‘Siesta Key’ Stars React to Alex Kompothecras’ Firing; Alex’s Producer Father Gary Says They’re “Disappointed with MTV” & “Exploring All Our Options”

“Peace out, bro!”

Alex Kompathecras is the latest reality TV star to be handed a pink slip for racist social media posts and after Tuesday’s season premiere of Siesta Key, fans and former co-stars are reacting to his absence from the show. 

Following the announcement from MTV, which came just a week after Alex and girlfriend Alyssa Salerno welcomed their first child, Alex’s former co-star Madisson Hausburg told Us Weekly she believes fatherhood will change her friend for the better.

“I think he can [change] and I think he will,” she said. “If he and Alyssa don’t work out, then they don’t work out, but he’s still going to be a good dad. Whether or not he changes his relationship ways, I don’t know, but it will change him either way.” 

The news of Alex’s firing was met with some criticism from fans who believe his departure will lead to a drop in ratings; however,  Juliette Porter defended the network’s decision in giving her ex-boyfriend the boot. 

“Sorry we picked trying to get rid of racism instead of thinking about your reality tv needs,” she tweeted. 

Alex’s father, Gary Kompothecras— who is a prominent Florida businessman who helped create and fund the original pilot of ‘Siesta Key’— told the Herald Tribune on Wednesday that he is not happy with the network’s decision to fire Alex. (Gary currently serves as a producer for ‘Siesta Key.’)

“Our family is very disappointed with MTV and we are exploring all our options,” Gary Kompothecras told the newspaper.

He declined to comment on the allegations of racism his son was booted for, and did not if he will stay on as a producer for the show now that Alex has been fired. 


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Happy birthday to The Man.. The Myth.. The Legend.. Thanks for being the biggest role model in my life and the best dad I could ever ask for!??❤️??

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During Tuesday’s episode, fans quickly picked up on the shoddy editing that was done to minimize Alex’s presence, similar to that of last week’s episode of The Challenge, which was heavily edited to remove recently-fired competitor Dee Nguyen. Some fans called the edited episode a “hack job” and again, warned of the “major hit” to the ratings that will follow, while others suggested MTV air the episodes as-is. 

” … they shouldn’t cut this season,” one person commented. “Alex did his wrongs this was already filmed. Keep it how it is and cut him next year. People are too invested to the story line to have it skip in and out of stuff. It totally ruined the episode.” 

In response to Juliette defending the network’s decision, Chloe Trautman advised her friend not to engage with angry fans. 

“Save that energy for the show… we’re gonna need it.”

“They aren’t worth it boo boo,” she wrote. “Who cares?” 

Alex’s cousin, Paul Bayne Apostolides, who has also appeared on the show, seemed unfazed by the critics, writing, “You haven’t seen the last of us.” 

He then called for the firing of Chloe.

As for former Bachelorette contestant Robby Hayes, who dated Juliette after Alex and also appeared on ‘Siesta Key’, he summed up his thoughts on Alex joining the unemployment line in one word: “Karma.” 

Alex and Alyssa have yet to publicly comment on Alex’s being fired; however, has unfollowed the show’s official Instagram account and removed any mention of ‘Siesta Key’ from his Instagram bio. 

Alex is just one of numerous reality TV stars who have been fired in the last two weeks over past racist or racially insensitive comments or actions. Vanderpump Rules stars Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Brett Caprioni and Max Boyens were all axed by Bravo last week. Also last week, MTV let go of Dee, as well as Teen Mom OG star Taylor Selfridge.

Earlier this month Abby Lee Miller saw her upcoming show, Abby Lee’s Virtual Dance Off, cut from Lifetime’s programming schedule before it even premiered, due to past racist comments she made to cast members on her other show, Dance Moms.

One day before Alex’s firing was announced, several ‘Siesta Key’ cast members talked about Stassi being fired, and discussed the topic of the lack of diversity on their show.

“There were things that I didn’t even know that I did,” Juliette told Entertainment Weekly. “There was so much stuff we had to learn and there were people who, until I educated myself, I didn’t realize they were wrong.

“Everyone seems to be white and privileged here and that’s the reality of the situation,” she added later. “But I am all for having a much more diverse show — I would love it.”

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16 Responses

  1. It’s a fun reality show, totally scripted and has caught the attention of an audience. Well done for doing the job of a “show”. Kind of pathetic to jump on the “race” bandwagon. No one knew what this show was about, spoiled young kids living the beach life? Come on! The show achieved its goal, not like it will run too much longer. If MTV was “so” concerned with racial comments, why not make it part of the story line. They didn’t. Kind of tells you exactly what you’re watching; a silly mindless tv show.

  2. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (checkbox) *]
    I think it’s ugly ridiculous to fire people for stuff they did for 5 years ago if they said something currently that’s different before 5 years ago forget it and move on

  3. Didn’t MTV bring Cheyanne (or whatever her name is) back after she said she hated white people? Fucking hypocrites.

    Too bad they’re ruining this show and screwing over the rest of the cast for no reason. The first episode of the season was great. I was looking forward to seeing the rest of the season but now won’t be watching.

    Done with MTV altogether now since Jersey Shore is done. I stopped watching TM years ago when they brought on that pig Brianna.

  4. MTV seem to be picking one person to fire in each show to make themselves look good in the short term while probably praying for another pandemic/me too to take the heat off them. They really should be firing every single person that has been behaving in a way that harms both people and animals or, put a racist/sexist/homophobic message on social media. This way they can get rid of the hard to deal with twatty cast members that don’t really bring the drama to the storylines, while not giving themselves too much work to recast. Alex got his girlfriend pregnant for a storyline as his shagging about was very boring and predictable . Let’s face it Janelle was fired was because they are frightened of her violent husband, if her was even slightly less of a scumbag or pretended he was sorry she would still be on our screens ignoring Kaiser in the she shed while crying about her usual rotation of woes.

  5. These reality “stars” complaining (at least publicly) about being fired are really showing their true colors and showing they really have no remorse. They’re only proving their apologies are disingenuous and only issued to pacify the public and the network(s). They don’t actually mean it. At least Brett, and Max from VPR accepted their fate…Stassi, Dee, and now this dude are all self righteous assholes.

  6. His father sounds like Jackass Sr. You’re threatening action because your son was fired? Reality tv isnt a career unless you are in production. Tell your grown son to get a real job and grown up. Stop crying because he can use MTVs platform to spread hate.

  7. So its MTV’s fault that your son is a spoiled brat racist? I really hope that the apple falls from the tree on that one.

    1. In a way his dad is right.
      Why was Alex fired?
      Yes racists, its disgusting
      But why wasnt any of the Teen mom cast fired, like Kail?
      Everyone that made racists comments should be fired or no one.
      Keep in mind these tweets didnt happen last week or last month.

  8. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “Trash”. Reason: Failed Bot Test (expired) *]
    Interesting; Alex’s dad is “disappointed with MTV”, but no mention of being disappointed in his racist, habitually cheating son? Something’s terribly wrong with society and this show. He thought his son would make a good reality show… Well, your wish was granted… now live with it

  9. He should be in jail for animal abuse… or better yet, let’s drag him with a boat and shoot at him while he flops around in the water like he did to that shark… disgusting scumbag

  10. As if Juliette didn’t know Alex was a racist, animal abusing pig when she dated him for years! They all know him & didn’t care because he is rich. And, Alex’s cousin Paul or Paulie whatever he goes by also made horrible comments with Alex while they both were snorting coke and getting arrested! Alex got arrested for peeing on someone’s car like he can’t walk his dumb ass to the bathroom! These people…tsk tsk

    1. Yes!!! I feel like Juliette is so bitter, because they broke up and then he immediately got someone else pregnant. Basically solidifying the fact that even if they got back together this other woman and child would continue to be in his life forever.
      Juliette would have gotten back with him in an instant before. She wanted to be an extremely rich trophy wife after reality show fame is over. He was her golden ticket. Of course she knew how he was/is but it never mattered to her because she was in it for the lifestyle.

      1. 100 % agree.
        Juliette is a horrible person.
        She’s just worried about the show being cancelled, she won’t be able to show off her new boobs

      2. Exactly! Juliette would be standing by her man regardless of how pathetic he is! She is just on a revenge kick. Juliette has already proven that she doesn’t mind screwing him on the side. I gotta say, I like most people struggle financially but I’ll be damned if I ever hook my star to someone like Alex & his excuse making family!

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