‘Are You The One?’ Contestant Connor Smith Arrested After A Year On the Run From Police; Faces Multiple Child Solicitation Charges

Connor added another menacing mugshot to his collection last week…

After more than a year on the run from the law, Are You the One? star Connor Smith was arrested on Thursday in Clearwater, Florida.

According to the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office charging report, the former reality star was taken into custody and is now being held on third-degree felony charges at the Pinellas County jail. According to jail records obtained by The Ashley, Connor– who is listed on his booking sheet as being 6 feet, 8 inches tall and weighing 275 lbs.— is still behind bars in Florida.

A hearing was held on Friday in Florida and it was ordered that he continue to be held without bail. He currently has no projected release date.

Connor during his time on ‘Are You The One?’ in 2015…

As The Ashley previously reported, Connor—who appeared on the MTV show’s third season—had been evading since February 2023, when an Illinois judge issued a warrant for his arrest on felony charges of trying to contact a minor for sex, as well grooming and disseminating harmful material.

The charges stemmed from Connor’s alleged actions in early 2023, when he had been interacting online with a detective who had been posing as a 15-year-old girl.

During that time, Connor allegedly made plans with the “teen” to meet up for sex, and drove to the location their encounter was supposed to take place. When the cops arrived instead of the girl Connor was allegedly expecting, the ‘Are You The One?’ star sped off in his pickup truck before police could arrest him. 

A nationwide warrant for Connor’s arrest was issued the day after, and his bond was set to $1 million. Connor managed to evade police for 13 months before he was captured on Thursday.

According to Fox 32 Chicago, Connor had been sighted multiple times in southern Florida over the past 13 months.

“We believe he’s got significant family in the southern Florida area,” Christopher Covelli, deputy chief of the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, stated before Connor’s arrest. “We do believe that he has been to southern Florida. We believe he’s very aware that he’s wanted for these serious crimes in Illinois and certainly actively working to evade apprehension,” 

This was not Connor’s first brush with the law. Back in December 2021, the former reality star was accused of sexual assault by a teenage girl. The then-16-year-old told cops that she met Connor on a dating app, and agreed to go out with him. Once she got in his truck, however, she stated that she had a “bad feeling” about him.

The girl claimed that Connor made the perform sexual acts while in his truck, and went on to assault her in his motel room. After he drove her back to her house, the teen claimed Connor told her that he’d be back the next night. 

The teen’s relatives were outside and tried to chase him but he sped away. They managed to get his truck’s info and after Connor was apprehended, the girl was able to point him out in a lineup. Although Connor was arrested and charged with felony rape, sexual battery, and two counts of criminal confinement, the charges were later dismissed after the alleged victim did not cooperate with law enforcement. 

Connor’s mugshot from his arrest in 2021…

Connor appeared on ‘Are You The One?’ Season 3, which aired from September- November 2015. (That was the season that included Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd, as well as The Challenge vets like Nelson ThomasAmanda Garcia and Devin Walker.) Connor has not appeared on any more reality TV shows since then.

The Ashley will update this story when more information is available.

(Photos: Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office)





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  1. He creeped me out on AYTO. At 6’8” you would think that he wouldn’t be hard to miss. Surprised he was on the run so long but I can’t help but to think that if he would have gotten jail time for the rape of the 16 year old then the 15 year old would never had to experience this trauma at his hands.

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