‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Announces Her Plans to Adopt a Child

"Gimme a baby!"
“Gimme a baby!”

By Holly Rasmussen

Get ready for another Teen Mom baby! “Back Door Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham is planning to add another child to her life. No, she’s not pregnant. (You can’t get pregnant by having sex the “Farrah” way, after all.) Farrah has announced that she is planning to adopt a baby.

The reality star took to her Instagram account on Monday to let the world know of her plans to add another little one to her crazy life.

“Let’s embrace the power and beauty that family brings with adoption. There are over 145 million orphans in the world. I grew up with all of my neighbors being adopted and in foster care and I’ve seen it mean the world to them to have loving and caring homes ‘a family.’

“I hope soon Sophia and I can make a world of difference by bringing home a baby brother or sister for Sophia,” she continued. “I always have been passionate about adoption as it means so much to me, my family, my community, my church and my heart thank you to all the parents who have adopted and to all the amazing children with their loving families. God bless,” Farrah wrote.

Farrah’s Instagram followers were quick to point out that Farrah doesn’t really spend much time with her daughter Sophia as it is. (Over the past four weeks, Farrah has taken trips to Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and she’s about to leave for the UK.)

“Take care of the child you have before adopting another,” one follower wrote.

“How can you talk about adoption if you can’t raise your own child?” another wrote. “You used to leave your daughter with your mom all the time…Raising a kid like that is something very easy.”

Who could forget when Farrah famously said Sophia wasn’t with her because Sophia had her own life and was “doing her own thing?”

At this point, fans are skeptical to believe anything Farrah says, given that in the past she has stated that she planned to open a restaurant, become a plastic surgeon, etc. It seems as if she has a history of making these declarations and then not following through. (In this case, that may be a good thing, however!)

We will have to wait this one out to see if Farrah adds another member to her family. She is currently “on again” with her on-again/off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, but it’s not known what he thinks about Farrah’s plan to adopt. Judging from what we saw of him on the last season of ‘Teen Mom OG,’ he didn’t seem to be very patient when he was around Sophia.

Farrah is currently filming the next season of ‘Teen Mom OG’ so we may see this topic discussed on the show.



  1. Raising a child isn’t a display of your “righteousness” & it isn’t a missionary trip & no child should have to feel like they “owe” their parent(s) for caring for them. Adoption is a wonderful thing but if the person doing the adopting doesn’t feel it is more of a gift to themselves than the child, they shouldn’t do it. Think about the backwards thinking of “oh, I can’t wait to get pregnant…that baby is going to be so lucky to have me.”

    It isn’t uncommon for a narcissist like Farrah to just want a new kid when their old one doesn’t worship them like they’d prefer. It isn’t about being a parent at all. She failed her kid and now have the same dysfunctional relationship with her daughter as she has with her mother. Neither of those relationships can be salvaged at this point so hey, let’s make a new one. She isn’t going to go through a pregnancy that would damage her meal ticket for a baby & that’s more what it’s about than the beauty of adoption.

    Farrah wants to do a charitable thing? Donate to charity. Volunteer somewhere. Send $1000 a month to an orphan or underprivileged child. Kids awaiting adoption have needs that money can’t buy and Farrah doesn’t have (emotional, mental, therapeutic, actual love and affection). I know she’s always looking for holes to fill but you can’t fill those holes with children.

  2. As an adoptive parent, this frightens me to death! To think of the scrutiny that my husband & I had to endure to adopt our son and this as$hat can just go and basically buy a baby like they’re a purse…disgusting. Take care of your first child, Farrah. Stay with her for more than a weekend and act like a parent and not some entitled brat. Maybe then you can add to your family, but for now…just don’t.

    1. You mean children aren’t accessories? I’m sure Farrah would be shocked to hear that. In all seriousness, it’s heartbreaking. There are so many people who would make wonderful parents that aren’t able to adopt for whatever reason, but Farrah could just go buy a child. I’m happy your son found his way to a good family. All the best to you and yours!

  3. People on here are really clueless, you can adopt a baby from a private party, without going though an agency. People do it everyday, usually an attorney is the middle man handling the money, the mother gets between 10 and 20 thousand, for “expenses” while pregnant, the lawyer gets a fee, and that’s it, no agency involved. Many people that have babies naturally or adopt them, shouldn’t, it’s a very sad horrible situation that babies are a sold commodity in this and other countries, she could go to another country with some money and get any baby she wanted to, there are millions of babies world wide that are available. I think in many cases the humane society screens more potential pet owners more thouroughly than a lot of these so called agencies! It’s all about money, nothing else. I doubt she will adopt anything, she’s a sad tragic person IMO, really messed up mentally, and the mental illness is always on display to the highest bidder, pretty sad!

    1. While you are mostly correct, (technically speaking), the vast majority of private adoptions are still forced to go through adoption agencies for part of the process, as most states still require home studies, inspections (and sometimes more) for private, attorney facilitated adoptions. If the agency doesn’t feel you meet the requirements or “pass” the home study, they can essentially break the adoption. This part of the process is generally done through adoption agencies, though some states allow social workers to do this who are not affiliated with the agencies themselves.

  4. My husband says Farrah should call her restaurant “Backdoor Beef, it’s the beef not between your teeth”!!!! She is so nasty.

  5. I’d say Farrah not following through on becoming a plastic surgeon is a also a good thing. The way she butchers even the simplest of English words, I can’t imagine her telling a nurse what mess to give a patient…yikes!!

    1. She wouldn’t last a week in med school. I can’t even imagine her passing the test to get in. Such a publicity grab.

  6. there isnt an agency in the world that would let her adopt a child BUT there are unfortunately quite a few girls who would have a baby and sell it to her privately if she could pay them enough. Its frightening to even think about that.

  7. I can’t believe all the negative backlash she’s getting. How many of the people who trash talk her, or other moms in general, are out adopting? Not many would be my guess as there are a staggering number of children in orphanages and in foster care currently. She seems like a good mother to Sophia. She’s not the most intelligent person I’ve ever seen, bookwise at least, but she has done well for herself. she’s at least very business-oriented and there are so many kids that need a home. give her a break.

    1. No. You don’t adopt a child because it’s the social media cause of the day. You do not adopt a child because it seems like a good idea. Children in foster care and orphanages have already been through trauma in their lives and they deserve devoted parents who will be patient and persistent as the child acclimates to a life with a family.
      Children in need of adoption deserve better than to be treated like puppies or fashion accessories. Farrah would not be a suitable parent a child with specific emotional needs.

    2. Just because you disagree with Farrah adopting a child, does not mean you cannot have an opinion just because *you* are not “out there adopting”. That doesn’t make sense, and is a fallacious argument and way of thinking.

      If you do not have a stable home and life, you should not adopt a child, period. A child isn’t a goldfish, or a token of good-deed to brag about on social media. If Farrah feels so strongly about the plight of orphans and those in foster care, she should be donating her time to volunteer and money– not bringing one home into a house filled with screaming, chaos, fights with Michael and Debra, and her not even being around the vast majority of the time. I believe it’s quite apparent suffers from a form of mental illness/ personality disorder.

  8. Wow! At first I thought she said that she would be buying a new baby brother or sister for Sophia. That would be believable for Farrah too. I hope that whatever agency that she goes through has a psych test. A very stringent psych test.

  9. She doesn’t take care of Sophia! Children aren’t like purses or shoes. You don’t get a new one to show off ever few years. ARGH!

  10. and this is why expectant parents need to do as tyler and cate did and make a plan for their baby. research the couple inside and out and know who you are placing your child with. otherwise, it could end up with farrah smh

  11. I know someone who passed a homestudy kept the child for 8-10 yrs and then placed him in a home (institutionalized )him and his brother …so she might pass the check ..I’m sorry to say .. I hope not but she just mght

  12. Wonder if Catelynn and Tyler will comment on this? When they had their baby she said she was “very sad to see them making poor choices”. Just proves what I thought at the time, that she was so jealous she was nearly sick on it. Every time she’s in the same room as a guy for more than ten minutes she “joke” proposes to herself or tells him “waiting to get married is for ugly girls”. She is so desperate to be loved, but so busy pretending that she doesn’t regret anything and doesn’t care what anyone things that she makes herself unloveable. I feel sorry for her.

    1. I agree with everything except I don’t feel sorry for her. There are many people who are miserable, but not vicious to innocent bystanders. Farrah is and that is her choice and it is not ok.

    1. but they “hand” them out for money, people with money adopt babies every day, if you have money you can buy anything including babies, hopefully she’s just looking for attention, but if she wanted a baby she could get one!

    1. but they “hand” them out for money, people with money adopt babies every day, if you have money you can buy anything including babies, hopefully she’s just looking for attention, but if she wanted a baby she could get one!

  13. LMAO!!

    “You can’t get pregnant by having sex the ‘Farrah’ way, after all.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read all day!

  14. I would not call Sophia a devil child. I believe she is deeply troubled. The posing and preening by Sophia is troubling especially when you look at Farrah but based on the grandparents alone Farrah should not be approved. Hopefully they look at how many days she has actually been with Sophia over the last couple of years!

      1. Michael seemed totally normal when we first met him, but damn then we heard him defend Farrah left and right, delusionally, about her “choice” to do porn, and how much she was “struggling.”

        And the infidelity, too.

        1. I get the impression Michael is (or was) a fairly decent guy. He’s obviously very caring and loyal, as it’s clear he adores Sophia, and stands up for his daughter despite how irrational her behavior is. I think he has the type of personality that’s essentially…well…a doormat. He’s afraid to speak up, and allows himself to be walked all over. I’m curious if he had a father figure in his life growing up. My guess is if he did, it was his mother who called the shots. I think he’s been really broken down over the years by Debra, and now Farrah, and is afraid of being cut off. I actually feel bad for the guy, but at the same time he needs to grow some balls. I totally believe that if Michael stopped kissing up to Farrah and took a stand to her, that she would prevent him from seeing Sophia, which he’s terrified of. He’s in a damned if you do damned if you don’t situation.

    1. She might pose and preen but she seems to have her head on straighter than Farrah at least. I remember in the Farrah special episode for Teen Mom OG, Farrah was wearing some ridiculous costume with her bum hanging out and Sophia told the camera men “You can’t film in here, my mommy’s naked”. When your six year old knows your outfit is inappropriate maybe you should rethink your fashion choices.

  15. OMG I really hope they do a good home study before she gets approved for adoption. Also look at her history of ignorance just with pets. I think she has a delusion that she just might be like Angelina Jolie but hasn’t recognized that she doesn’t have any of the qualities; As parent to an adopted child I know what a good home study looks like and she shouldn’t make it through.

  16. I thought Simon was pretty darn patient with Sophia. That little hell cat would be hard to be around for any period of time. Devil child.

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