gosselin children years ago–- money which Kate claims to have “borrowed”–- and it turns out Jon isn’t the only one unhappy about the situation. 

According to In Touch Weekly, Hannah and Collin Gosselin–- the two 18-year-old sextuplets that have been in Jon’s custody since 2018–- are aware of the situation and “they feel terrible about it.”

“That’s funny, I don’t feel anything at all!”

A source told the outlet that the Gosselin kids “expected to get some money in their bank accounts” from appearing on both Jon & Kate Plus 8 and Kate Plus 8, but discovered their accounts had allegedly “been drained” by Kate. 

“These kids deserve better,” the source claimed. “The kids worked very hard throughout their life. They didn’t choose to go on the show; that was the life that was chosen for them.” 

As The Ashley told you last week, trust funds were created for the eight Gosselin children years ago with the intention to hold onto the earnings until the kids turned 18, which they all have done at this point. However, when Jon gained custody of Collin and Hannah in 2018, he saw the children’s bank statements and became aware of the allegedly missing funds.

(According to In Touch Weekly‘s source, Kate took money “from all the kids,” not just Collin and Hannah.) 

When questioned about the trust accounts in court the following year, Kate admitted to withdrawing $50,000 from the kids’ trusts on two occasions, claiming she needed that $100,000, as well as future “borrowed” funds “to survive.” 

Jon recently confirmed that Kate had not repaid Collin or Hannah for the funds she “borrowed,” and a source told In Touch Weekly the four children living in her house will likely not “go after” their mother for the money they are owed, as they “live in fear of her.” 

“One of our biggest fears is that she’ll try to bring back that awful reverse spikey mullet of hers… “

“I don’t think for one minute Kate is going to pay the kids back,” they added. 

In addition to the “borrowed” funds from her kids’ trust accounts, Kate also admitted in court to borrowing money from a corporation that she jointly owned with her children. Those funds reportedly went to to furnish her new home (which she purchased in 2019 after relocating to North Carolina.) Kate claimed that she did not earn any income in 2019.  

As The Ashley has reported over the years, there are currently no laws in place to protect the money that minor children earn from appearing on reality TV shows. Child actors and performers in some states have their earnings protected by a law known as the “Coogan Act.” This requires employers to put aside 15% of the child’s gross earnings in a Coogan Trust Account that is monitored by the child’s legal guardian until the child is 18. The guardian, however, is unable to withdraw money from the account.

Currently, only four states have this law and Pennsylvania— the state the Gosselins lived in while the kids’ money was earned— is not one of them. Also, reality TV earnings are not protected, so Kate did not break any laws by withdrawing and spending her kids’ cash.

“Yeah. So THERE! Also…gimme money.”

Kate has yet to comment publicly on the money situation.

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(Photos: Instagram; TLC) 


  1. If Jon had custody, and HE did this, she would hang him upside down and shake all his loose change out of him. Double standards.

  2. When you BORROW money, there is intent of paying it back… If Kate needed it to “survive” ow on earth will she be able to replenish the money she took from them? Those kids were THE only reason she rose to fame. They deserve that money and quite frankly, furnishing a home is not exactly a need, it’s a want. I’m quite sure they had furnishings prior, but they just were older/worn out… again, that could still suffice as furnishings. What she did was absolutely wrong and the children have no obligation to fund Kate’s lifestyle she has grown accustomed to. NONE.

  3. She stole, not borrowed, when you borrow you pay it back, this vile disgusting excuse for a mother exploited then stole her kids money.

  4. If you have ever watched their show, you can see the family wouldn’t have functioned if Kate wasn’t a bit of a b!tch. Jon did nothing and she ran the show. A family with eight children needs a strong backbone, and I really think without Kate, it would have been a sh!tshow. She worked HARD. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to have to constantly manage a whole team of children, and she kept them in a clean and safe atmosphere. I think people just love to hate her because she isn’t as warm as we expect a mother of eight to be. I have alot of respect for her, and I believe 100,000 is a drop in the bucket when it comes to raising all of these children. She’s explained in the past that she borrowed it, and paid for private school education from her bank account rather than the trust.

    1. You mean without all the help they had. No mother needs to be a bitch 24/7. She didn’t manage anything, she never could, even when they just had the twin girls she couldn’t stand being a mom. Everyone she hired and everyone who volunteered made sure everything was in order in that house. Kate wasn’t even alone with them (going all the way back to when the twins were born) until all the children were over 10, because she couldn’t handle being a mom. Kate did not keep them in a clean OR safe environment. They have been afraid of her since they were little, and even now they still are (not to mention, they don’t even like her).

      How can you have respect for someone who openly chastised her children on live tv, yelling at them that they are embarrassing her by being shy (again on LIVE tv) and had no qualms treating them like shit, all the while literally stealing from them? How can you have respect for someone who openly treated her kids like shit on a tv show-which wasn’t scripted (certainly not like many reality shows which are almost entirely scripted). She’s a shit person, and lazy to boot, with an unearned and overinflated ego. She didn’t “borrow” anything, she flat out stole. She’s the one who wanted them to go to private school, and yes being a parent means you fork out education costs for your children if you choose that. It’s not the kids’ responsibility to pay for their own education out of their trust.

      Poor baby had to pay out of her overstuffed pockets for the children she chose to have. She’s an insufferable whackjob.

  5. Jon is no Saint, but Kate is a horrible person. The kids owe her nothing. She’s one of those people who thinks her crap doesn’t stink. It’s all about her. It was never about Jon and the kids.

  6. Why doesn’tTLC step up and offer up 50,000$ per child? This is a drop in the bucket to the network. I’m sure they would give you 10 episodes to make the kids whole. Or I’d love to see a Kate dating show! I’ll get in line

    1. The kids didn’t ask to be sent to private school Kate decided that. Kate wanted them to attend so Kate should have to pay for it.

    1. He paid the child support according to another article. I think he put some of it into trust with approval of courts.

      Kate has been manipulative and playing victim from day 1. I remember the documentary that started all this, she was more down to earth and sincere. Then the fame kicked in and the real Kate the climber came out.

      1. Apparently, even before the first documentary, she threw a fit because the cribs and baby gear that people donated didn’t match. That’s when they had no money and eight babies to take care of.

    2. Its money the children earned appering on their parents tv-show. This is not about child support. How would you feel about your parent stealing your paycheck?

      1. This needs to be higher. Whether or not Jon paid child support does not take away from the fact that this specific money is what those kids earned by being forced to film nearly all of their lives.

        I’d further this question by asking how much money is enough for those kids to have moments like their potty training exposed for their peers and the world to watch on repeat on Discovery+ without ever having their consent to film it in the first place? Whatever TLC deemed was enough is longggg gone after Kate burned through it.

    3. He’s paid far more than she ever has. Regardless of the faults he has (which are definitely not few) he is a much better parent than her, has always been one, and has always made sure that the kids were taken care of financially. She has not contributed one dime to them financially since the older twins were born.

  7. Yet Kate just sold her home for 1.1 million dollars and purchased another home for $750,000 complete with a private pier and a pool. Sounds to me that she would rather live in luxury “borrowing” her children’s trust funds.

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