EXCLUSIVE! Briana DeJesus’ New Boyfriend Is Former ‘Teen Mom’ Security Guard; Their Hookup Resulted in Show’s Entire Longtime Security Team Getting Fired


Briana DeJesus debuted her new boyfriend this week, resulting in fans clowning on her because her beau is much-older than she is. While fans found the age gap amusing, The Ashley has discovered the true story about how Briana and her new man met, who he is and why a large group of longtime Teen Mom crew members lost their jobs because of them.

The Ashley can exclusively reveal that Briana’s new boyfriend is named Bobby Scott and is a former ‘Teen Mom’ security guard. The Ashley’s sources tell her he’s in his early 40s and lives in Michigan. Once Bobby’s relationship with Bri was discovered, the show’s higher ups took the ax to the entire security guard team!

“Producers, crew members and even some of the cast members are pissed,” that source said. “Because of Briana and Bobby, so many great people lost their jobs, and those people did nothing wrong. Some of these people have been there since Day 1. It’s really sad, and super unprofessional. And now they’re flaunting the relationship like none of that happened.”

The Ashley’s sources gave her the backstory on Bri and Bobby’s romance and what allegedly happened once it was discovered. 

“Bobby used to do security on Catelynn [Lowell] and Maci [Bookout]’s shoots but he met Briana when she came to San Diego to film Teen Mom Family Reunion last year,” one production source tells The Ashley. “That’s when they first got together but no one else knew about it back then. They’ve been talking since then, but it was kept on the downlow.”

Nope. Too easy.

Things heated up when Briana and most of the other ‘Teen Mom’ girls headed to a Florida dude ranch last month to film a segment for Teen Mom: The Next Chapter. Bobby was at that shoot.

The source said things exploded when one of the other security guards on the shoot allegedly caught them and took the news to the MTV show executives. At the time, the execs weren’t sure what was happening and freaked out. 

“Finally Briana went to [executive producer] Larry [Musnik] and confessed that she and Bobby are in a relationship, and that it was consensual and all that,” a second source tells The Ashley.

After it was discovered that Bobby and Bri were hooking up, the entire security staff (who all work with one company) was essentially let go. This includes many of the security guards who have been with the show since the beginning and are beloved by cast and crew. (Even the security guard who snitched was axed.) 

“We kept you from ripping someone’s face off and this is how you thank us?!”

“MTV doesn’t usually ‘fire’ someone,” a second source tells The Ashley. “They just kind of ghost them. The entire security crew hasn’t been called to work for any of the shoots for ‘Next Chapter’ that have been happening for over a month now. They have hired a whole different security crew.”

(As The Ashley previously reported, a similar thing happened to former Teen Mom OG cast member Mackenzie McKee. She was never officially “fired” from the show, but she was just ghosted for future shoots/seasons until she got the hint.) 

“Some of these guys have been with the girls since they were teenagers and they are like family to the cast,” The Ashley’s source said. “They have been there through everything and, because of Bri and Bobby being unprofessional, they were just thrown away. A lot of people [who work on the show] are very sad and upset but there’s not much they can do.” 

Among other things…

Although the security team is now jobless, Bobby is still possibly getting a paycheck for being in front of the camera, one of the sources tells The Ashley.

“Briana went to Bobby’s place in Michigan and they just filmed scenes for the ‘Next Chapter’ show,” the source said. “So there’s a good chance Bobby will be on the show although they may not tell the full story about how he and Bri met.”

From what The Ashley hears, Bobby has a child of his own and was single when he met Bri.

The Ashley will update this story when more info is available…

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. Once again spread them wide Brianna cares for no one but her own needs… feel for those girls with the revolving of men in mummy’s bed!

  2. What is the saying….Don’t take a crap where your serving dinner. I can’t with this her.

  3. Isnt there another MTV show that had a employee hook up with a cast member? Siesta Key Madison and Ish..they are now married n both on the show..and I believe a age gap too..

  4. “Ghosting” your staff and employees is already completely unprofessional as it is. Just fire them and move on (like with Mackenzie) but firing an entire TEAM all of whom did nothing except for one person is beyond unprofessional and they should absolutely file a group lawsuit against MTV. Though MTV could probably claim that this wasn’t the reason for their firing and they just decided to hire a new security team. We all know that would be a lie but it might work in court

  5. This looks WAY worse on MTV in my opinion. Letting the entire team be ghosted out of a job? Over 2 people’s actions, that one of the team reported to the higher ups! Unprofessional at best, worse it feels like a genuine lawsuit.

    I’m also old enough to remember Real World: Seattle. A housemate David started dating someone from MTV’s team. She was FIRED almost as soon as the relationship was exposed, then MTV continued to film the fall out.

  6. So innocent staff members many I’m sure with families to feed have now lost their jobs apparently through no fault of their own.

    Just wondering if liability now applies, meaning MTV can be sued by these people for the unjust loss of their incomes.

  7. Why must all securities be fired for them having a relationship?!?it just doesn’t make sense!!! Why don’t they fire bri nd her grandpa ? They still keeping them on the show! For what now?!?! I most definitely don’t think it’s fair towards the people getting fired nd they living their best life like nothing happened!?!WAF🤦🏻‍♀️🥺

  8. Briana does have a type men without jobs, so I guess she had to get him fired. She wouldn’t like him if he was independent reliable stable.

    Dude if your going to date old, at least date someone who has some money. Like if you are wealthier than him you are doing it wrong. jk.

    1. Early 40’s is not old!! I’m 41 & have a 3 year old. Jesus. Some of y’all acting like this dude is eligible for his AARP card!

      1. 38 with an 18 yer old, I FEEL like I want my AARP card! 😅

        While the guy isn’t old, he’s making a pretty big foolish decision that I would hope he’d know better at his age. At *our age*, I feel like I can judge him. This isn’t some rando imported from another country we could say had no idea who Bri was… he worked with them for YEARS. He arguably probably knows worse things about the TMs than we do. I just… it’s so much worse than it needs to be.

  9. I used to like her a lot but man she gets around. Stop girl, you done marked someone’s baby daddy, got people fired and started a war. She is gonna get something she can’t get rid of …

    1. I won’t hate on any woman’s sexual freedom, but there comes a point, as an adult, where you establish boundaries.

      Yes, I’d advise against banging a coworker – it seldom ends well, especially if you plan on staying in said job. In this case Bri knew SHE wouldn’t be fired, so it’s already an imbalance of power. The entire crew being fired? That’s way more on MTV not holding their *stars* accountable and avoiding the issue. Just a shitshow

  10. I used to like her a lot but man she gets around. Stop girl, you done marked someone’s baby daddy, got people fired and started a war. Messy as hell.

  11. Y’all, I’m scared for her daughters.
    So she hooked up with this much older man that was long time security on a show about teen pregnancy?
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t she underage getting pregnant in a club back ground with a MAN.

    I see how wild I was at 16, I was going to raves. I was out of control. I look back and see how my neglectful abusive mom failed me. Bris mom failed her.
    She’s at the age where she should see it by now tho, but she doesn’t!

    Look at Farrahs mom, Janelles mom, Karl’s mom.

    So do people call her Karl because auto correct changes it from Kail? Lolol

  12. I’m so confused how everyone got fired and he somehow gets to be filmed and be employed in a different position by MTV? Wtf?

  13. You know I usually defend Bri (wild I know) but this time around this is different. Yes she found her own man this time around but she always manages to hurt others. Idk how she does it… she really does make questionable choices as of late. She always has a new guy around her kids. That’s gotta be embarrassing.

  14. She deleted all her IG posts. She should have been fired. Why does the guy get a new job and everyone else gets let go?

    1. They shouldn’t even allow him to be filmed and aired after that. But hey, I guess it will bring ratings which is exactly what MTV is desperate for

  15. So Amber met her latest baby daddy the same way and I don’t recall anyone getting fired.( I forgot his name. Andrew I think) So like wtf. She just can’t keep those legs closed.

    1. But that was a different network and he wasn’t on the security team in charge of the cast members. At MTV there was a contract of rules everyone had to sign involving the security team members and the cast, and both Briana and this guy knew about it. And of course Briana didn’t GAF and did whatever she wanted anyway.

      1. Right and Briana is the only one that still has a job. She knew that she wouldn’t get fired so she didn’t care if anyone else got fired.

  16. Everytime I hear about Briana now it makes me dislike her more and more, very unfair that all the security team were let go, and for Briana,that is not worth it. she’ll move on to another man soon.

  17. All the BTS stories I read about MTV as a company are not good. It seems like a spineless company with high standards for some, but not others. Crazy what it is now vs. what it was when it started.

  18. I hope for her that he’s the one who makes her happy.Why is everyone so hostile?What did Brianna do to you?

    1. I dont hate the age gap. She needs an adult but is he adult enough for her?

      In this day and age of jobs, especially in MI, I dont think he made a great choice. But im not gonna scream on her about it.

    2. she literally ruined a large group of peoples lives getting them fired from their jobs of over 10 years for her inappropriate relationship and she’s known to always have new boyfriends wtf is there to be happy about when we know they won’t even last???

    3. People don’t like her because she’s not a nice person. She does whatever she wants, hurting everyone in her wake, and then hides behind her big sister when people get upset. Or puts on a little miss innocent act. She hit the jackpot with MTV and instead of taking the opportunity to turn her life around, she chooses to stir up chaos all around her and then sit back and laugh. She’s a trash person. Her mom and Brittany have good hearts but she’s nothing but a mean girl who hides whenever she faces any fallout.

  19. Pretty messed up that everyone was fired but him.

    In a couple months Briana will be tweeting about him using her for a pay raise.

  20. With all Da Club Bathrooms in Orlando, and she had to bang THIS guy and get so messy that people lost their jobs?

    Brianna, you are so so trashy, and apparently you always will be. I say by Thanksgiving you are pregnant.

  21. How trashy would it be if MTV decided to film this situationship, meanwhile all of this scumbag’s co-workers remain unemployed. Briana is a horrible and selfish person, and this guy is a creep.

    1. You literally took the words out of my mouth!!! It’s definitely time for Briana to face the consequences of her actions as well not just the whole entire security team!!! She DEFINITELY NEEDS HELP IN THE PSYCH WARD!!!

  22. Fire Bri and temporary ol’ man boo! Don’t fire the whole security team 🤦‍♀️! MTV please…

    1. MTV are the ones being the jerks here! I can see them firing her boo, but makes absolutely no sense to fire the entire crew! But chalk that up as another reason the network is probably going under when they can’t see these shows have run there course!

  23. No offense, but I think this is messier on MTV’s part, if true. Why would you “fire” an entire team, just based on the consensual actions of 2 people.

  24. This guy is a complete and total fool going through a midlife crisis. Risking his job and the job of others for BUST DOWN BRIANA!? The girl who got pregnant in a bathroom at da club?? The girl who is ALWAYS going after KAIL’s left overs?? The girl who isn’t smart enough to stop going to Dr. Miami who keeps botching her lopsided backside?? The girl who won’t bust a grape in a fruit fight?? The girl who is only big and bad when her sister or Jade are there to back her up?? He risked it all for HER?? FOOL.

    1. Dr Miami really isn’t the reason for her busted ass.. Her inability to put the fork down did that one. Surgery isn’t a fix all. You have to maintain it with diet & exercise. Clearly those are not a concern to her & she had the audacity to send Kail the treadmill she so badly needed to use herself.

      1. I mean her ass was 2 feet behind the rest of her body when she walked down the street, and up as high as her back. That’s not food back there, that’s plastic. I’ve never seen another person – of ANY weight – have a butt like that. I’d love to blame it on Briana but that freakish shape and positioning was allllll Dr. Miami.

  25. She is the world’s biggest trash bag and I cant believe people havent caught on by now to the type of person she is. She will throw anyone under the bus because all she cares about is herself. Disgusting

  26. This reminds me of being in school and 1 or 2 kids would do something wrong and the entire class was punished for their behavior. So MTV has no issue keeping people who swing machetes, abuse animals, threaten violence, do drugs..etc. They instead are going to fire the entire security staff who had nothing to do with Bri and Sugar Daddy? That doesn’t even make logical sense to me.

  27. So Bobby has been watching (or at least knew of) Briana’s shenanigans for years and still got with her? He must be messy too.

    Sucks for the rest of security team. That’s a weird and drastic move by MTV, but not shocking.

    1. ‘He must be messy too.’ or he realized he’d get a much bigger paycheck as a boyfriend than as a security guard LOL. Like Andrew and Ambie. He doesn’t have to work AND he lives rent free plus child support.

      1. Downside: he has to deal with Amber for the rest of his f*ckng life. There is no amount of money that would make than an attractive deal.

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