Jessa & Ben Seewald Finally Announce Their Son’s Name

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“This kid’s gonna hate us for this, isn’t he?”

Former 19 Kids and Counting stars Jessa and Ben Seewald welcomed a baby boy last Thursday night and, although they have posted numerous photos (and done a big interview with People magazine) since the baby’s birth, they had yet to announce the baby’s name. A few days ago, Jessa claimed they hadn’t made the announcement yet because she and Ben had not yet decided on a name for the boy, who is the couple’s first child.

Tonight, however, Jessa and Ben finally announced what they have decided to call their son. In a TLC exclusive video posted to the Duggar YouTube channel, Jessa and Ben have revealed that their son has been named…

Spurgeon Elliott.

No, that is not a misspelling, unfortunately.

“We’ve been working on deciding on a name and we finally figured it out,” Jessa told the cameras.

Ben then went on to explain that he and Jessa chose the name “Spurgeon” because it’s the last name of a famous preacher.

“Charles Spurgeon was a preacher that lived back in the 19th century,” Ben said. “He had a big impact on our lives and his writings and sermons and books are still around today.”

According to his Wikipedia page, Charles Spurgeon “remains highly influential among Christians of various denominations, among whom he is known as the ‘Prince of Preachers.'”

The baby was given the middle name “Elliott” because it was the name of Jim Elliott, a South American missionary.

So…will Baby Spurgeon be known as “Spurge” for short? (No, seriously…will he? Does anyone else think that sounds like a bodily function?)

Baby Spurge joins Jill Dillard‘s son Israel on the list of oddly named Duggar grandchildren. (Josh Duggar‘s four children have relatively “normal” names– Mackynzie, Marcus, Michael and Meredith.)

Anyway, it’s clear that Jessa and Ben are thrilled with Baby Spurge.

“He’s a precious little bundle of joy,” Jessa said. “We’re so blessed to call him ours!”

The Ashley still thinks they should have gone with her name suggestion and called the baby “Ben Bob.”

Watch Ben and Jessa announce the baby’s name below:

(Photo: YouTube)

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  1. Awwww… what a shame. That little guy is going to have to be strong. Why don’t parents “think” before naming their child something really off-beat? Jessa and Ben are two uneducated dim wits who thought they’d look clever naming their child after a religious freak. They don’t know better. I hope they come out to surprise us with “it’s a joke name, his real name is Charles” They seem to be enjoying the dog and pony show life.

  2. I don’t think these people realize they’re not actual celebrities, so they can’t name their kids these wacky names and get away with it

  3. Omg! I heard it announced but I was multi tasking, I heard “Bergan” (idk spellingwise how to spell it) I actually thought that was a cute name… But nope still crazy.

  4. I’m sorry but its awful! I couldn’t believe it when I first read it this morning. Spurgeon. I don’t have any idea why but I actually expected more from Jessa. I never thought I would like baby Israel’s name a thousand times better than the one Jessa picked out. Good god

    1. Yeah…you know it’s bad when one of the gossip sites was running a contest to guess the same of Baby Seewald (the winner was the person who either guessed the name, or came the closest to guessing)–and the winner was someone who jokingly entered with the name “SpongeBob”. Yikes.

  5. Hopefully he will go by his middle name. I understand them wanting a name with meaning but I think “Elliott Spurgeon” would have been the way to go here.

  6. Spurgeon?? Really? Outta ALLLLLL the names in the world that’s what they picked? maybe one day he’ll grow up and be a surgeon….Spurgeon the Surgeon

    1. whahahhahahahh!!! I can totally hear it now on the loudspeaker at the hospital.

      “Paging Dr. Spurgeon. Dr. Spurgeon the Surgeon”


  7. Well Spurge, welcome to the world. My condolences on the many many years of ridicule and teasing you will endure, well into your later years, I would imagine. I, for one, will be introducing the word Spurge into my families daily vocabulary for referencing the nastiest of bodily sounds… So thank you, The Ashley, for that!!!

    And seriously, once again, the way these women look are their husbands make my skin crawl.

    1. Yeah, it’s even creepier bc I read that they’re actually trained to look at them when they speak. I can’t wait for one of the Duggars-hopefully a girl first-to break free and find some normalcy.

      1. The first pick was Jinger, but that seems to have been a bust. Now my money’s on Joy powerlifting her way out. 😉

        1. She may be a late bloomer rebel! I think one of the youngest girls is going to break for it when she’s a teen or early adult. A few of them seem to be so annoyed when on camera and stuff, making me wonder if at a young age they think this is a freakin’ circus…

    2. Lol agreed about the blank smiles these women have looking at their husbands. Creepy. Michelle looks exactly the same way at Jim Bob. Like a puppy watching their owner eat or something

  8. ……………………………………………………………………………omfg. What? That’s possibly the worst name I’ve ever heard of…and I’m the type to like unique names.

  9. Not to be nitpicky, but you have their spelled wrong in the headline and Mackynzie Duggar’s name is spelled wrong.

    1. Exactly! ‘Charles Elliot’ is a wonderful name, ‘Elliot Spurgeon’ salvageable, but no. Poor little guy’s going to have to Spurge his way through life.

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