UPDATE: ‘Teen Mom 2′ Star Corey Simms NOT Taking Leah Messer to Court for Taking Twins’ Money, Despite Report

Leah and Corey are heading back to court!
Leah and Corey are heading back to court!

UPDATE: The Ashley has just confirmed via a very good Teen Mom 2 source that this story is mostly FALSE. The Ashley’s source tells her that Corey has not filed anything in court against Leah in regard to the twins’ missing money. 

“Corey has not taken any action at all against Leah,” The Ashley’s source tells her exclusively. “He has no idea where this story came from and does not have a court date set up to discuss the issue.”

The source tells The Ashley that the story may have a few specks of truth in it, however, in regard to the twins’ missing money.

“Currently, Corey doesn’t know where that money is,” the source said. “He has not been able to locate it yet.”

In case you missed the original story posted earlier today:

Last December, In Touch Weekly released a story that stated that Teen Mom 2 star Leah Messer had allegedly been caught taking money out of the trust fund that had been set up for her daughter Ali. According to the magazine, Leah had taken thousands of dollars out of Ali’s bank account. (It can be assumed that the trust fund was made up of money that Ali has received from MTV for appearing on ‘Teen Mom 2.’ Each child is paid individually for appearing on the show.)

“The account was totally drained,” a source reportedly told In Touch. “The money is supposed to go to college tuition, or in Ali’s case, medical needs. But Leah took all of it.”

At the time, In Touch stated that Ali’s father (and Leah’s ex-husband) Corey Simms, was furious when he found out what Leah had allegedly done. Today, the magazine claims that he’s finally doing something about it, after finding out that Leah allegedly took an additional $10,000 from the account belonging to her other daughter, Aleeah.

“Corey is taking Leah to court,” the magazine’s source said. “He is furious that she took that money. That was the girls’ money — not Leah’s. Corey’s going to do whatever he can to make sure it’s put back.”

The magazine claims that a court date has already been set. (The Ashley is working to confirm this.)

While The Ashley is not confirming that Leah did, indeed, take money from her girls’ accounts, she can confirm that it is possible that she could take it. In December, The Ashley explained how the payment of the children on the show generally works:

MTV  is not required to set up any type of trust fund for the ‘Teen Mom 2′ kids, as reality TV is not covered under Coogan Laws or any other act, but they have done that anyway. (A Coogan account requires the parents of a child actor to set aside at least 15% of their child’s entertainment earnings into an account for the child when he or she turns 18. Unfortunately, however, kids on reality TV shows are not considered “actors,” therefore the Coogan Laws do not apply. Also, those laws only apply in certain states; Leah’s home state of West Virginia is not one of them.)

However, MTV (or the government) does not prevent the parent (or whoever is set as the “trustee” of the account until the child turns 18) from withdrawing money, provided it is for “the benefit of the child.”

"Pssh...everyone knows money grows on trees! I'll just go pick some more!"
“Pssh…everyone knows money grows on trees! I’ll just go pick some more!”

Another ‘Teen Mom’ source told The Ashley last year that not all of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ kids have the same kind of account, due to them all living in different states.

Since Leah lives in West Virginia, and has since the beginning of the show, it is likely the accounts for the girls are UTMA accounts. So, while The Ashley is definitely not confirming that Leah took any money, she is confirming that it would be possible for her to do so, if she was named as the trustee of Ali’s UTMA account.

When the allegation of her taking Ali’s money hit the media last year, Leah did not deny that she had taken Ali’s money. However, she claimed that she had not spent it, but simply moved it to an account that she claimed Corey “wasn’t looking in.”

She also stated that she had put the girls’ money into CDs, but apparently, she has not been able to prove this to Corey since he is taking her to court. In the past, Leah has admitted to having problems controlling her spending.

The status of the account belonging to Leah’s third daughter, Addie, is not known.

This will be just the latest in a string of court cases involving Leah and Corey. Recently, Corey was awarded full primary custody of the couple’s twins by a judge.

Both Leah and Corey have been quiet on social media in regard to this story. The Ashley will update this story when more information becomes available.

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  1. Everyone on here is talking about Leah and her fan site comments. I’m not taking sides but just reading all these comments and none of these comments are any better than what other people are posting. NO ONE KNOWS THE REAL TRUTH BUT COREY & LEAH. AND THE TRUTH WILL COME OUT SOONER THAN LATER. BUT I have to say if everyone who is on here posting all this bad stuff about what’s being said somewhere else then this isn’t any better. I think they (Leah&Corey) need to STOP FILMING until they all het there lifes straightened out and think about there kids all there kids. None of this is good for them. Them kids don’t need to hear or see the mom & dad at each other. These kids need both parents.& mone of this negative backlash coming into there lifes or homes. God bless and watch over them.

    1. What people post on this site can never be compared to what people post on Leah’s fan sites. People on here never say bad things about the children or wish someone was dead. Leah is crazy but people never say anything as mean about her on here as they do about Corey and Miranda on those sites. So there’s no comparison.

  2. he has no idea where the story came from, yet there is money missing, he just hasn’t been able to find it? so doesn’t that sound like it mostly true? i’ve heard from several places that while pain meds are plentiful on the streets on wv, they’re not cheap by any stretch. when you have a habit that requires 4 20 mg oxys minimum per day and those go for $20-$50 dollars, it can add up Fast. corey should just ask robbie, he knows who her dealers were, him being one.

  3. “Those youngins need feeding yall, that money was spent on Lunchables and canned raviolis I been fixin the girlses for them midnight dinners! Also a good bacon spanking doesn’t come cheap!!”

  4. If this is true Leah should be made to pay every penny of it back plus interest! I’m wondering if this has anything to do w/ how she kept harping on Corey to get his insurance to cover the cost of Ali’s wheelchair…she had probably already drained all of the $$$ from the acct and was trying to keep Corey from figuring out what she had done. What about the foundation Leah supposedly started for Ali? Whatever happened to that and the money that was raised/donated????

  5. Corey played his cards smart here by waiting until he had primary custody of the girls and then filing this suit. Absolutely disgusting if Leah did this–if her drug problem was that bad (and it seems like it was/is), then her lack of transparency about her recovery, rehab, etc. is a very bad sign that she definitely hasn’t taken responsibility and sadly will (or has) relapsed. I hope for the girls’s sake that she gets her ish together but no one deserves an addict for a parent.

    1. I’ve been saying from the beginning that Leah (and her supporters) underestimated Corey. He’s a nice country boy of a few words, and Leah is quickly learning that DOES NOT mean he’s stupid.

  6. I wonder how Leah’s idiot fangirls are going to try and spin this story.

    I am sure they will blame Corey’s tiny child support payments and say he was not timely in paying it.

    The recent explosion of extreme hate toward baby Remi on Leah’s official pages and Instagram has truly shown Leah’s character in spades.
    Her fans have expressed (to name a few things I have read with my own eyes) that they wished baby Remi had died at birth; that they hope she has special needs due to her prematurity; that they hope Miranda develops horrible PPA/PPD and kills herself…

    The fact that Leah has not condemned these fans with posts telling them to quit and blocked them speaks volumes about her character and soul.

    I am in disbelief at the antics and psychotic behavior of these people. I hope that Corey has a good security system in place at home.

    1. I already have been on facebook and her fan girls are blaming MIRANDA of course! LOL

      And I have seen some horrible stuff said about the baby and Miranda as well. I have seen people threatening to kick her in the stomach when she was pregnant with baby Remi, I also witnessed people say Remi needs to be taken away from her so she can feel what Leah is feeling.. -___- and I kid you not, some crazy girl said Leah should get custody of Remi lmfao that right there just shows you how crazy Leah’s defenders are.

      I really don’t get the hatred. I don’t get why people are saying she was “mean” to Leah. All she did was question Leah. Leah started off saying she needed to go get help to be a better mom and Miranda just asked her back if she was owning up to it.

      None of these seem to be as pissed when Javi is overstepping his boundaries or when Jeremy kept saying Corey needed to get his shit together about the wheelchair we dont ever see. Jeremy and Leah used to chew Corey out over that wheelchair but none of her fans made a peep.

      1. There’s some scary folks out there! Corey needs to stop filming and focus on his family. Way too much drama for the twins

      2. I haven’t seen any of this stuff – besides Leah’s official Facebook page, I don’t know of any of the other accounts.

    2. I had no idea that Leah’s groupies were saying those things. It is sickening. I think it is disgusting that Leah has not let her fans know how wrong they are. @ javi ruiner of times, you are absolutely right this shows Leah’s character and what a selfish, sick, uncaring, p.o.s. she really is. The fact that she hasn’t corrected her fans for making these comments and threats, is the same as her putting it out there that she agrees with them .she is encouraging them by staying silent. this way later she can say she never said any of it, only her fans did. She will find a way to turn it around so somehow she is once again the victim. I can’t believe she even has any fans at all anymore.

  7. Leah is super selfish and bat shit crazy. What a shitty person to steal her daughters money…and to take it from the daughter who has medical needs…what a shitty shitty person. You don’t steal from your kids!

    1. I’m sure she did that on purpose so she can try to say that it was for medical bills that Corey wasn’t helping with or some other shit.

  8. Ding dang y’all! Mary Kay is an expensive business! And the pillses ain’t for free either! Darn Corey Tyler always accusing poor Leah! She popped out those youngins so it’s her money to spend! Mainly on herself cause girlfriend gotta look pretty now that she’s free and has to get her va-jay-jay pounded on friday nights!

  9. Just follow the money, it will be easy enough to track if it has been put in a different account for legit purposes. If not, Corey should sue her because it’s despicable to spend money put aside for her kids. Not surprising though, if her drug problem was as bad as we heard. In previous episodes, it certainly seems as if she is in denial about her spending and $$ in general.

  10. if leah really just ‘moved’ the money into different accounts/investments she shouldnt be worried and have the proof for when corey takes her to court.

    something tells me that wont be the case though

    1. Just like if she really wasn’t abusing her prescriptions then she shouldn’t have been worried about the follicle test last season.

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