Alex Kompothecras’ Fired by MTV Over Racist Social Media Posts; Scenes Cut From Season Premiere of ‘Siesta Key’

When you realize you may have to go out and get a real job…

Alex Kompothecras was set to be one of the main stars of the new season of Siesta Key, but it appears the new father has been cut from the season premiere— and the show entirely! 

In a statement issued Tuesday night following the Season 3 premiere, the official ‘Siesta Key’ Twitter account announced that Alex has been eliminated from the show, and scenes are being edited to remove him.

“We’ve made the decision to cut ties with Alex and are editing the current season to minimize his presence,” the statement reads. “He will not be in future seasons of ‘Siesta Key.'”

In a statement issued to The Ashley on Tuesday night, an MTV spokesperson confirmed Alex’s firing and revealed that it was, indeed, due to his “past racist social media posts.”

For weeks, MTV had been promoting Alex as an important part of the Season 3, but when the show’s intro credits rolled during Tuesday night’s premiere, Alex’s smiling mug was nowhere to be seen. In addition, his bio has been removed from the show’s official page on the MTV website. Alex has also unfollowed the show’s official Instagram account and removed any mention of ‘Siesta Key’ from his Instagram bio. The show’s premiere episode was also shortened.

During the premiere episode, Alex was mentioned by other stars of the show and shown very briefly from behind, but his face never appeared on-screen. In addition, he was cut from the trailer shown at the end of the episode, showing what viewers could expect to see during the upcoming season.

Alex is just the latest MTV reality TV star to get the ax over past racist or racially insensitive behavior. The network fired several of its stars this month, including Teen Mom OG‘s Taylor Selfridge and The Challenge‘s Dee Nguyen, due to offensive tweets. Last week’s episode of ‘The Challenge’ was hacked to bits in order to keep Dee from being shown, and Taylor had a special about the birth of her daughter pulled on the night it was supposed to air

Alex was due to have one of the main story lines of the new season, thanks to his girlfriend Alyssa Salerno‘s pregnancy. (She gave birth to their daughter earlier this week.) In a Season 3 preview video posted by MTV back in March, Alex was front and center, with his ex Juliette Porter telling Alyssa that Alex cheated with her during a trip to Nashville. 

However, in the past few weeks (especially after Dee and Taylor got the ax for their offensive tweets), fans have been calling for Alex’s firing.

As for the posts in question, they are so horribly offensive that The Ashley is choosing not to repost them. In the comment section of one 2014 Instagram post, which featured a white woman sitting with two Black men and the caption, “Her parents are crying somewhere,” Alex wrote “damn ji**aboos.” On several other post featuring racial slurs, Alex can be seen tagging his friends in the comment section, including one where he called several Black girls the N-word.

An old post to his own Instagram account shows a photo of two guys pouring liquid on a girl. Alex hashtagged the post, “#OnceYouGoBlackYourNeverWelcomedBack.” 

This is not the first time Alex’s offensive social media posts (and behavior) has led to fans calling for him to be fired. Back when ‘Siesta Key’ premiered in 2017, fans who reposted Alex’s racist posts called for his firing and started several hashtags on social media, encouraging viewers to boycott ‘Siesta Key.’

He was also involved in several animal abuse scandals around the same time. Those scandals caused animal rights activist to rally, and MTV cancelled the ‘Siesta Key’ premiere party.


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When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers. -Socrates 💪🏻👌🏻 #siestakey #socratesquotes

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“There are images of me harming some animals and I feel horrible,” Alex later told People. “I am embarrassed and it won’t happen again.” 

Interestingly, in a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, ‘Siesta Key’ cast members Juliette Porter, Chloe Trautman and Garrett Miller discussed the recent firing of Vanderpump Rules star Stassi Schroeder, who got axed from the show last week following the exposure of racially insensitive remarks made on her podcast and her actions committed against an African-American former co-star. (Alex was not part of the interview, and Alex’s firing was not brought up.)

I think they made the right call and Madisson [Hausburg] and I have learned a lot from this,” Juliette told ET on Monday. “There were things that I didn’t even know that I did . There was so much stuff we had to learn and there were people who, until I educated myself, I didn’t realize they were wrong.”

Garrett and Juliette both stated that they’d like to see ‘Siesta Key’ become more diverse.

“See? I like diversity…also, please don’t fire me, MTV!”

“Everyone seems to be white and privileged here and that’s the reality of the situation. But I am all for having a much more diverse show — I would love it,” Juliette said.

Alex has yet to publicly comment on his firing.

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  1. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    I’m so tired of the bs, all of these spoiled little white kids crying about racism and black lives matter. WTF do they know about being black? You look really stupid, can’t wait til it snows and they can go back to there parents basements. Get a life

  2. Omg so I just read the Orlando article that the Ashley linked in this article. Why are they just firing him now???? The things he said are so disgusting about black people AND I didn’t realize he was the one involved with the shark dragging video!! That was so sad and disturbing. MTV is made up for pure pieces of crap and I hope the entire network goes under. This firing is only to save face. They don’t give a crap about racism, sexism, child abuse or animal abuse. BOYCOTT MTV

  3. By the way Amber can be physically and verbally abusive and still be on MTV. Alex seemed to be not a good character but that show was based around him. doubt if it will continue after this year.

  4. I’m starting to understand there’s a lot more racism today that I didn’t see and I see it now. I’m sorry but in my middle class life I’m not exposed to it. Nobody I know has ever said anything like what this Alex guy said. I’m not saying poor or regular folk aren’t racist but you’d think rich people that have been educated better than most of America would be taught you don’t judge people by the color of their skin. It’s just common knowledge that I thought we all knew. I assumed backwoods hillbillies were the only racist problem we had left. I don’t watch this show thank god but it seems all these douche canoes with money think that their better than people because of race, looks and wealth. I’m like most and have always wished I was born into a rich family but now I’m thankful for who raised me because I wasn’t raised to be a monster.

    1. Its not that theres more racism, its that there are more cry babies & snowflakes in society. It has NOTHING to do with how you grew up – rich, poor, middle class. Nice try though.

  5. So can anyone tell me… If they are firing all these people on MTV for Racist reasons, Why is Cheyenne Floyd from Teen mom still allowed to be on the show. Yes, Black Lives Matter! But racism in any form is and should not be tolerated. She is definitely racist.

  6. If it wasn’t for his daddy pitching the show and financially pushing its production by MTV, Alex would have never been cast. He is no Stephen Coletti in looks or charisma. He was an ok-looking arrogant a$$hole in my opinion. I didn’t know about the animal abuse. There’s not much lower a human can sink. Good riddance.

    1. It’s the women that carry that show. I think they have been waiting for an excuse to get rid of him, as he is literal dead wood.

  7. I don’t even know what this show or who this dude is lol. But after reading that sentence about him abusing animals…. I hope he gets his karma. There is a special place in hell for those who abuse innocent creatures.

    1. Although I see your point. Alex is a disgusting animal abuser, on top of a horrible racist. If you haven’t already google his name and I’m sure you’ll see the difference. Alex makes Amber look sort of like an angel.

    2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
      I will no longer watch this show now.

  8. Alex is disgusting! I watched out of curiosity tonight because I had a feeling this was coming….the Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Alex’s dad invites Chloe to a construction site and says basically “I want you to run this business as long as you keep the secret of Alex cheating on his pregnant girlfriend”. Then he says, “I need to know you have his back even when he is in the wrong.” Great parenting!! At the same time, when you get to a certain age you know what is right and what’s wrong. Alex has no excuse. No wonder someone punched him and broke his jaw.

  9. Does this mean the season will be re-edited to pull out all mentions of Alex and his bull shit, or will we still have to hear his name and not see his face?

    1. Alex’s parents filmed, and the previews showed them talking about the baby, so I think he’ll still be discussed.

  10. I honestly don’t know why I even bother to watch this show. I kinda hate every person on the show.

    I’ve been waiting for MTV to do the right thing and fire Alex. He has proved he is a terrible human being, time and time again. I do feel badly for his girlfriend and their child.

  11. Best news I’ve heard all dsy! Never understood how tf they let him be on the show after the animal abuse & torture debacle. I guess all it took was a stupid word…..from SIX years ago. Go figure. MTV sux donkey nuts…but atleast they finally fired his nasty ass!

    1. I’m sure I read somewhere that his dad pitched this show about Alex and his friends to the network, funded the pilot and was producer…. no wonder he was Teflon for so long. He’s disgusting

    2. His DAD produced the show. That was the whole reason there even is a show, his dad thought his son should have his own reality TV show.

  12. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    When are Kail, Cheyenne, and Tyler going to be fired?

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