Lindsie Chrisley Says Her Ex-Husband Will Campbell Is Threatening to Sue Her For Talking About Him on Her Podcasts

“Any chance you can shut up?”
“Yeah…probably not, bro.”

Lindsie Chrisley says she’s being told to shut up– or lawyer up!

The former Chrisley Knows Best star– who co-hosts the Coffee Convos and Southern Tea podcasts– recently revealed that her ex-husband Will Campbell is threatening to sue her if she doesn’t stop discussing him and their co-parenting situation on her podcasts. Lindsie’s Coffee Convos co-host, Kail Lowry— who has also been told by some her baby daddies to stop talking about them–offered advice to Lindsie, who said she will not stop discussing Will publicly. 

“I was told to stop talking about anything Will-related on the podcast,” Lindsie said on the most-recent episode, later adding, “I have been threatened that I’m going to be sued if I continue talking [publicly about Will].”

As The Ashley previously reported, Lindsie and Will split last summer after nine years of marriage. The exes share their nine-year-old son Jackson.

Lindsie stated that Will has accused her of “cyber-bullying” him and claims that Will didn’t care if she talked about him on the podcasts when they were still married because he was benefitting from the money Lindsie makes from the podcasts.

“…I have had this platform since I was married to Will so it’s not like this is something after the fact, and I’m sharing it to be spiteful in any way,” Lindsie said. “It’s truly my experience that I am sharing. It’s not to make people look bad…

“But, I mean, if that happens it’s kind of a bonus!” 

“When there was a benefit [for him] there— never having to pay for a vacation, taking equity of not one but two homes that were joint assets, driving a truck that I paid for in cash; taking selfies in the reflection of that truck and posting them online on dating websites. Nothing that I have did my ex-husband pay for,” she added.

Lindsie went on to address Will directly. 

“So this is a public notice that you can threaten to sue me all you want to,” Lindsie said. “Anything that I say on here, either I can back up what I said, or it’s purely my opinion. I am commentating on the f**kery that is in my text messages, over the phone, or things that my son comes home telling me.

Lindsie, thinking about all of the different podcast episodes she’s going to make out of this situation…

“It’s predatory behavior. And this is a public notice that I will discuss my co-parenting issues with Will publicly when I choose to do so. I feel like it’s important for me to share certain information to protect the integrity of my story. And I will freely talk about my life as I choose to. If they want to continue to prey and do whatever they chose to, I can’t stop them, just like they can’t stop me from speaking.”

Kail— who has battled her own ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, over the same topic— piped in that Javi is only OK with being talked about on the podcasts when she is in a good place with him.

“Why do they do this?!” Kail said. “Everyone gets their f**king tighty whities in a bunch. Me and Javi, when we’re cool he’s fine with [being talked about on the podcast] and when we’re not cool, he’s not OK with it. It’s ‘don’t ever talk to me again.’

“If you’re talking about my underwear, I’ll take that as an invitation to meet you at the WaWa. Just sayin’…

“This is our lives, whether they like it or not. We’re going to talk about it. We’re not just talking about it to hurt their feelings or to spite them. This is like real s**t that people relate to in our lives,” Kail– who has also been told by her third baby daddy, Chris Lopez, to keep quiet about him— added. “Why do they do that?”

“…You really don’t know somebody until you divorce them and that is so true because who I thought I knew and who I know now is two totally different people,” Lindsie said, adding, “I am not going to live my life being threatened for the rest of forever.”

Will has yet to publicly respond to Lindsie and Kail’s comments about him.

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10 Responses

  1. Lindsie talking shitty about her (then) husband is a lot of what made me stop listening to Coffee Convos years ago. He told her that he didn’t like being mentioned on the podcast then, so the loss of the income from it would of course make him want it to stop. No wonder they divorced.

  2. Family court may disagree with Lindsie and Kail. This is a shitty thing to do to your kids and co-parents. The kids are old enough to look this stuff up now.

  3. What forever will they talk about if it isn’t someone else? Because we all know, they aren’t going to educate us, inform us or encourage us. Who listens to this shit?? I hope they both get sued into oblivion.

  4. He is not wrong. They are not married anymore so why is she still talking about him. Busy Philips is an acquired taste but she never really talks about the ex other than the odd neutral/positive comment.

  5. That whole family is so disfunctional they’ve lost touch of reality. She should worry about her parents hopefully going to prison for the cons they are. That whole family thinks there so much better than everyone else. Can’t wait to see how they do when their parents and money disappear.

  6. So you are telling me that some people don’t like their dirty laundry airing in public? Go figure.
    Kail & Lindsie, it’s your exs prerogative if they don’t like you discussing your issues on your podcast. There’s some thing called “privacy”, have you heard about it? They will sue and they will win. Go get a real job and stop embarrassing your kids

    1. They won’t win, Kail taking Bri to court showed that. Bri won because she told nothing that wasn’t true (wellll, not completely, she made it seem like she had inside knowledge received from Chris (and his family) but she referred to the arrest wich was public knowledge and that held up, even when the court docs show she wasn’t charged with what Bri claimed).
      That made it worth it to Kail, she showed others they will not successfully sue her.

      1. It’s not the same thing. They are discussing domestic stuff and co-parenting, not crimes or felonies. I really, wholeheartedly hope their exs sue them and win.

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