EXCLUSIVE! Jenelle Evans’ New Manager Claims Jenelle Is Not Returning To ‘Teen Mom’ & Is Getting Her Own Show: Here’s What’s Really Happening

“Remember all those Amazon and Netflix deals I was talking about? They’re still happening…yup, any time now…”

Jenelle Evans has a new manager— and, according to him, a new show of her own on the way. Jenelle also claims to be “done with Teen Mom” for good.

But The Ashley can confirm that is not exactly what’s going on.

In an new story posted by TMZ on Tuesday night, Jenelle’s new manager August Keen claims that MTV was dying to re-sign Jenelle for ‘Teen Mom’– but Jenelle turned them down because a contract with MTV “would have limited other career opportunities” for her.

The manager also claimed that Jenelle has a “new dynamic series in development, keeping the concept under wraps for now.” That show, according to Jenelle’s manager, “is going to be picked up by a major network.”

While this story makes Jenelle’s reality TV future sound bright, it’s not totally true. Here’s what The Ashley can tell you so far about the statements made in this story.

Statement: Jenelle is officially done with ‘Teen Mom.’

“Like I need to be using my time more wisely, like posting pics of my body holes while I stand in the woods!”


While Jenelle’s manager claims that Jenelle is “officially NOT returning to MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ franchise,” The Ashley can confirm that is not true.

Jenelle actually filmed at least one episode (if not more) of the ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off Teen Mom: Girls Night In. The Ashley’s sources tell her that she filmed with several of the girls who attended Briana DeJesus‘ “I Won” party in May. 

“Whether or not they will air the Jenelle episodes remains to be seen,” one production source told The Ashley, “but she definitely filmed for it, despite what she said about being done [with ‘Teen Mom’ shows].”

(We are already aware that Jenelle will also make a brief cameo in an upcoming episode of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. In the season’s trailer, she is seen arriving at Bri’s party.)

A preview of what we’re likely in store for…

The source confirmed that Jenelle’s constantly-in-tow husband David Eason did not film, and was not in attendance at the filming, as it was all done in Florida while Jenelle was there for the party.

Statement: MTV wanted to sign a contract with Jenelle to appear on ‘Teen Mom’ shows.

Basically all of us when we heard that MTV thinks the fans want Jenelle back…


This part of the story is true, from what The Ashley’s source tells her. 

“They had been trying to get Jenelle and [her mom] Barbara on Teen Mom Family Reunion,” the source said. “There’s a mother/daughter and family therapy angle this year, and Barb had already filmed for ‘Girls Night In’ so it just made sense for them to go to [Family Reunion].”

The Ashley’s source made it clear that David was not allowed to be involved in this in any way.

The story claims that Jenelle and MTV “could not reach an agreement on a contract” and The Ashley can’t confirm or deny this statement. But she can confirm that they were in very serious talks to appear on ‘Family Reunion’ Season 2 up until very recently. 

Statement: Jenelle has a “dynamic” new show in the works that will air on a “major network.”

Jenelle after reading this story…probably…


Jenelle may have plans for her own “dynamic” new show, but it certainly hasn’t been picked up by any major network as of press time.

As far as Jenelle’s “dynamic new ideas” for shows, this has been going on for literally years. The Ashley can confirm that Jenelle has been sending “new ideas” for shows to the ‘Teen Mom’ producers since she was fired. She would message the producers but usually her “ideas” and texts were ignored. 

Now, she may be sending this “ideas” to other networks but as of press time, it hasn’t been picked up by a major network.

The Ashley can confirm, though, that earlier this month, Jenelle registered two new businesses in her name, with one of them possibly hinting at the name of Jenelle’s new “show” she’s pitching. The company— called Just Jenelle LLC— was registered with only Jenelle as a contact (with no mention of David) on August 19. 

The second company, Jenelle Evans LLC, was registered the same way. However, she chose “architectural services” as the main products/services that both companies will offer. 

“Are ya plannin’ to teach tha people how to decorate a She-Shed?!”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

(Photos: MTV; YouTube) 


  1. No one cares about Janelle Evans anymore. She was caustic and rude during her time on Teen Mom. The only thing she had going for her then was the shock value. We are no longer shocked by her bad behavior.

  2. They both want money to do basically nothing. If they were smart they would just move on, get “regular” jobs and live out of the D-list spotlight they think they live in.

  3. How can y’all 100% confirm this isn’t true? I mean there’s really no way to confirm that if you don’t know anything about the show, or the interested networks. Just because a Network hasn’t announced it doesn’t mean there not in deep talks.

  4. She’s too dumb to function. How does she think she still has a shot on reality TV? Besides, I thought she was going to be a medical assistant, saving lives while Barbara serves up some disgusting effing food? No, she really bragged about that once. Move on Jenelley – you’ve been waiting for your second big break far too long now. I’m actually embarrassed for you.

  5. If she this would happen. Good luck to whoever hires her as soon as something dont go her way she will blame it all on them. Plus the porn stars and it’s not good.

  6. The two companies she registered she merely did because of advice that she should register the names before someone else does. This is not all that different from companies who buy domain names simply to prevent others from doing so. She was also given the advice that having these businesses would offer tax advantages that she, as an individual tax payer, cannot enjoy. (read: less personal liability, so everything can be registered under the business and not herself)

    What those advantages are….is nonexistent, because she gets her advice from a damn magic 8 ball, crackheads and her POS spouse.

  7. And when this opportunity also goes belly up in their faces she will still blame “haters” instead of taking accountability for their actions.

  8. what major network or even a streaming service is gonna actually agree to having jenelle AND david on for a show to face so much backlash and david’s refusal to lock up his guns???

  9. Surprise, surprise. She wants to provide architectural services which sounds very close to what Chelsea and Cole are doing. I’m shocked.

  10. Makes absolutely no nevermind to anyone if she joins or not.

    The show is a sinking ship.

    Jenelle and Barb arent the ratings ticket they were a decade ago.
    None of these girls, their kids or their mens are either.

  11. The terms they cant agree to are about David no doubt.

    He wants a paycheck. They dont want him.

    And I do believe that signing to MTV would contractually limit her other avenues, the ones in her head ofc, but she couldn’t shop her “””ideas”””” anywhere else but to the ppl who continually tell her no.

  12. When is she going to grow up?
    And to think she has kids and those 2 idiots are teaching their children to kill animals ..well cuz I mean they are only here to serve us humans…to be homophobic and racist. I’m sick of this girl …yes girl .. child

  13. What is she going to be? The Chelsea of interior designing She Sheds? How to White Trash Extreme Homemaker? Ho’Wrecking Horrors? I cant see Fivehead Franklin getting a show at all. She’s been saying this for years. Sorry Swamp Ass, TikTok isnt a network.

      1. Except the kicker is that after 5+ years living on the swamp Jaces room / entire second storey are not even started much less completed!

        Pretty sure that is not someone that needs to be giving ANY “architectural” advice!
        She cant even keep a pool clean despite never leaving the swamp!

        It would be hard to find someone less qualified for such a thing…
        And they will be “including friends and extended family”…um…what friends & extended family??
        They have repetitively burnt every bridge in both their very limited social circles

        Tell us some more lies JE!
        You seem to think we believe them!
        However, we know your OF is done and you’re desperate for attention to feed your fragile yet aggressive ego

        JE will NEVER be in the same league as Chelsea!
        Not even remotely close.

        Time for one of those j-o-b things you disgustingly shamed Barb about

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