‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Briana DeJesus Shows Off Her New Man & Gets Roasted By Fans Over His Age

“Hey– he gets us a discount at the Sizzler and he always has Werthers Originals candies in his pocket. I’m lovin’ it!”

Briana DeJesus “soft-launched” her new boyfriend last week, revealing only the back of his head but, over the weekend, the Teen Mom 2 star decided to show her man’s face to her Instagram followers.

It did not go well.

After Briana posted a video of her and her new boo to Instagram Stories, fans roasted her over the fact that her boyfriend appears to be much older than 28-year-old Briana. (Although Briana made the video very small and put a black-and-white filter on it, fans quickly zoomed in and screenshotted the video in order to get a better look at Javi #3 the new dude’s face.)

Bri and Grandpa Javi (real name TBD)…

After several ‘Teen Mom’ Instagram accounts— including @TeenMomShadeRoom — posted the pics, fans came in hot with the comments, roasting Briana for dating a much-older man (and even “joking” that the new guy must have some connection to Bri’s nemesis, Kail Lowry, since Bri has “gotten friendly” with several of Kail’s exes– including Javi Marroquin— in the past). 

“That is an elderly man,” one person wrote.

“Probably heading to that Early Bird dinner special,” another person commented.

“Maybe it’s Kail’s new man’s daddy, you know she has to stay connected to Kail somehow,” someone else wrote.


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Some of The Ashley‘s favorite comments are below:

“What in the George Foreman grill?” 

“Who grandpappy is this?” 

“Wayne Brady, is that you?”

“Granddad, grab your walker and ruuun!” 

Bri seemed to be a good sport about all the zingers, even posting some (now-deleted) tweets about how funny fans’ comments about her new boo were. She also seemingly confirmed that her new guy (whom The Ashley is choosing to call “Grandpa Javi” until further notice) will be featured on the upcoming ‘Teen Mom’ spin-off, Teen Mom: The Next Chapter.

Shaderoom comments had me on the floor,” she wrote. “I literally spit my juice out reading these ‘Teen Mom’ comments. Y’all are hilarious ASF. We need to see live tweets when the new ‘Teen Mom’ show comes out. I am dead.” 


She didn’t reveal how old Grandpa Javi is; however, she reminded fans that her baby daddy Luis Hernandez is hardly a spring chicken.

“LMAO Luis is pushing 40,” she wrote. “But it’s all fun and games. I enjoyed the laugh.” 

Briana has not had great luck in the romance department. Over the years, ‘Teen Mom 2’ fans have watched her date several guys– including Javi, Luis, John RodriguezJavi Gonzalez (whom she was very briefly engaged to)– and others. She was also accused of having a fling with Kail’s baby daddy Chris Lopez, although Bri denied doing the hump-n-pump with Chris. 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram) 

33 Responses

  1. This developmentally challenged, looking for her daddy’s love,messy slut seriously mistakes SEX for love. If you open your legs, they will surely come. Brianna is very dirty, nasty, and really has issues. She’s got so much about life, love, relationships and parenting WRONG.The Coven are one messy cauldron.

  2. I have never seen a picture of her where she looks CLEAN. She always looks grubby! Did she meet this one in a bathroom stall too??

    1. Girl remember when she had to cut her hair off because in her words she was lazy and didn’t wash her hair in like 2 weeks and it was all matted. So did she shower at all in those 2 weeks?
      Hopefully she at least took a whores bath.

  3. As a long time male fan of the show, I’m offended my some of these comments. Maybe,Brianna prefers older gentlemen with more life experience? Brianna makes a heck of a lot more money than you that post here. I think that’s why she gets so much hate. Ya’ll are jealous.

    1. Off the backs of her poor kids. Maybe she should give kids semi normal life and privacy not being paycheck for her. Show teaches nothing but its ok to pop out babies to multiple men.

  4. She needs to leave all these guys alone. But maybe an older, more mature, settled guy would be better for her then all these immature boys. I just hope she isn’t introducing every man she meets to her girls.

  5. Imagine getting knocked up from one encounter with a guy you met in a club that’s pushing 40… and getting an STI from him… these are probably guys that pick up roadside hookers when they don’t encounter loose women at the club.

  6. Wait, Luis is pushing 40? I knew he was a little… Shall we say “behind schedule getting his career off the ground”? But I had no idea it was by that much.

  7. She just slings the p***y out of both pants legs doesn’t she? She’ll be the next one in a commercial for an std cream or pill running through flowering fields and smiling. Nasty boogerwolf

    1. Hes definitely older. Probably has money and buys her shit. But as long as she is happy…. go for it. Whatbis a boogerwolf??

  8. I can’t stand Bri…and therefore almost skipped over reading this comedy gold! I’m glad I didn’t. I had a few good belly laughs.

  9. Briana is just plain old sick!!! From sleeping with Kailyn’s exes to now a sugar daddy!! Definitely there is something wrong with her and it’s psychotic!!!! This sugar daddy clearly will see for what she truly is and dump this pathetic psychopath and pathetic diaper butt!!!

    1. Javi 2 was married right? He was the guy she went to Puerto Rico with and she told her mom to mind her own business.

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