Chloe Trautman Say She’s Leaving ‘Siesta Key’ Because Filming the Show “Became Extremely Toxic”

“Can you believe I chose my own mental health over money?!”

Chloe Trautman will no longer appear on Siesta Key; however, the MTV starlet insists the decision to leave the show was her own.

Chloe— who has been a main cast member since the showed premiered in 2017— took to Instagram to reveal why she was missing from photos shared on social media of a recent cast trip to Palm Island. After fans saw that she was the only cast member missing from the trip, some began to wonder if she had been fired from the show.

(Last year, Chloe’s castmate Alex Kompothecras was booted from the show over racist, sexist and offensive things he posted to social media in the past.)

She decided to put the rumors to rest, insisting she was not fired. Instead, she said, she chose to leave the show due to the toxicity surrounding it.

“I can not stand to see these lies spread anymore. I was not fired,” she wrote. “I decided to take a step back from filming because it became extremely toxic. I am unwilling to put my journey and my happiness on the line for fame and money.”

She then let fans know that her exit will play out in future episodes of ‘Siesta Key.’

 “You all will have clarity when the show airs. Now please stop spreading lies,” Chloe wrote. 

The cast starting filming for Season 4 in late November, after moving production to a private resort in order to take precautions against COVID-19. On November 24, Chloe expressed how happy she was to begin production on the new season so that the show’s fans can see how much she’s changed.

“I’m so grateful to of started filming Season 4 of @siestakey! I can’t wait for all of you to see the journey I’m on. I hope I make you all proud and if I inspire a few of you along the way -that would just be the cherry on top,” she wrote on Instagram. 

On Sunday, Chloe posted a quote to Instagram that many assumed was about her exit from ‘Siesta Key.’

“Giving up is quitting something you love because of external feedback. Evolving is choosing something else because your energy has moved.” 

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(Photos: MTV; Instagram)

7 Responses

  1. We know the length she’ll go through for a good Celion bag so….. that’s why it’s hard to believe That you left voluntarily.

  2. Sorry to see her go. Wouldn’t want her as a friend, but she was fun to watch weaving her web of manipulation & shit stirring.

  3. Wait! So the biggest shit starter of the show doesn’t want to be around toxic situations. She started 99.9% of them by not minding her own business. 2020 was bizarre, 2021 doesn’t look any better.

  4. Siesta key used to be one of my guilty pleasures. But, I got really turned off by the cattiness and nothing but boy drama. The entitled attitudes weren’t helping either! In season 1, I liked Chloe! She was constantly being bullied by Alex and his weird cousin, Pauly about her weight. But, since season 2 began, she has changed. She is the center of toxic drama so It’s ironic to me that she is upset by peoples speculation. She is the queen of speculation and shit stirring in the group! Maybe she is learning that it doesn’t feel good to be on the receiving end of that.

    1. I could never get into it or the hills because as I’m watching I just get so confused on as to whether what’s shown is supposed to be happening for real, whether it’s scripted, or whether it’s a mix of both but more towards the scripted side.

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