EXCLUSIVE! New Details About the ‘Teen Mom OG’/’Teen Mom 2’ Combination Show: Find Out the Show Name, Cast & More

“We don’t care if you chose us for the trainwreckery factor— just keep us employed!”

Two months ago, The Ashley broke the news that Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2 were going to be condensed into one new show and now, she can exclusively reveal new details about the Great ‘Teen Mom’ merger project!

The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that the new show will be called Teen Mom Legacy.

“That’s the working title,” the source said. “It could change but they’re pretty set on that. They think the girls on this show have a ‘legacy’ because they’ve been on TV for so long.” 

The Ashley hears that pre-production officially began on ‘Teen Mom Legacy’ in March, and that some of the filming is already started. There will be producers from both shows working on the new show.

When you keep finding new MTV shows to appear on to keep from getting a real job…

The cast includes Catelynn LowellMaci Bookout, Cheyenne Floyd, Amber PortwoodLeah MesserJade ClineAshley Jones and Briana DeJesus, from what The Ashley has heard.

“Eight girls are filming for the show; whether or not all of the girls’ segments make it into the episodes will depend on how exciting their footage is,” another production source tells The Ashley. “Everyone agrees that the original shows have become stale and forced, with the girls desperately trying to come up with storylines. With this format, only the girls with actual events happening in their lives that are film-worthy will make the final cut.

“The producers hope this will keep everything exciting for the fans, and also for the girls who are filming,” the source added. 

“So I should have no problem getting picked for episodes, y’all!”

As The Ashley told you back in March, some of the ‘Teen Mom 2’ and ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast members will be getting the ax and will not be on the new show. As of press time, Kail Lowry and Mackenzie McKee are the cast members who will not appear.

“Kail was asked but she turned the new show down,” the first source said. “But she was asked. Mackenzie was not asked. She was basically ghosted by MTV and [her producers] and was never actually told she was not invited to be on the show. They just didn’t respond to her and left her hanging.” 

“Screw you, MTV! I was the only interesting part of ‘Teen Mom OG!'”

The Ashley hears that some of the ‘Teen Mom’ cast members were unhappy that ‘Teen Mom Legacy’ will mean a pay cut for them.

“The cast only gets paid for the episodes they’re in. If their voice or image doesn’t appear in the episode, they are not paid, so with each episode only featuring select girls, this will be a real hack in their paycheck, especially to the girls who don’t really show much while filming,” the production source said.

The franchise’s other show, Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant will not be part of the combo show and will stay its own entity for now. 

“They’re hoping to really build that one up,” one person behind-the-scenes tells The Ashley. 

The Ashley hears that production is hoping for a late 2022 release for ‘Teen Mom Legacy’ but that is not official. 

All the producers who don’t have to be on this new show…

As The Ashley’s source told her in March, “This is like their last-ditch effort to keep the shows going…There are just too many people working on this franchise and it’s not bringing in the ratings and money it once did. They needed to come up with a way to keep the show going but in a cheaper way. The casts’ salaries are enormous and it costs a lot of money to fly all over the country to film the girls.” 

The Ashley will reveal more details soon! Stay tuned…

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74 Responses

  1. I love McKinsey and enjoyed watching her even if there wasn’t drama!! Y’all got it wrong. Why would you ask kale when kale picks and chooses what you can film!! Fire kale bring back McKenzie!!

  2. Well said! She should have been out of there years ago! I and everyone I know quit watching the show because they kept Amber. Even after having PROOF actual video PROOF of her assaulting Andrew. Shame on those producers. You think you had a show because of her. Nope, we all quit watching this crap long ago.

  3. Idk why they film Amber she never has her children or is unable to film one child bc of she caught another case or whatever. And then her daughter is clearly seeing how she tried to manipulate the situation her daughter may feel into her ugly FAKE crying.!..!! They should just film Gary and Christina since they are the care givers of her as long as I can remember. And why aren’t the fathers that actually are apart of their kids lives daily. Amber is “gay or bisexual now REALLY she’s a bad actress for real put ur energy into your daughter and son! And pay these Fathers also! I totally love this show always have and I hate to see Kale L and Mac ? I will still watch, just a little disappointed I hope we get to see all the girls and dads that are there for they’s kids. Thank you

  4. It’s about time that they stop benefiting off of getting knocked up at a young age honestly we all have this bm/bd drama and that’s what made the show so relatable but also some point I think we all realized we don’t get paid for our drama why should they we can see these dramas air out on our friends Facebook insta or snap and that stuff is free….

  5. Why do you film Briana ? I don’t find her interesting at all I would much rather have Kail on the show Mackenzie I will not miss at all and again please please cut Briana she is a real bitch

  6. I can’t help but feel really sorry for Mackenzie. Her whole life she has been disregarded, bullied and missunderstood. I remember her saying that she has some sort of diagnosis(like a spectrum thing). She seems so little and lost. Like she will never grow up and can’t help it.

  7. I still don’t comprehend how Amber keeps her job after so many issues I mean is she sleeping with somebody in production I wouldn’t be surprised that’s how she met Andrew after all but damn enough already with her

  8. They did it this way in order to put them into competition with each other over storyline. Not every girl will air every week, and their pay depends on it, so they’ll turn up the drama.

  9. I can’t stand McKee, and she will NOT be missed…but I can’t even lie, MTV has done her kinda grimey over the past year or so. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of anyone being ghosted by their JOB….THRICE. They didnt invite her to that reunion thing, they didnt invite her to that spin off they recently did, and now she’s not invited to this show. Best of luck to her, and I hope she never does reality TV again.

  10. Why the heck they calling it teen moms there grown women.Guess if you want a TV show just get pregnant or fat.What this world coming to if I get pregnant I’ll get to be on tv.Sick world we live in.

    1. Cancel the entire series franchise. It no longer serves a purpose. It stopped serving the purpose of bringing awareness to teen pregnancy a long time ago. It wasn’t supposed to be about taking kids on exotic vacations, riding around in new vehicles,or buying mini mansions every other season. They’re no longer struggling. End it.

  11. I cant wait its going to be awesome I love call the girls that will be in the new show super excited ???

  12. I think Briana should go. I fast forward through her part. She is just too much drama for me. I’m team Kail.

  13. So basically MTV didn’t change anything but how they are paid.
    Brianna dosen’t have a story at all without Kail. MTV just don’t see the true problem. And that is the fact that none of these girls are Teen Mom’s. They are Spoiled Rich Grow A$$ Women.

  14. Mackenzie and her family. She was one of my favorites why can’t the producers see her value?? Now Kail I can tottaly understand. She needs to be off.

  15. This is what “beating a dead horse” means. It’s amazing how MTV refuses to put this show out of its misery.

  16. In looking at the group photo at the top of the thread, the fact that Briana and Jade are both wearing somewhat smutty outfits and want to appear so provocative reveals a whole hell of a lot about what they think of themselves, what they believe they have to offer. I do believe they have the lowest self esteem and also believe that a woman’s body, altered unnaturally, is what she has to offer, that attracting men is what Grant’s you “womanhood.” The whole bunch has major issues, but I think Jade and Briana are the worst of them. They try to come off as so smart, so savvy, so “together,” so psychologically in tact, but they are dumber than door knobs and are really, really screwed up in terms of what love, relationships and stability are honestly all about. All those girls, by the way, can use updated makeovers and some basic styling tips.

  17. I don’t think there’s anything they could do to save it, even getting a whole new cast for a new show wouldn’t be the same.
    When Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2 started, everything was just so different in the world. Instagram wasn’t really a thing so you’d watch the show and actually be shocked at what’s happened, it would be dramatic you’d look forward to the next episode etc – now you’ve seen it months before it’s even aired.
    Plus, everyone is just obsessed with being an Instagram influencer. When the shows first started they clearly didn’t care as much what they looked like because there was less of a platform to see any comments about them to see what people are thinking – they’d just do shamelessly embarrassing stuff like the world wasn’t watching and it was great.
    People just wouldn’t do that anymore.

  18. The problem is the lack of creative ideas coming from MTV. They have this set format where they bring in someone, anyone to talk to the moms about some topic. The person and the Mom discuss it for 3 -5 minutes, it’s all canned and not interesting. A different format where we see some part of the household of these moms and what is going on IRL. It takes work to come up with this content week after week but MTV is going to have to put in the work if they want to keep the show alive.

    1. I agree. If they keep putting this pressure on the girls I’m afraid they will act out or cause unnecessary drama. We all know bad sells more than positive. That’s what Kail was trying to express in her immature nature. She’s a very smart girl. She was my favorite in the beginning due to her desire to get that college decree with little support. I bet she will flourish more now with out all that drama to perform.

  19. I won’t be watching. The people on the show have been played out. I have no interest.

    I also can’t watch Brianna another minute. I was already muting the TV and doing other things through her and Jade’s scenes. Her shananigans are immature and cringy to say the least. She will always be on if they are competing to see who is the most dramastic.

    Teen Mom started as a platform for young mothers to “influence” other (young) people to protect themselves against STD’S and pregnancy. It’s no longer that. MTV just wants to share only the most dramatic things going on in their lives. Most of them are almost 30 they are getting married and settling down. The things that are most dramatic now aren’t necessarily things they want to show to the public (because it’s embarrassing now). Or they are exploiting the drug addicted. …if you want to show that than make a show for that.

    Thanks to the show they all have social media platforms so if someone wants to know what is going on with them (that they want to share) they can.

  20. @TheAshley Question: Is there another season of Teen Mom OG due in the pipeline or was last season it?

  21. Seriously! Shut this thing down. They are all adults now, and some of them are even in their thirties. It’s really time to move on and grow up.

  22. Kail has a chip on her shoulder for some reason. I use to like her but she acts like she is better them other people.

    Mac I know why isn’t in the new show. She is boring with out much to show. But I liked her and will miss her.

    I hope this new show will be a good show.

  23. The OGs– Leah, Maci, Amber, Cate will do ANYTHING to not have to work a roll job, ever.

    Ofc they’ll take a pay cut. And watch all of a sudden, they figure out some stupid storyline for themselves.

    Anything to keep the gravy train going. Anything.

    I expect divorces, going back to school, marriages, babies. Absolutely anything to get screen time.

  24. I wish Brianna would disappear. Can’t stand her segments. I was an avid watcher but lately it’s just boring or painful. They would be better off getting a whole new cast with new 16 and pregnant type that wrapped around for a year and kept it so that they were current. Sometimes we are watching drama that played out on Instagram 6 months prior.

  25. Leah is safe bc she has Jaylen and the possibility of another baby and another wedding. Ohhhh, yay.

    Amber is MTV protected for life.
    Maci too. I knew those 3 were in.

    Cate and Ty. Ofc.

    Briana. Ofc.

    Cheyenne, Jade and Ashley can all go. I mean all 8 can go, but these last 3 new ones… No.

    1. Jade has storylines though. You just might not be invested. I’m really not invested either.

      1. I’m not. I haven’t watched TM since Jenelle was nodding out on the couch with Keiffer and Barb and Mike were telling the story to no one at their kitchen table. I didn’t know how production worked and thought that part was just weird.

        But I felt like the show went so dark from where it started, not that it was ever “””happy””” but you at least rooted for the girls and wanted them to do better.

        I can’t tell you what Chey Jade or Ashley even sound like. I just have no connection to any of them. I remember Briana from 16 & P but that’s it.

        1. So you haven’t watched since like season 4? I don’t know how you can have an opinion on a show you haven’t watched in like 8+ years, especially since none of the girls you referenced were on the show when you watched

          1. You dont know how I can have an opinion or you dont think I should be allowed to have an opinion?

            TM 2 once had 5M viewers now has less than 500K, so many ppl do not watch the show including folks who comment on here, a free forum.

            I already stated that I didn’t know Jade Chey or Ashley. Don’t know them and dont particularly care about their stories, and I dont have to! Amazing, right?

      1. Of course not lol! The cost of living is very low in the south, as are salaries. Leah and Maci could still be raking in money there, and live very comfortably, even at a $50k salary.

        1. Yeah, I live in the South and I think you are hilarious. No way they could live on that. Have you seen Maci’s huse?

        2. Leah, sure. There’s absolutely nothing in WV. Plus she has child support for 10 more years on the youngest. Long enough to get plan B going.

          Maci, maybe. She would also have child support and/ or Taylor to help financially.

          Both would need to live within their means and hugely downsize.

      2. Cate is an asthetician. She loves it. She has a job. Maci does public speaking about PCOS and has that TTM (Things That Matter) t-shirt line with her hubby. Leah just got her real estate license (or is trying for it). Amber is the only one that I can’t say doesn’t have something going in case the show ends…but she was going to school I believe to be a counselor and help others with the same types of mental health problems she has.

        1. Leah does not have her real estate license. She was just on her Instagram responding to someone that she hasn’t taken her test yet, due to ‘ waiting for a background check.’ Leah does not have an actual job outside of mtv and Instagram. A background check takes 15 minutes, not 10 months.

        2. It’s still a massive cut into their lifestyle. Like yeah,maybe you can live on a $50K salary in the south, but if you are used to living on a $500K salary, that will be a massive, probably uncomprehensible change to their lifestyle.

          If Leah actually gets her real estate license she might do OK because she will have people who want to work with her solely because she has some celebrity, but she is not the brightest bulb in the box, and I dont see her being a very effective negotiator or advocate for her clients, so I just don’t see her doing that well.

          As far as Cait, great if she loves her job as an aesthetician, but salary wise, it would be comparable to a surgeon quitting their job to manage a McDonalds. Cait and Tyler can’t even pay their taxes when pulling in a million dollars a year. They will not be able to adapt to a 1 person salary at like $45K. Tyler doesn’t have any skills or education, so he would have to go to minimum wage customer service work most likely

      3. It’s a good thing Chelsea left when she did.if one of the girls has a bad moment they scream were not filming. I feel so bad for those producers. Mtv purposely started most of those fights with children around at the reunion. I don’t blame kail Lowry for quiting she was one of the originals and they bullied her out. Personally rather Brianna not so much she is only tuff when.britany is around Brianna starts trouble then Brittany has to clean it up. I rather see Brittany then Brianna on the show. And what mtv did to meckenze is horrible her story was great mtv need to get it together.

  26. Seriously why add that immature psychotic skank Briana!?!?!? Seriously she’s no role model for other girls also her daughters out there!!!!! MTV this is the FINAL straw for me what message are you sending the girls out there!?!?! That it’s okay to have a psychotic immature skank that sleeps with random men in nightclub bathrooms not only gets pregnant by one of them but accuses that same man of giving her a STD!!! Goodbye MTV I WON’T BE WATCHING THIS NEW SHOW AND I HOPE YOU WILL FAIL!!! Amber is another one who shouldn’t be another one who doesn’t deserve to be one knowing that she’s a convicted felon who has physically abused her daughter’s father but her son’s father as well!!!!!

  27. At the point I’m only vaguely interested for the sake of future The Ashley’s recaps. A single recap about Mac’s kid crapping on the floor was far more entertaining than several seasons of writeups about Cheyenne.

    Kail didn’t want to air the drama and she knew MTV wouldn’t pay her for segments about picking out tile and decorating her latest McMansion.

    1. Right!? Lol.i was entertained with her son pooping in her boss’ garage. The whole Billy Bobs bar fiasco was entertaining as well. Yet McKenzie gets the ax. I don’t think MTV really wanted to film with her from the beginning tbh. She gets left out a lot. She says and does shitty things though (as all the cast has), but is still entertaining.

      Cheyenne isn’t that exciting to me. Hosting parties every episode is not a storyline. Her fiance’s criminal history was never talked about on the show, it seemed like those around Cheyenne never discussed why they didn’t like Zach.

  28. Wait..what. They just combine two shows into one??? No new cast? Sounds like it’s gonna be the same dribble over and over again. What does Macy Cheyenne Amber And Catlyn bring to the show? I’m so confused Of how this is a new and improve show it’s literally the same show just condensed into one.

  29. What I wouldn’t give to have the MTV of the 90’s back. Teen Mom over and over and over and over and NO ONE CARES JESUS H. THIS IS ALL FAKE LIFE.

  30. why do they insist on keeping amber and maci when they have no storylines???? even leah and catelynn barely has one and i bet that new show is gonna get cancelled anyway with 8 girls! and even though i think mackenzie’s annoying mtv has really done her dirty since 2016 and idk why she lets them walk all over her.

  31. Yawn!!! RIP Teen Mom. Jade, Cheyenne, Briana, Maci and Amber are not ratings worthy. Maybe have a chance if each woman that is eating worthy had their own show. Of course with the condition that they film whatever the Producer says is making the cut. It turned into more of MYV cribs than a reality show. Nothing real or relatable about it anymore. Entitled and ungrateful is all I see. Not humbled and all of them except Cate and Tyler forgot where they came from. Jenelle would rake in the ratings. Give her and give Cate their own show. Remove the Teen Mom title already. Call it Cate and Ty and for Jenelle call it The Land! ?

  32. Cate, Maci and Amber are ALL boring with no storyline. Leah only has a storyline because of the new boyfriend. Won’t be watching.

  33. Honestly, I can see why Kail didn’t want to be involved. Imagine being filmed the same amount of time with only the possibility your segment being aired and you getting paid. The thing is she wants to have complete control over her narrative, she would refuse to film any of the drama.

    Still seems like a situation where the girls would desperately try to come up with good storylines to be featured and keep their paychecks. Maybe I missing something but, I don’t get how combining the show and keeping most of the cast saves MTV money. I get the girls won’t get paid as much but, they are still flying production out to hopefully get some interesting enough footage and we know they aren’t getting it. If they are so determined to keep beating this dead horse, they should stick with reunion.

  34. Maci will never be on the screen then. Her life is so dull. ? I like her, but it doesn’t make for interesting TV. And all Leah has to talk about his her new relationship. Interesting choices..

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