MTV Renews ‘Are You The One?’ For Fourth Season

Rejoice! 'Are You The One?" is coming back!
Rejoice! ‘Are You The One?” is coming back!

The third season of MTV’s Are You The One? hasn’t even finished airing yet– the season finale is scheduled to run next week– but the network is eager to keep its cash cow mooing into 2016.

Entertainment Weekly has just announced that MTV has renewed ‘Are You The One?’ for a fourth season.

The reality show, which follows 10 men and 10 women on their quests to find their perfect match (and win up to $1 million) while living together in “paradise,” has been a big hit for MTV. Season 3 ratings are up from previous seasons and are continuing to rise.

“We’re blessed to be in a position where we have a TV show that’s doing better than its sophomore season and in this industry that’s rare,” the show’s executive producer Jeff Spangler told Entertainment Weekly.

Not much is known about Season 4, except that actor Ryan Devlin will continue to host the show. He will also continue to be kept in the dark about which cast members are “perfect matches.”

"It appears that I'll be getting another paycheck!"
“It appears that I’ll be getting another paycheck!”

“I know a lot more than they know, and I have my hunches, but I don’t know [the perfect matches] ahead of time,” Ryan told EW.

Season 3 featured a “blackout” twist in which cast members would lose $250,000 each time they were not able to guess at least one “perfect match” during the matching ceremony. Jeff Spangler stated that he’s not sure the show will continue to use the blackout twist into Season 4.

“The blackout was a way to keep them focused on what they’re there for,” he said. “They all told us they’re looking for love and we incentivize them with money. If we add anything to season 4 it will be something that’s simple and strengthens the format and adds to our story.”

While ratings for the reality dating show have been great, the show’s track record for having its couples find long-lasting love is not. To date, only two couples from the first two seasons of the show are still together. (Season 1’s Ethan Diamond and Amber Lee are currently married and have a child together, however.)

MTV has not stated when exactly ‘Are You The One?’ Season 4 will premiere, but the network has confirmed that it will air sometime in 2016.

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  1. Most of the people they pick are between 21-23 years of age and the average age couples start getting married and settling down has gone up a ton in the last 20 years. It’s something like 28 and 29 are the average age of first marriage in most US States.

    Not to mention, they are from all over North America. Nobody wants to do long distance or be seriously tied down at 21 or 22. You are still exploring what you want in a partner and what traits compliment your own. If they increased the age just a little and did between like 24-28 they’d probably see more couples stay together. At that age, you’re getting in to more people that want to make a sincere effort to try and make it work. But honestly, I don’t think the show cares as much about matching up couples as it does about just getting the horniest, semi-likable people that love to drink and stir the pot. 21 or 22 year olds are more entertaining and easier to judge than a 27 year old that has had their life together for 2 or 3 years and already went through their party animal phase.

    1. I know Curtis & Jenni from Season 2 are dating. However they were NOT each other’s perfect match but they seem very happy together [based off what I’ve seen on social media]

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