EXCLUSIVE! Get All the Details of the Upcoming Season of ‘Teen Mom Family Reunion’: Find Out the Theme & Location For Season 2

The Ashley hears that Catelynn Lowell and her mom April have signed on for the new season…

The next season of Teen Mom Family Reunion is in the works, and The Ashley has all the details on what MTV is planning for Season 2 of the joint ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off show!

According to The Ashley’s production sources, the upcoming season is currently being cast. While Season 1 consisted of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 moms and dads coming together to party, Season 2 will be more themed in terms of casting. 

“They are planning to do a mother/daughter theme for at least some of the trip. They are going to bring girls from all three [‘Teen Mom’] shows and the girls’ mothers,” one behind-the-scenes source tells The Ashley. “Last year they gave the cast therapy to help them get along better with their baby daddies, and this season they will work on the relationships they have with their parents.”

The Ashley’s sources tell her that some of the baby daddies will attend the ‘Family Reunion’ as well, so other therapy segments may be added. 

“I’ve got two words for ya, MTV: Cory.Wharton!”

Last year’s ‘Reunion’ took place at a resort near San Diego, California, but sources tell The Ashley that things will be heading north for Season 2.

“It is most likely happening in Oregon, somewhere with a woodsy vibe,” another source tells The Ashley. “Filming will be around the end of the month or the beginning of September.” 

As for who else will be on the season, The Ashley hears that the producers reached out to several former cast members (including Chelsea Houska and Kail Lowry, who both declined).

Last year, Farrah Abraham was brought back for a (brief) return to the series. The Ashley’s sources say that fans can expect producers to cast at least one “unexpected” guest on Season 2. 

“You never know– you may see this face— or whatever face I currently have— on the next season!”

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available. Stay tuned…

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  1. What are with all the rude derailing comments?? I am not a fan of many of these women either, and when it warrants it I have lots of critiques and criticism too. But that has nearly zero to do with this article.

    I actually really like this idea. I think it could be healing. But…it’s reality tv so producers will probably encourage it to be a shit show smh. Either way, still won’t be watching.

  2. It sucks that Chelsea won’t come back, but I truly understand with all the disgusting comments bout Aubrey. It’s sad!!! But on the other hand Farrah…. There’s just not the right words to describe her and how she dresses or allows her daughter to dress. That’s also sad!!! Look at what happened to Jon B. Ramsey!!!!!!! The world is just getting sadder. However I hope that Maci and Mackenzie and Catelynn are still filming.

  3. No, thank you. The abysmal ratings across the entire TM franchise prove that is the national consensus. Time to cut these people loose.

  4. Because let’s violate the privacy of the now-teenaged babies SOME MORE! They were all exposed without their consent for their entire lives! MTV really IS the devil! You couldn’t pay me enough to watch this!!

  5. Farrah don’t bother coming back. Your attitude and everything sucks. Even your fake face. Kindly stay where your at.

    1. The only way I’d watch this crap would be if the formerly teen moms took intelligence tests on the show. Then have the audience would have to guess which person had which score. Although the scores would all probably be alarmingly low.

    1. if they don’t bring back farrah i wouldn’t be surprised if they gave in to jenelles demands on bringing david

  6. Sorry I refuse to watch a show where they have one but three girls, who shouldn’t be on! One is a convicted felon and the other two are bullies!!! And the show doesn’t seem to take action on them where in fact they are condoning their immature bratty behavior!!!

  7. idc but after that unprovoked racist comment farrah made towards cory last season, i hope they don’t bring her back and there’s no reason to do so when she chooses not to get a lot or engage with the cast

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